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Larry Lucchino on the Sox road to the ALCS

Oct 10, 2013|

Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino joined the show and discussed his teams ALDS victory over the Rays. He told the guys that he has no preference on who the team plays in the ALCS and that games one and two will likely start at 7:30 and 8.

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Or three Dennis and Callahan the front office report is brought to you by vita Coco. Mike Newton Wellesley hospital and by celebrity cruises I'm taken one in January and by Toshiba business solutions. Joining us on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest and now most reliable forgy LTE network. The president and CEO the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino good morning Filipino are usurp. Good morning gentlemen I'm fine. I'm very excited. We began this program this morning at 601 Larry and said asked the question what. Isn't lining up perfectly for the Boston Red Sox heading to this next series you easily wrapped up the rays in four games Tuesday night you would probably dispute were easily. They can relax and prepare at home talking about your team. John Ferrell has complete flexibility to a lot of starters anyway he sees bit. The a's and tigers are squaring off in a death match in Oakland tonight. The survivor flies coast to coast all night long to play the Red Sox on Saturday what isn't lining up perfectly for your baseball team. Well -- -- got to admit did second you're laid out there are pretty appealing if you're reading a script you might say no that's ideal script to. To work from. But it's it's. It's -- the current predictable game is so damn unpredictable. It does the first thing you think -- is the is that reversal -- you know -- you know -- we what we want we were traveling across the country we were we were sleepless. Much of the time and look at look at what what what they gave produce so you can line up all the circumstances you wanted still above the the unpredictability of the game and -- certainly it's a hell of a random the game so I'm not gonna take too much comfort from its. -- We knew you wouldn't Larry but Dina likes to -- you -- you know what keeps you up what worries you you're a warrior you know you're glass half empty kind of guy -- -- -- -- Guy he says there's something wrong with the water in the glass. An epic equipment at the ball but what. Worries you other than the randomness of baseball. Well. I think the pitching the of the teams that we're gonna face. The this style of those teams that we may face. That they style of the Oakland team there oh balloons once guys to. -- -- -- -- And in and some terrific young pitching visited Detroit city CA. A team that's sitting on all cylinders this has every. Element of the baseball loan they knew he'd he'd he'd be in place. So it's. Worry about both these teams and these are very formidable opponents and -- And you -- that that is the uncertainty as it is the only game in positions of gridlock we. We you'd like to have any reason to worry that that's not the emotion -- a -- of -- that this sense of pride this sense of accomplishment. This sort of magic of this penis. Has brought about somebody to goodwill of the feeling that it intended the entire region terrorists -- the entire nation. I'd like to do to focus on the positive and they. How far ahead of schedule is this redemption tour Larry you didn't like what happened this quickly this fast in this. Almost unanimously. Do we cut that deal. First step we took from. From the the aberration. But the security. And of 2011. In the and they do it doesn't -- in the thirteenth month period and hopeless and aspirations. For our ownership and our organization. This is the just police. ALC yes we've been in and in twelve years where where were prompted where we're back to this position. But we -- we -- -- -- -- we would be better this year we've really our internal projections and internal. An analysis suggested that this is going to be better team. No one could predict that this kind of. Magic can come together in this team can now. Producer whispered as much it has and then and we in the contained in this battle which it is one. So alone. What was important to us was this direction of the first steps that we move in the right way it and towards right and did we expect to first it would be such a large would. No not really but we expected we'd be better move in the right direction. Larry do you call how many wins Carmine projected for this year packet today I do. How many it was in the high eighties have been. I don't believe high eighties I was taken 81 I was gonna guess -- I was gonna guess and you would think and 500 would be a damn. Good step in the right direction. Talent and you couldn't. History is being inaccurate. Yeah it will what did you think Laramie -- common what did you what were you hoping for. I was hoping for a postseason -- I don't have -- done. The I didn't know that it's seen its somewhere around ninety would probably. Do -- low ninety's. And analysts who were always hoping for that because our goal year in year out simply based on October. But doesn't. After that it was a it was a anymore specific there was no one number although we did hear a lot of numbers -- model of the sportswriters. And -- that we decided predicted but it basic numbers. I underestimate arrested 96 and I was just unity -- because -- 78078. But it seemed like a a pretty good -- 69 to 78 and you would go a long way to bring in people. And in the tent because you had a budget good character guys they would like the that would embrace them but it would be embarrassed to refer you guys the whole idea of going to the post season just seemed. Outlandish. Well suited to accomplish both is is credited it to there's the organization. They were. I mean it started last year I guess it's it was a doctor transaction and you've got to give. John and Tom. The -- -- credit for there -- station in that