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Shawn Thornton: "It will take years to get over the Cup loss"

Oct 9, 2013|

Bruins forward Shawn Thornton joined the show for his first hit on D&C of the season. Shawn is a big fan of the new additions to the club and said he is not over the loss to the Blackhawks yet.

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You talked about you talked about one of the guys and I'd be interested in the assimilation of the new guy is onto the Boston Bruins McGinley Erickson brought Riley Smith. You went from Chicago Anaheim to Boston. What is that process like both on the ice and in the dressing room John. What are you guys are familiar with got a group of guys corral every year's. We know how important that is to make people feel welcome to call. -- -- I mean by that I'd like to think that a fairly easy transition. Chemical arms. Myself. -- Anaheim wasn't too bad flag -- there it was. And a couple guys that our Chicago political -- -- -- Travis small error may occur or -- Chicago Myers -- get hot or not. That this Arab and -- -- probably. Console -- -- electrical. Also. Over the Boston -- only imagine. That don't want personal vehicle locker. Seven years ago. First data cap that the woman but it you know -- I didn't. Great. A -- -- the guys at their back after our. Guys are. Artfully put a halt to get situated at. So -- the mood and tone in the room is okay that assimilation is not as hard as I suppose learning the system and learning the nuances of the game on the ice with your new line mates and teammates. It is always so now I'm fortunate I got a lot. Don't -- -- a lot years -- Not just. Maybe got uglier can sit down with their. Two rockers. In my age -- are you eating and do hook everything.

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