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Pierre Mcguire, NBC Sports: On the Seguin trade and the Bruins

Oct 10, 2013|

Pierre Mcguire joins Mut and Merloni for his first appearance of the season and discusses a number of Bruins topics including Jarome Iginla and the Seguin trade.

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It's a battle of undefeated tonight Lou was gonna come through Bruins are avalanche. You hear that music that means it's. Hockey season that's a good thing. And it's a guy's been a good friend of our program LBA regular contributor. Consistent part of our show which. Makes us happy makes hockey fans here Boston very happy. These are buddy Pierre McGuire NBC sports and a lot of other places the Airbus a little -- you. Much straight to video -- here again Lou I've been watching on TV way to kick a man. Yeah we think playoffs he's back into the cage. I know it's -- you know what I. What I was -- Saint Louis last night leader not also during the saint Louis blues Chicago Blackhawks. And after the game was over I went back to our hotel or religious may have right next to a Busch Stadium. And this morning Bartlett street Louis -- -- I am a marketing around the LA Dodgers flew overnight to get there they were checking in in my hotel and respected out. Boy that's unbelievable that's the travel this time a year and the offer Major League Baseball their deal with that the NHL. Or just sort of getting underway we were we -- talking about the schedule Pierre gets that that one of the good things this year is that you know that every team's coming your building in the schedule. And at the opponents works out. I will say agent. Last year with the games on top each other and at the shortened season with -- all those games. We -- hockey every single night -- the third game for the Bruins -- definitely I feel like as a fan. At a different pace the beginning of the season. Thank goodness. -- Oh -- that was -- I've been in this league quarter of century 25 years and Alitalia that was the hardest year I've had in the league whether it was coach and player -- broadcaster had never. I'd never had a harder here. So I'll iPod and actually anomaly here in the Stanley Cup finals excellent most people -- people -- robbers stormed by. I think it the pacing is great this delicate what you just said mother so true though the fact of the matter -- here originate in the Q and can I use -- attribution intimate. You receive what could be argued one of the top third lines in the league right now -- Jamie McGinn who's played so well with Nathan McCain and then PA -- -- That -- to kind of fun to watch I've watched every Colorado game today. And the best part of their game right now is they're playing with the emotion and they're getting solid goaltending from 7 AM Bart -- he's been very good. -- to jump jump toward dark -- this week it because he brought up again was a key guys don't realize that before Sidney Crosby. It was a gala in Canada -- like he was. The guy and he's here now it's almost like. We know but because easing Calgary to here appreciate what used the league obviously keys fit in here I think he will fitted. I've fantastically well Lou you know I'll give -- a little Jerome again the store and not church made it to the press made the -- departure or not but I don't Altria has. I remember being appealed to summer orientation camp for Canada. Down in Calgary drawn again -- little blip at that time lived in chemistry from amateur. There was an injury somebody had a bad grind they called again optionally could have balanced -- to -- orientation camp. He drove down in his pickup truck from that meant in the since 2002. He makes the team wasn't even an invite he makes that team because he plays so well. He plays so why would she -- I mean Joe Sakic it's the best line Canada as they win the gold medal don't do and everything I rocker -- That is actually true natural -- Milosevic. He will fit in perfectly and bosh and I'm really happy for him didn't work out -- him -- -- to actually but I'm glad that Boston especially can't and Peter. Were wise enough to get the chance because you definitely -- the void that needs an org created by departing to go to. On I've had an impact immediately on the power play we have a chance to speak with the appear since the big trade and we've. We talk with -- -- so much about talker Sagan and it was again ever find his potential what is yet to do better and lo and behold. They go and trader in the offseason. Want your thoughts -- that -- that's actually send them out in the got to get back -- Ericsson. He always Jennifer a couple of games now that seems like a much more balanced player and -- able to play in his own and your thoughts in the trade your thoughts on. One of the -- Bruins -- Ericsson. Courageous treated by Peter surely in the Boston Bruins because Tyler will be a superstar and only get special entry in just clean up a little bit of his