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Sox win ALDS, John Farrell changes his mind and makes all the right moves

Oct 9, 2013|

A day after the Sox blew a game in which John Farrell made some moves fans questioned, he made the opposite moved and had it all work as the Sox advance to the ALCS. We discuss the moves, his rationale and more, and take your calls.

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Road to redemption moniker is sounding more and more fitting -- and -- here -- WEEI WEEI dot com is well -- minutes from now John Farrell. The skipper of this group that is now heading to the ALCS will be here with us to talk about everything. Talked about his decision making process and how it change from game three to game or talked about just the way his team stayed focused greeted through their at bats last night and ultimately. Came back to win -- talk about what Joseph Maddon didn't get into that to talk about what's next Detroit or Oakland in. What kind of pitching rotation you're gonna have to stay the same do you make some changes John Farrell. Joins -- almost right off the top 230 about 25 minutes. From right now but Michael that was the second night in a -- -- of just unbelievable stomach clenching tents. It was it was it was horrible and amazing all. It was absolutely what does that agonize animated you -- of personal that that the quick cook for mad not. On Alex and Alex and Ellison hadn't given up a run look like he was about two bases loaded second inning. Alex and his out of there. And you have a situation when you've got them you got the bases loaded you've got your guys up -- you get no runs. And as a game start to go on fifth inning still scoreless. -- he started. -- Studied this feeling that this really levels frustrating games that the Red Sox lose. You know go back to the situation in the second. It's manic could've been two or three runs. They got nothing and they lose any one zip heartbreaker. And then suddenly. It turned. It turned even the stop even when they were down one -- -- shaking your head saying. As it should be more they do have control this game although there down one nothing -- it's impossible. But just incredible and incredible night incredible game you want to about road to redemption. Redemption that's just the umbrella. But there are lots of little stories under that umbrella to a and one of them happen for John -- give the man credit we'll talk we'll talk to -- And about twenty minutes about it. One night game three he says -- -- of my guy Stephen Drew so we're wondering. There's something about -- arson -- yesterday that he doesn't like there's something about drone that. He sees it nobody else sees that to game three I'm sticking with Stephen Drew he's our shortstop. -- in game four. Against this same guy same situation. -- I don't know we're gonna -- we're Zander Bogart's. Well I reserve the right to change my life. And it's given. Some of the struggles that Stevens had. You know we've we've talked about this leading into the series and you know our -- them at the moment as tough is left handers have been on Stephen. Felt like we -- we hadn't tried something different and for young guy that's been sitting for quite awhile. Obviously he showed tremendous poise and almost sites in his veins to work out the walk and we'll be holding does it again and scores two runs of three we had tonight. But it's. In the moment there we felt like we -- we had to get some started. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That he made a mistake the night before now maybe somebody talk to him I don't know whether he had a conversation -- -- allow I don't know whether he had a conversation with his coaching staff whether he went home and just did some deep thinking. Re watch the bats finally said you know what I've given this cute enough chances I can't keep doing it. Number we talked as if the roller horror Emerson is that a foolish consistency is the -- goblet of little minds we talked about that the last time against Baltimore to stop. Eventually you're hitting your head against a brick wall stop doing that. Why don't you have somebody else on your team give the other cute shot it was she done against Baltimore I wished he'd -- game three. And I am glad he finally figured out for game four crediting him for being open minded and fixing what was wrong but he did fix it and it was. It's. Okay back on the decision today and we'll let you talk about okay. It was a -- looking into that particular -- relievers. Good and felt like we give them an opportunity to look it's. Like a lot of good and everything going. It's. Something different than any moment no I don't know how. Is that the attacks on playing in the background that's -- -- hair band that was a party last night he's right he's right. Outcome of your gut. Maybe maybe if they've lost the series of -- tied up. If Tampa won despite his decision to go to different direction may be doesn't admit that but winning the series. I advancing to the ALCS allows him to just say just a confessed eight went -- Trying to last night there have been tried and all season it wasn't working on one and a different direction the Hubble to -- -- hey you can you can. You can criticize me all you want but my team is still playing. Most teams -- -- the kid to a you you mentioned road to redemption wanna talk about another guy who I thought had a level of redemption last night but how can have a Bogart's. In the decision making process we talked about yesterday really had almost nothing to do with him right. We are talking about drew can drew get it done do you trust drew is is Maggie that type of left -- that it really is going to be trouble for him. But the other part of it is Zander Bogart's as the person who actually then has to hit there. He comes in he works the walk and it's a 12 counties had the fastball blown by and he manages to show great guy great poise. Runs the bases well after that no problems on the bases and then you just Neil I tweeted at the -- just knew as soon as that happened in the seventh. But there was going to be able to write you knew that his defense was gonna be called into question may