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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox should rather Tigers than A's

Oct 9, 2013|

Buster Olney joins the show and tells Mut and Merloni the A's offer a bigger obstacle than the Tigers. He also talks about the Sox win over the Rays.

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-- talked to a guy knows a lot about these things -- body Basra only on ESPN who was there last night. And the Red Sox dispatched the Tampa Bay Rays the ever seen something like that buster nine pitchers spy -- man to get through that game last night. No I get into it basically can there was a record -- It was so neat it was so funny. You know it is standing there funny probably not the right word that you standing waiting on the field and post game interview there David Price warming up. Probably his last action in the Tampa Bay uniform to warming up to be the tenth pitcher in the game if that game with a ten innings. I mean Joseph Maddon. In either game changers and manager and buddy did a great job and. In -- certainly expected the way that John Farrell thinking about paying. Because we saw it in John 93. Not printed or even -- but. I think the way that can't let you do it pitching staff and the name really cut into the copy it's some of the -- but -- -- and an 88 -- apparel needing to adjust. Buster this vision dot tomorrow night bottom of the night up a run Jose glacier is making a diving play at the middle and in Detroit winning and then. We're talking about this trade in how a couple teams there because I thought Jake Peavy was outstanding last night and I I felt like he had this kind of game in -- but there was a layoff. But he was spit test. Tremendous. And especially you mentioned a layup and -- in my opinion. In EEE like Roger Clemens like Justin Verlander easy guy to me when he was younger he -- elk and big game. Because he has so much energy and he's so much adrenaline you guys yet the way yelled out on the now. But he I was completely control to the point here. When he took about a game you know they've brought Craig Breslow. They seemed only I was wondering too little too quick. Because I know we gave up a run and editing and. But to that point -- -- completely. Dominant and give him a chronic credit boy it's been hit smile on pay and and the islands based. In -- club out that the game talking about finally get that championship series he's pretty pumped. It was unbelievable all around you alluded to a John -- ought to make adjustments the night before -- we talked about a four hour second guessing why Zander Bogart's buster. Didn't hit in the place of drew 24 hours later not the same situation but down -- here comes Bogart's and before we get the fact that he walked now one tutor McGhee. I'm curious as you're doing your reporting around there. Do we know did he talked to somebody you know did that then sharing it combines say it's -- to paint -- Bogart's was at somebody and a coaching staff we know. What conversations took place that help get. Bogart's in that game last night for -- You know I acknowledge that it wasn't there one -- was in there and I did not achieve at the chase that down. I do wonder though good -- -- either capital Lotta clothes -- and where the -- if you go on with a particular plan. And we talk about small sample size I mean you can watch to -- bad and everything changed dramatically. And maybe you know after watching -- is watching drew struggled in game three and it watching you did that. You know they were cute I'll. Early gains for jobs may change his mind and irrigation and after the game with Joseph Maddon talked about -- in. He talked about the -- walk as being the turning point the whole night. -- Jacoby Ellsbury was absent electric here in this series and night for 187 runs four bags. I'm looking at Hunter Pence and I -- five -- ninety's now there's a distinct difference all right underpants place a 160 games and has power. Two Kobe does it differently is that a starting point does he get more hours at about it. It's interesting I don't think there's an apple argues that because of what you mentioned in -- and when he or game six years. And he's a different type of player and so I think you pointed yet on. And the questions going to be. I think for him is you know -- it's seen its going to use say you know what we got -- that guy -- -- -- -- BJ Upton last you elaborate outbid the Phillies by thirty million dollars. You know the way the Red Sox went after Carl Crawford have in the eagle by about forty million dollars. I think that's going to be the question Connecticut a lot of -- off you know we know now that a lot of teams basically say okay. If that player in that draft pick up -- agent and -- intended them. Art and its second thing is you -- you just wonder if there are teams and I argue that talking port came -- about. Big long term contract for guys thirty and over I think more more teachers and those optically they just don't believe in other execs are concerned as and it just. But and you guys saw what happened Michael -- -- what are you signed a four year deal. Is number one damage here and there is kind of a red flag up for some of value waiters and investing in players who