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WEEI.com's Rob Bradford helps us understand why John Farrell made the moves he did

Oct 9, 2013|

We talk Sox, ALDS and ALCS with the great Rob Bradford from WEEI.com

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The great Joseph -- going home once again John Farrell the rookie manager in this deal is moving on Red Sox. And needed the days or that tiger's game going Saturday night games one and two at Fenway will be Saturday and Sunday probably 8830. And often either Oakland or Detroit for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Michael will be up there with them yes -- -- either Oakland or Detroit two nations greats. Yes on the text we got yesterday from some -- -- that support or so that the travel back and forth between Oakland. And Detroit as to what's next -- -- soccer that like what goes on after those two cities all listeners the next place about those cities get a bad rap but -- -- Supreme Court. Victory should know that Esther my judgment would take your suggestions though is there any place we should go. Two victory one liners I and I've -- going to die. -- -- harder though even that on that they have there if so that would do the pop up to jerks -- cars more. Just slap them around -- -- from the on guys who worry it rising costs it's right across -- and in Windsor Windsor. Terry is the casinos and yet much of the -- is right. -- if there's a casino which is go to there's got to be good food industry I would imagine there has to beat Michigan right in the Michigan is known for the world. That form hairdo in the locker -- Army. Patrick you remember him you know I mean I think I know -- Buddy -- and now -- -- you don't remember this story really what he'd most sexting scandal -- -- scandals next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was trying to -- -- this torrid affair with because assistant grows so he wound up firing people without permission. Decide which team you're -- Well it would -- arguably the best team. So -- victory a key element of us don't really tell what the best team in the best matchup and I think it will don't forget that it's the threats of its history it's cold in the now stop it stop. Off all my god. Awful. That's that's -- the past experts from trees play at guard play at play that soccer. Cold in Detroit in October. How cold will day Texas says I've been to Detroit before bursting I -- bleep left us. Go to winter smoker real Cuban cigar can do that there. There's no rules in Detroit essential pawn shop is on eight mile lawlessness bleep and yet. There's nothing good in Detroit. The casino in downtown deterrent. This is not worse than text what countries. Yet there's no sign -- What are they saying it to believe -- who. Every time he ventures to tree have to bleep it out it's considered a curse word by the FCC. There's MGM casino is good let's go to Detroit goes off I think Detroit is gonna win tomorrow night if GM casino in Detroit yeah. I don't know who I don't know who's gonna win if I had to predict. And out of a good about it I think Detroit win tomorrow -- just it just feels as if the Red Sox and tigers have been on a collision course for each other all in all this is great news for -- been on the eighteenth -- -- on. Up Oakland has very relaxed. Pot laws on the can its California and barely have lost their at all hey let's go to -- where's -- -- in Baltimore where all brought into the airport. I am I just exclude the play that security. Now. Background I have followed the workers. Planes so I'll let you know Joseph Maddon would correct you on that the word as you. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com the story for us today has been John Farrell. Making different decisions with a different process that he had a the night before. He says he just changed his mind what do you think happened. I appreciate that downward toward a -- load besides -- a lot of people and negotiate a deal that could do after every human. And we we talked about yesterday guys they're prepared Dershowitz say. After the fact that you look at when that decision and say this was -- right move. Know what they look great you got on the plane who want to pray that you Edwards scored notable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what we're trying to what was -- -- and it has Padilla because this kind of -- yet -- ready what do you what what about last night. I thought you appreciate it looked -- that I thought he would actually because he really couldn't. And actually purse sometime. So what do you think the future is for -- going forward ALCS and if they're fortunate enough the World Series. -- -- -- Iran went through and Mort I'm not really even after even after what we just all ball that you means starting do you mean undoubtedly -- -- artery had that's fine but seventh inning. Tough lefty on the mound. Drew up runner on second and third two outs you know go with Bogart's the pension. Well DOD says NATO -- before the playoffs. Sort of don't Bogart he knows sort of situations. Now they're saying in order to think that we are now the other night that you that situation at the top lefty. Going to get through they look through it but now that they have -- it out Emma gone down that road the only content on the road actually. Reach some of the benefits of it that absolutely I've been pretty organized currency and acceptance of doing that may be more than they had wooden bridge in this series. How was Shane Victorino after the game last night -- keeps getting drilled keeps coming up with