be making great play navy -- easy play. And he almost made a tremendous play ranging up the middle made the diving stab and unfortunately knowing there's no shot to get the guy but he sure looked pretty -- -- -- look good look at when he ran the bases the next until you know we're missing that's good as what we're missing his good instincts. This -- these. It looks like he has. And we'll see a lot more from next year -- was just ask you must speak now he's brilliant and we're gonna see a lot more of back next year when he's the starting shortstop here I mean that's it. Stephen Drew. Maybe maybe that's part of it too. Where where the coaches said tool or bench -- -- don't -- John this is great right now. And you know Steve Andrews has -- a -- and a great job force. Alexander Bogart is not only a part of this team now is going to be huge part of this team. Going forward for the for the entirety of your managing career. In Boston Zander Bogart is probably going to be your starting shortstop so. I think you need to make some different decisions sir think when it comes to the seventh inning eighth inning of some of the changes you're gonna make the. Think we've missile was talking about this in the Red Sox won escape the Red Sox are in the American League Championship Series I keep asking us along the way. It'd -- ahead it let me know. When I'm guessing many of you didn't have a start of the year the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series went home field advantage throughout. Play Oakland play Detroit admit that the ALCS is gonna start here whether to get open ordered ordered to -- -- amazing. Well. It's still has it really. Having hit a thought it would be good team this year Eric I kept saying ninety wins I didn't expect -- to win the division. I didn't expect him to go far in the post season but I thought they would be the had a chance to be good now. But this is. But that's in all of this is satisfactory they can lose now not. But this is just far beyond anything that. That was expected here maybe that was even expected error. Watch Arrington -- us Palmeiro I think. He's the next person if you're talking about redemption and experts and house to be bench -- that you talked about right. First year he finally supposed to be the puppet right I thought -- -- under the under the shadow of Theo Epstein who is the boy wonder who won two World Series -- -- the curse. And Jerry in was sort of like -- we are told it like no mud is he really even have any power in leaving at the higher his own manager the first time and then finally after the big trade with the Dodgers. They. He made the risky moves in the off season moves that not everybody liked. How many of those ended up coming up being not just throw at the year yesterday Jean Victor Reno gets drilled four times in the series. Bribes in the game winning run uses its speed plays good defense. Jonny Gomes is is been a big part these guys -- really think much of and then the big one from July 30 when he made a deal at the deadline. To -- -- young player Jose Iglesias off to Detroit in order to bring back Jake -- for everybody was worried that that was a disaster trade and that is the Red Sox are gonna -- the day they ever did that I -- yesterday was yet another example the only example not a final example but yet another example of why this was a good -- place is goes on to be a good player better than I think he's going to be. Little idea how adept at shortstop -- realize you don't like he'll be a good player. A bigger player because that the difference is never gonna leave -- I'll always be totally different to does. I thought at the time that it was a mistake to take him out -- only thrown 74 pitches. And it's this balancing act I mean they just have a hard job we asked -- about this coming up in fifteen minutes but. On one side of the equation you have the fact that -- had been really really good. -- you can only throw 74 pitches he only allowed one run you can really trust your middle relief all that much they've been. A problem for you all year. And then the flip side of it was in an inning peavy did not -- only given up one run but they hit the ball far off from three times in a row. And you know it's going to be a tight game you know you've operas will loosen -- ago. And that balancing act is a difficult one for me at the time I thought I would go with -- clearly John -- made the right choice they did not give up on the rest of the game -- was -- -- -- although it scared the crap out of -- was great and -- -- was -- -- A very very Smart choice by our justice to -- go with the last guy mentioned Koji coach -- zip code was coach you exactly that's right. It is almost like last night or or couple nights ago didn't happen. And I don't know if that was in the back room back reminder not certainly wasn't a backer who's. It didn't seem like was he was just back to being the guy that he was for most of the seasons it was almost like this this weird. You know alternate universe and -- -- it -- this week it is rare eruption have you watched the pitching. That's it was a good PR percent and it's not happening I like it just why I didn't think about -- would make contact -- -- excited and ankles. I hate blacks they give the guy all the credit they hit the ball Bartlett. Totally terrible pass code that was very good but I I think the probably the most impressive. Pitcher last summer to a that work in PV. Was it was do when they needed him to being. The Craig -- -- to -- but yesterday. Both of you off the year talking about -- on. It. You invite all equally regular stats for his career not just the year for like the last five years. You won't -- not many innings and Craig Breslow don't go but not great are you in now he was. I was at last night he was great. He was great last night so if you wanna go with the whole three star breakdown that would do that Ahmadinejad later in the air somewhere. It's 1777979837. Wanna -- you guys involved as well just what I would hope is a great level of excitement today amongst Red Sox fans. -- -- it's just talked about what we all saw last night as and the game as you're gonna find it. I just you know get those