behavior and I think that part of maturity and anyway it's been a pro sports and those younger guys stick a little bit longer more times than not to venture. It's just too much too soon for a lot of kids including Tyler. That being said. The trade index on the box and I know Marie -- prolonged time going back to the -- five world under eighteen. And just got -- beach in the Czech Republic is the legitimate deal he's a very solid -- player. He's leakage capable plane with big time superstar he simply deepen your lineup you'll never out of never complain -- all do -- produce. The other guy they came and -- trade riot policemen that. Way underrated player. Way underrated depth player that can help Boston a lot especially given these national series that eventually become Stanley Cup Playoffs so. I really like to trade for both been but it particularly its way to a little bit toward us and just the consist because of the consistency the two players they got. In Louis -- and Riley -- You know what's interesting would throw a lot of talk so some of the conversation and a special that they did that was more -- were. We're built to win now we can't really wait maybe for -- to commit this thing but yet. A year prior they sign him to the big deal it's not like this big. Thought process change this organization they're trying to win now back there when they signed him. Was it that he didn't take the next step would you think maybe the outside factors outweighed some of the production. I think they are frustrated just -- and some other management people their coaches are frustrated that. There was that consistency do his game that they were expecting. I don't think it was out of the lack of effort I think -- mitigating circumstances you know off here and -- you can speak of this as well or better and anybody -- you have a grossly over -- to get to where you got -- you know that that you know how hard you have to work there right yeah great yeah. Well some guys who -- what you normally vote count but they forget that they also have the work because everybody equally good wanna start getting paid apply. I think he can forgot that he had to work just as hard as everybody else and now a bit of problem. Well -- a team feels like pisses. It feel it the most pierce to rally team of the Peter -- teams Pierre from up there from top to bottom the fourth line stays intact they keep those writers together. Good defensive pairings to the point ormat -- house Q we've talked about all -- in the playoffs last year he's been healthy scratch for two games and just. It seems like on paper a better team and as well rounded offensively defensively. As any of these teams the last couple years. Agreed not totally agree with you it's a very well balanced team I think Mitterrand as much better shape this year than it was last year just because a lock out situation. Screeching bird -- great visit would Patrice Bergeron New Jersey before training camp started. And he looked fantastic just blossom. Really really solid visit I'm really happy for Gregory Campbell obviously coming back from. That terrific injury Doug Hamilton should be able taken out of step forward which it looks like he's our starting -- -- A -- Kruger I think is not so one hit wonder he's legit he could be like -- However real good career are actually played over a thousand games in the NHL that's pretty darn good career so I think -- truth can be like that. Then there's a lot of pause I know you lose turns but I think would would -- -- ski obviously with Hamilton and with the development of tore recruit the best doctor B that you do loss. -- here know that dumb chunk -- still trying to figure out what to do bomb when -- -- the shield comes up don't go -- There and wants to fight him -- think it's obvious it's seven minutes gonna be now for fighting and might put himself in a more vulnerable position. But buy tickets held up doing the right thing -- that -- with the Sheila what your thoughts on this whole shields fighting ticket now what often. I I don't wanna you know what I hate to say that Saddam call for player safety I really am election too many horrific incidents. -- and even this year they have appreciated when George or the regular appreciation -- church Terrell the regular season or Montreal try our first game. Thought the fighting had perished insert. I I got to play it I don't wanna see anybody take their at all final cost that's tomorrow. I just don't think it's appropriate it's got to be about there's got to be away I don't know what the way is but it. I know wanting their a lot of people -- community talking about it I know it's a big big point of emphasis for a lot of people that made big decision. Where police say that block people are talking about here here's the talk a lot of people on the Internet okay. This is the league's way of without taking fighting out of the game year. To essentially try to take fighting out of the game without putting a