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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Sex Box talk

Oct 9, 2013|

The biggest stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed a brand new show England, Sex Box.

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I was watching the game last night what's it. But the Red Sox game Rollins yes -- -- last night so I didn't get a chance toward the yard I watched -- Red Sox to you know one that was in the -- pre season game well yeah. -- And whistles on the radio vote this basketball pre season and -- -- the theater of the mind yet it here -- over the is governor. Pre season basketball I lay on my bedroom floor listening to micro detail no -- -- -- to get your turn all the way from Atlanta and they don't at a lower interest here. Last night so I missed this idea yard though sex box premiered on channel four England sex sex box now here's the premise okay. Simple a couple of -- room. In a box on stage in a sex while panel of experts. Discuss sex amongst each other. When the blissful couple comes back. They join the conversation for an interrogation about their sexual intercourse they put this on US television. You would be the top rated show. See the couple in the box they'll always know is that at that point rock and older rock and you don't you wouldn't watch that nobody is a fast and concept simple. It is simplicity -- -- -- -- -- -- is going to do it first couple Bradford he can't OK huge shoot a monster to come and talk about what positioning all kinds of steps ahead of last -- they had. A budget did the normal straight couple boring. It was to account they'll -- to a wheelchair couple young leading in the young man in the wheelchair. And then they had two gentlemen. The women are now with the same guys loose on the globe instantly to put out these guys -- little younger. The younger not quite is. High class I would say is gentlemen in the globe yesterday. Following two just sounds for the sex but -- think we just Felicia that we normal healthy coupled with just happy to be men and stupid thinking well. Also agree with is that there were big guys were accurate Iron -- I can vote straight into the dogs as well. Yes we room now right yeah now what's happening now we're -- have a great great time thank -- Dad how do you do if I -- their factory. -- there's really nothing that gay people -- bad that straight people can't do or don't also do -- sex oral sex is thrown lesbians vaginal. Oral sex Connelly is even penetrated the bachelor -- this and have a strap until those. When you hear from straight people have been what's gay sex it's sex up the bomb sponsor us as well ask. Follow us on Tuesday. That's the you'll watch this for its. The atlas talked Wallace going opposite stance -- -- US and you hear from straight people wouldn't what's gay sex it's sex up about five to eight hours. Say Mets -- Michael who. Is a boat bogus parts of revealing something I didn't know he said that all men disguised it considers me all met. Consider BJ's to -- sex. I. You that all amen all game. It and I don't. It's not sexual pure virgin and you get that you're no longer know what does it it's not a matter birds are not virgin stack it's this. It's that's that's that's that's that's not protecting. It's -- that is six that means man and cheated on -- like that all that's right yeah it's as physically sick that's not cheating depends on what your definition of is a toilet yeah I mean if you ever -- six -- in the clear public rights of sex sex. What's next. -- up above this is a prime time programming and yes. And one of them was sure -- found on his bruise on among groups -- missed by zillion comments this very debate about. Would -- be Jesus is sex and there's. 826 months. Great talkers and a that Red Sox game last that -- -- -- -- numbers are talkers discussing in the day. Couples do the same things. That they do you. What would dated certificates anatomically. But I mean you get in it's a much different of them you want to play analyst again not -- some short ramp on I got bad news good news Red Sox. Bad news one of the great marriages in American history looks to be over. Hillary and bill now now they're still going strong with it it it a Christian Bruce Jenner. The the I mean I mean this is gonna happen when he started while lesbians to get married you know Bruce Jenner. And that's as his wife that Christians realize he's. A woman is Elena and and it happened yet after it's only two years 42 years they married in April 19911. Month after courses -- divorced her first husband lobster Robert Kardashian and and now it seems like it's in this she -- for 22 years you'd put up with the steel girl underwear are wearing dresses. Make up make up eyeliner all that. A good looking guy. Back in the mid seventies we're not now I don't want normal -- -- got a good looking woman he's a good look and Mexican LPGA hall of fame he looks like a white Michael Jackson does any. -- -- she