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Andy Brickley, NESN: On the Bruins PP

Oct 9, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the start of the Bruins season and the team's improved power play.

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Only two run that Riley Smith just -- -- saved by Howard Brendan Smith leaders to the board. -- back to prove I didn't bring the clock. Lucic in the high slot make himself available in your -- tees it up and -- -- -- -- I got so that this weekend for one over Detroit. -- Bruins out to a good start Butler and 937. WEEI your phone calls a bit later on talk in baseball morning your Red Sox advance in the ALCS. Well Bruins breather when our guy Indy Berkeley of NASA and -- prick the power play I've seen enough to -- its sixth were all set. We're good the rest of the way no more power play talked after two games right. Well I -- stated it's still a work in progress and will be for awhile we'll continue to experiment. -- continue to try charred front of the net with one power play unit but you get different weapons this year. Think it was a great finisher with the man advantage -- -- real good power play guy you understand the concept of creating those two on ones in the street -- strangled in the offensive zone. But you're right it can be such a weapon would be more of a weapon this year than it once the last 23 seasons so. So far so good and you got to talk a lot of baseball and we all -- that you got a lot of similarities between the Sox liberal interest that. That chemistry that they have that -- -- attitude. And their ability to win game to remember different weights and which relate to seek. Idea ethic their power play too we saw glimpses of -- with a guy like to recruit last year in the -- -- thinks he can bring a rescue boat chart and partly because this is a guy that is getting older and lost a ton of minutes. It's pretty concerned with that immediate that the kind of watch him and populate. Well you think about what his responsibility to our man advantage -- he was playing at normal position out of the point on the Howell played. He would expend a lot of energy to have it all -- that in the pocket placed you know retrieve the plot to think on the links -- -- exactly -- on Netflix takes -- -- -- -- Now we had a different. Formula or different responsibilities. Are what does work is required two man advantage and that is working the front of the net. Wearing those physical battles to stay right part of the goaltender. And then retrieving pucks that are -- blocked or deflected there wouldn't -- are up for grabs and according to get from the front of the net to the corner and one thing that I really like about what he did the other night. Would be in front of the net on the drive by by -- -- There's retrieval the at this leash Park City you know they have had played well they wired up a background for the right point which -- the creature is such. Possession like so if he has that capability in the can handle those minutes and handled. That is what is asked of him in those situations that he can be effective guy wrote that. It's great point about the similarities between these two teams and I think that that I've noticed in the way people responded because they are team's first they put. The team had an individual and we -- in this firm the ball the Bruins and the Red Sox and I wonder. Does that make it easier brick when you tell guide map part cow ski a big part we did last year before right now. You're gonna be healthy scratch is that the way they're set up. Make that easier to do and make it easier for Bart -- get a handle early in the year. That makes it somewhat easier on the individual school very frustrating for a guy like him that NHL ready I was immediate contributor last year when when veteran defenseman went down. What you're trying to do with feared defense position has those quick stops quick transition game and that's his strength. But quotas on record your last day or so saying you know let -- sit -- not gonna be healthy expert mark you will play. Our decisions will be based on matchups. -- to better match -- against Colorado Thursday or. Or maybe Columbus on Saturday I fully expect -- posted a plate but as the individual player typical. You can lean a little bit -- -- trucks you went through would give me a little bit of -- he would throw -- -- but he won't be. You know healthy scratch the -- in the post players were because -- art program. George draws a pretty much last got to make this this team here and a former first round pick and you don't wanna give up on it but it. Whether it's frustrating for him the last few years not getting that opportunity but the first two games. What do you see differently that's it seems to be playing at a high level made the best we've seen -- Well I think it is his determination that -- this commitment number two I think he's in better -- number reading beyond the injury actually -- -- -- them for but if I had to go wanting villages -- speed I think that's what was holding him back. His abilities are to protect the pot the pot with a net down low in the offensive zone to good defensive players -- responsibility. Explain what more competent but not a word I like utilizing golf professional athlete should be -- but I hate playing with lists reservations about making mistakes and you can play that way that your individual individual skills take over. He's taken advantage of an opportunity you know they say that -- part of that success formula. It opportunity met with preparedness