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Ken Rosenthal: "Ellsbury likely to Seattle for 140 million"

Oct 10, 2013|

Fox Sports MLB analyst Ken Rosenthal joined the show to discuss ALDS win over Tampa. He told the guys that he thinks Ellsbury will sign in Seattle for 6-7 years at 21 million per season.

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Foxsports.com. And MLB on fox -- can't Rosenthal joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Jeff how are you. Good morning I wonder if you took offense -- David price's attack on nerds just off the top of my head year. Well I wrote about it here today yes I know I would say that more accurate way to put it would be that I took my -- my sentence at least -- yes I. It really a great. And anybody can be ended by a comment but. Considering that he block in here. -- all wore bow -- supposedly in my honor I was surprised to completely still. It in the -- -- -- what's the bow tie this week can skip that the way. Well actually cared we don't know if -- in the contest to the playoffs and and to date. Where people vote basically the charities that will represent during the ALCS and World Series so I don't know exactly with those clamoring yet. Woolsey. In the -- that are not treated at some. I was so glad -- here that you do this chair because before that I thought you remember in the nation of Islam and so it took it. That's what it certainly have to remind people you could not get. I'm at bat but more often get a wouldn't trinity Christian leader. Your run. -- hey what do you like that what do you like Knight canned let's get this on the record Oakland Detroit give us your pick. It's really hard to bet against Verlander. Gained the week it's last in the late -- the last month or so. He looks like he's backed himself now. He's our home they've got a -- in the mountains and Rick are in really good but. I will that we -- last night and I'm only throwing under and right. Let me ask you for the Red Sox fan's perspective or the Red Sox perspective who should they hope wins who's the better matchup for the Red Sox. That's a big question some people say it will be Oakland because the direction that don't handle a pitching as well as. More less strong pitching but. He actually matters guys helped me a lot. The Red Sox in their last series record that -- friendly network fox sports what that was as strong performance. If you want from your team and I -- impressed with the way they play that can really all year but can there -- -- Forte a layup they -- stress is never. I looked. And on -- it's sort of better we'll find a way. And in my view the target favored either way. But the four remaining teams left -- candidacy after tonight if you had to pick one team to win the World Series and I'm guessing you don't the Red Sox. I don't know -- go that far -- I want to help and actually played out and the Cardinals and Dodgers are both strong and threats in different ways. This next series in the nationally and got. You've got two teams that. Are built quite differently have quite different ways about them but. Or probably even the Mets haven't been in large part due to the emergence of walk. If walker wouldn't. As hot -- he is then. I would like to the Dodgers and beat the Dodgers and five but now I'm not sure and when we really -- and see how the Cardinals figure out. Whether they can how to handle personal and Greinke but they've got the near equivalent of weapons in we write and talk. You know if Oakland or Detroit whoever advances. They can they almost always to I'd steroid guy in on him when you think about it Cologne. And -- -- didn't get suspended this time the Perreault the did last year that the world champs did not welcome their Jews are back they said no thank you we're OK we're -- without you we don't need you. Was not a -- consideration on either Detroit or Oakland's part. I guess to be tougher for Oakland visiting and bounced the style although he was implicated but. Detroit welcome brought them back and there are they're not here right now on the brink of the ALCS without him. What a better question would be open at Texas Tech sentinel and Cruz. Being situation oral suspension. This year. Now. What is different about -- and Cruz. -- Cabrera. Is that those two guys were pillars underachieving state of their club. Popular in the club out rookie Q claw have been a free agent issue. I traded -- And night I would be in there very long so. He hadn't established team credibility. Within his own opt outs. Came. Character and don't look now that those other you do go to the Q will light respected figures so. Eastern European open there back and frankly -- the problem. Have no problem with it because they serve. -- he would admit to what they he would. But this medicine and now. They're at the end of the matter in -- back so. Yet it is that we're gonna -- about this and it is something it liked to win it attitude about. Be aware that your -- -- to be a halt to it anymore. Wow not -- and Red Sox you know goes oh we. Kept my stating the obvious when I say the network would prefer the Sox in the Tigers and then the Sox in the Dodgers is that the dream match up. I think you are correct yeah you know the only thing else today. And that the network in terms of how they think to kick it like this won't be quite the same then we always know the numbers what they're thinking. But Oakland on television. Is not bad either because the crowd is crazy. We get the West Coast to some degree. In. I can't imagine that will be bad -- a little I don't know that bought in Detroit is that spread in Boston Oakland I do know that bought the Los Angeles -- -- -- Did you call it. Do you call your line of thinking -- back in March and April as you were examining the retooling the reconstruction of the Red Sox team. That brought in drew and Napoli in victory in one Gomes and you'll Horrow what what did you think about what bends approach was in trying to fix what was broken. I can remember what I saw and what I thought was that to plug the hole but none of the guys that they got was a good. And it turned out that virtually all of them performed at a higher level here. Maybe at that extreme end of their performance crack forward and call it and the other course the -- has been so good but let's put down the line. Who are making her right keep it out. I would say victory bell is completely you know they thought they had the year last year -- he was the biggest risk. He looked like