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WrestleCast with Scott Sudikoff and Ben Kichen - Episode 5

Oct 9, 2013|

Scott and Ben are joined by Arda Ocal and we discuss the travesty that was the end of Battleground and the carry over to Monday Night Raw.

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I'm here. -- okay. And hey. Paying. He's so calm and. VW EEI a -- cast Uygur host Scott suitor comes alongside my cohost of bandit kitchen. And we have a lot to get through on this edition of the wrestled cast a lot has happened in the last couple of days with the Debbie did you -- paper view as well as they do is suing a Monday night raw and write from let's not we welcome in our special guest here today. His name is art a locality could find ardor. At the late field report dot com which is the website that is so I -- -- or. Owned for everyone a college by John Bradshaw Layfield the self proclaimed wrestling god. It can also fine art of writing. Columns about the WW Ian wrestling in general at the Baltimore sun's website in art welcome to the -- cast. Thanks for having -- guys you know on the big fan of what you guys -- and believe you know hung out together arts in Boston and -- decided to enjoy some are great -- like I believe the last event we went to U. -- together it was sitting on the floor and night of champions of last year in. He's got the that was yeah a double hit that outraged the did double and he -- broke right. That's right that's great but he had adjournment Cingular -- are two clerics are not sorry it was a bellied. Decides complex that was the end of the double in between -- and Tampa. That's. What director shared my chair it is actually might desk chair. And in my in my right out. Because I -- actual desk chair that I had a nice big leather chair it is you know broke so its I I sit on John Sina. Every single day when -- are -- computer. Should be PM that should be -- that's like you use the quotes that they do in the show. I sit on John you know every single patient be a part of that untouched. And bad and as look at that daylight. It. If this guy here and we heard raiders what has put us in on John's in his face every day. Every. -- now you know it's interesting that you brought up the the double pin actually from last year's champions. Is that in a way is isn't always a non finish you don't really get. A clear cut a clear cut winner right so what happened that evidently battlegrounds. At the end of the night left a bad taste in some people's -- with literally with literally no finish. When that happens at the paper view what was your initial response to that was that the Wii -- -- -- -- offices I can't believe it did that. My initial response was I think a lot of people are gonna be upset with that is that's what I thought and I was right I I got a lot of word from people who were impossible actually wasn't there even notebook flows about. Hours after -- Toronto IE eight was impaired but I did get a lot of people telling -- Maybe you're upset in your read -- -- were chanting and yet they were chanting refund. Ages weren't happy with -- non finish gold dust he finished so to speak. In that match and. Justifiably people pay my weeks ago he got events and this is an episode of -- right at the paper in and I understand that. You'd you don't know what you're getting and you know that's the upper -- of -- interpretation. And pro logic of the story certainly make that. So I'm not -- beating back under the beating the fact that if somebody is paying upwards of 6065 dollars to watch. Three outward WW we have bad. Feet. In in pretty good -- there entitled to a conclusion to a Matt. That would be a limb and make them feel like they could be there would be part -- or worship and I feel like to finish like that. That just he's been hanging in the air is more suited her an ending to an episode of rock then it is a peer review. I attributed out after the event it it felt like a wc W paper view. From like 992000. Doubts where you don't get a conclusion. And it's really just trying to sell you on the next at the next night's -- or nitro. It it felt really really cheap and I also felt like. Managed to -- coming obviously there's going to be some kind of outside interference and then set up for helmet so. And I figured that October is one of those weird month speaker. That just took it could use right so you can go back and see a continuation. Well. Battleground or whatever quote for you. Just. That the -- -- order. That didn't bother me the fact that we lottery actions that well now in fact in the a lot of that doesn't bother me but August is. Everything that happened. I don't match at the end could have happened with a winner declared. Or even I mean you had been -- -- double in like -- might object to me that did not feel like it was. Cheap. You mean like what we thought that it chip in I don't recall complaining but what will we were complaining about this image. Because it got more logical and it felt like it was the conclusion like that match ended in some sort of logical way. Where this is what it is there is a interfered in the past it's been a pulpit. So not to make the fans a little bit more ups that we didn't eat some sort of conclusion. Because that's what people are paying for the conclusion to a rivalry or or a big a big development and the picture or not you know everybody in a match and not. Huge development is not -- Iraq. Is Vick showed taking away too much of the spotlight really from which should beyond that's. Probably Daniel Bryan. He's definitely getting online and share the spotlight not only I think that certain becoming a well one -- -- -- the ball. It's got all. Art the envelope you know rocket and double. The is that guy who. The congregation. That we may have on the on the court but even. A -- regret for a lot everybody knows that. Why question with any of riot act that's in question at the back that would mean it as and which -- being involved wait years. It is -- draw. And what I mean by that is if you think about like it in the one erupt immediately right. Everybody. And so we're OK. The or so ago watch organizer that was big draw everybody wanted. The local market giant. Everybody bought it it went to closed circuit television. People view whatever was. You've got matched by everybody who -- the paper view -- that