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The Love for the Red Sox is back! The negativity tells us so!

Oct 9, 2013|

One caller has a hair across his ass for David Ortiz, leading us to some wonderful old-school style whining... now we know the Sox are back!

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There's -- film and he's gonna. Make yet another pitching 222 pitches and gone. Sports generally pellet that's not afraid to make a move here Philip refusing to -- that you get out of hand. You can put everybody meet again you feel that he's been available and again -- -- night at any rate will be done and then lord is coming up. -- well after -- -- -- what experience Alex tourism to start it it is significant injuries can. The only game. And -- like yes yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Find a way to make the game actually go backwards yeah. Four hours last night. Plus the night before -- -- any music and be fine like those old. Old games. Old timers were active in going back from the moment out in the field electorate into the -- noticing different names for the films they jumped very quickly from first -- all the way to second. It was fast and he just -- like 45 votes to marry into that thing last guy he's old school hits by the -- it releases the entire little poll standing. Improving on their race right they cut to the scene at least half the people were arrested and now -- -- last night with 28000. 28000 people in an elimination game. In the division series at heart goes teacher. Just how it is with -- disorder. I'm sure the race fans would work -- this man. Oh. Now on the one of the last pictures there. The voice mail Google too fast and catch the name Chris archer. Chris archer looked like that yes things like it was like a high school did. He's got I don't guys got Ayers got -- it he has. Five years old Chris archer likened to really -- the act and adamantly is written Rodney Rodney for the sideways and care. Mind that at all and I think it's entertaining when he stinks you wanna get bottom line he was wild yesterday while these bad. Saturdays ago to suspend the program please -- or that we'd like to -- how we -- I don't care about that stuff a little nod to -- -- to get back to this conversation but the Sox in terms of where we are there rat in your hearts and minds of the stadium in doing what was it 21 share on Monday night as the text here it is that's because there was nothing else on TV most horrible Monday night football's on TV's on wanna hear anything about that -- -- football game on the NFL's skiing so. The Red Sox have made it back. All of the -- of the 1954 unit that it may have goalie. Got in these things clearly doesn't -- Three channels I don't know what though it was said by somebody who had to go to -- -- -- -- top dialogue you will and then use the bottom dial to get to the door to the right UH -- Rugby did you hear the UH Jeff in the VHS and switch -- -- that you can use the big antennas but then again as the little one for the US product and I'm sure out of all the TV options doctor you can have found something if you didn't want. So what's the Red Sox game but. Chances are you wanted to watch do you think they are back now have announced -- back and -- where they're playing but is it now over is they're no more of the conversation -- to the Red Sox rank. The -- are they just a 100%. Back to where they were -- collapse in 2000. There was so much anger around the Red Sox in 2011 and 2012. Because people cared. If you don't care about the team you're back to allow yourself to get frustrated you're not gonna get that out of shape about ownership and whose management team in the moves that they are making are not making. -- go ahead you can dismiss the team and move on. You were so angry because this -- with the Red Sox it they always beat the Red Sox and you'll always care. About preposterous a trip to the way it is. And I don't fall from. From from one to Warren. Yeah maybe -- it go back and forth between the patriots and Red Sox but it's always going to be those 2261777979837. Here from Blake who's in Rhode Island type like. A guy played go -- good good question because I'm a true star experience for years but I'm not fully back I don't play don't be in a pink cat this year. By any QB chip -- because all -- have been negative robot team -- still a negative about the speed. Well ticket championship but when it. Probably not. My biggest problem is with David Ortiz I think he's a -- in particular cloud and that are gonna get a little upset some pins out there. What does that mean deal amid those are big words what do they mean Charlie's job is a phony partly what he's phony about. Well Lola piece of -- let me we're seeing the return rate he's going on in the past year and a half about. You know all the fear and not on Tuesday and looking at a club halted and that it's at a with a tell all -- Baltimore and get it but Rory get on this case and -- bats in the RBIs. -- for -- -- lucky that only leaves they'll not be fully back with this team. And he's the epitome of what happened with the chicken and -- I've given bluster I think given