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Red Sox beat the Rays, head to the ALCS

Oct 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni kick off their show discussing the Red Sox victory over the Rays and the talk about the players that stood out during the series.

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One more strikes again Koji peers over the -- on the rocks and a two to. So SE second out this summer and a Red Sox are headed the American League Championship Series. They have defeated the Tampa Bay Rays three games still wanted to division series and now they're out of the dugout. There at the bullpen and -- quietly on top of -- equally aren't the Red Sox. Warming up and passes pile right around and everybody still on their feet mopping up and down the Red Sox win the game 31. Andy at one in the series yes it is on the the American League Championship Series and -- is this tonight. The Red Sox win there 100 game of 2003 -- Battle tested battle test is time for your -- add on and you know it's boys' club men's league system go to work. I promised myself there -- five words I was not gonna say again. In regards this Red Sox team. I promised myself I promised you. Promised everybody but c'mon now. Biggest win of the year Lou how big is where all of that as your last night at the current. Year. But did a good year but at the bit now the biggest win of the year olds is now -- line is the eighth win from this point -- The eight the wind will be the biggest win this year eight -- Leon EK not sap open -- eighth day eight. Bad joke a State's highest ways. To. Joseph okay well we got it anyone get checked in on GO manes. Locked around his -- that last night ever wanted Jenny port Jenny del sol. Wrote she weren away trash bag okay. As you know walking around -- sound in that Red Sox -- him as they win. 321 their hundredth win of the season aided dispatch. Of the Tampa Bay Rays and they are onto the ALCS literal weight and home. Saturday Sunday games -- games through the winner of game five tomorrow. Detroit Oakland works out pretty good. Your Red Sox and you win you sit back you watch. And get everything set up for the -- -- did on Saturday and you give -- a -- -- current decade it was crazy of these nine pitches 1011 whatever wants these everybody they had. Price the nerd was left out there -- a bullpen to end game to watch from the bullpen so you know he can. -- that the offseason maybe it's Dell put give them a lot of credit you know they were -- good uneasy. But this Red Sox team it's just they were going to be stopped here and it's round at least I mean it just. This too much there better team that just the better team better than a hundred wins I Leo our army times it's a -- his game and when it was over we just sat there and just sit -- This team ALCS. Any joke can -- yeah I knew it inside I knew its return and nobody did. You know the optimist I guess the crazy guy out there that just like -- they'll win a World Series somebody always says that. Did you ever think my gab -- for so long we've looked at this team -- believe our eyes right April. In May need those 23 straight here we -- they have a tough home stand here we go tough road trip was there it is. It's a mirage it's this it's that it in what you didn't realize what you are watching. Was the process of a team meeting believe vision and talent that you questioned. To what they are right now which is an outstanding. Baseball team. Top to bottom. -- that they're not perfect we know that up perfect but this is a great team. It's somebody different. It's different people chipping in its -- expect your expectations. Are different guys not -- other exceeding them. It's been nonstop all yearlong. Relentless is the word relentless as their approaches a team from roster -- player number 25. They really don't stop and I felt like last night. Was a nice reward for the folks who stuck with this team all year and it's what happened in the playoffs Judy jump aboard Red Sox made the playoffs and you watch. If -- at the first four games you watched all year. Which is say it's cool thing Gary team starts to win you know attract more fan and you wait for the next to make the playoffs in -- -- as the first four games you saw. If you one of us. Who watch these games all year I was watching this team night in night out. Wasn't last night the perfect way to win and get through the AL BS. To have guy's name Breslow. And Bogart's and Koji and these players that before the season. A lot of Red Sox fans would not rounds who was this group of players what our day. Was she watched him mature this is who they became were any given night no matter what the score was anyone could beat you. Anybody that's what this team became. As become and and they are prepared for the LCS that's their DNA. And I just felt like that was a nice way for those who used to watch his team all year to win a game like that. And to do it in a way we saw so many times in the -- in and previous 99 wins -- so many games like that this series it was gonna come up big. And ends up being a player like Breslow or Bogart's or go down the list. They scratch and claw and find a way and it just part of what they did this year -- didn't feel great the whole entire game I'll be honest. You mentioned this the other day your 100% right. You forget the stress of the games. You forget what it's like. When you are happy when your team's offense inning scoreless game. Delegates -- -- comparison a playoff hockey because they're both great. But do it very something about a 00 playoff baseball game. Where Europe starting pitcher he's dealing their and their bullpen and those guys are dealing and a when your team's on offense you're allowed to breed when -- TVs on the mound every single pitch. Is liver dies a fan I I forgot the stress of that in four years removed. From some of these playoff game -- -- believe I don't blame yet it has been awhile and last time I don't know and you sit there before you blinked and it was already gets swept out so you have -- If sort of forgot to. What that was like there's a couple things you need one you need you need respect and fear of the other politics -- Beecher. So what you have that because. And about about the only will be down