and and he did the work this proxies and that he's doing the work mentally emotionally. And you combine that with the skills that -- the first Celtic for a reason that it was that the. As -- still not back at practice of these guys would get their opportunities sandy -- of NASA and is joining us and again it's only two games so I sarcastically make big picture. Comments but he you've seen some new players here now for a couple games now Britain maybe get a chance to see. As much -- standout. This group for new guys is there an individually surprise you at all these first couple games. Well that would really Ericsson because he came millionaires you know the centerpiece of that you know we're taking going the other way -- Allison. I think the expectation that he's going to be you know seven important guy in any talk to slows start the offense is concerned. But the reason why is he too was playing a little bit of conservative attitude kind of fit into the system that brought so based on defense first. And -- to wanna be a weak link in the new system that -- trying to learn. But he had a couple really good scoring opportunities last game ever recall the first period coming out on the left wing thought. You know he dressed equally short side with the -- coming -- that -- post that you mystical yet -- it was Rachel. And had a better opportunity later in the second period again a real good chance this and the opposite side of the ice and that's the thing like economy and the ability to not just. You know -- his -- -- so different you have to really be three all which cannot. Left wing right wing -- election. And played with a guy like Bergeron we know is that the -- side of the -- will be covered it Iraq turn ultimately it was settled in to that mindset. Is that the -- is real that off. Brick for young tough guy comes in the NHL and is required to Wear a visor. Because he's yet to play point five games in the NHL. In your Shawn Thornton at what's what's your thoughts on this because he -- takes the visor off Thornton takes his helmet off tonight or even more risk. Lol what -- are you with that with the shall rule. Well it -- that it is sure seems to me in to a lot of people in our community it just try to legislate hiding out of the game witnesses steps 12 and three. Within making them at -- -- ruled there they're there. Encouraging players to keep their helmets on I think it's silly because two guys they fight you wanna take their helmets off all utilities -- each getting an extra two minutes so it's seven minutes. Fighting out. I don't think stop the fighting will be legislated out of the game I think it's silly rule. I -- in safety of players. You know you make your argument for fighting with helmets are -- -- which is more sleeper. But I just think it's. -- last one for me for a league perspective. We surprised that just after a couple of games the flyers decide to move on from. Peter Laviolette going a different direction with their coaching position. I'm not surprised because it's Philadelphia they don't -- very long I think -- that's a terrific coach. Sometimes you need a new voice sometimes players to note but that Philadelphia -- personnel changes. Built amazing if you have a good goalie with a great coach can be and that's really the thing that I think it's hurt in the -- They have great talent there are strong organization they -- to have that. And I think -- -- what happens with Peter in the future it's Belichick can't which I'm sure you will we'll have successfully at a where he coaches. So not surprised because the Philadelphia disappointed because of a lot like him. -- is always great stuff is getting back to work here against Colorado in the schedule start to pick up and will be a lot of fun. Talk -- Bruins all season with -- appreciate the time we'll talk next week. Now what will locking the -- right you have to -- However like to do it thanks Rick got the perfect little break to you'll get. Bruins announced there may be illegal bat back and forth with the hailed the asking five. Get to watch the Bruins not a Red Sox play which is that'll be good and it doesn't it feel early in the -- scenes start a week ago. Amber how compact the season felt last year with the strikes Schorr righty will lockout shortened year and all these games at poppy -- that your plane what 34 games a week in now. It's back to the eighty game schedule but stretched out over six months whatever you know the pace feels different to the season already in Britain called it silly. You know and I know perfection or does like -- to less than Comcast yeah because it's just. You fight a guy with a -- young kid that comes -- I think you mentioned young -- nine I think was in Winnipeg. Beast takes the -- -- -- -- ticket helmet off John is like taking his helmet off I mean even if if you get hit fall to ground zero or even have to get hit in knocked out you could just moment them right -- -- the ice which had -- ice. You get hurt even more by this so it's like it's almost safety but it it's gonna turn out to assembly to help these guys at all 6177797. ID 37 that's the phone over the AT&T text like 37937. Get a seventh on Twitter at Lou Maloney at -- WEEI. We'll continue this breather on the Red Sox want talk little football we come back Connie -- a Comcast is gonna joins it's God's got a lot of answers. He'll answer the question definitively will put on the spot. Will gronkowski playing about a -- hate to put on the spot while we do -- Curran joins us coming up keep it here.

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