like you know is. The -- will hold on I thought I thought that Beckett and Lester and Lackey were the epitome. No I and collect the Ortiz really -- showed his true feelings on how it felt when he was bad. Has not really want beat back all over sleeping he's done Lester -- and lucky to live -- for a lesser how to how to -- the -- Lackey when you back over but Ortiz and well like he is a gamer and I and I think he. Or what -- -- -- -- -- -- the guy came off the injury played almost every thing this year was the team's best hitter. -- -- it is beautiful but I hope that's what I can do it going to be a phony but assays above played the bad guy whatever. We will double a baseball here so you said John Lackey. He may be sincere he may be a phony -- -- would you like John Lackey because he's a gamer. I'm limited David Ortiz didn't -- as David Ortiz performed on the field to your satisfaction. I'm not and it you know what is behind on what we need behind this I don't know what it is behind the scenes. -- week of course nobody said that day after the war wrong. That's David Ortiz just on the bottom so all my soul strange likely. Listen guys it's Australia's Jason Blair state. Terrorists will lose him and guys don't talk about Ortiz romance do you think about what do that that was -- -- at least that's about this as it was seconds and a -- and -- I -- right around and I know about him at all about what I gotta I gotta be honest I think it's although you. I've really after listening to hear you say this I don't think it's about him I think it will yield I think personal problem I I don't know what it is. And I don't know where comes from what the reasoning is but you're being very selective with the reasons why you have a problem or he's not somebody else. It's Ortiz and I'll just think -- don't like OK it was so you recollect the Red Sox because they got one guy I get I got I'm confused are you root for somebody else. Not not -- a Sox are really where did you I don't know exactly backwards over to you -- are able to back. I guess I guess that that at opinion surprises me well I don't understand now on. I don't understand what it is that Ortiz does that bother you that no one else that now there's some things that could bother you. No problems if you're still upset about Ortiz in the way stormed and -- just press conference and I thought that's it and I think that's obnoxious I that is it depended on the telephone incident either. I'm on the telephone to ineligible enemies much I didn't like him as much talking about Dempster throwing in Iran I thought I was a little bit much but. These as you said very accurately the time these the things you accepted David Ortiz could you like the rest of it. It's part of what makes him gives them that character that star power that sets them apart from everyone else. I'm really concerned about other ever gonna replace David Ortiz and an open book -- is ultimately going to be that guy did you find that middle of the order bat was one day can replace him and hopefully it's somebody with that kind of personality as well 61777979837. What do you think Ortiz a -- your fate you think this team is back. Is there anything left for them to prove -- -- WE yeah. All you think Jake Peavy got a it's a delicate. I don't look on the news as we. All of a part of America to give up a minimum of three -- months while. You hear that guys I submit to you the Red Sox baseball is back. That we got somebody that negative for absolutely no reason that the Red Sox are truly back Michael. This somebody's gonna call up David Jake Peavy start and for no reason whatsoever soon that he'll get bombed. Give up three home runs mostly because he just misses is being key Jose Iglesias. Or being lazy as I guess a night race is not our favorite one. In glee set I was today -- is back when when people start making no sense in the anger is there in the negativity is there. And some of that unnecessary vitriol is there then yeah. I think it is when you see the twenty share on Monday night I'm not sure yet what they did last temperature was a huge -- hired into probably for an elimination game and Tuesday night late in the afternoon early evening starting at 837. Com yeah Red Sox and they sure seem pretty back to me that -- to David Ortiz got -- Blake although Blake do we have some ablaze a replay. I -- let frank Blake from Rhode Island his right -- now I understand some negativity for David Ortiz I don't understand it the way he set it. I understand if you have some problems with specific things along the way. And -- ultimately. They don't overwhelm -- or make up for some of the for crazy incredible things that Ortiz does. For me he makes up for. Right clutch hits huge home runs continuing to delivered his age. The personality that he brings he's a must watch at bat every time he's up a what he did in in all four in 07 and how good he was even -- -- wait. Getting them to that ALCS and almost winning and and they always it surpasses some of the crazy stuff off the field. We're we're talking about it the other day in the office at banquet. Certain personalities big game presents about a broader Reggie Reggie