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Red Sox Review: Jose Lobaton keeps the Rays in the series in walk-off fashion

Oct 8, 2013|

Mikey Adams and John Ryder react to the Red Sox loss in Game 3 of the ALDS. Rays’ catcher Jose Lobaton hit a two-out walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth to help his team stay alive. Mikey and Ryder examine the managerial decisions and look forward to Game 4.

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It's -- strategy our idea. A wicket stand out. Mike Adams I hear someone else's does not -- most definitely is I was a little -- -- now he doesn't sound like that are out -- -- but now we've already had tax you know that that they -- that the that the play by play guys were. Dissing him because he has a walk off this year do you expect yet to walk off of -- It's a home run seventh and for Koji. Who are not for 12 gonna blame on the as a first -- given up since June 30 thirtieth that is Jose about 31 case in July and August. And 30 September 99. -- nine case he went 99 days not a -- So you know it ago again you eat you know what's why -- gonna give a solo home runs were when you throw strikes like he does math. Carrillo the tournament wasn't a terrible pitch wasn't hanging pitch you're down a golf and I -- down and got it in like a spoiler. Like what's his name did in against the Packers lead Robert Gibbs Robert Gibbs said the years. I so you know good for -- good for having good for the whole entire city of Tampa Bay played a -- that plays out. Good for them they sold it on how to read such fears but. You know and of course we saw ass -- command Fernando Rodney. What's up with a hat so sick America but here's what happened. I'm not sick to see -- -- -- his -- -- closer areas now it straight out to stupid hat. -- -- So but how it let's -- three things that made a big -- this game first of all right let me ask you -- you think this. Do you pitcher round Longoria with -- first base open in that situation earlier it was a fourth when it was at its. -- I don't know when every hit a three run homer tied at three and the base was open it was the fourth -- one day at least. Make sure there was absolutely nothing -- and -- you know in that that there. With it well will Myers is on deck -- -- for that's my players who -- -- -- over twelve of the series and he's he's a kid who's hoping his pants when he gets up there now he obviously under a lot of pressure. And he's not handling it well -- leave the game with menstrual cramps. And you're going net bleak -- -- game -- -- he's outs and he can't get it done and he's on deck he's the cleanup and of the you don't walk can be let you let the name though it was the changeup and same kind of change -- -- eagerly and struck down. Here comes boom there goes you know editors -- huge pivotal point game okay that. -- that a number put I don't know if I think buckles can -- pressures cannot be sorted champs in fact he got out of one. Right before that -- good choice to to strike out and I think part of it taking airs on gore his numbers are horrible against sparkles. Another blow another like her gigantic key to the -- he's in he's -- done well in the post season gives the Red Sox in the past remember Longoria. But -- there's no need to even confront him is my point is he was the only guy and it's truly damaged an arsonist fortieth birthday why tempt fate. Right -- just under and I Bob celebrating a birthday united though that's a huge factor in out his facts Robertson for once. Maybe the history of his tenure with the Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia is aggressive. Heads up style baseball hurt the -- Yeah collided -- there colliding -- drama would have been an inning -- any inning ending double -- and now everybody says 31 out on that they look like the -- in the first -- -- -- yeah that was huge and again here's Pedroia who I love you know that I love again. Do what it does investors play aggressive heads up baseball is those in the dirt and it and it cost some liberal Hosley was constantly and it's a -- like you know but but that's what -- trying to get it right -- a gave fossil record and of all the times and in every game he's made plays late in the week. You watch from the other night you don't lazy turned if Emery gave him. He's a great ball player and all of a sudden what he dated. Release stymie the Red Sox in that situation because it would again not enough -- nothing and different out -- of course in the game. I don't know why you writer but pressure wanna see. Morales and workman's. And it -- play off potential clinching game is is it is just me. A -- -- can be a bit wild throws hard we know that their leadoff block courage that's what he -- Brandon Workman for that strike -- Ferrell -- and a but I I don't know if I completely trust -- yes you can't walk the -- he -- have a guy who's not gonna -- -- walk the leadoff hitter in the game like this and that was off. I had a lot of let me just say this game had little intricacies that -- Cause you wonder for couldn't have gone another way read -- got a couple breaks still. Oh absolutely yeah the stolen base by Mary Mary is also Ellsbury to third of edited out by six -- he was out. At an -- and what that did was that which -- situation where. Now when you come around of the game's on the line again Ortiz is out of the game. And very sitting fourth unit shipment carp who strikes out yeah now I -- also say. And -- three something real an account of Saltalamacchia. And drew disappointed me tonight in a big way with their inability to get anything done at all with men on base that was painful. Red Sox had -- nobody our big it was earlier