arena talking about people are. And you'll -- that much ought is browser may make all the crap. And chances are few people mentioned in that it the F did not want the boat and that -- but still predominantly -- -- -- -- -- -- well. Well you're right I mean is that out of the people of this area where you're you're gonna vote in the arena. Lightly because you want to watch any that you need the name -- that you need the biggest drop in the right now -- -- from it John you know. But then when you leave you -- your -- while back in a bright guy was really active. But I question whether these people -- you and now -- actually bringing into the arena. And I don't it's all the the wave. This storyline unfolded it was stupid for him to -- -- Soviet -- being. And really it's starting to become the big show and that speaks volumes to what WW. Sort of you all about being a prize and and it. -- We saw with the events that happened on on Monday night rod out after what happened at battleground. We're really it ended with the big show getting his. Revenge on triple -- with a knockout punch and then. It is the brilliant awkward seemed -- and rock in a sense that big shows walking off with his music playing he's done the damage and -- Daniel ride in the ring. You know celebrating. Getting BS chance hovering over triple H just just a weird weird scene in the fact that I'm afraid they might make. That made a bet they did announce for the held itself held a cell Orton and Bryant. HDK as a referee. I've had this weird deal that somehow big show gets involved in that and it's a triple threat. Or if they have big show face triple H battle that being the main event. Of paper view as opposed to Bryan Norton so that little -- seems to be too much focus. Focus on the big -- I'm not sure Ben agrees I think it does. -- for the most part agree -- -- shows I have my own problems big show's big power punch. C'mon -- boring as it gets in wrestling. But. The storyline revolving around him and stuff in his interest thing. But. I don't know I'm just tired of seeing big chill out there -- -- -- prime movers Orton and to your point RD about Odom. Brian being a draw I think it's kind of shaken up but he's not. You whilst you have. Each BK getting involved and become a special desperate for. Well I mean at that -- -- is involved because it. All elements of surprise we don't need. Side with the -- -- will side with big guy who's best friend I think I can understand -- I think that that's an interesting story because. I I found through this. This all these. People that are not with the company's. Extreme -- lead to this rivalry like edge in Toronto for example. I thought that that it stayed with him and -- it. Probably among the best of the entire storyline and I like the back in or that they act and that it -- that will care a -- -- he's not scared of losing your job is needed jobs you. You're retired you can be whatever you want it to that you can view all of you know I'm sure there was whatever but -- -- -- that -- -- Out there -- in itself but it was great. Though. Yeah I liked the idea of a child Michael involved I -- I could be ought not that bad poker he got 7% of that vote. I wanted to note that Al voted for -- he'd need to get Korean -- match. -- group that. That it repeatedly -- back to -- needs you right. I think he'd cut its ridiculous rubble that would warrant in getting votes is because people like all he does create the old man -- rectory. But -- team that can protect. Change your belt figure in this podcast man up and admit that you voted for Booker T. Because you did there could be slap on the wrist if you go to the Booker T. Out loud. But -- he's six times six times six times six times six on six time champion. That -- learn anything. Oh I I didn't vote I don't vote -- -- Go back to the age became part is beyond the immediate attention. I know that and actually predicted much it was on the podcaster not a big was the couple weeks it predicted eight BK would get all this the storyline does sort of -- itself is being the trainer and Brian that's Tripoli choose packing. -- Randy Orton. Does that start any type of long term thing rates BK uses more no one thought he'd do we CH BK it sucked back into something. More and deal on the way. Bob if it is not gonna happen it is definitely the moment is. There was ever a time for each for those people -- in light speed is gonna cut back one more match or whatever it may be. This is the catalyst and truthfully. Is experienced in any one more match I would love for being against being a right and I think that that would be. A hell of a match. That it would be intriguing match that people but to see -- speaking what are the earth can you repeat. Shot Michaels and it is I think that would what did you dream scenario for bird prepared for being Bryant or urban community need because you're getting a match. Against that guy who. You bulletproof branch out Michael -- convincingly in bulletproof citizens it would just. Create such an interesting dynamic in the ring between to do so -- would welcome it you know being it. I that they I department the corporate art and does feel like I really hope that child Michaels is required but in this scenario. I -- I kind of value outward. I'm with you on those retirements I. Especially when your Michaels and you put on -- all time classic match like that wrestle mania. State doesn't let us have that -- the last memory I don't. Farming being a special guest referee you're coming in doing spots but it. -- ruined his reputation by going to tee and after he had that amazing match at Michaels in the net ceremonial rather following night. Well I think you ruin his reputation in other ways. Have been well -- -- quite yet. I remember watching the with disbelief. The app problem that he did that all -- at work before US CNA. And I was. That watching it I was. How could anyone have. Seen Ric Flair who he would retire in the history of professional -- That will never be he got inducted in the -- saying he had it -- believe -- match against mr. -- mania. He's been shot Michael I'm sorry I love you for being kicked in the -- And they knew about but -- entrance the happy. With this amazing fireworks display and then the next night on raw everybody about it. And kisses him and -- and then he had the speech and it was emotional. Ought. And