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Jake Peavy offends Minihane

Oct 10, 2013|

The guys discuss Jake Peavy's statue. Kirk will not call him by name!

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-- some of those guys that I got to be uniform -- lies here it's been great to see Breslow pitchers wells he did last year and -- You know poppy and -- and held it doesn't help the out on the field will Mel Brooks back. But not many of those guys where it really realized here's some kind of a rooting for individuals and I and I really like the way that team. Incredibly has come together you know with 60% 70% different guys it seems to be the new way of doing things these days. God yeah -- a liar Bobby Valentine's thing he really really is rooting for the Red Sox and you really really like help this team has come together and of course he tosses in the fact that there's a sixty or 70%. Over assets that he did not have to manage and inferring that why they. Didn't really have a chance to you know when you know look back -- me what chance that we have. David was hurt -- these new guys weren't here. This -- as good as his Battier -- that should give the seat on the duck boat. And I think it's a cigar store native Americans in desperately needed to Boston pitcher. Who pitched that last game will start game four game two ministers I want to name. He owns that. Figure I think game two. Game -- JP yet you don't duty on and when asked about it ala these realists these things depending large number. Of Americans it's almost too offensive to ask him. Is Obama chimed in Damascus he said if the he would think about changing the name of heat on the reds saw that. Yeah you think about understands anything about things and was in the win. I. Like it out and simply -- understand the saying but you know like I understand and everybody Snyder says plus gross. Awesome to read that letter of Panasonic cannot change his mind he's so definitive news heels dug in so deep. That name gets changed over his -- the great majority of the fans want to keep them he owns the team yes -- is the issue he wants to keep the name where's issue. I guess the issue is as usual the house minority rights are single person who is not native American. Who really cares truly report lol and -- speak for -- speak for native American most of America we don't care don't care that every poll shows that most Americans support the name. Mean that the small minority. Small vocal minority is a few. No protesters as low as ward she's against the cage and yet the that they and their mom on the flak catchers as usual. And Daniel Snyder whose credits and I know I'm not -- and I'm not listening lost right. It's not change -- It's warm it's it's the -- There really is just the -- Either get guys like Peter King also has rights -- somebody else to sub boss for only three was tweeting about it these guys are what -- -- He recently called basically called in Saturn idiot because that letter just pass -- -- -- against in the letter says. I'm not changing my -- he -- and he says he understands how simply may be -- of people like the steam it's great tradition. This is we got the Redskins -- and I'm a much change -- score pretty much. And he can't change his mind can suddenly turn around even though these things in them that this is going to be. This movement is gonna continue to -- has every PPC person in the media yeah a slow day is gonna say you know what. Bill Simmons and Peter king and then on there all right and and and they're gonna join that the course the course will grow now will the numbers change in the polls. Of course not course I -- I heard a rumor that on the next Redskins once -- Washington football team's home games. Elmo from WGBH is going to be awful that it'll be -- credit will show held -- -- fix some of the good riders should say you know what you -- we are gonna change in -- on. They're going to be called the DC -- Casey when you think again Peter King wake up 1 morning have breakfast solidly I don't like I have to early years I felt -- residents understanding that people can change to -- really wake up 1 morning and say boy this really yeah or did he see that the time mr. It within is the world. And if so saw an opportunity to -- -- -- -- -- nobody's gonna criticized for and a right Snyder changed to let's say that's his choice -- the team you know what. He would come up with a Coleman and sell all kinds of merchant oh yeah tell works you know I'm pretty sure everybody in Washington has their gear right right they would all want new gears of the became the Washington cardinal ex Stanford for the you know you hole was the chiefs right. Which is a kind of a cool thing about Kansas City Chiefs say it's a position of -- she's not your chief executive -- -- -- chief in charge. And they change in the river hawks. Which I guess is -- thanks Ron Rivera is Lamar Hunt along Mars it is his son Clark. Clark under fire with -- -- a small thing anyway in the small movement in in every place -- they wanna captioned media. In -- own -- intentional face that but you know I don't know what the colleges have come under god and somewhat allies fighting -- and in North Carolina -- The South Carolina I mean North Dakota a political fighting Sonia. Animated deal with the -- the seminoles semi finals Florida stalemated deal -- addicts from some tickets -- -- -- deal and -- cold and I don't even have a -- ride a horse with a spear. Juries in the car hey Jerry what's on your mind. Good morning gentlemen Dario will think. I liked to have full disclosure on imported raced in and out of -- Element so -- you and -- you know and there is an all out the Red Sox right. Even though it's the Red Sox and now they're given equipment certainly it will wait Eric Redmond. So as to implement this that caught by intellectual nonsense. And it's really bad. He. Went out and you refer to -- or Indian -- that you might. Let him as they keep that culture night. -- -- And during -- -- industry. You outside about it. Something to be here. And the other people and the Mike who are offended by that how did you. Bring your. What are our delegates right. What do you call those things to jockey at the shivering. Our problem our. Hockey lamps. Actions all yeah I don't know if I'm -- you -- on jock -- my god. Yeah. Along jug would that would have a problem with that from its excellent with its right. -- -- -- -- -- You look at iris and I don't find out that I'm even laps were -- a little -- at the -- I don't mean them to be upset that I don't -- -- -- -- I don't know what community. -- feel about your limit and get it. -- a lot of us are so here's the thing you can defend Boston pitcher if you want but when Boston pitcher has that thing I'm offended by. I don't know we wanted to say it. They don't even treated with dignity of its earlier -- here on the guy put a beard on it. Yeah they're great leaders back then there have been -- of some guys figure honestly. I don't know them to be out of Boston pitcher can ball left he wants about. It is not just Boston pitchers whole Boston in Boston pitchers start he's got on the as these guys you see on the I'll -- -- bombs himself had about a notice you never have every talked about it that he announces hardly made an issue of our buzzer beaters next.

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