moments you're just you're stomach feels like it's totally clinched. The game analyst at 1230 right with just under four hours. That right. About 12:30 -- in the game and its -- 37 Friday 1230 almost on the button. And I know that I -- -- -- sleep for why -- just so revved up from a game like that the adrenaline pulsing. Just and it's different from any other sport because the way the adrenaline works in baseball's man is just all tension. Right feel pretty good your team is up except when it's frustrating because you have those moments nothing -- capital -- It's like hockey or football or even when you have the possession of the -- go the other way or something horrible happens. You're up and really terrible can happen the other team can't score. But I -- which obviously you know and then. And I don't think aren't enough splitting the atom or what he target on the I -- -- to target -- the flip side is when when your team's -- nothing good can happen. You're staring watching this thing beat the best thing can happen is not. You don't and it's like -- ever have like. Any growth or anything removed from your body is and has to be biopsy my I've ever had anything -- now we're we're going anything anywhere on your body ever had anything biopsy I -- happen -- believe it I. I think in my vocal court. Okay about six years I think as the knowledge -- -- like it's when it. They have -- -- -- -- regard it's not that much is my vocal -- -- -- -- deal but they it was pagan was causing the the voice so they cut off the organ of the biopsy. Okay. And my wife's wife forget about this they say it's 90% chance it's nothing it's like to because the best news you can get is nothing. Best news you can edit your life is the same as it was yesterday the worst thing you can get as you -- It's like the and to compare one to the other which is that idea that nothing good can possibly happen while the other teams that. The best thing can happen is that we continue on the exact same way it is right now exposed these baseball's. Okay. The defense without without a weird way of making him make I gotcha I gotcha. Throughout but the everything worked out it was OK okay you know softly as good moment ago you and I talked about -- -- it on seventh seventh and I'm an actress I'd. A -- action on. They take care of that -- -- -- unfortunately doesn't do that he's Indian -- and the key deals on a told you -- got one dermatologist and like you know four months will. At that point Hampshire adult daycare for department yet we will we will work on -- -- isn't -- in late January that Cuba -- that might get to go first and what's going on. -- Opposite Mike -- Boca less than that the Yankees had quite all right. Are you ready for May ready ready for this question. We've been -- -- in 1948 minutes by the terms of effort in the group rocks -- bench -- Wood down there in Boca ripped down my back dad has Red Sox twelve feet high by twelve inches wide Yankee fans hate me. But it's wonderful I -- the stock my wife is verifiable. We picked at stocks to win 90s -- games I am not kidding I am not a better noble family knew about it. Also after seeing the play in Jupiter. -- down here spring training we came away and said they looked good it was David spiky are very. And the rest of the team looked like you -- team that could come together under the great job. Who's coming on ten minutes yet we stabilized plug thank you have got a future we -- got to -- you win at all. -- -- -- pass or about your wife beating her firewall does that mean she she can verify what you said or were you wondering that your wife is certified owner of a little concerned about what that means that get reported ideas. Out. -- -- and we appreciate it during grab one or two more real quick before John Farrell on in Connecticut town. Or potential call I didn't have the red -- in 97 games but I I will say that. I love going to the ballpark known that -- -- PH you know -- in this series and all baseball I love our top of the line -- our top field. I -- the table setters out their victory and -- are fantastic athlete puts so much pressure. Welcome militant. You know the one that -- was opener being able to go first and third. Final point that was the key in this game was being able to put someone with great in fact there late in the game a lot. Being able to pick up front -- the average you know pitcher. You know being able to and steal votes those pitches early -- with -- to get well you know will vote pitches strikes really change the outcome of their. Tell you what he he was getting that call on the outside corner last night Michael he's not getting that call it's a completely different and also -- Tom in Connecticut -- brought up a great point. Where it was David Ross not that. Ross was necessarily great game. But this is a question for -- Why make that move was Saltalamacchia -- at ethic was just performance it is great right he's a guy we could I have left it got himself into a rut and he just removed him from the game so much better from the other side of your plate when he's hitting left hander which by the way you should see a lot more -- the next series Oakland in and Detroit neither one of -- Has it left handed starters that they would throw so you get to see Saltalamacchia from his better side of the plate. And and hopefully that helps but you're right the decision to go away from him it didn't work as Gomes didn't get a hit. But have that faith in David Ross come in the in in the game certainly helpful -- John Ferrell will join us here in just a moment leaky. His ALCS rotation the same as its -- does he need to make a change while asking that question a whole lot more up next stick around don't go anywhere -- and all. WB. There's some film and he's gonna. Make yet another pitching 222 pitches and don't. Scored fairly eloquent and that's not afraid to make a move here goes refusing to allow the -- to get out of here. You can put everybody -- here feel that. He's pretty -- -- at club -- and ninth at any rate will be done and that noise coming days we'll have their pictures of the foot experience. Alex tourism activity is that if I could -- parade. Let me. If women want to