Jackson is Reggie Jackson has another book out. -- becoming mr. October from -- like that and just that even when you meet rich. To this day. He just gives you the feeling then on in you know probably the best player baseball right now and larger than one. That I I'm still -- man and -- -- your favorite player besides me about your favorite who's coming your second favorite player. But those that type a personality that type of self confidence. Is. It's what allowed you to become mr. October when -- first played well Ortiz that that kind of thing allows you to go until playoff game NCAA. Never had a home run off of a David Price but I will tonight most is -- hit one. Another -- to -- water and then the next day it's a great day. So I'll hit two home runs one. Dave price will criticize me after the game on Twitter. I woke up later when I could probably. It is about how heartless of disguises Blake and run and run around a few minutes ago. Problem is with David Ortiz I think he's a -- in a ticket or clout. And that are gonna get a little upset some pins out there what does that mean to you mean those -- big words what do they mean Tom is having the -- partly it was -- well -- sees himself let me see the -- rate he's going on in the past year and a half -- You know it and I don't see him looking at a club policy and that it's at a with a tell all -- Baltimore and get it but -- get in this case there and -- bats in the RBIs. I'd remain even -- that told believes will not be fully back with this team and he had an epitome of what -- with the chicken and beer I'd get a lot of exhibit like. How does that make sense I've forgiven Lester forgive -- Lackey but not Ortiz even though it was about Lester and Lackey and Beckett whatever anyway. That's a collar couple minutes ago the -- thing. He was upset also went on to -- upset about that this week like. Alcohol. Raw -- -- Get -- I've heard enough I'm done that's -- -- got did you notice something that what we're. Boston's strong line now I heard that our new York yacht that's that was sort of my gas that it our little thing just patrolling New York. All right now texas' Blake is right that spells. Under that -- OK let's not get beaten anybody up on grammar text its Twitter all the care. Says Blake is right Ortiz is a phony I hope he's not resign well. It was a bit last year. And it. Those of us who question and that's us that was in there and those of us who question the Red Sox wore. Giving David Ortiz a two year contract. Without being able to see him run we were wrong but he was incredible curators say you know what I thought. I thought it was a bad idea to resign David Ortiz to two years without letting him test the market first but. It was absolutely the right decision they -- already has got -- I don't yeah it would about two and a couple other text -- love everything about it you don't have to sign off on everything that he does but David. Ortiz the designated hitter you've got the best DH. In the American League or in one of the best DH in the game obviously and -- and -- doesn't have it at the best DH in the game. And -- allows you. To be where you are today still talk greetings while still being a -- text message you have to admit Ortiz plays the game the wrong way doesn't run out -- that -- I could care less of David Ortiz runs out ground balls are slower than -- He does not need to run out ground balls I want to be out there on the field for as many games as possible the turns out is a run out a ground ball or two during the year in order to save his knees at 38 years old trying to get everything you can out of them. I had no problems whatsoever six or seven but I don't 7937. Got a good point. That's a good point that probably goes back to -- three it's another thing about game three wide you pinch ran for Ortiz in that situation. Not only is -- slow and and they are. They're 38 year old -- right but if you if you get yourself into a bang bang play. One you want Ortiz the -- and Iraq or bases now. If I have always right cannot afford to lose and you're just not the same team and Adam he's the one guy that they cannot afford to lose -- eight. Almost nobody -- right now I'm not force is strong Boston's strong can -- -- -- other people from Rhode Island to -- funny accent of some drivers in the -- -- in North Andover high Trevor. Well aren't -- how about. How about all right how about Tyler is in Manchester right now. They'll go get the ball. Armed they're just gonna call it -- that the Red Sox are back about the cattle lost they would hold a colleague he gave up that stand on the -- in 2011. After the collapse but with the moves that made it now hiring John Ferrell. And now getting rid of Crawford in two dollars and packaged and there are good. -- for the Dodgers. You know I think when everybody back now it seems like everybody at least in my area start and a -- into the Red Sox and root for him. Its size and got to go along with -- I don't agree there sees comment Specter has always been clutch its image you should shouldn't the post season regular season so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean doesn't work for to get a little