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Salk and Holley's Four at Four ALCS Edition - 10/09/13

Oct 9, 2013|

We're tackling four topics all around the ALCS on today's FOUR AT FOUR.

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-- Now our -- and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or -- for. Me he. Well we solved it -- On sports radio and W. Aren't let's see if I remember how to do -- Yesterday in the seventh inning is tiger's game Victor Martinez hit -- ball to right field and Josh Wright gave chase the ball cleared the yellow line but -- -- reached over the fence and grabbed the ball above the outreach of -- This makes the right call in sticking with the home run now. Now they did not. -- replaceable to handle these situations. It was it was clearly fan interference. They group. There's no doubt about this it's called him up by name Jim Reynolds Tom Paoli in and Mike the Euro in more Wagner. This year up four umpires -- -- guys in the wrong to look at the people deport twelve -- coaster for you know you get used to -- for for you people -- you've ever wondered what would happen at different -- they've actually gotten that call right you order the whole Yankee dynasty what do -- would have happened if things don't look at new York and begin to use it a 150 games and use critical -- Or if you know if you pick up their championship if you have how many. It's still wonderful thing it would got started fans that human. -- We are last night the Red Sox celebrated like they just won the World Series do you have a problem when teams celebrate like that after winning just the divisional -- I do not have a problem with -- -- other people out there that do it doesn't happen in any other sport you clearly don't do you definitely don't do it in. Football I've never seen it done in basketball but. Just sort of part of the game of baseball you celebrate along the way east and make it starts because making the playoffs is such an enormous accomplishment after a 162 games. You were teams actually make the playoffs and -- -- a continues all the way through I think we might have had a problem in this decade ago and it really started if there is any issue how -- at all it's that. Some of the celebrations feel like now they've just become about the team and less so about the city and all encompassing but this Red Sox group is so close and so tight watching the celebrate along the -- as a fun thing. By the way textures and AT&T -- lines saying no was clearly clearly. The home run. And watch it once it gets to a certain place. It's the ball is as much in play for the fans as it is for the fielder. And that does that the -- -- but it was a moment so we can -- we -- -- You're all and elements as -- -- world. It onto the celebrations. If you have a problem with -- what you saw last night that celebrate. Probably. Just for example you know -- go to for example Jenny dosing but champagne poured all over here. -- all over there there are slowly very very intentionally buried. Seductively to -- is going consensual he did it technical. Or arousing that it could go -- but that the real answer essential grows to grow any. -- arsenal. Several times last night he sees -- I'm glad it's the late James Kanter not watching. That's what you thought took a creditor group -- to three I had a very very all hurt. Audience but the real answer a 162 games. The monotony of the statements that so much time together is unlike any other sport. If there's an opportunity. -- through something out of the routine. Go ahead do and it's all it's armor you gotta get right back out there are watching film tomorrow as baseball at one point sport at one point thought Hedo was interviewing. John Lackey and Jon Lester in an interview -- in erupted because she's in the hole. Aren't all. Here you. Just. Stripping down there are here with a funny shot if you look at the background of Barack interviews. The Sox player and he went down in the hands he's like two year old pop -- champagne bottle. But rather. House's attention to -- -- better than the it was legal Wednesday it was adult history and that's -- couple weeks ago this is that just days before justice. -- -- But lost that there's. Fourteen months ago the Red Sox and Dodgers completed the biggest trade ever in baseball we on the officer behind the trade but has there ever been a trait that has benefited each team more than that blockbuster deal. Well -- that that is that I think after a classic. Have -- try to help -- I cannot tell you look at it can't it's a classic helps both things the Red Sox are in the ALCS the Dodgers are in the NLCS. They feel like they've they've gotten great value out of Carl Crawford to -- two home runs. In the clincher against the Atlanta. The they've gotten great value out of Adrian Gonzales who fits perfectly Southern California. In the Red Sox because they were it would clear -- that space. Bring it Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino Ryan Dempster and all these guys change the culture of my card slot and on and on so yeah I mean I think it's perfect for both of. I can't I can't come up with -- an answer what's odd about those that there's not one player from that traded but even on the Red Sox post season roster. There's nobody the Red Sox got from that trade that has been on their post season roster yet it was a great treat for them because it allowed them to completely overhaul. Their entire organization or at least the foundation up. I can't think of a Boston sports street anyway that's benefited both teams have tried to go back in and -- -- another went from a from another city I cannot do if somebody's got to. Scott want you in reverse that's a good one but yeah -- but it it benefited the judge Garcia and war where they've won two super balls what do they need a one now. That's when he EC championship game of the rivers we don't know what the Red Sox are gonna do yet or the Dodgers. -- be