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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Poor use of a toaster

Oct 8, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today's lead story had to do with an improper use of a toaster.

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Firefighters came to the rescue a man in distress in London. -- yesterday he got his penis stuck in the toaster. Logical reason was -- an explanation it's bad idea happens post cold get a bagel -- and there are English muffins cooking can. Get agility and yet to take a knife and I got to try and out right maybe that's what that is there ray yeah maybe it's them. Member was a little chilly so does this look as bad as it looks. But it is unclear exactly why humiliated gentleman had would be to not do but forty London's finest arrived. To extricate his manhood from electrical device. That is the same day by the way in from something about -- -- say thanks James thanks a break and James -- Barry's sandy is a another man rivaled by some games penis lodged in a vacuum which I can at least that understand -- -- also a who hasn't ever happy Easter is not a fourteen year old -- there it's the the fifty shades of gray effect. Where men and women doing lots of things -- pressure on Monday an -- sport. If you read the book Jerry Johnson did you. I'm not and -- shades agreement that was that we will vacation last summer and so many women read them out unbelievable. The opposite sold well that's good thing. Yeah very good that I get them excited you have when your horizons of members. I got a second directives toaster sure I understand the vacuum cleaner. And I understood a lot of different things does that sound. In any way comfortable -- -- -- -- like little grids and it -- like lines to Nina yeah how to do would you move it up to -- border -- sides. Way to go to school weeks seen in relate to these things like you stated -- Alba can understand I understand his poster ready here's there's nothing -- I don't analogous now put the -- on top of it now or about all it's a domino. And I thought he suggested that toaster bad toaster but this fifty -- agree you have women. And men. In London. Firefighters calling for people being trapped in handcuffs women and men up a 100%. In the last year really yet. Met with nipple rings. Already sent hate that. -- this rings that seem to push -- really. This sounds like it's -- is now. Only about that put yesterday ago. Esquire has named the sexiest woman in the world for the first time it's a two time winner. Well it used to be captain -- -- I don't think -- I'm not -- -- choice yeah. Cup -- did have a vote yet he voted for a so feel the rain in the world. And -- I know the answer you can nail any woman on the plane be totally you know wife for whomever wouldn't care who would agree. That's really the questions. Good question one of those chicks from -- tunes favorite Twitter account the girls from have a -- this year. Don't it's a good guess I would taker yet she was she has one of the finalists Jerry Eva Mendez. Nope that's another good choice is no. About. You just match editor of the break she's you were conduct how. Sexiest man. Scarlett Johansson and the inability a lot of but to discover who is imperfect. 10 rose the most beautiful people -- -- mobbed by an ideal magazine -- assets relief we know that's a stretch at -- real stretch looking right signature. Costly and how it's. Well here's yeah here's an interest and the most beautiful and amoral world not a pics of me here's the cover and Esquire. I would say Catherine Webb in the cheeseburger and go yeah. She's a good one yeah Catherine -- -- -- -- looks so good. -- football's girlfriend yeah. She's another. Yeah they did a lot of those Esquire biggest stroke -- in movies stakes career that they would they think they looked out -- needs to be a question combination of between brains and beauty oh giants it's almost the cerebral Joseph Maddon summit with a resonates with a look at Joseph -- pick. Two men would panic like Irene actress -- -- out there if you read them by the way of the single worst call him. I'm an expert under a few things columns. Reading columns. Rained out Sunday column the single worst column ever read you warned not to read any evidence so bad it's good. It's yet it's it's worse than homelands on the ninety worse than homeland it's so unbelievably bad you read it. And you think it would be rejected at a high school newspaper I'm not can be rejected -- more dangerous level here. Beyond beyond where supporters were worse -- -- that means it's a column and its allies. Yeah it will all things like this fictional. Austrian sequence -- well -- probably that's. I'm not writing a book. Hear him. While poverty don't. And right now I'm from new -- golf -- help is available a baby grand piano and many Zamboni a vintage Coca-Cola machine. In this pac man game another arcade games. -- recliner a baseball glove shaped chair collection of Bobble heads -- Red Sox bathrobes and posters of kingdoms of into our reckoning. Are all available now is curt -- having in the states -- In midfield messages I wonder how much once for the vintage local machine I. That sounds cool to say that first. Look at the podium and -- an auction. Yes this boasts its -- -- there expecting a huge crowd. At that mansion it's yards policy states -- -- auction yet so you'll be dealing with Kirk. -- When you go now auctioneer I know although the hire somebody to do so it's. There. It's too -- to go -- to Thursdays from now at 345 -- shouldn't be here. -- It was Chanda. Who will be offset I would want. Baseball glove -- It's pretty cool like the -- Google. To. Do with room where. Street. Yours -- states it's not a bad idea -- -- picture via. The samba like the many Zamboni that's for back Kendrick. Well maybe a little go cart at the chip that back I would need to know. -- and offering. Local machine. Our local local bottles that Phyllis would be functional yes it's yet so sure about it yes offered in the use. It's just that's just show. It's come over the one of the button -- the -- -- she pinball machine now. For me. At all yet what is it would look to counties Pacman -- Pacman that's what is it. Pacman is old fashioned -- Vintage ball I memorized that'll pan memorize. Cast on that. You can ms. Pacman -- him. But ms. Pacman. Meego Port Washington New York. Officials at Weaver middle school are worried that students are getting hurt during recess so. Resembled my estimation -- through the ban on footballs baseballs across balls or anything that might hurt someone on school grounds balls. Anything anything. -- balls out. Could put some -- as a -- of the grizzlies. At us. Object would you have a school that could potentially hurt anybody that's good a pencil and should be -- up pencils nowadays are they tax added meaning cartwheels and tackle yet there's matter fact they are you serious yes -- -- getting. Tax yet. Ticket to -- we distributor is ball is definitely. What do you do with. Eagle for recess Stan has its say in the story what they expect the kids to do a football. Doesn't hurt you. Mean you can not play -- Right what could. It's got hurt -- football that's true but -- couldn't -- they -- -- exactly excited -- -- the -- what's the -- had guests -- yes now -- softer foam balls there's nothing better and are okay and at the bodies of playing football -- basketball. Don't let -- in my closet I was connected. And -- the reason I was like GM Darryl Dawkins. What is going on world that's pretty bad way to understand economist in the eligible thing because at least the bullying yet you get the -- and the -- battery and boom boom boom like these two human and yeah. -- -- Basketball's. Option does cartwheels -- -- partly the look at cartwheels when is that do. They say. Tommy's injuries contention on potentially become very serious and make sure children have fun girls are protected. The superintendent. Without helmets and pads children are much more susceptible giving her. Sure I guess as technically true. So that put him this -- -- -- splatter of what's on screen yup that's fine and and put remote for recess like ten minute extra helmets on demand curve ball and sort of and they -- -- a -- proof -- all the way around a slate got you -- if he gets shot now few if there's any problem mentioning -- that. Credit Manhattan instantly get. Yeah very intelligent guys doing it as it relates to Europe subject we were discussing. And you. Region that the rate yes drop drop and you reach in and touch I didn't think you could. You can hand you know who's not only continue but somebody did last night somebody did and the in some trouble. -- -- when we come back.

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