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Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Oct 9, 2013|

We talk to the victorious manager the day after the Sox advance to the ALCS and talk all things Sox/Rays with John Farrell, and look ahead to the ALCS as well.

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It's hard to describe it. People who don't need to see it looked like you get to see it. I don't understand how close of a group this -- on this team isn't -- that's the number one guys that's going to die everybody truly -- Bears and love each other. We all have one common goal and just end up on top and it's going to be easy. We understand that but I promise you this if we do go down and we'll go down together as as you saw tonight. As Jake Peavy after he pitched a tremendous game last night. There was a time -- start to get tired of hearing those kinds of comments from the team are like OK I get it now you really like each other. But then when you watch them win and you watch them party together you watch them celebrate you watch them not get down even though they're an intense game like that. It all comes back how cool the whole thing really has been in the road to redemption idea. Has really been perfect for this team this year Michael -- for John Farrell and he joins us every Wednesday the manager of your Red Sox are now heading. To the ALCS how's that sound John you guys -- now heading to the league championships here's. Not so -- sound great and I think -- once you know we'll we'll go back to spring training in some spots -- -- -- at that time and maybe inside -- club -- when we were the only ones that. Shell this a potential or or certainly their goal -- now that it's come polite. -- to everybody else actually what we saw Beckett -- work. Well I saw a lot last night with that celebration. When -- it'd end for you in -- tell us about last night. After the cameras disappear I had -- -- -- still don't and this morning how did that -- You don't watch it's your last order and we got -- flight back here and landed about 545 more salt. We have we didn't go into the I don't know that nobody slept on the plane. I think you're YouTube coarsely complete you know what it was a hard fought game last it was a really need to consider the number of pitchers he'll get base. You know there was no margin for error really strong mark pitching standpoint. End Garrett sent to the call particularly in the seventh and. The chatter I mean you bring up the fact that they faced nine pitchers in the game what was the chatter on the bench about that. Well it was almost like more artists directed -- their bullpen because every. Giving a pass by Libyan military get options like okay -- here -- report. Let let's see if we can you know try to built somebody gets an -- and to their credit they were ever got to came out pretty good job. Atrocious. But you just don't see that much variety -- inside in nine innings. Did you expect -- strategy from the race. No no I don't think you can ever special like that you know you know that -- -- little -- -- -- all contact. And you know the fact is that they had they had very specific. Relievers -- -- for different parts or -- up that was -- spring branch holding. -- -- It in the end we're -- -- different manufacturer through wrote that it typically we don't we don't do it in certain ways. All that so walk while Pritchett sac fly you -- -- to put three runs together to make a difference. We're talking about here in the office for for the show talking about all the pitchers who paraded out their bright Joseph Maddon but the one thing and I think everybody agreed on here was. They were surprised. To see more goal out of the game so quickly how about you guys did it was more losing something because. That would seem like a pretty good matchup. Yeah and totally agree I think inside that -- -- kitten he started I believe we can meet traditional either the second inning or are those third. And so like at that point you know because what other than his. Personal catcher at all those particular that will be a lineup came over during the day I figured Molina would be the starting catcher in the low the walk off -- on the other night. The night before I thought Molina would you regard probably noticed a lot of a thought. This direction because there is also great you know children and made comments that. You know more it was going to be available alternative as well as archer. I sort of thought like OK this might set up to where more from this game and put the ball -- -- -- -- church two innings. Felt like that was that was a lot and whether it was because you walk the guy and he's had some command issues late season didn't want to take a chance. You know creating some some -- or torsion traffic on the based absolute looked up to the plate. But when he remote Michael I thought he was sort of multiple 45 partially restriction against. That maybe a sigh of relief when you some leave the game. Well you know what he's been so good at home. -- usually talk about you know week we -- -- our way to -- -- -- previous start earlier but. You know it hadn't hardly take a look at our leading to midnight exorbitant -- changeup you know what -- there are you speak so the all the other pitchers that they have their triple. But you know Torres who who. As dominant relievers they have you know he's the kind of Alderman and it's not like -- backed up and abilities were at a news. You had a difficult pitching decision to make yourself Jake Peavy had been fantastic in the early part of the game -- only given up one run there. And and unfortunately had had three hard hit balls right before you came out to the mound what went into the decision to take