bit of the benefit of the doubt just for 2004. Little benefit of the doubt just for having the walk off his game for game five right I mean that just like. -- little bit right by them. The one -- two bad moments like bursting into this press conference or got a problem one or two of the things I -- -- problems -- cash alone I -- the fact occasionally loses -- higher. Part of the personality I do every game like emotions I would like to -- out doing. Ground do you. Think it's important. -- if that's the way that the game -- know -- -- you're the 38 you're just -- to make it through deceit and probably with doctors. Just run make the first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It blocks well any zone now are human being need to which are getting there but with Ortiz. Just one of nature's healthy for a long as possible that's what's important state of Rhode Island checked in on the ATP -- yes. We do not have when accidents in the bag might. -- I love how. -- -- -- from -- the greens are like weird combination accent I love the rile them but it is willful. It's different McCain and -- know again. Of course the road. -- to -- everybody stayed in premium. They -- out on top. So I hear reports aren't gonna you know poor people and what academy and the guys. 92 breaks in prior to know that's -- an -- policy. -- occupiers what went straight set first base but like working. -- -- -- -- morning yeah that the World Series sports -- look at -- -- or -- or weight -- to cooperate or. After all -- he ordered up Boston I am excited but at the policy. You know you've got -- that ball. But -- only get to condense a seminal surprised that did the first called when you talked about the -- it's like being back was an Ortiz -- call really. That the Red Sox are back for you because you don't like Ortiz -- stories rooting for the Red Sox. But he's not fully rooting for the Red Sox until Ortiz -- down hole like. Yet they're really buy into each player on the team I don't think or maybe maybe what you have to do that and I know how it works for some people. You have to buy into the stars. If you don't like the star player cannot root for the team. I think about some of the championship teams here. Recently. You know Paul Pierce that Brooklyn net the former Celtic in the current Brooklyn that Paul Pierce. When the Celtics were winning a championship in 2008 there were still some people who love the Celtics. Didn't necessarily like Paul Pierce who. Had bought in completely we once thought it would definitely gonna do not be silent about I don't like Paul Pierce I hope this doesn't work. Like it's a weird coming strange way to get it probably a guy on on every team that you kind of there aren't and that they think about that putting eleven and the patriots. Went to a Super Bowl on the you know on the west poker game and dropped the ball. Aren't on that team. Yet Ochocinco to -- Ochocinco. If you really love him based on what he had done either. He did love him well we wasn't Cincinnati or. Or who he wasn't. In New England -- has been a productive player he wasn't that go back to 2004 to -- Terry Adams and just hate -- Terry Adams -- scanned into those guys -- accused their -- always found -- -- -- the -- educated of any shows panic and how -- you -- 61777979837. Bill. In Palmer -- deal. I don't get. You guys coming and -- that city Ortiz yeah. Yeah I agree with them can't come out -- why I don't like his attitude I don't like Hartley goes around I'll run out ground balls that's fundamental baseball. Electric factory. Those who play a position and -- mutual BO well okay. The other bill what are these reasons welcome and one -- reasons that I don't like the fact -- -- doesn't believe the -- part of the -- strikes on the consulate -- Outside strike a lot of the public unity and. Regular or can we take one are you a Red Sox particularly what can we are a bill to renegotiate one of them we have a reasonable people can have a a nice negotiation here. I would want -- negotiate with each has been around for forty years it's been around for forty years it's not going anywhere. Do you like courts he's better -- the only person is. -- -- -- Okay it's a force in the game doesn't acquire this deal it's a legitimate position in baseball -- no remedy. I don't. Do not long at all picnic the six unit like him because he's the gates. He invented a position he took advantage of not likely buckled -- he can hit. Well -- country and certainly ever hit the connection there actor that part doesn't mean you don't like the fundamental baseball part of that -- but I hit 309 he was on base almost 40% of the time if any at thirty home runs this year he led the team and he was used -- bass player on the team this year. You're retired DA and chances are they're not gonna resign -- this year not just to me is wrong. Really I mean I guess during the David or easier how many times have they gone to the playoffs they've won their two World Series in nearly advance to another to two others. Right I mean they -- -- since he's got here since Ortiz got to Boston they've won two were dating game seven of the ALCS two other times. Think about -- heartbreaking gains in both of them he's been a great playoff performer he's been a great player he had a great great years almost every single year in Europe set because he doesn't swing and outside pitches. -- -- You wake for his pitcher on the inside. You're upset because he doesn't run out balls the first base. You know what -- -- makes up for about a thirty home runs. That quotas it this year at 38 -- 9159. Or PS. Texas -- where are these people covering it really it was bizarre. It. It's Red Sox as we learned today. It doesn't say Red Sox. Is they Boston. We want to thank you Mayor Menino. Governor Patrick. The whole police department but the great -- that they it is this past week in 2010 feet. This. Didn't. As you watching that game last night in the coming in this morning did you think there was any chance at 515 or so today that they would you be receiving calls from people that hate David Ortiz that I now obviously not a million years. But I guess I guess threats puts baseball's back. I guess that's the only thing to take from that. Yeah but I think it's a it's a small. All very small pocket there and entertaining pocket and and they're not they're. Probably not red -- I like them I think they're very probably now I find them very amusing about Derrick is in Springfield what's up there putting your Derrick could you hate. Oh record don't it would probably I'm Bob -- a lot opt out -- all know -- -- you know I'm mad -- Okay automated that would go to guy picked up all ball well. Because all I want to talk about big -- Clark are all couple people -- -- -- much. Last -- who -- what your final young. There you know I think. The way at all at that was the way it because. Under -- -- -- worker and I -- it up there at the late. You know not the ball at the back. That situation ever. Mean like you why he's so young and he didn't even know enough garments. Ignored ignored ignorant I've prepared you -- Know what it does honor and -- and there are well what am -- here. Well well I welcome -- Yet beyond Syracuse and Derek IA. That there's certain guys who don't let the moment get to -- -- given credit for that but thinking knows exactly what's at stake. You know being around these guys. -- the intensity of these games. I don't think that's why. Probably got some and that's why did well I think you do well because he's a player he knows he's got clarity knows absolutely very content totally agree if you miss John Ferrell by the way he talks about that decision in great detail. I've talked to him earlier today will -- that story coming up here in ten minutes and extended conversation -- John -- stick around for ten more minutes Bruins tickets. As well 61777979837. Kevin at. Go ahead. They -- -- up. I gotta disagree with you Ali on this one. Barbecue in our inaugural balls into big guys at least 38 and say it's a hot shot second base. -- sprinted out side. Where is running out on aspirin and out rotted out -- say routed out like. By Els Gary does or Victor Reno did last night on that infield hit. And call themselves safe not that I know what he has -- and I respect what he has. But he can't you can't tell me that it it doesn't bother you a little bit. When the guy can appeals off halfway to first base it would bother me with somebody else with him it doesn't really just because I know the body and I know which kind of getting at this stage. In his career text message here. I still gates I still get chills every time I hear that clip. How to people hate David Ortiz I wish I was unemployed to like you call them like all the Ortiz eating bombs. That a suggestion that anybody hates Ortiz is unemployed not now not -- these are these are business owners realistically that this is the white collar. Out. They're -- mountain we know other color from passes and was in national and I know who you are peso. Hadn't thought it was gonna. Well do you come here reliable are cute actually -- come altitude there really a good player and is that good corps member of the Red Sox means killing a cat many waxed. I'm even though don't you know we're building it -- not cool. IE let's crashed. Wind the -- that's imploded I was in appeared in morning. But my point calling and I get to hear a lot of stuff about whether or at least what was saying I agree that a lot and I don't. I don't think they should do it what do you think Letitia Martin but not the first save the company can see that while all the thrown at first base and some -- -- up. Look at the past -- can't think it played -- screw up to date. -- -- We're asking. Ortiz to play his game -- -- -- what that without a doubt that the airport -- answer here and I was gonna happen of course that is pressure and are still just wanted to play his game -- John Farrell was the man who made every single right move last night the golden touch whenever he needed it out managing Joseph -- hear his thoughts. On Joseph Maddon and the -- Madden handled the game up on the it was interesting to hear his thoughts on what he will do with his rotation moving forward into the ALCS. It's coming up salt and Hollywood John Farrell and WB.

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