in the game there -- -- and Napoli nobody out nothing. And you know they scrape and scramble for the three runs they get before the fourth -- finally come in late in this game. I don't know I mean I think there was some some question marks -- can now in my panic while and I think they would tomorrow night Red -- to. -- gonna panic anyways should perform after one laws because this is the way the recession ignore all year argued they don't they haven't had gigantic the long winning streaks. But they've been winning two out of three of the whole year. They went on -- won a lot of series. Three out of 43. Out of 52. Out of three bing bing bing you know and it 600 ballclub throughout. And let's face it down there and I saw some things tonight from the umpire. That made me think he might have a date tomorrow night in Tampa at the -- outside saw you I tweeted that yeah yeah because I wanted to share that with -- so we can exist that place anymore I don't know doesn't matter who beat an example veto it and not bonds and let's make sure it was a game tomorrow. You know of course. And I'm -- it's again in my afraid -- to tell who would be. He throws his strike the ball's low he goes down again he hits it out -- -- -- at -- the thing you the other question I guess deposed as the emerald stockman is Zander bowl -- whether issued a penchant for Stephen Drew. So what's -- tactical mistake by John Ferrell in that situation did the Red Sox put themselves in. And a little bit of a by now nevermind Tampa Bay with the cramping of of minors then. They had to do the double switch and lose their DH and all that other crap going on. They kind of made a couple of mistakes and they -- all of its always wanted to get that spot I don't run that sits. Well but tone sounds like some sort of suntan lotion -- -- play as -- -- you take when you got -- of frontal headache. Take -- -- but so confident that deep local bottom MySpace and a very good very good for the race you know whatever. Another game tomorrow night tomorrows will be at 837 I believe writer is correct. And then after the game writers the marathon man. Will be here would be it's a lot of wee small hours of the morning is correctness. Talking all the folks out there who was worth of baseball on TV would primaries drinking. -- may be -- both the choking their pet chickens or something photos. And so here we are alive and -- talk to you until lump at least midnight 6177797937. The text number and we'll get telly text messages to. 37937. As the Red Sox lose game three. And gave force tomorrow will get right to the phones but we need this quick flash break stuff I crap. -- phone calls -- taken right now six point seven service and I 790 several try to -- real fast for those who hang an underweight Mike in -- your first the Red Sox road to redemption thing. Red Sox were you review one Everest doesn't matter we're here. Mike I might go ahead you're on the right. I had I I just want to say that I -- absolutely huge important -- -- in this game will assuming he's. I'm in the IQ's. I don't see mentor in at all well. Nevermind. And Morales and walk in the first guy the inning that haven't Brandon Workman coming in who's been Dicey at best he's had moments where he's OK but you know right guys. The young guys pressure situation. I -- a -- -- for bringing in the veteran Dempster in that situation -- -- a prominent. You know in Pretoria. I'm I mean that was a critical but to hear what occurred but did work -- pinch. That poorly I mean all right Escobar reaches on a ball that. I used to -- Clyde it would throw in a Delmon Young with a -- -- the ground obviously Arianna Rodriguez before I didn't it said poorly as so it. But -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the decision made to bring a man that's in that kind of scenario you can and the series Graham why why can't all the heart command. I -- five outs. 88 tonight I -- has tiebreak. But it. Took me aside -- with the I don't know moralis here's a cardinal sin there Mike -- efforts guy you don't do that well I think did the plan was -- they don't wanna bring to a RA in that early because it is a tie and it to get a Michael and experts. Right and that's a possibility -- possibly going to pictures though. You know we allowed this that -- management will allow this to happen. By allowing that -- command that's were changed a whole complexion of the game and you know. The five right now front morale some look at the mirror going and you -- allows images it was a messy there was a messy inning made it look like the raised in the first two -- some of those mistakes -- -- in the the top of the eighth inning the Red Sox get Ortiz walking for the third time okay -- left handers and Ortiz draws -- walk Barry transform steal second but he's really out. Napoli grounds -- to short no advance the goal was intentionally walked. Salty strikes out swinging and drew pops up well third fatal blood. Are you can tub margarine salt -- who I wanna see do something in the series cartoons of the series Napoli. Absolute Napoli has. Does not shy and so for and he -- faced a couple of lefties in the first two games he has an immediate but so far gotten much done David. In the great state of Florida David how are you. On -- signed on to sink -- involved. Lot what what is -- Dot com. Two and Korea and that situation with two losses in the one hour and nobody out -- basically you know -- along Yemeni. To -- break and first it's empty yeah what is he thinking. I think I'll stick and he has a three nothing lead and he doesn't wanna force -- bases loaded as -- put the time they were winning run at the plate but I understand that but here's what. The measurement