a big plays. -- -- -- It was kind of bizarre to be Australia UDQ would you order or we're jumping around it and popping champagne and you're very stellar. You're kind of walking around the club most of you in despair and very -- going to block early going back and and economists told basically. Am I anti you know I think we talked to him a little bit you -- Egypt PW but it looked like interview. It was pretty different from any other editor and I don't know it's when -- -- where all celebrate when the World Series happened. Why did he got what he stood out confirmed killed his demeanor a lot I think he might have to eat anything into it aren't telling you how what. -- -- Because it could be just could be a broken rib could be in serious pain. Because it. Yeah yeah school at this guy is as good unbelievable how many elements yet go to the Internet hamstring before you. Yeah I'm back here shoe and then last values like the couple conflict -- who would ship widget -- my attention. All the wanted to do it on the elbow. And the other one. Yeah there's no way that they can't -- guys are out here who he said the guy fun at times this year. You'd better player than I thought he was and -- also one of the -- -- players and I've seen through here. Perry rob McCaskey and ask you this the last time we talked about Jacoby Ellsbury just seems to me. I think I may have even said -- said the tee off the air seems to me that he's he's more engaged with his teammates. It seems like he's much more expressive even more vocal than he's been in the past. Hasn't always been like this order or do you notice -- difference with Ellsbury. -- I don't do differently is going to entered. He seemed to be more engagement you its mortgage and we're going around. I release stated Michael. Time and time before. Where you'll remember he had a -- to download it and then Dario would -- company reps and and whole year orbit after and couldn't find him anywhere even earlier that you would you would go back. You have a hard -- to attract out. But what do you feel good about it until you're competent you're doing well. You around again into the apple guys. You know I know it could be the only good relationship would seem to go -- -- isolated and all the golf course a lot. Put its code of silent source in part to a CA. We get along when you guys so. You're never going to be you legacy or -- you or. Does android RT you know the guy. I think he can -- you currently not a detriment not about by any respect. What Joseph Maddon take note Matt Moore after two innings last night. That's a great question and I -- you guys talked about that iron and I sell it to tie -- -- -- -- that you -- bump Alex and -- you'd start college. But it sure you'll lose that point you while you start the war. See what you have and then restart automatic gas to what do you tell it to whoever -- Well the fact that matter of if we get -- the end of the game your game five starter have to warm up. You have to give basically going to be coming -- game in school has been and I see you at that point that you don't come from -- Something has not gone as -- and he. And EP -- like Joseph Maddon I think you really really good manager -- that look of a cartridge 8200. And last night. All right now you said you like Joseph Maddon if I remember correctly you guys are buddies from way back so this may be tough for you to handle but I'll I'll I'll test it out anyway. It is -- Is TV. Ego maniac I'm -- on the smartest man in the room is if you really that guy or war. Are we just are we giving him a bad -- are we portraying him in a way that he that he really is. Well if you say that regrets size or interview. And I don't you guys -- note while I do that Britain. Coaching -- in the past year who have gotten a raised eyebrow at old so I -- -- and that is seen in this series. Well you're doing just for the -- of doing. -- real -- joke about it until marriage a few extra period but stroke. He likes to think about different ways to do what he gopac studio putting in -- -- builders and end. If Altria -- me or got the outfield again toward keys. It -- against -- keep doing different things that I'll always -- like guys who actually think about banks. And they fly you know I think that he could peer into a lot of people especially the media. You know it. I can understand why people like them because you'll last night did a good -- where you'll have to do to sort of thing. -- At the risk of giving an airline applaud that that may or may not be a sponsor. WEEI it text or does -- and though. If electronic devices are supposed to be turned off. How are you listening to -- to be turned off when you're up in the air. WEEI dot com man -- and that thing. Our best that's what it takes a lot of dust altitude 30000 listened to was at sea level city. As you hear how we sound underwater it's really are -- that and we really sounded rob thank you and we will see. Ouattara and other stuff up WEEI dot com go read it haven't Alex. Cover in the series as well as anybody. For WEEI dot com he joins us there via the AT&T hotline aren't. Come up here I should mention at 530 today will be given away some Bruins tickets will also replay John -- for you if you didn't hear John Farrell. He did say one thing with -- us that I wanna come back doing he gave us a hint at least as to what his rotation will look like. For the next round of the playoffs whether it's against Oakland or against a trajectory that sound of your channel -- to that question for an ex alcoholic WEEI.

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