then a few months later he called -- Austria. Well it there. Let's let's bounce back to to battleground and probably the match that consensus. Pick that stole the show. Was Steve Rhodes family match against the shield him which -- gold dust able to beat. Seth -- Roman -- get their jobs back dusty. Dusty roads the old man able to keep his job with the with NXT. And like I said just a naturally that out of that paper view that's probably the one match that it definitely had to -- really. -- come -- of that paper view it's something. I'm out of my guests that -- you you agree with that that the roads match that was that that matches at the C on that paper you. So that -- there's only one that's the pick I would be the one in dislike the idea that the road and believe in the opted out of -- -- we've got a lot of elbow we got -- who has. Holy crap -- gold output in the evening I'm not happy with Chris is on point everything what are just. What I think gold -- I think and it would be such a welcome addition to smack down like that not only the -- of a polite event. Toronto area had a budget -- event. Before law. Few weeks ago and that we went through what at pebble in and and and and -- -- -- -- suburb of -- for the by the department. And it was like in July June July and invariably. Error -- 2000 people would resist those that would you. And the biggest Robert Del Rio and and they'll Sigler. In the bag match in the fight matches yet. Being more star power and it would I think about it like local. All of that in the department -- that this guy is a guy that you that you would want to see -- -- that if you were to go it's in the spelled devalue its. You know he's so he -- so go at it. A lot of upside there. But that back the match equity erode like a lot of 88. Opted. And obviously got in there in the celebration afterward might actually for features coming out and you know make it even more authentic so. I I elected a lot and I think that. That the ropes and the general care. Are are -- value is there any rep did their part of that I think that -- it was it was executed very well especially. Did reachable which regime would use for it. And that was the first like big is that -- suffered so it was a great moment. To watch did you like. Having. Dusty. Gold dust and Cody team with Daniel Bryan against shields last night and wrong. Doesn't bother me but I guess it was. I -- at all it is happening it wasn't like I -- complaining about it and it is what did you have any that are underage. My reservation was simply that they didn't really seem to make a big enough deal about it on raw. He's got a three minute match and then all you really see the route three hours of rod is just. Basically a stand -- I might have missed something but it is a -- that picture of gold us Cody in at Bryant in the shields and that's all we saw we didn't seem almost about it. I -- unless I'm missing something so I was a little annoyed by that then they're just thrusts straight into a match without having chances addressed the fans at all. Yeah I think that's a good point I think that the picture was much more of the vocal cords of -- because he got fired but another thing that that is regarded quick engine here. I don't -- as as much or think and where I suspect they're just we -- -- and we do it very well I think that. For all intents and purposes. We are very. Much like that movie just shutting out logic of the door. The little things so aggregates on your. Without. I I I don't think stickler. I think equipment he yelled I think being battered. And this is not the first time that happened but it short fired right if you get fired the beginning of the show. Hey why don't building. Although -- get into the building. Right and maybe you can make the point that he -- the company so well that people -- in whatever you know it may want to the nation. But and it inspired why -- music playing when he won the race. And -- -- or generally. Why -- why we need to play even battleground what he's about to make it wasn't about the -- here -- -- I did the theatrical purposes. But from a lot of respect for me. But from theatrical purposes it -- I don't think it makes much sense either because you're giving something away specially last night. I just haven't run through the crowd that make sense that you broke back into the building right. And excellent book if you brought back in the building he got a ticket. -- and you ran inside that makes logical that but definitely music -- I've edited it's part of it showed that the editors of a great. And you know what to the audit. Maybe that's the big you know maybe a little simpler point you know like those people complain about you know eight -- -- -- by the but we'll bring that happen but and it -- like. You know I feel like one of those bad boy that complaining because the end of the day. The other ball would stay at the moment triple it's not opt out and Daniel Bryan beat it's I bid -- yet they haven't it was a good moment. -- -- It's sometimes you just. Sometimes you're like yourself when you're suspending your disbelief you're really I mean -- it's only you know me. And why the hell was he still works and why was he wearing his single at all last. Right -- pinpoint exactly why wouldn't let it lately with raping in the match. And it -- fired. Now I I've lately I've been watching a lot of the WWV documentaries about. No matter the Ric Flair the four horsemen some of the older lesson from the eighties and as I watched the those shows. I noticed something that Debbie Debbie doesn't do enough. It is if you're not wrestling your -- your street clothes. And makes a lot more sense. It builds a lot more drama to the fact when you actually have a match with each other and it looks better when your. Walking around backstage -- -- Lake Forest -- wearing their suits unless they were wrestling if they attack someone that still wearing their suits. It's. Just one of those little things like -- Edward nitpicking about. It matters though it matters would be -- battered. They really truly do you know a good example of the little things from well last night and -- -- more psychology of the match being. So if you look at news and Albert -- regular. So based on the pre show and golf Sigler wants which is ironic and it's now because. All they were last year with the guy that