is who's coming up next -- -- Levin who's -- who's. Overwhelmed with fear in this situation. And not the birthday boy Longoria who's known to crush people including Red Sox. But not parts. -- that's number one number two. I agree with the situation in the eight inning. To control and fourteen active and not giving up a walk and stole second -- the cute and he was all we do without but he's the -- that got second -- What kill me with the Red Sox and that's where all yeah apology go to -- Is the kind of hostile -- aversion to stealing third base last until it changes the entire complexion of the game. With all the about the command and it filled -- the -- and the right stressed that the pitcher but they do not believe since. Still well and especially the left I left -- pitcher you have nobody idea of Mike Napoli facing the left the united situationally grounds out to short. Where do a better job at least advance in the overthrow grimy city but somebody bunting there would have been better -- would and a third one out. -- kill me. They do not believe in and and somebody somebody in the media. The real barrel up all wadded monopoly -- sure they're sure -- -- that question the -- and doesn't do it. -- -- you know Britney green light heat and outrageous chooses not to do it or piece. He's tall poppy is still third base but there are put the game went on third base especially at night. Can be such a commitment in this position. You don't make that you don't make the first out or the third out there and I don't mean that's a -- world but secondly it is horses more susceptible to it may not give left Tehran -- -- David and that's that's what -- -- -- -- that he was on the bubble at Ellsbury stole third in the night. But it -- to articulate their. I am and whatnot and two walks and -- don't look at it I just don't get it. It it would -- -- would bury just stole second. It's it's not that difficult to figure out that certain guys about a lineup didn't even contribute anything to runs and address -- and every opportunity to. We haven't that you're expected I think the bigger deal here's David as you're expecting your hoping with a lefty on the not a -- in Napoli. Facing a left handed an apple is gonna knock on Iran and you wish you -- at the left hander drew get a hold on second -- David what about the lefthander. David yeah this wait 12 okay. But the left hander drew facing in a crucial situation facing a ten -- an amount more than once I'm not sure. They you know go for Bogart's that was at the 78 the eighth the eight. But you're right now about the possibility. Absolutely right David where in Florida you need Tampa. No matter what on a good you know they get to worry about that. That's in May next day it's called infrequently disease Nikkei had stated John Farrell he's like the only -- really -- -- OK hello bad. That you don't you don't want to talk about baseball we could talk about the great round of golf I had the Joseph Morgan golf tournament today insurer wants to get you don't always -- ballgame stuck in my golf round. That what's out. Hey guys Mikey John experiment or worse. So our guests are. Obviously big disappointment. There in the end but my only point is. Maybe a good thing the guys are working. It's this Detroit Oakland game com. And that it worked and we sweep them tonight. And then -- that we got that 34 day rest again. That it hurts -- last time you know 345 day arrested it he came out of the box twelve to win that seven of four and in two consecutive games and they know it did play again as well. The play on Saturday. Right OK. Just look like yeah I mean I understand the consideration that because I always wondered -- -- little tiny -- Ross grows and it may be that makes him as a game. It didn't happen recites the play that enter squad game. And they seem to have no no well probably that whatsoever. Course they were at home the whole time sold -- to well I think apparel made a good point leading into that it is a big difference when you know you're gonna when you're gonna play when you're not -- -- some of these teams -- the past that -- don't know when they're gonna startup. 6177797937. Writer and Mike you ready -- you Red Sox review talking -- you know about the Red Sox -- Red Sox sure. And no one pitch down to Longoria and here come. Swing at a time. Okay. We're back here iris such review writer in me and we're targeting UN -- getting your text messages some of which are very very good -- which are just absolutely stupid. I like to guide his says this guy here says. Work -- -- text is soft Adams watched gamers he read a box door. Well I divorce game and my question really about work and it wasn't about how well he pitched in tonight's situation but why is he in the game at all he's like that these like the tenth is like the ninth or tenth guy out of eleven -- I don't know -- -- likes him I'm not out off like completely trust of the -- like come quite apparently that you can make you know the strikeout pitcher in those situations may be he loves that may be loves them. But my question is more or less. -- what's. Why would he get to crack at coming into a tie game may pretend that's the question I'm asking not how well the pitched tonight giving up that smoky. Was I was even hit it really was in his ruling it. But. This is a guy over the course of the year user run average ones. Do you. It was around 54. Point 97. Is that the guy you go to win the situation that's my question and -- not as Workman a good guy who is capable of getting guys out. Well well as he tabled called pitching his -- soft yeah but guess what maybe he's not a guy you get the ball so well I think he's so that. Now who's too confident