you would decline and he played extremely well on all sides of the ball they're cute guy that. Napoli streaky of course but. Pretty good brought out concussions often okay Dempster. About what they expected. So. I didn't think they're gonna get enough performance out of these guys sheer baseball performance. But they had and it worked out incredibly well. On field performance aside again back to march and April. Did you roll your eyes when you heard this monster about good guys and clubhouse chemistry and sort of opening the windows letting -- fresh air in that room. Only to an extent that roll my eyes and those things in my view are important more important than Saber metric people and give it credit for but. We're the Internet for people are correct is if you don't get the performance that it matters so. They not perform at that level and it's a quality team. Then all of that intangible stuff goes away. What is impressive outfit and what you can not -- He's the self policing that goes on within that club. -- -- Guys play the right way. And that's it for instance the guy that Ron -- urged corporate I didn't take an extra base the other players are their and it lipped out. And that's a great -- Can you that they have it in that it had all season. And one of the things that. In watching them I really admire. Her little guys I'm not Boston. It to charity into the team. Look at the way you expect it doesn't seem to me yeah excited hat and my gosh asking me. Is one of the more likable it is it just like couple of art and likeable and lectures he was unlike. If you had to predict. Years. Total money in team for Ellsbury which where you don't. -- Seattle. Six or seven times. Or you want. While so Crawford contract basically -- you know what Kenny is still can still as a writer he's not a TVQ because that's what the answer that definitively -- and you think it depends I concede either way if he keeps playing this well and go hire. Give us the same way you say -- we know he's gone and that makes all the sense in the world what you just said but. Can you give us the same estimates and numbers for a canal. Yeah try. Seven point four -- ski. Most days there so what's at the end of the 860. Dig -- you get the sense that the Yankees have a gun to their head basically. Now. And actually and that's what it would probably -- going to be it in the the overall number is going to start of the two how low impact player or mobile number will be. And -- like. -- Yeah I was no way that's the bigger contract and I don't get -- group although he would. I never -- Atlanta and that kind of commitment to me that often work out but. I will say this if you want to send it right there I. Know it's extremely durable it under rated about it -- all time. Anything beyond that should use that his -- it's second where he is one of the -- -- defenders that are receipt. And you can move into third and will be fine there and eventually Iraq not on third base in street divot crippled whatever it. So. I can see. That. Logic in that justification at arguing coming out after the yankees' most likely it is that they don't do it somebody else well. Well which is -- this question Ken Rosenthal when in general managers -- does ownership look at all the deals out there and name me a long one multi million dollar deal that has worked out well. Weather's a runner to share or CC -- cool hole to Hamilton. And say what it's it that the the probability rate of this being good for us in the second half of his contract is next to zero when they start. Beat some sense in their own heads here. Well on -- -- of course it'll take is one bright he's good against that and people who sign the deal when the -- -- -- Campbell then when the Yankees and era. They know that the back and -- -- in the collegiate performance. What they're hoping that the front and they get this incredible talent and incredible. Return means the World Series title in -- Now obviously. These deals on -- that's Smart in -- the Yankees I would go. Six times thirty. Rather than 826. You know to stay writes that the reds hired dollars shorter shorter. Term weather that can happen and Albert no will be satisfied that that's the situation and because of all the money coming in thinking we're in the game right now because in the national television deal. You have. A greater number of teams ability to do this kind of thing never happens or not I don't know but the possibility that. Do you think. The following spot passed through the minds of somebody named Steinbrenner Levine -- Cashman and that is you know what given all our problems given all our holes. You smaller age given nothing in the pipeline we are going to be mediocre with or without -- Weis vitamins spend all that money when we know we're not gonna win the World Series anytime soon the -- thought crossed your mind. I am sure partner -- but. At the same time they -- the New York Yankees. They are the operators yes network they are a team that routinely every year problems of their fans we're going to build championship caliber club. Without you know -- -- 1415. It becomes that much more difficult and they know that well -- In -- pure baseball sense if you going do this correctly. Yet you probably let him go he private contracts. Expire are are there other players and you start doing and being to rebuild different way. I just don't -- -- yankees are operating like that where is David Price. That's the question to be going somewhere most likely. At this has probably here for years. The couple -- Akron. Didn't. He didn't mind a player of that caliber everybody's going to be involved -- And a couple there at all about. I have a hard time thinking that the trees with tree came within the division -- to see him. In an unbalanced schedule 45 times a year. That's the one thing I have a hard time seeing -- it reflects made the best offer. And basically you know their -- -- -- -- to do it but I don't it and doing that it it just goes both ways. Let's say that you're about ballparks just for the shaken discuss I'm not saying it would. And regret not we're looking at Vanderbilt right in the division and -- six years that would it is a good thing. Gamble wrap it up by telling you the good news the rain gets out of here Friday Saturday and Sunday in the sixties and match up partly sunny so you'll be outside you'll be okay. Ten Rosenthal with Dennis and Callahan good talk and he can catch it down the road.

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