was would be every backs of the money debate he is older and -- being in bad now. And Baltic would be guided -- it -- it's kind of funny. All of that back I don't Roddick match -- -- -- -- -- and out much more aggressive because. -- -- -- -- Because you're -- -- not involve Sigler. And of particular through hurting -- -- not impeded him from catching it but I don't eat Mac and he becomes more rested and more. He's he's hitting harder and he has now -- -- with those little things that matter because suddenly put those stories and more lies. Right so. That act as an example where they don't really matter. When you see something like that it makes logical that when you -- involved in things like get if you get off. And if I definitely agree with all that in that you know the had to hash tag a little thing so we see that. See that on Twitter and usually you always agree with things that you say. Regarding that and actually it's funny brought the music the music think it's going into the paper viewed battleground I was thinking ankle dusting Cody. Are employed by Debbie -- lead nation have their music so instead they came out to dusty is music which by the way is just fantastic. Probably some of the best old school. And it's music ever that's ever been created right that a cow bell really gets -- Yeah we need -- -- else. You don't like to hear that other question why is any dialogue gold I think -- of -- terrific but why is he wearing pink go -- I mean. It is it it is all wearing pink in WW -- N double Susan G. Komen initiator right. It'll go out there and part of the company why would you -- support any company initiative. Well it is breast cancer and you're -- You. You can't you can't say OK he is supported by cancer in general you know the NFL doing it sure I I can -- that. It is that a lot feel that suddenly you would want to -- -- better idea -- hoping initiatives but you would want to support that it would be part of the company. And I and I understand the initiative and I think it's a great thing the whole company is involved with it but don't you have ride back and he'll walking around in. I mean. I've I've poured paint before I have a picture. Meant to Wear pink but in this setting it just doesn't it just doesn't seem right -- right back -- eight. Pink shirt walking around and get ready it's the bad guy it just doesn't. It doesn't compute. But -- 88 if any it is it is one right back like possible. Parents I thought I could vote for me just stop and that's. Whatever happened to anti bullying campaign. Commercials but the. They -- the vote on this of the rally I mean obviously. I think to be mitigated it's one thing at a fire right but -- would be geek on the -- but you'll see a lot of that but. I think -- -- -- probably and I mean at this huge initiative for -- 88 or spear headed back there they're all if you're you know this is -- that would -- Just before we move onto the next topic with a Rhodes family what. What is the end game here is coated roads going to be a champion is he going to be a top babyface is gonna be at top -- Or is this leading to that matched that they've been campaigning for for two to three years of Cody vs gold dust -- wrestle mania. It happens that's great I think that. You Rhode logically. Would be the first challengers to being in and out shoot you in the title -- really -- happening. And I would love about that happened I think that I need. Huge drop over all I I don't enjoy watching. Because the talent there it's just because. Not in hurricane. And daughter that it would not would would rival look well it would be a destination program -- populated. Nation program anymore. So. Because you know that's how I want to see our -- So I don't need a lot back there. I'll watch and it GO. I completely agree with you I I find smacked and incredibly boring in the players. At -- sing especially the -- it like you said you get to see him on -- I'm not a big Albert Del Rio guys but. Most interest to see him wrestler -- good wrestler. But. I am getting him on brought what do I need to see smackdown four I don't know anything that goes on spectrum. Yeah its unfortunate that wrap up on. But that's where we aren't. Now CM punk Paul -- that feud is. Continuing in -- way I mean it is continuing. Play it the way the way it's gone the last couple of nights it's certainly not leaving any thing for. -- to chase in the sense he wins he beats right back first of all on a low blow. Which we see it before resolve -- that excuse. Right back below below year ago and -- fell on him attribute in the power bomb position fell on him. Hit them with a fast count. This past Sunday just a low blow it -- -- not gonna follow up move just just a low blow in -- -- so right back looks. Every week what he can't lift his shoulder because he got hit in the ads like. I mean I've been hit I've been hit -- few times. I understand it hurts but I'm pretty sure I can lift my shoulder if it meant like winning. This is suspended our disbelief winning a pro wrestling matches money was on the -- the second -- my shoulder. In after being hit it below and then on -- They do with the tag team match with Curtis Axel right backers are truth and punt. And welcome art should just roll right back gets kicked out of the ring our truth in this Curtis axle. What what is there in this feud now that that's gonna drop fanned it to the watch -- first ride that what is right back gonna do something that's gonna. Make punk -- again. That's a very good point I. Unfortunately it -- you might want. I think that he is. More entertaining character in the company right now I'm not interest in him on in our pain anymore I just want this and that I want to go their separate ways. I want different things happen so. IA. Yeah I just feel like I've done and I'm not so interested in what's happening next and I I don't -- right back with our aid and I think that right back definitely need the shot in the arm and it's gonna be it a shot in the arm but otherwise. But we want from -- I know that there's still unfinished business the PP is we got to see yet on. -- come up -- on aim -- this is all all accepted going to -- itself. Beyond that I'm I'm -- of this will be the key when it comes this rivalry so I would like for it BP. I agree with you plus I feel it could very kind of scene. CM punk get his competence on