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Sox cant close out the Rays

Oct 8, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing a tough loss for the Sox last night in Tampa. They all agreed that John Farrell had a rough night.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. Sorry to file for handle iPad which. You'll -- goes with the boulder -- him and everything seems to view of the -- offensively because of -- years ago. Gerry Callahan. Deep deep deep pick -- It's. And then I hear that you know that that they hear on the radio back that they -- -- the cardinals. When Kimmel. Live on the floor in his move to Pennsylvania that's not what can you say -- what an interesting wonderful game to. Stay solvent would. All right on Sports Radio WV. I can assure you my friend I do not me. Perfect for gas chambers. Very well warned the Cyrus to define in simple words that he would not use it is stunning. Shocking force -- being or amazing that was done for you and me and all of us in three separate venues last night. Geno Smith engineering a final second comeback. Leading the jets over the falcons in Atlanta. Carl Crawford yes that's. Carl Crawford hitting three home runs in two playoff games mentioned a light risky catch over the wall. Leave the Dodgers in the NLCS. Or. Go to your Horrow surrendering a two out ninth inning walk off home run to back up catcher who I think. Only seven all year long and for the fourth time in nine days the rays have won a win or go home game. Those are Rebecca shocking. Not liked them when the series I figured I don't like -- -- You know it was. Four hours in nineteen a nine inning game and I -- most of that on -- buckle -- -- no question. -- -- and you know what. Was glad that the rays tactically buckled at one point Africa's. His whole plan of going really slow and wait and wait and is that is to win the the the mine game against the hitter at the hitter is pressing and they are the -- the rays -- press at least they were until low tone went deep. You get him to tighten up a little more when you win tomorrow Beckett did it yes sparkles or from back. But it was ridiculous at some point on clay he's 34 points and it's just pick up the pace just pick up the pace in May be. -- you feel is maybe everybody. Would have a little more life if you could just harm but it's like Chinese water to actually fix it's like waiting in the waiting room for your prompt apology examine the doctor says -- -- -- -- -- before I can get to you a good 4045 seconds in between honest I thought that -- -- -- -- the rules and and they wanna force the -- but whatever. -- plus I think he was doctor in the ball all agree that's true grip and as hair -- And his -- not amount your just a lot of girls it. The last time is Clay Buchholz washed his -- I'm sure -- Manger looking individual sport is that look he's like a picture when. When I was a kid and hear the song -- want a picture Claiborne yeah that's on a -- sanity out pieces of the broken one USQ. And is male deaths. That's clay buckles -- column a lot a lot of the Cuban mine that I -- Anyway if for I was in ninety minutes and didn't -- over four and I gotta say it's it's it's too long to slow but. Baseball playoff baseball. The can be. Unbeatable on it just on incomparable unparalleled in sports because. Yeah the last thing the last thing you ever expected was -- I know surprising things we have things happen we'll get in baseball when you -- gives up not at all run a ball and the game that goes in the rays stingray. Or better ninety feet yet don't. It just don't see that you just don't see it in any other sport just don't see it. He can't get it watching homeland educated get it watch and breaking bad -- -- Mean you sit there you go right Chia seed that you that I'm jewel box boy Jack buck's voice. Rings in my hand and moments like that I can't believe what I -- -- I'd just done the sort of re arranging in the and on the couch and into the extra inning move us in -- got to use -- them. You moved -- -- two -- easy to get the picture rally capped off. Is that what happened -- rubbing media might might -- in my head at the same time -- passed he's done it could have been easier I thought the contrast between two closers. -- depart pitched three innings and what pictures that men effortless to survive this five pitches for -- -- -- I'm on the pro ball. I was sort of -- -- Padilla got he got Longoria got so -- and no big deal I could get -- -- in the series but he got Longoria. He's place in law but tong who is not not a particularly good theater. And he's got to throw strikes and -- it was at the knees. It was a good Walsh gave him a preview of it in the previous pitch that was that 01 pitch there right in the various what I why don't you think that -- do you Kyra you know and relief -- and guys -- know you come you know we -- and only going to be around the strikes on. -- know you're going to be around the Andy's. And I guess if you low but on you to separate that. And -- got a single up the middle broken bat -- been shocked yes he got a bloop single and Ellsbury we call a -- over the infield and Texas -- we used to call. I would have been shocked -- one thing to full Longoria and not necessarily his old wrist with a changeup. But no knowing you need that weird ninety mile an hour fastball he seems to get by everybody. Isn't that fastball with the one thing -- -- -- could not hit in that in this spot I mean with the change be about the only thing he could catch up till I thought I thought. You are to an underhand and low become -- -- that would one mean it was one of the more -- eggs on ever I've seen in sports. I guess until. EJ Manuel I mean he -- geno geno geno Smith the jets over the lowly falcons clock ran out. And and we're back -- asking the question of the patriots politically to admit it but they played good team yeah the jets yeah. But that's before geno Smith got -- -- right yeah. Falcons have been mathematically when this season is over -- basics ones for that matter much so it's okay but anyway. Anyway I didn't even turn back to so you know that football game you know is kind of fall my -- there. Because. During the game -- -- while. Mean this is intense this was I'd give the Braves credit that you think you gonna go quietly yes yeah what do you think that just gonna go. While it went over thinking the same way they they they began this game by melting as they had in the first two games I was so -- -- that allowed a run. The wild pitch that allowed a run and they are -- it again like a cheap suit -- and -- as to their credit they came back and beat. Yes the Red Sox who best pitchers like -- buckles -- you are. I don't know what Novello award you this whoever takes over presume they're gonna fire Ferrell today and yet. They shouldn't they should should new manager that I think we'll run a different ship little smarter a little tighter in the bigs and our colleague Bob developed. Guys don't want to -- home. -- once he gets the -- for the long jump we don't say everybody has throw bouquets. He has been in love affair correctly so all your finally for the first time today he wakes up. It takes a good he should not every move would pocket just to his blanket indictment don't go -- -- hasn't lost. We have time we'll -- move by move let's take a vote he'll listen you guys can vote if you want to know. Spitzer who watches built that you watched it of course. So they can vote what would be the most egregious gaffe on the part of the amendment to the Boston and and we -- pick one from. Joseph -- to who you know. I'd say it's still has what I'd like to say I'll make it doubles which I like to say the obvious ones where he. Pitched to Longoria with first base open but I'm gonna go there because I think that's more on -- that it was unfair all I guess letting -- bat against. Jake -- mcinnis -- Republican numbers right now he's right the -- -- numbers are better against but that's that's what you call sports that BP is not going to use these better against right he's in his useless -- this year but doesn't matter -- -- -- made the move on and yell and remain it would -- -- -- -- -- -- have been on the -- he still would have led to me into it. Every single time until the season is over people never informant -- -- run frank. Never speak any word of them he loves. Stephen Drew we'd love Stephen true like those files. The globe. Let me get -- everywhere injury just to get it back because find a good leadership and it might have been -- -- I'm not sure it's a much stuff today what they just -- And Bogart's in our National League you know he's OK got to pinch run out all alone now -- third and score. -- scored the game tying run which I would. Gap that would be number one his calf make up your mind you either play the infield in or don't -- That is an out at the plate you eat if -- and as one of two things -- he infielder and an open. Or second guess and obviously. -- you'll debates as you walk and and it's forcing you walked Pedroia and pitched -- And that's a ground ball he goes home he gets forced but it wasn't a force right so you know didn't throw home he might happen and how hard. We never gonna replay of the how hard. -- broke -- third and how close would have never saw the agency didn't spend much time look at that it just a quick glance and he shrugged and issuable I don't at the Friday -- let -- and you know what the hell -- -- -- this Alex he walks during -- with his feet and run the bases -- will control I don't blame either. So you would never get the chances of that as well as to why these walks somebody -- and walked. It's to try and -- up at the 32 count but you act and and me just bizarre stuff Molina with a fastball. A caller passed ball while it's so called the while at the wrong that was a passed ball but anyway and then the play at the plate -- makes a great player most of the most Cobb and has Ellsbury did their license called waves on the waves but anyway that's that was like three -- as -- noses. I know I don't care I'd go I'd -- need to next should. Have the help me out with this why in the hell. Would you pitch to Longoria is farce like Intel and I've watched about nine million at -- -- -- games over the last few years. Since Longoria arrived. He's the only good yeah. He's the one guys you can't let -- scared of he's all he's the only guy who raises his game and depression he's the only guy goes up if they can not single. He's like a three run home he -- and he guessed right and he outsmarted -- First base is open. And on deck is just another guy. I don't know -- got -- even -- well buyers for all right hurdle on deck on double -- or strikeout that. It is just a bunch of jags. Other than Longoria. It will Myers. And by the way -- -- loved when Mars pulled plan. He can switch hitters he definitely -- it should. He could see the ball in his draws in the dugout at -- academic here's -- here's the thing with the Longoria moved. If he walks Longoria pages to Myers. He gets them out. They're up three nothing game is over the series is over that's the only thing I'm sure -- be second through capsule that's it yesterday team is over three nothing -- and marketing against buckled their. You're done the game is Errol talked about the. -- Not synopsis. To bring the go ahead run to the place. Clay and struck him out popped them up onto the change ups and got ahead in the count 01. -- -- it was near the spot that try to thrown down and in on him I just didn't get to the bottom of the zone as much but a no no consideration walking him. You've got to be kidding me that is so disingenuous. I want -- a liar but that is so disingenuous of course you considered it. Me being honest John Farrell say yeah we thought about it but he is -- it was a mistake it was a mistake we all agree it was a mistake. I will say this I I will allow some mitigation here. Only because of this. Off first base is open you can make the argument you should do happily -- him how the very least you're careful with him a pitch around him. It's an old one count we knew that meatball. The -- Longoria on your second pit Cadillac just walk yeah I wore some general thoughts about what is. -- -- -- myself it's not -- mean if you're you know Vladimir Guerrero and that's one thing but he's not gonna get himself but it makes no sense at all. I mean you lookup intentional walk in