him out of the game at that point. -- -- It was that was that was the reason intro like we -- it'll ever -- against Albany he committed group that became a contend for thirty against. PP in -- and even though -- or thrown seventy plus stretchers. And only in the six bearing -- -- or -- will probably have a bargain on the ground is coming on aggregate right there by giving. You -- became the setting. Obviously you post even. Furcal rest and ready to go. You know Jake understood. And what things unfolding at cardinal we're going to score and the 11 -- in the difference in the water. Or any other reliever in there and applying it well it's a patient now. Give it got it back really -- a wall against Longoria. I just don't like about remarkable record for a long moment. So peavy who is your game four starter you know you don't know your next opponents going to be able to do -- -- going to be at Fenway Park. Do we have the same 1234. As you did in the divisional series or does it depend on the opponent. You'll probably take a look at all things -- it's -- determined to hurry and we we've got another day or so sure. To figure out who's going to be -- Detroit. So you'll. What will probably leave awful last actually go from there you know I think we'll try to take a look at some -- -- -- And I know we've we've talked before about the splits for John Lackey home and away. There's a fact is that a factor that if it's Oakland. You know John Lackey has pitched out there are many times it's a pitcher's ballpark. His numbers are pretty good is that is that part of the consideration whether he's game to her game during. Yeah Michael you know what I think those are all of the normal things that we were taken. Also you know I think every -- -- you football. As expected in the game in which they started. So it's not like you know someone came out of our out of an outing out. Believe we've we've got to take a look at the performance and the ones who want to start a recent you know activities so I don't or won't be able to get this sort of more the next heir to a. John -- joining us out here on WEEI as he does every Wednesday corsets especially on this Wednesday as they won the AL DS last night. In Tampa. You make some comments after the game last night that. You decided to change your mind on had a handle Stephen Drew against the lefty out late in the game why did you change -- Well sort for the reasons I stated there and then you know Steven this as a -- left -- where we all recognize that and and those questions -- bring. Your posts for quite some time but you are. Have always taken the view of stable regarded as an important source. Are put in that situation where immediate in my before we were put up a couple of good at bats against me -- not really show for. So like you know what we -- I got to look at started to take a different walks. And we were to -- we're not and get started on our and so I would go home and then. You know ballparks pretty -- right -- -- felt like we we haven't had a different look you know we can get some quick start and bogey came up just a very good about it you know he. If you're not subject have all walked -- like you -- trouble -- -- gap for a double but. You -- to start -- two run rally that proved to -- huge difference. When you're making a decision like that is -- what you make by yourself is that a conversation with your coaches your general manager how does. What is the process that goes into some like that ahead of time. So I think that you look at you as the game goes on folding in in it became clear you don't like almost anticipate the relievers that we were gonna get picked or -- since certain spots are order. And figured that that he was gonna come around again to that spot where they turn -- they -- -- around the -- salt you're on the you know -- drew it felt like that was gonna come again and then where was the Michael -- worked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your hesitation to do -- in game three was it more about drew or was it more about Bogart's. It was more about taking a look at what with McKee your -- affected by the right -- to fifteen against lefties or 240. It was more practice with a number. -- -- left hander that was really don't want pitched -- and how -- all. It's not like you know Lopes record arm slot that next -- -- comfortable or sweeping breaking ball away. -- addition -- -- -- power rush or Stephen Drew a good fastball hitter and now we're staying. On the other side vote yet not I don't know preferable all week. And so all things combined. On Tuesday night that was the approach taken -- after I've played OK let's take a look at it toward. As you can imagine we had many things to discuss yesterday from game three a lot of second guessing of the manager justice the way it goes. When you have a job that you have and in this market as well. We talked about the fifth inning did the decision to pitch the Clay Buchholz I was on board with that -- wasn't. We talked about the the eighth inning that pinch running for David Ortiz. I'm just wondering from your perspective. And this is your nerves your life it's your livelihood and what kept you up is there anything that you. You know it you get thinking about it to 3 o'clock in the morning minute should have done this or maybe it could've done this differently what's that they have Bogart players it was a something else. -- you know what I. You mean after after game for the dirty. Honestly after a typically. Whether it's Mary or or now on October. There's a review of some high points and try to you know coming out of the game and -- Review your decision -- were they polite thing how to play outlook let up to a and after a walk into the the game. Following game