Paul. East kingdom multiple times usually that's the blow -- usually gets in the ring -- an NBA. Great it's over. But they keep doing it over and over and over again. Yeah I am I I'm not I'm not -- and I'm not a bad yeah I feel like it. It's it's. I think the next step in. The -- came in died group is that axles can get -- I think the writings on the wall they're doing a good job slowly -- -- that. But I think it's pretty clear that he's gonna get the exodus pretty soon. You break. Yeah I think -- explosive yet. Sounds like your board of that combinations if this happens. I don't -- all are human being as a I mean. I I I felt like it was really valuable -- -- the height of its value a few months ago. And now we're seeing -- sort of wall and it's not like it's. I don't know whether it's because -- taxable and right back I don't know if it's because of what we're seeing. But it's just why. Maybe impact is starting the state and that's what I think is -- -- decade. Maybe we need to see them in stronger situation. Maybe -- -- media. Or maybe mustered one. And it's going to be interesting to see what they do the next couple weeks to build to graduate soon as another match. I happen next paper you let him right back and payment that is something says it. -- really. It draws back in in effect that it. Right back lost although blow that's it's really I just can't get over that -- lost on a low blow not David GTS afterwards our -- anything. It's been up since I think memorabilia breakfast -- -- -- on the that it didn't happen. But I could I could live -- -- only because of the sense that it's right back at pump up in a power bomb. Position and we said the top trying to find out that's on the low blow came from Brad Maddox. And that he felt lot of Israelis with that one -- happen instantaneously. Low blow fell 123 quick count. This time it was just you know a -- he fell over uncle you know made it lasts and then pendant and it just wasn't. It -- it was just a very very weird ending I thought. On -- we got very. Shocking announcement is that thought because I didn't expect it and I don't know this is really this match is actually going to happen. Or it's some sort of long term angle. But -- -- is coming back. Two months after the surgery when it was supposed to be four to six months to face Alberto Del -- for the world title. I I have no idea what's going on I I don't I don't see any way how he could still -- that he can actually still be be ready for that. Even if he's Superman. And it -- -- I yeah I mean he is is amazing he can come back so quickly but I still don't see how he could be ready it is it. Is it worth it in the event that re injuring or is this a panic move all decided that he'd seen -- back and he -- yeah I could do it it's. Just an -- that they're gonna try to write -- and now. Why it is very angle it would be I. And let him do it up of people I think it would be Smart move I think that it would get a lot of Tripoli because. It wouldn't. It's insisting move which it would mean. We've gotten into watchable for where where does this sort of see. As -- you returned from injuries that would be I I I I I think that I think that would be pretty agent in Tripoli toward the reverse it in the needed to be steeper. But gotten it yet to return but I would be surprised because they had a year and a lot into than that in remember and then he came back. Four months later which is absurd I mean he's as you that you lean machine yet. But. I mean if you -- I'm not surprised -- of the courts and he and I mean that he welcomed with open arms obviously because. He is. One lone big drug W that you meet and and I like that it with. I like where the world heavyweight title because that's titled desperately need. A big eight and -- Del Rio would be you know that would be huge moment for him and it would be it would be. A good. Or even better you know to win the title and he spends a lot of I think I'd be greatly because then went back and beat on anything. Going backward here combinations so there are. There are we need here. And John and not only or the match changing. Where is definitely -- Do you think they should. Split the brands again. No no I don't I I don't think that the brands that would be beneficial I don't think there's enough. People I maybe paid development guys the -- -- could be a possibility. But I don't think that. I don't think. What I think. That happens first smackdown -- the interest being again is not predicted that media supplement that raw. Distinct need to happen on back there. We need to see or like development needs to see bigger move like. Big -- -- and our broad development and -- raw and they don't pack down it just sort of confirming what happens on raw and then. You get. Recap of what happened on -- anyway. So it is not. What it is right now -- supplement show it's not it's not show. That furthering storyline would be if it's more equality glorified. Like event. Where a lot of guys don't necessarily bid storyline but they still honored them. What's happening on back down into that we need to see in bigger thing happening on its back down. If we want it to. For a lot of people it's not. At an idea -- my head thinking about the job seeded Del Rio match -- maybe it's a way to get Del Rio. Moreover words as these more more of behind him if he's able to beat John Sina. In a match. It's not that I'm not mistaken scene is her arm is his left arm we all know in the that the mark signals offs parties know that it worked the last side and that's the -- that the cross -- breaker is put into about Del Rio. What is would -- seat is able to come back to work you know working very light match. And that gets put in the cross arm breaker and is hurt again and it is still out for the time they still need to really healed and that way. Alberta Daria looks like a bad ass and he just knocked out John -- again that. Is is that ages make and summed up totally out of the blue -- any chance that it happened. That that can certainly happen I think that the good idea. The great idea the idea that. We're using -- -- -- breaker yet the biggest guy in the company. Knock them down. And injures him again and so you know that for another while. If that's the case. I can't believe he that would come back for one match like that. And it would be what it's been a black guy that's the case