transaction. And then of course Ben. They use that money. Brilliantly in. Deployed in the interests to at least seven different -- positions itself seasoned debate this team not only better but much more. Appealing much more. Much more of it of the team. I think honeycomb city is that we're not really that really teammates we're we're we're family. And that the family affairs to Tracy's. So the coalesce and so all of these personalities and does some kind of collective personality that is appealing his charming is. As that is attracted to plays the game so well but was a political put. It that's that's a very hard thing to accomplish as well. And Larry no doubt fuel and every member of your organization has a preference as to who you would play next Oakland or Detroit but yet you -- state that why is that as a superstitious thing is that -- disrespect thing why. I can't speak for four others. People I think everyone does so they have a prayer. I'm I'm not agnostic. We know that there I am going to -- Sit back and and wait you know will be there on Saturday and will welcome anyone that comes in order to play us and has the right to playlist. In intently on Saturday it's it's too hard to try to do little war game all of these possibilities. In in my view is we have enough. And so all of the world to worry about and focus on. And that's -- but we can control. I'm sure Carmine and your metrics projects certain matchups in certain situations certain ballparks certain pitchers certain ERA histories that that that point the needle one way or the other does -- not. Well today but if it does I haven't seen them. I just haven't done that that that loan analysis on the individual cases we may be playing against. And -- -- and you think it's terribly political but the truth is these are both. A talented pesky difficulty. You don't get to be in the in baseball's final four. Lets you are yet that talented team probably a lot of things does -- have it done right. So well we will see. Well we'll see but it won't get a prediction for me your preference from me as to which team I would rather play well and shows up on Saturday to solicit support. The -- statement OK let's go. Always know you want the Dodgers in the World Series but probably not gonna tell us that either. -- that you know I was not here is some of the delivery I'm not gonna watch the NLCS because I can't root for the Dodgers. I cannot root for the team but I won and I want and yeah. To discuss the whole watch and root for Adrian Gonzales -- Crawford Josh Beckett Magic Johnson. Other but I don't want Saint Louis that boring. And Ben there done that we want the Dodgers but I came to us root for him I think they're gonna win that there. I think General Electric and like you guys right now to me. One thing that does change going forward Larry is that the pressure increases there's more pressure that -- Temple was easy that was -- -- -- superior team they would young guys that will -- -- cleanup and -- Obama's and a bunch of guys who weren't up for that. Big stage. Your guys were you have to be encouraged watching the way they embraced that big moment. -- ticket you feel pretty good as the as the pressure increases that these guys will be up that. Like do I I know this team will be -- -- -- played all year we have -- had what more than a three game losing -- -- resilient team. But I do take issue with -- -- said about Tampa and they are pesky difficult team in this facility heavyweight fight did plugging. That it nearly fifteen around the city who've -- left standing at the end of the. You outscored them 25 to twelve you've got David Ortiz and clean up -- end result. Did have a chance to watch the games he didn't have particularly that it too and Tampa has pleaded he do that sense that the tensions the it. And they couldn't handle it you could mean Larry they had some good pitching -- a good manager. The lineup sock yeah I mean compared to what you gonna face in the next round. Well. I guess to each zone that. I had done. Beat beat grudging respect for that and errors and. Question with sixty million bucks it's amazing what they did but it will Myers. Put fear in your heart when he came off the plate. Well he I do know he's very talented pit stop player but he had a bad series. I guess that Zobrist we've -- Albers came. Larry in terms of performance and I'm sure you've seen the stats we've been talk about it for two days now. Longoria. -- wrist and Myers when he combined five for 43. At 116. With four RBI and we know we're through those RBIs came from and twelve strikeouts your top three Jacoby Shane Victorino and David Ortiz were funny for 45. Thirteen runs scored eight RBIs each of those three guys -- 385 or better it ended up being a mismatch. Well it certainly. You can does find that dated to justify anything I went through this sort of sent the first two games two games in Tampa that they were mixed as -- Excruciating as any to baseball games I have seen. You know we were behind one nothing with nine outs to go on Tuesday night guys and that's. And -- it looked like it would -- magical performance by year's diplomat and in this that the pitching intact stats against those. And then. And we then we get a calendar in he kind of focus or and focus on a couple of days to -- out of focus on. Those buried and Pretoria Russian military and you know in the job that they did that they were just perfect. Catalyst -- tables is this team and they came through. In in wasted. He can't that you can't design. Which which former reds so if you play it placed the a's play the days you're gonna face a lot -- Alumni Red Sox alumni which guy has surprised you the most wouldn't be Brendon moss or or or Redick -- Coco Crisp or did you. He didn't Coco Crisp power it's better this prize. I would say to the other guys and we do Redick was it was a total baseball player. Didn't get flowery spectator in Stamford. And history on the baseball program there. We knew these -- -- town we -- Brandon mosques we that we had a long enough and. It