reliance speed. That's a thirty are that. -- think five in ninety. I would -- want the Red Sox in on that now if it's seven and 12 when he whatever somebody goes crazy would now it's different ball quick. Their philosophy this offseason but they did extend their own they extended PD to eight so Ellsbury isn't a different group -- part of the Red Sox go in your opinion. I think they're gonna have a hard feelings and I and I think it's going to be in the seventy or eighty million dollar range in a may be wrong. But I hate it when they -- in the process they're gonna say okay this is our number and because beyond it a tip of the cap Jacoby -- -- yet. Lot of World Series we -- but we're gonna move on and that's why. It's gonna be years into swat teams like Seattle and Seattle the meet me it is the most -- being -- Because of where they're at how desperate they are. And and what you Kobe might represented them. While strolling ESP and joining us I wanna get to this match -- it's gonna lead the other ALCS combatant Detroit and and Oakland but I gotta follow up on Tampa bad -- -- Gary Shelton today's you're traveling buster but. You know he's got Sternberg the owner of the Tampa Bay Rays with -- Real real eye opening comments talking about we don't have any money going forward even if we won the World Series attendance I would have been. Would -- better force at some point gonna come along and vaporized this franchise is this. Is this it is this the peak for Tampa and until they get a new building they'll always be a pesky little sixty million dollar team they'll never be able to spend. Money to get that final bat unless it's home grown out of their -- system. Yet they remind me. It could -- they're like AD a rowboat that it's constantly having to be bailed over and over and over mentioned David Price. You know you would think that we 34 plus years in the big leagues he's someone you built around that he would pick up at the -- it. Because they can't afford and and they have to take advantage of it straight value when nick and. And they're constantly plowing under you know the players they have. I wonder Sternberg is a very competitive guy and I really believe. Run the best organization top to bottom and all baseball where he might say you know what. And up and it. Political by another team and will let somebody else it with -- Tampa Bay's situation. And you've got to me would be distinct possibility down the road. I don't think I think I'm -- -- that was rhetoric. In trying to deal with a situation with a ball park in Petersburg. But there's no question in what we saw last night they maxed out and and bill -- Addressed -- after the game saying you know we we get that point you feel really good about season but they know -- a lot of changes coming again like every other Nazis. Look this other match appear now on the AO DS seeded Detroit going out to Oakland. Do you see one team is a better fit for this Boston Red Sox -- to say you know what let's flip this thing play out they're both very good. If you give the red sect and you don't wanna play Oakland tonight I think Detroit. While they have a great starting pitching there are so many flaws in Miguel Cabrera is not right. Aware that way they are defensively and different spot. You know longer series I think that the Red Sox advantages would -- -- And they would -- handled Detroit. Relative to have a handle Oakland I think relatively easily -- on the other hand man Oakland. And -- battle and they've been pitching and you guys saw what a difference makers sunny great -- be. You know early in his career. That's it's seen -- on the -- but I do not want to see and you guys are legion you see they're not a regular at. F three and three you know was it pretty good matchup between these they don't fear the -- they join them look at Josh that it may just wreck looks like it's an honest. I guess you mentioned Cabrera -- injury if Cabrera or healthy. And he were raking buster is it that much of a difference where you put Detroit ahead of -- that injury make that much of an impact. I don't know what put him at a -- and but I think he Ito is situation completely changed a lot there haven't iPad and goes out about this yesterday. And they're talking about -- Al yeah that this team is basically built the patch count on home run hitter and an extra base hit. It's like to extricate it from August 26. You guys -- he Campbell defensively you have to play up on every batter to take way to bond. Which means that it's gonna be shooting past them yet Johnny brought the playing -- -- position in left field and you know -- hat -- -- on the way to respond yesterday Max Scherzer. But you gotta believe over a longer series and some of those weaknesses would manifest. Buster great stuff looking -- to see the Red Sox have squared off against we'll find out tomorrow night. And Detroit know when we lie -- the ALCS matchup and with -- next week we see in Boston this weekend. Absolutely beat their credit art plus see them Basra only be as the end. Joining us little bit early today as he is traveling -- joins us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T the nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy.

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