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Dino vs Minihane!

Oct 8, 2013|

Dino says Lackey was the right choice in game 2, Kirk does not understand the premise, fireworks ensue.

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The brick -- a question for cy young and what are your guy. -- buckled up pitcher are on the Boston Red Sox during -- performance in game number two when he between new package it better and like heated. Don't. Act like yeah -- just a question I asked about it but you play buckle up safe and could I don't -- it might argue well John it and why would not -- just John I didn't say number agencies savior and all we -- -- -- -- -- -- about what changes on the stand for value and -- goal now the -- I'd want it buckled gives up game. Was better -- black life -- -- -- when they win game two no matter -- it is -- Pocket. Lack some talking about talking about what he's talking about. Punch in the mouth I'm right you're OK good I'm buckle under seven -- don't just barely score don't try bowling are talked to act like -- amendment but for -- clear. -- -- out. -- -- on a urgent -- dot Kirk. I need to looks to handle industrial. I don't understand -- You are assuming that it does Buchholz pitches there the score the same seven runs they scored for -- I'm not assuming that a lot just telling you actually -- stake. Her game like that would turn yesterday in game number two right and they lose game number two. Go to Tampa tied at one and now have these guys melting as much as I where it scored seven runs from buckles. Would -- would -- got together it's a deep Rebecca -- gores group. I'm just saying that you it's a testament and so it's something changes the whole rest of the history changes he gets up at least it'll run along glory in game two. Can necessarily. Which he did against with Lackey on the scene depicting the same exact scenario would have happened in game two with -- to happen in game theory -- -- -- percent. Mr. Buchholz did something to the game and the game to that momentum yet to Tampa. They knew they would lose game number two and you go to Tampa tied at one and it's a whole different series. My point it. Soared on the with Elliott talk I'm into you what you're right despite the might what might Matt Roth and understand what's going now -- -- buckled pitches -- pitched better than -- I'm not arguing that. So called its name to why wouldn't necessarily pitch he game turn buckle up the game get away from him he gave up three nothing lead. I mean yet what it would -- buckles or not -- in six innings gave up three runs. They 292 struck -- five Lackey. Went five and a third Cuba morons at 333. And did -- ever give up the lead. I read out how could the Red Sox put up about two million runs. He didn't let them back in the game Buchholz did. You can look at the numbers say it's better he he -- The work how would they have lost game two buckled pitch I'd suggest. Buying into the fact that score seven for him. What's the difference isn't like they score more for buckles in the people lacking in their last night as the -- they didn't -- what I've got some but it it. Mean you could say that Lackey would have been worse as these were some statistically. Lackey pitched better in terms of runs and hits and I think you said you thought Lester was their best pitcher I did and -- do that that and their hottest pitcher wants Lester pitch like that he's been in the second half. I can't make a case for buckled as he was so big game one. And you probably want him to go again in game five now told the Bible somewhere collected buckled on the way -- by the way buckles faced their best pitcher in elks club. On the -- So that was a tougher task six was -- well there there. Not their best pitcher the pitcher who pitched the best I think he's impressed different things he's -- better the more penal law before the series I mean I know all that wasn't me you shall I I think more well -- -- game five will be fascinating for just a fan of baseball if you're not you know on the one of them that it regrets expand yes you would it will be a blast to be here. So get to see how these guys bounce back the ones who choked when that we're here to go Bristol Meyer at times Thursday and -- is -- notes are literally sucks -- thank god ninth and five and Madden -- Madden will be calling for you know Fred McGriff from -- -- -- saying you bring us some rule rule and ancient manuscripts of baseball that's as he gets the -- with drew and Fred McGriff and Carlos and -- will be some crazy stuff going on. But he thought he was showing off last night wait till Thursday. Looking to simulate an interesting wonderful game to. Stay solvent with this thing solved -- but I never. Heard -- someone help people -- -- he's in his sixteen hours away from Saint Louis is that still dependable radio absolutely I entered a number of -- -- west of the Mississippi right on the Mississippi cable works is like WBZ AM to get out there what's clear channel at night. I don't and -- -- point -- that's what you say when you're trying to sound like baseball. And he talked into the seventeen techsters who say he couldn't possibly -- Emulex in Easton Pennsylvania yes you can't it might clear channel you can your ammo -- right in Saint Louis you can hear. -- -- in Pittsburgh. And when Bill James who's in his trailer and trailer park as a kid he can sit in Oakland park in showering me with -- -- -- 67775737. I forgot about that it was okay -- -- has all but all the time well or east swim naked eye he saw me that generation it was a little different but what did you guys do. I never did that you don't -- I'm willing to learn they -- not material and I didn't make it meant however there was bare ass. Swimming at the YMCA real. I missed the -- I would hope it. If you want to. Want I want you didn't want to July 2 babies who -- Right back at a.

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