does she you know which perhaps that's Israelis like to bitch still not to sell it in the division of property. Who wins out here at capacity of the girl whose money she's got way more money -- have a lot of money now now he's kind of hang on if she made that she's -- -- talk show she's currently have a tougher fuel than all that hasn't Heatley wanted him immunity does it adamantly. But otherwise it's half California. He has. Could he could kill that off as a good point. So in the of the notes and Chipper Jones for the first pitch in this final -- Dodgers game to know that the other night throughout the first pitch. The pitch was caught by the mascot. I'd say that you know why I thought it was disrespectful players boycott no player. One to catch Chipper Jones because he predicted before the game started to radio stations that dollars when this year are you serious and no place -- regardless of their players. Would only player or gaudy wood Chipper Jones that we're not gonna do. While -- of the matter is his opinion was the Braves were gonna lose which by the way what are -- Florida and Colorado guess what guess -- thought he was right. So the mask I'd find a hard to believe that he -- built up in that club -- You though in some ways to move by the players. -- Chipper Jones must beat being too if not one single player. Would say I liked this guy enough to do that right. You know I mean and they had to go to Alaska and in Tampa and Rocco Baldelli their own version Chipper Jones legend yeah. Oracle boldly throw out the first pitch and did Don Zimmer with Don Zimmer he just hang out there when bonds of the things he did nineties I -- those guys Baldelli and Zimmer episode three sex. I've got to ask. A sex up above her. It's long been known about America's school kids haven't measured well these tests yes we found out now. Needed adult -- the US adults are dumber than the average human beings. US adults yes or dot vs worldwide at the worldwide in an analyst -- Problems I think they are in the bottom you are needed to study and learn the Election Day. You go to the -- one time deal and now lowest third. The first time ever there below the average level US. Average US adult who's -- Which is true I mean all we have to do -- look at those Wal-Mart people Wal-Mart -- -- ago prompted it and I'm surprised this is amazing it was the mall of -- walk through. Where were screwed. It's over. Why we -- like this don't you see fat Susie penal as I read not sure -- vowed to use this morning -- Spragan fantastic it's. There's no book stores and malls anymore. They're gone through a Brooks about that in the bookstores. It was all Barnes & Noble. And a sex books. Have to worry about the kids getting school Boston no bosses boss to tell about it today it back on about Communist -- -- speed I don't think there and it's. The union. Was against this wildcat strike. Was organized by one lunatic Communist -- yeah self professed -- -- who got these guys riled up and now you know the problem is the bus drivers. Everyone is realizing what a cushy gig of make fifty grand 55000. Bull at the minute hand and they work on an eighty days a year yeah that the food places -- which is. At the time and I don't date it is -- -- I would day I mean it is a little bit -- to demand that they. Oh it's owned. Before they picked me to drink anymore they don't get to drink or smoke weed before the kids up that's a little bit much and it was themselves the kids excuse -- for replicates -- foxwoods foxwoods between the -- Is that GPS thing. My Basra memories rose it would go to public park every year were gopher thing but strip would just drop us up to go to -- it's a fine. Did you -- me. Just a series if not stoned drunk they look like they used to be like they are like I commend them they cleaned up their -- another on the road to recovery. Surprised making recovery -- include Dijjer -- story. Looks like going for insanity it's -- that yet on sandy as at a time like his chance and I'm not. He's saying that people in San Jose and diesel just like plead guilty before the show I think he looks in the semis. Human being in the picture site yesterday he -- to use the site should -- -- I think you wonder why. It's it's great it's a concession you can't win that defense. You have note that -- nowhere else to do and I don't think that the -- doesn't -- -- doesn't from a plea. Deal so what do they do they say insanity in the school and go through the motions and -- -- -- a -- on insanity aren't you in jail forever to -- -- drugs. And they had they talked of her family -- inference being -- -- issues no mention of anybody there for rent it or not out there -- -- nobody from the -- and he wouldn't -- -- sticks to his guns and does not. You know forgive him for this. Our fault lines open Red Sox are advancing old either Oakland or Detroit Saturday at Fenway Park 6177797937. Sharp joins us about an hour from now talk we do next.

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