one now than what everybody stick -- mogul David Price right. Bad outing at Fenway does he come back this year raised that with a StellarOne so there's there's the fear got to win this game right now. Got to somehow scrap Iran. At the -- baseball is in playoffs. It's the most stressful. There's no question the most stressful. Playoff OK Ed -- CN HL we've been blessed with Tim Stanley cups. And it's constant edgy seat in a -- and ten minutes of action without a -- up whistle. Right there's like no commercials. It's just nonstop. And it's just it's it gets -- but this year. You know it's. The N innings over the industry it's a commercial and you get up you walk running like our. Three -- coaching -- three outs coaching right I mean that's at edits everything everything. The emotion of it this -- it's tough to beat you know and I know what's -- NHL hockey is second to none I mean nobody can beat that intensity. Maybe I even forgot about it I my face. Because what I love the most about it is the emotion that it brings out of men the sometimes boys if you're 2122. You know Breslow. Most reserved guy. Jonny Gomes after the game's Art -- Leo oh GPA yet you know I mean a small cat. Just -- we talked him before the series now I haven't played him pitched that. Now maybe I'll talk to some of the guys but I am pretty reserved guy. Fired up right get out of innings to see the tide running game winner on the show -- dugout jumping up with two hands in the air. Like he's 5678 years -- Jacoby Ellsbury. Jacoby Ellsbury. You know on our -- Victor Reno's infield single -- home. To openly everything and the hair and swings roundabout which they -- Shortstop. Of the replenishment. And let's. Now Barry scars on her already short Victor -- hustling down the line. As -- I was thinking -- charged that route that would that would. Hands real accurately but still waited infield hit -- -- -- which the Red Sox they head for the first time tonight just don't want. -- like three feet near breast pump in what was that -- -- ten years always that Satterfield they had it in the royals they got for a cup of coffee who would jump over cars. They play for the race to there's YouTube video of this Major League Baseball player joined Deloitte. -- is out members Brandon Lloyd. It was dealt very jump over something last night but when he scored that Ron is like he's on YouTube video jumping over cars this guy is seen as they robot -- He's seen is this robotic Scott Boras. Contract contract contract. Is is that it would with baseball -- an -- I immediately texted apparently doesn't listen bomb. L. Is our NB -- playoff baseball more exciting -- NHL -- get a -- it's different. I didn't say that to promote the stress of it. The gates the most stressful thing. Because it's slow enough for you to start thinking. You know it's slow enough for you to actually think about situations. How many times did you at all last night -- are already doing here. We're doing here we are -- played John Farrell the next game but every Bristol where dissolve under wise eagle coach -- Don't get a pitcher. What's your -- -- now is either Gomes what's going on here -- the -- -- unit run. Lets you never stop thinking about time it so we just wanna sit back. It just be quiet for a few minutes and absorb it right have a little moment. It's it's your head spin. Will you take that angle my angle is bridge another beer need not that I wanna drink I need to drink during some of these games I need to settle down and come down. And I need that fridge full. You say you need a break yeah I do too I guess self medicate during these playoff game that you say the manager of most public -- sit there on the couch to have. I should PD pictured here. The only tools can stay away from Longoria. He won a workable way here right and guess their bellies manager about a manager -- -- -- -- pitch by pitch. It's pitch by pitch and it's you can't compare it figure crawl out of your skin and here's what's sick about it. 00 was worse than 10 -- I can't explain it maybe that's just me. What it was like who is gonna score that first line the Red Sox it shut out lose one nothing but. I'd like who's gonna score this first run -- and get this thing on the board you are into their freak and -- -- -- -- when he missed opportunities early it's gonna come back the -- yet I look at the bases loaded against Jamie writes. And Stephen Drew lines into a double play -- OK that was opportunity total check mark there. Okay how many more -- -- again in the second and the third here comes more here comes Torres later on in that game. In a million different Geisel victory feel like -- you don't get a now. When -- gonna get them at that stress of thinking you've missed some opportunities that come back around again. And went 008. Does it help offered a 10. And yet they fall about one nothing. They do what they've done all year they just find a way they find a way. They walk they -- -- they get awhile Paige -- and. Feel it's a pretty take advantage of them you know every -- -- -- Remember that he's going through the emotion of playing in the post season. And I've talked about how you've gotta trick your mind because emotions are going to be high there's going to be a lot of stress anything get you fired up to -- up. You add the emotion of a playoff game and you get out of whack -- do things you don't normally doing a baseball it's got to be controlled emotion. You kid glove to the plate you know ahead but your bat. And just try to tackle the baseball. You know it's got to be control you've got to be calm in the field you can't tackle ground balls. You've got to stay smooth all Pedroia might try to got to be the coolest cat in the building you -- slow it down when everybody else is speeding it up. So when you kind of control that emotion and slow it down. -- get it in them and emotion of a big base hit. To win the game or a big base -- it's the reversal of emotions to what you see the reaction of these men of these guys. The -- never thought he'd see them before because -- be keeping it in for so long to try to control themselves to play the game at a high level. And that that's the beauty. Of playoff baseball you know hockey run around and hit guys you know you fired up football you just guys