will be like India a bit of high school reunion or something if it's just it's the and that. There's one other former Red Sox again about their game one starter if they advance Bartolo DeBartolo Cologne. You didn't have a uniform big enough for a lot of identity not stick around here. Larry you're sure now if this season is put in book form -- -- the title would be improved overall amazing improved overall performance specifically though. What did you find the most amazing astonishing chapter of that block. Oh boy. I think the film that he is the ability the two of them. Put together. The personalities. Who left the game because there are so many new guys who came this year. And the ability of the -- of then Kerry and baseball ops and then John Ferrell on the -- steps. To melt that into a a different -- collective personality. That was so attractive so appealing. -- You know issue -- goes simulation run to the top of different characters. And it's going to be very hard to just select the right ones to create the kind of personality character you want to. In years in your endeavor and I think that was that was that the seven significant acquisitions in the -- seasonal coming together it was. Was personality traits that they create the kind of atmosphere that we needed in the clubhouse on the field. That's the best I can do to make it. For me it would be it would be losing your -- 11 and second closer and your third clothes -- being just lights out when he finally showed up and got the role but that's just me. Well it's pretty good and that's pretty didn't do you know we have we all knew you arrows so it was say. Terrific addition to this to this team that the businesses. Could -- and the pitching was is just extraordinary he would walk -- That's for another. It -- -- -- in this analog game. But. The the fact is that. It's that he put out. -- what with what -- -- might occur this year and those two injuries to his predecessors. Were devastating as was Andrew and Andrew Miller amenable to it was sort of -- -- Craig Breslow published as an unsung hero for this team. But. We did we didn't and number of guys this season -- the right to -- probable that would be very. But inspiring one. Larry as we're speaking you're getting a lot of calls and text people wondering what the game time for the ALCS they set. Well that's a very frustrating topic we we we spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday in the Major League Baseball because these games. Are organized by based solely consider them their game our games we've just participants in the MLB. Processes in league championships series. So they've been waiting to see where the where the the other winner in the other corner would would end up and how that's sport that's intelligent scheduling. So we spent the old days thing and you know the three days before this game historical time we're gonna -- it was frustrating as can be. The -- and glassware I got last night is that we -- we would be playing at 8 o'clock. On Sunday and the idea probabilities. That we're gonna replace it's 7:30 AM Saturday. Yeah not -- -- the likely 730 on Saturday and 8 o'clock on Sunday and. It -- say it because it's not our our our decision. And them and -- frustrated as the fans are trying to really get -- -- -- today. I'd give us something Larry what does doctor Charles have planned for Saturday how does he outdo himself. Well you know I don't know should I can't tell -- -- yesterday and with and as Sarah McKenna. Who is so works and the public them and I said okay dead. Bill that would and they. Reeling off possibilities. And now. Hello will -- -- -- too early they'll certainly the -- Tip of the cap to. -- Red Sox. Columbine. Contributed so and so many ways over the years the state -- this treacherous. Just I don't think Charles can do it any better the thing on Friday with the of the Boston strong in the first responders -- the victims of the whole thing was in the song and the whole thing was just the magnificent bit. Are you don't don't underestimate doctor Charles he could probably topic someway somehow. Well yeah it is it is that this has so many great stories and -- the buses strong seen but it has been present in the ballpark this entire summer. There's really motivated this is these players going back to the Johnny Gomes. And so that is so there a couple of -- Determination to put the six point seven. Church in the dugout and there is Graeme since the since the bombing. And I think these players have identified and in in. Very important ways with this entire community. And has done what what is good baseball team should do and that's to open its community come together on and and -- sources healing and I think the enjoyment since the fond of this baseball season just the. Let up points on the baseball season. Is is this this team's way at trying to help us community. Pulled together after that the tragedy. Are in their -- so wrapped this up on a lighter note if -- fortunate enough to win this series in advance may I assume there's a ban on punting beer cans into the stands. Knows there's not yet they've -- And -- beer cans in this sense it's very distinctive. Things that -- -- is proud of this team that proudly should be a ban on but that we don't regulate that -- -- and -- All right Larry enjoy it reflected on the road Larry -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined the front office report has brought to you by vita Coco. Mike Newton Wellesley hospital the great celebrity cruises. And by Toshiba business solutions teaching kick -- -- all right pull one's hurt yeah -- but he's he's 200 feet right that's true you waste -- -- to beat you might at some port and kicked empty ones will be sitting. -- don't know what threaten them and the Pentagon cut yeah it's Saturday as the next it's not good mix up at their -- good athletes on the ticket timeout 6177797937. Rosenthal will join us at nine putted eight GB for a minute now I've no idea he has.

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