three I slept very well I don't soak it a little and -- let's say you don't vote on this guy is. Off rocker well I felt convict into the decisions -- made it through out the course of the game. In certain -- cute but just -- from all that was obviously chasing you for part. In game or you are a very good I had no intentions and -- never even bottom. -- -- -- -- Entrance to walking alone or. You know he's a very good hitter he's -- -- RBIs in thirty -- -- back and play ball and play it. Handled it very well in the first two starts. Walking I don't want to ever -- was -- -- pitcher in Oregon back in the go all the with the bases loaded situation. By a virtual intentionally walking someone I know. I think it's I think that's a pretty consistent approach I think we're the least number of intentional walks issued at all baseball -- I -- and I just don't believe in backing a pitcher in the order and not giving him flexibility to maneuver. With a base open. Maybe the possibility of a guy chasing -- off the plate for out in this case it didn't work out hard for. We -- for practice to make it different that unfortunately didn't work out but -- -- that played out in game three. No I I still stand by the -- today. Well what his share of the counterargument to the -- will -- Longoria fans who say well as he's the best pitcher he's the best hitter excuse me. And Tampa's lineup. And you've got will -- with no hits in the series you know we know what -- -- -- numbers are against Longoria. But Myers as a kid who was struggling and eventually had to leave the game is at a better matchup for collect. Well. So some might say it is. But he -- situation will work three -- and today I do it and we've been able to Fort Myers to chase a little bit. What your bases loaded situation if he shows any type of patience -- know all the sudden were forcing play to throw the ball plate where. Over much -- sort -- wool -- is a pretty darn good hitter despite being one for twelve. It in the series. Longoria up to that point what was -- one not. So it's not like you'll Longoria and had already driven through ball little ballpark it was sitting below six under current series we had handled him very well. As we had trouble martial -- to put again I go back to the putting clay with his back in the corner where he's got a few mis fortune patrol pitched. On the plate rather -- being able to get a got to change. You know that that's that's what -- actually doing great and I think that you know the Raiders won game three. The game of baseball one that right because of all the things that came out of the paper on both sides switched. Which way you want should've gone decisions are gone one way or the other and that's the beauty of the game. Now you've you've managed your way through a post season series you know obviously been a pitching coach for one for many before but now you manage your way through post season series. How was it different from managing in the regular season. You know that it probably come down to just making sure you got a more clerk read on how -- Garza performing in the -- are hard our preparation in the decision making. All that is system that we buy into that we believe in and week that we stayed disciplined so. But it's a matter of okay how old guys performing on on this stage in indeed pressure packed. Situations. That's where you got to probably say to have time to be prepared to make an adjustment. If a guy that response to ever play and I'll say -- that. Watching our players and our team over a 162 games I think we've been pretty darn consistent as we've gone through this first. First series. When we haven't seen a whole lot of changing guys as far as. Irregular regular emotional change or be uptight or not executing a certain spots. It's been very consistent throughout Eric or credits or the -- -- we happy for. -- John I wanna go back at a time when you were traded from Toronto to Boston. And you'd been here before obviously I'm wondering when you're approaching the guys. Did you feel that you already have the respect of the players that she knew. Or did you have to -- sell yourself based on what they had been through on the last couple years. I you know Michael there there was actually relationship that -- there was some familiarity. I think respect is earned every day so to think that you know you can be much carte Blanche and so long this is just -- automatically happen I'd be all think -- Coming into it that took the job this position so there was familiarly that I could tap into. But still I had to prove that earned that respect and trust once again. Well John congratulations it's a heck of -- victory last -- a really fun game to watch really the whole series -- a lot of fun to watch -- -- it back together now and figure out whether or not you guys take on Oakland or Detroit thanks again for being with us we appreciate it. Are you guys John Farrell like his team wins. Last night in Tampa the celebrations the plane ride home they give him what is it about 530. This morning so a lot there do what chat about with John Farrell and make the most interesting part. What was his comments on the way Joseph Maddon decided to handle that game last night everybody is writing -- -- there are -- is the grey has and I -- but he did a nice -- -- I have to be very very nice and they and they always -- -- the greatest job look what he did with nine pitchers Barkley called captain Kirk. I'm missing something or or my great can I thought Joseph Maddon screw that game tonight and I I thought I think you believe the same thing I think after listening to John Farrell that he believes the same thing to go over an axle canal to be re yeah.

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