and he's able to -- -- and he be able to recover like Adam and have one match and then. You know continue his recovery. I mean. I don't I. Yeah I mean that could be. Seems very risky if true. Yeah added -- risky but it that's out initially not -- You know -- who're some of the who's your favorite performer right now in the ring just in O'Brien. Like theater performer in the ring I had to dig her up there. Some members of the shield. I highlight their matches a lot. Deviant and -- like everything he does he's like terroristic. Yeah I would put those guys -- -- -- my opening game -- entertaining obviously I think editor Randy -- together are entertaining -- reminds me of series of matches that -- increasing at a few years ago for the world heavyweight title. And it was it yet from some pretty compelling. Now we bent so let's do this with our guests get their thoughts on things like that who best performer is now about all time who is that it was the guy. If you had to watch one match. With while one certain guy involved now as it ended your wrestling career could never watch again a total blackout. Crew who were you watching and it may be more specifically what match would you watch from the past. Well who I would watch -- what match I would not what they're actually different it's it was a coup it would be mr. perfect. I would watch. He's mr. perfect match but he -- the best ever. If I were to watch only one match I would watch -- -- vs all of -- from -- immediate and because. One of the best matches of all and and it's a very underrated -- so it's very underrated story and even more interest thing is well read about it in the interview. He told me that the original concept of that match was completely different. And what we saw wrestle mania they actually changed the match entirely. I've had beards you before Romanian people with Calgary and and complete the -- but a totally different match. So that even makes it more impressive. But. -- that matched in the only it's not like it always opted not match and enjoy it's it's great study match because it's all of it because like. You know the younger brother overcome the older brother sister rated so many people can relate to. And be on the way to match the story and pulled it just magnificent. Full story line remember going backwards. Very well -- drawn out over a long period of time from I think right before survivor series it really started. And went all the way through to wrestle mania and didn't have a blip along the way he had. Yet the hardship waivers. Shawn Michaels and his nights. I believe and then going into royal rumble yet drama there and that was a great -- Owen. Very underrated I could go back and watch almost any -- matches he was so smooth. Thing that's perfect choice for. Yeah we agree on. A Florida we we thank you for joining us here on the on the -- -- to do it again our real soon before we let you go. Let our listeners know where we where we can find your writing your finder interviews. Everything that you do I know you're on Twitter at art underscore OK now that's. A big plays to get your news from an earlier all over the place at different outlets right. Yeah obviously I'm a manager at the Mitchell report working with budget yelled coal. On -- web site there it's the you itself very cool project would you let. Obviously not possible all of the GB of polish radio show the world tour. That. As well on the -- IE you recap and analysis -- law and use and articles. On the -- wants a web site as well. But the I get the Grand Central station noble like -- and is my Twitter account art on the LP involved there. And check out all the lights up including. Because I'll be wearing Halloween that would old ladies around you thought we do. I met them at the looked up enough I know what that is compatible in Toronto for a half. -- -- All right our great stuff thanks for joining us and now we'll definitely do this again real soon under god thank you very much resigned detect -- joining us. Great stuff there with our broke out just. A mountain of knowledge of their wealth of information. Had a couple of chances to a talked to him movements that champions they review the year ago able to sit with him in. Yet he knows his stuff -- that that's -- count. Again a lot of my -- He is I think from the -- up he says -- feel like a lot of the similar similar types of things a lot of a lot of interesting thing is really an it was a lackluster pay review but it's a raw you've got things going forward now and that whatever the irate is for books battleground. Held a cell is going to be. A lot more just because they held a cell. The now HBK in seed Johns CNET. So it's it's almost as if they just knew going into Sunday that battle to scan -- maybe throw this one bit away in. But just let's just hope we get through without too much too much damage. You know at first -- -- -- -- thought as a whole -- stunk but others a lot of problems with. Timing. Just bad camera work photos of just pour Rodham seen some great -- recently com. Couple things that stuck out to me. All right so our -- he loses to -- Hillary doing it now program. In a hardcore match to match some really cool spots. Some great replay it -- the camera work during that match was. Great to me and -- and I have been using that new camera technology the slow motion. Think TBS disease it was with the -- -- raise it to the total motion and accusing after certain foods that's pretty cool CD in Acton. He's like that written. We find out that our PD is gonna be off for the next couple months and all it is is it quick mention by. Michael Cole saying I had an interview with -- earlier in this setting it's time often. That's such a whimper I know the contract situation whether he is very different than we normally would see. Ninety days on ninety days off but it skis that. That felt really hollow. To having him announces that he is gone for the next pro -- he needs time off if anything just him Cuba given injuries state. That cross somber record and share tees so that when it comes yesterday's and -- it is absolutely commit something just. Right there there's no now I mean granted -- he's one of those cases where. He's beloved ever and always wants to see him he's great baby face he does increase of gatherings is popular but. -- -- Yeah that's that's been a problem -- Rios is