the dictionary you know from the words that risk as we used yet what the startled walk you'll say. Is when you do when the second third first base is open in the best hitter on the other team is up. And by the way. A rookie who's just totally overwhelmed by the bright lights yes he's on -- twelve strikeout mean if they don't have. Other threats this is not. Ortiz behind -- -- since. Will Myers behind Evan Longoria it's it was fundamental you know it was obvious it was a mistake I would've had more respect though he said. We screwed. It looks bad is issued just sent their best hitter juxtaposed to their worst hitter. God that was viruses worsens -- right now but yeah yeah but he's lost -- Pizza. Melt in his pocket that he was not gonna get it. Gonna you know we tried to explain to the definition of choking and and feel the pressure buckling. He's seen now he understands that stories you understand that what pressure does to guys some bands -- Bruce is melting and the pressure will mines melting. Under the pressure. These guys are -- and you know a lot of the pressure's off -- Myers at the milk this injury tonight but coaches think that the Indy if -- if the Red Sox held on -- support. The moment was just too big most of it is fair to at least discuss I'm not -- -- -- -- not a matter of the world that natural blonde. I'll make some of Mexico I've fixed rates in the Arctic don't think so. Man is intelligent states the obvious about that situation and use is meant Longoria. Of course it did I mean buckles is pitch in his typical game here we cannot do anything with them and -- get some guys on base you'd make a pitch in and finally among got on long god amend. And that it ties it up right there and Elvis and it's a different the world. Truly you know along those and that in the past. It's up and I don't see you come to expect a bit from them in those particular moments. Outstanding this -- -- sit there we've we've been through a lot of stuff for a here for the last year's. That ranks right up there with with the best stuff obvious immediate talk about. The last game of the season which has to be in some regards to look at the this whole week working up to today in -- in this game is even more dramatic than the other games we already won it's really an incredible -- for the race. Gotta get I give them credit for the mistakes that Ferrell made certain certainly the idiotic pitch that bit Buchholz threw. Did you not think it was over for the race not only after the well pitcher passed ball not only after it's over throwing error but in the fourth inning they had the bases loaded and he struck out Joyce. Three starts next best at end of game and the series let's move one to watch opener Detroit right right all let's just hitting it. -- in on the let them let them off the hook that Adam Miller Marco now bludgeon and again it was an apps will meet meet all too. Longoria to -- -- Longoria who was the any speed -- the MPH on that hope that the Mercedes 8488. Outlook that same putt that you know that that. Mai as -- -- -- that. About that that this called Torre Mea -- in the -- -- the pitchers and we should've walked -- it was problem that was a gaffe. It's not that the line there's no other threatened lineup I mean honestly got a little bit. He'll look at and say they're -- they could beat us they could be. And they couldn't come up with a vacant amend lonely at this point. That's about it Loney hits a single yet raining for a single not snug and tight close look at the move slowly down there and so there's Al east tonight time to throw Longoria is anybody else online companies and he's a hole hitter and home run hitter and a clutch hitter there all of the things you fear that's -- -- first outside to play second guess that was he told first it made no sense to me at the time and we smoltz. Said it before it happened whispered but at least I said it before and Japanese you know. Systems. And I hurt no mark tell me where he likes the ball Longoria is down and it where it's at 88 mile or slow -- down is sound and every once it. The ball -- department didn't splash. Because it hit a cut in Canada buildings Lebanon condemned for its received the days -- Louie Anderson had -- race. Like declared a diving artist that you raise like gonna go after elect -- by the world would they go away from what Joseph -- we should ask him. That's an expert on a question for Aqua is there -- race that has the alarm personality and justice again who walks around the batting cage tonight says. Let us. You think. About. Literally say out loud and Allen of the game when the -- ensure that the men's bribing -- to -- when these elimination might result in the series snipers accused the series yet but they Longoria doesn't out they don't. They don't they know America when the series than Jeremy and Alex and sticks the Matt will bring liquor. A unicorn and push me pull you into the into the club knows that it looked cheap ticket to keep them loose. Com now they know they're not that good and they know the guys who get the chance. All sorts in the days ago -- on policies that would be. Matt Moore and David Price and a and -- -- and those guys the guys who got them here but -- one -- -- not planned tonight there in the it's L one or any other baseball world yes -- is -- is well means we don't have a chance right you're right if they win tonight. All of those guys that you just the -- all be around -- -- -- Thursday thick of that he got Matt -- the Wednesday surprised and Alex -- the best of the bunch -- the best of the three of -- prices probably did -- say definitively that. A morals our -- five. On the legitimate you know the price of its full rest approached -- Price and then morphed. In left to face tough lefty and then and then com -- at a Friday media may mean that would be fascinating that if you're neutral and here opened for game five elimination by the way. And that LaMont will Myers that just continues to -- he does not only part of this. 777 -- 7937. Text line AT&T 37937. Headlines at 725. We'll talk with you next question for cy young men and when we come back you wanna hear that.

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