about the same but this is this is right up there really helpful. -- -- TNT question of the day what would be your ideal. World Series match season. Gardner is -- senator earlier Detroit Pittsburgh and I couldn't agree with. To beat Detroit Pittsburgh right. -- who doesn't want to see that a Rust Belt series. Perfect and finally Detroit hard -- to Garrett tiger I've been waiting -- it is my whole life it's what America wants to America what it once taught me I think we -- -- it's just you just referred to it. Young -- young throwing at him. Networking and a commercial Tibetan. -- the Dodgers and Red Sox. -- it's -- all Red Sox is something to please look Red Sox cardinals always has things to the best fan bases and all the game Red Sox and -- to be cool to gold standard to -- in these 1903. World Series playing out again first World Series that read Bob -- about it. There's something that it and that the good story from the expert perspective plus did you expect the Red Sox cruised past them by. -- -- house to be the answer right I mean it's just like this beast to complete opposite to be really fun to watch them play. That celebration. You really were. Whatever you are -- and at what point -- -- -- -- for this note -- you're kind of the tanker for -- dot com and again I don't see why that huge difference in watching that celebration -- -- watching that celebration. You're watching a loan the -- weren't around. At one point -- -- -- I should probably. Draw the curtains or something because -- neighbors might think. The neighbors might think are they watching this -- -- do they understand what's happening. It upon myself watching. The actual celebration. So I was watching the was the foreground and the background. So you like auto focus -- just it's looking like a look at it saw rob Bradford in there and I'm surprised he wasn't -- at some point champagne but. As watching a different writers the sharpest stick in there what is that what is headphones on. This watch and different people and I was watching. -- player -- think smells funny. Watching the player of the it was Andrew Miller who was watching. The other players his teammates. Doused -- -- somewhat gingerly down and then watching Andrew Miller watching. An ego with a beer and champagne couple of all. Over a couple of suggestions for for trades that helped both teams Curtis Granderson for Austin Jackson a match sure loser. Did he collected a topic -- -- from from Arizona. I don't think they got him from from New York's I don't think that's right. I think scherzer came around from from Arizona. The -- trade it can be argued that may be because she -- to the -- team is beneficial but what is what is Toronto done I mean I guess they have castle which is greatness -- a big deal but I went up 68 are having what what -- -- -- it is that it totally equal trade right. Right now the Dodgers Red Sox trade is completely equal if you look at it last year. The Dodgers didn't do much after the trade. The Red Sox. Totally tanked after the trade -- -- so neither team is going where they want ago. This year both teams in their in their league championship series both teams feel like they have a really good chance of going to the World Series him. It couldn't be more equal and Carl Crawford has been good for not worth it slightly not slightly up now at the Red Sox win a World Series. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Anibal Sanchez. That's a really good trade for both sides but for Florida they never did anything -- that after that. I mean they were never good again so did it help them. I guess I mean it was a good trade for both sides but in terms of immediately vaulting them right back to where they wanted to go worked for the Red Sox obviously they -- World Series. I didn't really go that way for forum. For Florida some -- the peavy trade. All right well we'll see how it works out for Chicago long term it's gonna take awhile I think before we know about that there's some there are a lot of equal trades that are out there but in terms of the level of impact that this trade happen on both of those two franchises. I don't think the peavy trade is is in tactful in the same way I don't even if it looks great -- earlier talks and OK for Detroit as well. But our people -- Columbia creep are you a little I say that -- holly you being creepy and always says Europe warrior and -- Everybody's got a little -- of them. -- You don't. Always use this example if -- your neighbor says that your neighbor had a window open. You're there and you need to just. See some things that you probably shouldn't be seeing Richard Sheehan threatened a threatened from immediate. You do you call the cops say this is this is this -- This is also -- in here in somebody's house somebody else is on you while. I do that you're in your house and figure out what's going on tennis and and there are you know your neighbors are dual somewhat -- I don't know I. Yeah. What Michael police. -- widget. Not to go to another. Now to -- probably probably about it I -- most of you guys would come off eggs at 7779. Out there and -- through seven did you ever and right now. Okay you're not on the witness -- you could tell me that you're now -- -- lying about it as part of you know who you people are thinking I don't know you all -- as -- you don't have anonymity and you're talking and -- -- -- telling you which makes you can click -- I know is -- Palin anonymous who. Women. Whatever it wants there -- not let me ask you are not anonymous. Hawking is if you all are -- so you have forgotten my god you're on the air. Honest as we don't have a total listeners but we have at least seven or rates and those people to talk to other -- waste not a whole -- seriously. He becomes. Much. To handle. Do you survive back kind of the discussion -- You're ahead of fundamentals next exit and press and we'll take notes. And the popcorn.

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