roll and it says you can't fight let's make a lot harder. For these guys to fight and let's add on to the penalties do you believe that's -- the league is trying to do. I think there's a huge. Caution from the league and it's a great question the way you phrased that might. There's a huge cautioned from the league after what happened with the NFL and that almost billion dollar settlement settlement with their players due to concussion related issues. The league knows potentially that there -- back colonel mustard -- and -- he. And I think they're trying to get ahead of this they're trying to leave from in front rather than lead from behind. And I think that's -- the players' safety issue the culmination of the -- issue. The fighting on any issue I think that's all part of -- I just think that's going to be the landscape we go with going forward whether you like it or not. And that's just a reality of the situation. Appear I loved 'cause she beat Pierre couple years ago let's talk about Peter Laviolette wanna ask you about. There's this great video on 24/7 couple years ago when he's yellen the typical. Montreal typical and he's all fired up any. As like the -- goes and buys local -- asked -- in the Boston area and felt like. A flyers game three games this year and -- he's not a guy what what happened in Philadelphia with ten year. I was really surprised -- and Lou that he actually got to start the season there Bayside that a lot of Philadelphia Flyers gained last year abide by the way I'm very good friends with Peter coached against Peter Morgan the player Westfield state I was coaching at bats and so I've known Peter long time a lot of respect for the man as a player also coached. And and I got -- Minnesota Wild job Peter knows this he was out of work use one of my guys I was gonna interview I call them up and sent by get this job on the interview and yet. So. You know he's somebody -- an awful long time I was shocked that he got to start this year. Based on what I heard in Philadelphia last year. There were already rumblings that things were Cornwell between in the players and the players wanted to different messages on different tours. They let him start the year that you could see those rumblings of most of us -- last year were true that's why it on the last three games. I think it was a marginal decision by the flyers you know on the start the year. I think this year cut him loose last year Peter what do got a job because they've got their own -- -- -- had to go to the trials and tribulations of bad training camp and report appreciate and now there's certainly and the eight ball Larry Larry games and. A lot of fine -- there a focus throughout -- on the Red Sox but pretty soon to be Bruins Bruins Bruins and we appreciate you joining us look for every part of the show all season. You guys are awesome you have no more idea how much farmland in -- and by the way after I hit a march and these Red Sox. Is there a team that can generate offense like this team. In little bit different ways. In it unbelievable. Though it's unbelievable. How they manufacturer and yeah it's phenomenal watch -- a pleasure to watch your area. Well it's a pleasure to talk to you comments then allow so wolf we'll chat some more. Lou I've been watching you on TV -- that they can certainly do without outcry true which is pretty cool we're relaxed -- relaxed atmosphere is what we do over there. You know there's a way dislike about this cut streak and we're up and bought some of the boys hockey and finally get a real good game with a -- sure king ritual that top teams in the country. -- to body mind restaurant I gotta tell you that story and all DO. And it's you'll colonial it and Norwood -- you probably know what part of -- -- not there Paul enjoy erasers at kids -- the -- And -- Paul Robert. Saw. Of course -- it. -- The officials poppies don't run action typical. Montreal typical -- popular -- -- was -- his kid with -- occasion. Published -- Korean authorities Tito remember. Yeah holders deal where -- has done -- has it dented the case. Witnessed or together -- -- Norwood and will -- is gonna we lost them or telling the story by Ayers is that positive. He'll be with us -- throughout the season again which is great the Bruins and happily -- -- -- first round pick -- making an impact on the third -- so good way to start was going to be. A great sports weekend your boss -- 617779. 7937. A phone number AT&T text line at 379837. A couple of things update when we come back went up in our poll results of poll question. Oh who'd you wanna see you wanna see the gays forty washing the tigers committed town this week will -- I can vote and be a part of that and -- update yelling at half an hour left. For your chance to bid on our great auction and today which is Red Sox tickets ALCS. Game two at Fenway Park plus dinner. The NC go to Fenway Park well update those with you guys next.

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