get. Raise obstacles because he's -- -- and I've only -- don't -- Everything all kinds of moves Joseph doing everything he can tell -- employees to more Torres McGee all our rob the archer writes all pitching in the game and then to an all star game it all star game before counted. -- got get this guy for a little bit nobody had gotten two innings right. Three different guys at the end all pitched a third of an inning outs and didn't get any outs in the second inning. After being he's looked really good in the first and just terrible and second does anybody remember when Tony La Russa. -- and do it quite like this. Remember what in the in the post dynasty days he was still in Oakland and there are very good anymore so they won -- they won a championship and 89. And they got their 889 Indian and now lost both times so he's not 9192. Pitching wasn't very good Tony La Russa decided. That his bullpen guy his bullpen was stronger than his rotation. So he would start the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- A little bit not that well when you're never I don't remember it and how well they're no doubt they'll figure out you know -- -- staff -- good because starters -- able to throw Russert leaves -- -- exactly what just like all kind of the quirky things that was -- also. Nobody is is as I said writing Joseph Maddon -- -- -- what a brilliant job though he managed like there was no tomorrow we kept his team edit. And I think is you listen to John Ferrell there and I was thinking the same thing last night I know you were to Michael. -- take Matamoros in the game what you outsmart yourself for all the things you did it not more was filthy. It was filthy. Right maybe he would have eventually got in trouble but not more was filthy the moment he came out of the game. I looked at my wife shot as long as he was there when I thought was gonna be 456 innings even think I thought they were some big trouble in the moment came out like well. Your ego now you've got. She admitted that it's it's strange -- we know what Matt Moore did is -- pointed out he was good at home it's gonna home. He won seventeen games he had good stuff last night. He pictured to a game five. So you're not worried about him being available out of the bullpen because after a Joseph Maddon. Little was -- he did last night. It was basically on David Price you -- up pressure on David Price Pete talked after the game after game two but now. Now you have to back up all the things you said on Twitter you literally have no. Backup now the manager has wiped out the -- then. Now. You've got a you've got an off day you've got an off day before a potential game five. On Friday. -- sees me on Thursday. There are lot of guys who weren't going to be available there is putting a lot of pressure on David Price I don't understand why didn't go. We -- -- long as -- just go at them as long as possible. So say you make it to game five and moved to game five tomorrow in Boston got David Price. And then you have game one. Orange. But maybe that's why was that maybe just maybe he's already taken a game one of -- -- do that don't really mean in every case that don't have it out that's the only case against that -- out. Where I don't have David Price -- game -- I felt I don't want -- nor do I have Matt Moore I had one other thought which is he's a young kid and he's part of the future of the organization -- -- he was told you can only pitched them. The -- pitches. As a young kid and part of the future of the organizations. -- -- -- well -- -- we'll let you pitch him out of the pen because he had -- -- but thirty pitches or so was going to be is Max we're not gonna let you run him out there for sixty pitches on three days' rest we just don't believe -- that that's the only explanation that I can come up with. That made sense because he was their best pitcher I was shocked in the took them out. And the whole idea of thrown 67 guys at the time. -- get ourselves so ingeniously used eventually someone was going to be bad. Right I think how many guys are all going to have their their best stuff. On one day Alex and write more Taurus and deep -- a -- you got it with all day and Rodney neither one of whom haven't at all. Eventually that was -- so I I just a -- can ride him all you want to talk while -- utterly utterly reject the idea that you helped them I tell you. -- will be a brilliant move in a bold move for Joseph Maddon -- on the last night if he had decided to switch. And -- not go with Rodney at the end. And LA he's been vehicles are all year. -- was great last year not so great this season. -- common that the only people left turn right it goes and ideals who -- are right I mean it was a little Elijah well you know honestly right now -- -- president was when it's not a conventional -- -- -- -- unconventional game where you're with your strategy to go with -- archers don't go to somebody else because Rodney. And -- when he throws ball one. From a Red Sox perspective if you got a really good chance to throw a ball one because -- stars like he starts the albums. And just start to lose and lose that's become -- come. A couple of these two world Victor -- -- like the first one that Victorino was out over the -- -- can -- in the and that's what's gonna happen because -- the race stands from the right side but the second look at every turn it just -- a click of rich like you get -- it would have been nice if it would have been so crazy to hit him on purpose there you would have thought that was on -- -- let's -- you guys involved here for the next -- -- 1777979371. Of the great baseball games you'll watch last -- coming -- -- -- what was one of the great baseball games to watch. The night before. For our games don't seem nearly so bad when there's -- and as exciting as those last two games -- but -- to choose from last night as a hockey game. -- and a hockey game you gotta give out your three stars. Three stars for last night in number one you're number two and you're number three starts harder it's harder decision and you might think. Once you tried actually figured -- we'll get into the next rockaholic W --

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