not much surrounding his story lines so. Whatever happens with this shot Sina. Involvement. Hopefully at the very least brings some interest interest more interest to. The Del Rio character that no real story like is as you said he puts on good matches. -- -- Cute charisma he's had a backstage segment with -- that actually it had me laughing. The -- really really delivers it it needs -- gutsy coach is he came up with the smooth swallowed. Mexican aristocrats still it was still being at Dick about it and just exactly what he's supposed to do and and Vicki came back in got hurt. Uttered in a little revenge by it announcing John scene at the right time and Ricardo. But at the gallery which is still little foolish but I had no problem with that because -- -- gets -- roll up and I ad network I mean. Actually yeah I do have a problem that he's a manager and he just pinned world heavyweight champion come on a distraction of -- seen his name -- much. And then you'd expect and it is he backed by beating up. Ricardo Rodriguez who cares he's already done like six I know it's it's scaled they'd just get -- Ricardo already he brings. Absolutely nothing unless he's -- of Alberto Del Rio announcing he doesn't bring anything table he doesn't have very much charisma. So I mean we are -- as. As art mentioned it's that weird time or three weeks between paper views another one already upcoming. In less than three weeks now and -- -- -- have the main event booked with HP case the referee you have. John seeded Del Rio that next artistic tentatively. Is a match that still can't believe that it's actually going to happen. And I agree and you think to be something right back punk related. But I think if those two things happened or stayed the same HBK's refereed -- seen in a match. That's enough for me to be interested to see. CO it's gonna go down to -- out it built up and it is big show they got a hot shot at big show triple H matches. Now -- got resolved in with patient. But here's -- one on ramp for those that this is really been bugging me. Now. About the middle of the year I guess certain blossoming it will be -- -- Everyone was talking about the rejuvenation of the tag team. And it seemed like while we're really gonna get some good tag teams in detecting story lines on non. That this is going to be a major focal point of fraud moving forward in the paper news. Know once the belts got put on the shield. That really got buried yet a couple of matches would lose lose. Which we're all right there again. But how would I know that they're not there weren't even on bra boasts matador race word and they're they seem to be trying to. They're putting taking too much time on other things you have a big roster in a lot of tech teams at the prime time players who all of a sudden. Became pretty popular -- -- young announced that used LA. A couple as they -- winning matches with natural reaction and enter and -- -- -- I didn't ever really thinks of before. Because they just kind of dismissed them but that I watched was like this -- pretty good and Titus O'Neal's -- big monster. He's talented big and strong he looks -- -- -- and talk. You can park which is entertaining and no problem with that it's silly stupid but it's entertaining. But what happened detective division the penalty just stuck on the shield and it seems like writers are creative is too afraid to have them lose because it'll make -- look less powerful. But it just lost to -- Cody -- duke eagle does tag for a little bit maybe win the titles that would that be something that wouldn't hurt them. But again you're giving too I mean yes there. They're Brothers makes for perfect an obvious situation ordered the attack team but it it's not attacked. It's not attack team and I'm tired of watching. Tag teams -- cobbled together to win no team I don't know it was really fun and funny. And they did a lot of interest -- things but they were real tag team. When we talked about the tag team division being. Recharged in some way. We want tag teams we don't want each became Austin bills -- indeed tag team champions what good does that do it doesn't do you any good -- protecting division. Now what's losses when you have a really good strong tag team division. They're so many story lines that involved. So many big. They can do some things with the one of the best story lines you can do -- -- -- when you have attacked him it's over for five years. And nails and break up that's a big deal and you wanna see those two go at it. -- Just I'd like to see them put a commitment into a real focus and commitment into it. Not for couple months at a time but for the next couple years to do it right. -- Bakery with most of the accessed at. And but I think as you've been set though this with so many things going on it's tough may be to find the time each ago the dedicate to. To attack team at the storyline I mean you could make the argument well get rid of the dealers. But narrow eyed at the deal with -- people make that argument though all will then scrap the -- segment and put a -- -- segment but I think. There's a place for everything especially the divas -- I don't it's a smaller portion of females who like wrestling and yet I'm sure females -- -- the men as well but it I -- also see you know. Their center get out there and out of matched fight actually and an Italian last night looked good seat and compared everybody else she looked amazing. I navigated that Joseph -- Eva that was tojo did in the ring Eva -- Quiet putting her in a match on my team he had no idea I do about it. I have no problem with them trying to do something with the deepest division it's to me on -- three hours and if I went back and count which can now -- lead but if I went back and counted how much time was spent on replays and recaps. You probably could've -- and a backstage segment and a match. Tickets attacked. Now 3M B blow they're not entertaining. I mean gathered there to be joggers fine addict at Los Angeles matadors three consecutive shows now okay. Get rid of them the Internet donors and to move up now they should be eliminated but whose net -- should be in no I'm not saying there should be kind of like standings. Put their ship he kind of a hierarchy there really isn't one in that division so okay you dispatched 3M B. Who's next on the totem pole. Exactly you don't know I don't