period. -- quit baseball you -- slow it down so when there's a big hit it's it's just. Your -- I guess I don't know. But it's so much but the -- And to see it last night -- -- sort of Mo -- a position yourself -- suffer a great spot. Where now you -- all forced daughters. An opportunity to pitch in a post season. He's still got the guy you wanna throw game one in the ALCS. You know get a -- its -- you'll take it did not take PBS when he 1920 days up before he -- came through your game four. They just view it worked out perfect. When we line into the double play and it felt like that was. Come to the era that of ourselves a little bit put. The one thing that this team has done throughout the whole course this year is continue to to build opportunities in even though we may come up short terms. You know felt like we would still create some button you know this is a very unique game who we faced nine different pitchers. In early on through the first five innings we had to remain patient with not making wholesale changes -- -- not knowing you know who they might go to next. But you know we finally break through that seventh inning for two runs. And -- can't understate how important PDs sacrifice fly in the ninth was to give us a little bit of a breather. With coach on the mound but. No it was it was more contesting our patients early on and not make wholesale changes Salina. Great way to put it putting it from John Ferrell staying patient staying in the moment and then -- seventh inning taking advantage. Maybe changing some things and leading to yell and and John Tomas seats it's not in the the the print version they came out so late I think but he got to go aligned to read it at Boston Herald dot com and sums it up very nicely. The Red Sox are balanced brotherhood may outlast a Tampa based seemingly bottomless bullpen. Scratching out two runs in the seventh overcome a one nothing deficit in a way not typically associated with the franchise. Walked single steel wild pitch infield single ball game. All game that was it got the 21 he heard Carol mention that the sacrifice fly late. You get 31 and it textured is at the eighteenth -- text line. -- the stress of of the game itself hockey action is the release of tension. Baseball action -- and actions he's been the build up the tension fair yet -- at the tension in the polls opened the players Lou I can't imagine getting that game. As a player you're seeing bullpen guy after bullpen guy come out you're wondering. Are we gonna get our chance. They got one of their few chances there in the seventh and as a team. They took advantage it's what you talked about what you Breslow talked about you on the -- talked about. Being able. Don't make the game bigger than news and that spot some of the guys who came up big. Huge this -- huge. Jake Peavy -- -- your name but he will take calls all day long at the electorate. Well look who -- mall what is it 617779. You're 97. At the currency 79836797. General say that number two knees so I screwed up at seven -- simple take them all day. Call in right now are not like trading. An and -- to soften Jake Peavy thing you know I don't think that it was the right move I thought anybody. Anybody could walked in and gained four and throw the baseball the way he did last night. -- twelve days off and he rolled in there and shelf and I know that he gave up he missed location at the Asus. I wanted it got in. Two seamer and he left it up all the milk platelet tomahawk peace. But it was one now and five and two thirds we have seventy some pitches every four if that was a regular season game he probably is no question it states in that game right. No doubt maybe go seven maybe goes eight. Tuchman reports of a bullpen in the post season. And that was the that was the example I've been talking about okay starter still always long in the postseason now if it's unbelievable gem. If Michael -- -- a no hitter going the eighth inning that's at a different level. But that was amazing spark -- went five and two thirds regular season is donate. But the stress of a game you know ATP wholesome and he goes to -- -- who was. Geez I mean does it get any better than what you saw from Craig -- I -- I don't think it does help but Jake Peavy coming out set the -- you needed. To keep decade close to matching -- now he mapped to different guy every inning because -- was pregnant different cats. But the put up zeroes in that game you don't wanna go down to nothing you don't wanna go down three now that if he was just good. They lose that game we got a game five but he wasn't just good. He was outstanding. That's gold winning yeah it's it's it's a great move by him I loved loved everything about Chicago wouldn't. Unfortunate situation there needs to get traded over to a group the guys are really select my family now and such a short time. It's I'm -- I'm so thanks so plus. I got to hear -- it was a playoff picture because those two starts right and here that. A look at a step up on the big moment you know I don't -- -- broker -- was hurt you know is banged up and those I was able to go up there and pitched. Nails in the beginning and kept -- in early in that game eyes as Madden and the rays kept of one of the bullpen and kept them alive to a point where. They script together a couple runs. Walk single steel wild pitch in for infield single ball game matters sac fly that help up there at the end which you'll get to but. I just. It was say it was a there was symmetry to them winning the game the way they did -- the other 99 wins they had this year and fans and his team moved in with this team all year you got rewarded. And I get or with a trip to the ALCS with the tigers are gays coming to Boston Saturday and Sunday. As Lewis overtake your phone calls all day all day not just on people wanna talk -- Iglesias okay this is the place to go to talk about this game this team. I'm not -- 61777979837. The phone number 617. 77979378. TT -- slide is 37937. Your tweets as well at -- -- at -- and UT WEEI. Odd to be fair we spent. Two hours yesterday. Oral re less an actual list of second -- seven at second guesses on the manager. We come back we will give him his due and we give duty John Ferrell next.

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