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It Is What It Is Cast: Preview of the Patriots and Saints

Oct 10, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price tell you what to look for this weekend when the 4-1 Patriots look to rebound against the unbeaten 5-0 Saints at Gillette Stadium.

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Welcome to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike -- -- -- it's always quite experienced expert columnist for -- the EI dot -- for -- for price. Chris last weekend in Cincinnati the patriots suffered their first loss of the season people born one. Big reason why I thought Geno Atkins. And company really disrupted the middle of the patriots offensive line that. Game plan that has been in the past this book on Tom Brady you're gonna disrupt them to prop them up the middle that's what the bundles were able to do however this patriot of the saints. Wind -- and we're in Iraq Ryan -- is a little bit different approach what is it. It's a little bit of but it definitely look to bring a lot of pressure from a lot of defenders right it's got a lot of the bank will pretty much wide open right to write off line. You're looking at -- -- need a different record book. We wanted to rob -- keep it. A lot of defensive coordinator at a small measure the if it's -- if -- right. Now this week here to -- stadium. Everybody is wondering Rob Gronkowski finally be clear there are reports out there ESPN. Boston.com reporting that doctor James and -- noted for the fetus has been brought in the final. Final clearance if you will run out his availability for the patriots Tom Brady told us this week. Here at Gillette Stadium that we can't sit around waiting for Rob Gronkowski to return if these theories they are Brady's words Novella check. He stated day -- practice that's all it would say about. I'm Rob Gronkowski over the last couple weeks about -- We'll Rob Gronkowski. I think he will play anything that they're going to look at everything within the -- the left me -- the they're gonna repeat it back and -- with the situation presented different effective play. Thank you in 95% of the I've debated this situation that. And it takes a little bit away from abroad because he managed to break. Physical guide helped guide right you really think. Formidable physical got the lead. That being sick you can just jump right back you I wouldn't be surprised to see him again we'll be back in the right thing -- -- the principle. Talk about what level of expectation for him I will be people of law. You look at the statistics and one thing is. Very -- about the New Orleans Saints defense they cannot stop the run frankly last week were for us in Cincinnati got the patriots got away from the run too much they've been averaging. A 135. Yards on the ground per game last week they stopped after only eighteen carries and 82 yards. And he had the dedicated themselves a little bit more to the running game throughout that game I think it would have had a chance actually to Wear down the Cincinnati defense. But that was not the case at all do we look for. The patriots to go with -- Garret blunt and also Brandon Bolden and Steven Ridley if he returns to try and we're damn thing. So I think it would be in contact I think people speaking with the -- the -- sixth in the second half with a very manageable game I don't know much about. Defense whatever -- -- I think that we've got a group. He. Look at it this week beginning that they -- -- Fifteen quotes absolutely I think they're gonna happen when the ball the and the -- Mentioned that the numbers really jump off the peak of the season through with some others feel out. I don't think there. Run the ball in so if the Patriots offense and it won't rule that they could match them score for score the defense can get. You -- only stopped or get a turnover in this one quote from the book from borders I think the people who need to run the ball if you'll. The other thing for us that I think is vitally important if you run the ball successfully obviously. Keep the ball out of the hands of Drew Brees Marcus Colston Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles that much longer so I would assume that is one of their best defenses against the New Orleans Saints is just keep him on the sideline. The idea of beating -- me you'll think back to those games working through what. But we'll -- the -- -- the ball up that hold the office. Grateful all the fuel fruitful -- it wouldn't be surprised that featured. -- and pulled it out again this week when you talk about things that we have so many open. So when it -- Which he conducted defense. The big -- team being with a few minutes ago. Remember the days of Corey Clark -- -- and we may see some of that again this weekend where the northern New England Patriots. Chris I think this is all of a sudden I have been urging game the patriots. They're at home but now a lot of people are expecting them. To win this game against the by the no New Orleans Saints team you think they're relishing in that regard I do I think that they love your opinion that it's. Through that everyone knows that right. And picked against that you figured that if -- -- against the -- I think that being said I think that defeats -- -- the ball -- the patriots defense league has been a tremendous because of the unbelievable job. We're behind you. Playing above and beyond what anyone people. When the saints do have the ball you mentioned something to me in the media work room just behind us. Just in front office. And I think it's fascinating as he had to leave. -- Jimmy Graham reportedly split -- it's an interesting match because. Graham is more widely seen. He focal point we had the best but fifty. We -- from here than it is yours and that you don't necessarily need a seat you'll linebacker. Brian covered it. And you still there. I would be surprised if you believe wind up in single coverage for part of the -- was completely helpful for the cup against immigrant but it. That because of the -- One in the -- got a good one week we have -- to prevent. All of you could hope for the defense. But the longer viable and he messed them up the movement we've. So has the wrong turns he returns nuclear thing -- -- I think he does but again I think you mean I I don't think it would do differently. Now. I think this they're. And start were. Got to give them. I think again yep definitely at that point if we're. Role for the next couple of weeks but you know I think you can bring it back up. Be fascinating to watch how the patriots managed his game that they can run the ball down the -- of New Orleans Saints that would seem to be. The way to go he's Christopher price unlike the Fraley at Gillette Stadium WB EI dot com.

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