know. If you know. Tweet me young men W yet cats like -- who repeated specialist -- Doris. Couldn't care less about the matter I think that are. Stupid comic tag team they've got some great in -- in ring ability. But from a storyline standpoint they're very very limited and having that little. It should get back to little person dressed up diesel I think he's taken to their Renee and grenades take him apparently stupid McBeal little. Still I don't they don't go a little. Weird random story I'm like dad I can understand this in the backstage funny though interaction that does need an appeal is an indicative that little character might I don't blame stellar I wouldn't blame him. For being interested -- but having -- that's just that's. They could make it more funny if she's nine he's always chasing her and without her looking bad or. Him did things look bad. Just you know -- just -- -- little bowl thing fight towards our goal and then firing people that is. I mean Clinton leading that it's now 21 break at some notes and Tino and -- We talked about the giants -- you know what I but the requests. That giant swing is pretty damn cool I got that is a few extra I I have to mention this. On Sunday night watch the paper view. And if you noticed -- -- colleague took the giant swing. And it came right after. Collie is counting. The refereed I -- -- two -- three if he counted with. It was interests. It is that that -- in my life seek out I don't know who's really weird -- -- have -- thinking that at the same -- both of -- -- history. But it did not get off -- -- it's like yes it's hot themselves -- knows what he's doing in the ring it was pretty -- you know it's not to kick outs -- recalculated. You actually you know what you look terrible at the paper -- But he didn't look that bad last night. He was moving around a little bit better use more violent those chops and the the clubs those he looked okay in the ring but when I overseas couldn't bring never ever ever but he looked okay. Last night. And the real Americans. -- is now getting pops because of the big swings in -- -- just moments ago mention the tag team break up thing. It is never a tag team break -- that -- that -- and easy storyline. -- -- vs swagger. It's that real American tennis is RO it's it's it's not American. -- it was Swiss -- So. Perfect right there Sarazen -- face -- the reaction giant swings swagger all day everyday -- And eventually San. Diego storyline and let's move on yeah it is arrow in the ring is great. I'm parent team that is that is eventually I I believe it to. Analysis. I think is RO. Looks great he performs well he can't speak on the might very well. He's okay on it he does need to mouthpiece. -- that goes with him. And as a pitcher but then again if you're going to be -- face you should have amendment right. But. I notices last winter in that match to -- Tino is the best comic wrestler. I have maybe ever seen his reactions in the ring is timing everything is so funny. That. I must watch him because he is humorous and he can really really go. He really tend to be made him a serious character could have great -- -- -- small but. He could be. Otherworldly it as a comic character right now. So soak it he's I find -- really funny it's a little cheesy little -- that I find relief means it's working well. Well that think this was a fantastic at -- we're really -- endurance and Tino -- -- -- you know. When he wanna end John Gotti got a last second -- you -- -- -- -- and -- bat but yet and I kind of debunked it will be talking about it text Spezza have been a. -- but. Now -- a great episode here today we think Gallardo cal for joining us and against follow us on Twitter you get and it young bend WEEI it. -- me at -- cops and amber are gonna act. -- underscore -- cal the at all is the hospitals as -- DI KO SS. That's my trademark at the spell. My last name men. -- -- I decides what to let us know what you think about what's going on in the world of the WW we have Corsican. You can now check out our our past episodes is our -- channels not live on the WEEI -- that with a fantastic day fantastic logo by the way. -- so yes our channels -- so we'll look. It's the it's the candidates and you Debbie Debbie championship belt with that evidently taken away and it's has -- cast on his political ads that night's sleep did you. I did not do that I don't -- that economic alone. To me. But Russell cast benefactor. -- -- -- Is someone behind the scenes pulling the strings excellent Mike -- I thought it just you and -- to fear doubt now so if you wanna check you wanna check out past episodes ago on the app. Evidently that QB that -- identity after a I don't try to end the show here. -- at WW he had last night before rot started I actually check it out usually they have a whole lot there. They always have a different -- -- this polls that. How Long Will it take Michael cult or reference to -- to recap. And that was there that's pretty funny is pretty funny but it they know they understand. And they still do it. It's actually the segment that quick mentions aren't that their -- now but it. Fidelity happy go draster negative -- -- from what -- and that's witnessed -- -- grounds that I mean that's why the announces that the Arabs and anyways the match download at WBI. App. And you go into the podcast section a -- right there Russell cast logo click it. -- the past episodes ago also -- that he EI dot com to search for -- cast under audio you can do some catch -- to. Missed the first four episodes and if you. If you listened to a couple of these and still listening at this point Q what's thank you very much we do appreciate that you know so we've used different entrance music every time. Yes I -- recruit last week we'd recruit last week I think we know at this week's going to be yours he mentioned it and agreed it is -- right yes it's but if you got any suggestions at a it's got around to regrets in the top -- and WB -- Regrets or some and you gotta give us some good classic ones don't want anything that's current -- -- right yeah -- it's it's a good rule. So if you if you suggest -- to us and we use it. Give your retreat follow -- would have -- usually love. And love. All right that will wrap things -- thank you for listening -- I'll talk to you again. Next week --

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