for the rays in that situation and it's part of the reason also part of receiving go to Dempster is because Dempster is prone to give up the warmer and it's not just Workman. You know it's Morales to. You know it's a tied ball game -- the -- can play off paralysis one way -- doesn't know nit -- out here thinks it workmanship committed to be committed -- a whole -- you know tomorrow night may result from our morale is this is either really good -- really -- there's no in between -- -- and -- -- symptoms that you featured a believable curve ball he throws are -- is either -- -- -- -- can't control it and he's not trustworthy in this situation like that. All in Rhode Island of the it's such review program of all. Yeah unborn don't -- how -- Good partnership. Listen this is an operator okay. Psyche quite easy six innings he had number three got a. Right you'd go to get past re released pitches which in my opinion is Brett low for the seven. Egypt has the power went -- at the -- and you we are quote I mean it's a no brainer. It never even know. It might. Well Breslow -- of -- you know after row -- there really is our and I understand that it is that it will resolutely pitched a one bad election called. I don't do I expect. And best picture or she and Brad plop one I think he only pitched one past. That can make any sense. Why bring in a reckless reckless -- biggest problem his entire career is that at hurry he hit both strikes. So that it didn't -- to bring you that we re old. And Larry Bird Breslow and -- is our so admitted I guess it's the other decision is whether to bring -- browser going Koji right there. I guess what seventh inning -- eight hitting speed against their. What is now and I pity you re right because no brainer. Well we're hoping is that what buckles gives you -- it right or deeper on the amount you can use our quote if you haven't did he really pitched that great tonight. Oh yeah darn well -- -- of -- with a three run home run that was -- that was -- he gave -- he gave up the three -- part of that was on -- you know low inside changeup that. Against the best return to the question is surety of bin. Throwing all balls on the outside part of the plate that guy with the hope that he swearing in a couple of them and leaving first base open at that point times -- Pitch around that car. -- -- -- I don't think that the play at least six innings he gave up -- -- run. That's all you want from -- -- -- I'm gonna have a he's better than a number -- not looked at a number Hillary. But I didn't mean when he catches for most of this insidious -- army. He never barks three guys and he gave his command was -- of seven -- that's not Buchholz Ian at that point in time we struck out five home runs would kill them but here's the killer. You say to yourself OK game on the line RE eight inning. Let's see morale is let's bring it and will follow up with a Workman. Who had a four point 97 ERA and a whip of 140 total. Yeah that's that's the decision you make of the game I don't think so. I called my opponents said that he does all the right -- Farrell will be -- -- that he will work. With him -- -- a no -- -- You know and here we are we don't you can't -- expect the Red Sox aren't we sweet crazy but given the thing is not that I completely interest the -- didn't it would -- -- It did his job I honey he okay he writer I know he he didn't do was really his fault. That that he advanced that inning OK Mike Mike again when I'm saying view is. Morales -- in that order in that inning to I think too bad decisions now in my it worked out for Workman. In that he didn't have he wasn't across the problem morale is leadoff walk was but guess what. I don't think he should be an active or morale is at that so what are you do you think guessing those guys for X yes save those guys for extra innings if necessary. That's what you do it. And while they're getting loud and -- yeah. Let's go to met for a while that my guy you could use and extras to go for awhile if he gets warmed up and up is too broad. Seattle guy who liked that -- either a Dempster would have better for me but it definitely of Koji in that situation if because you it's still a tie game. So -- pitches the eight maybe doesn't pitch tonight to -- throw a lot of pitches the aids you know somebody else but. You got to get yourself out of that jam you know especially morale is committed that was his back that was the biggest -- a ball but to think. God and morality would walk to one -- would probably walk to invite to that pitcher in the I don't think I'm not tablet to blunt the Arabs into the goes deep and make it right yet but it. Actually the guy appalled just before me so the -- -- -- you know in terms of the misuse of the bullpen but he didn't use. You're gonna bring -- you can bet they use them not just. But for three out you know but. I think the mistake one of the mistakes that that he can do about it for like that at that point I'll -- it. The PB traded on the line tomorrow that this is a chance you know to promote the. Can't because that's not you wanted to -- -- Omar -- the way they're talking about a -- national television in terms of the potential world. Of the places but I wanted to make it. I think how to get into the playoffs this did not. The regular season why did he couldn't -- Gomes automatically for not I believe in this because then the -- you gonna switch headed there. Same goal and get it if he doesn't want to pinch hit did. Well and shortstop Alex god. Four. You know. Broke the habit I don't mind that all I agree with that move Gomes for nominates situation numbers -- completely. Different. Ready never let me know what you might go lefty but you know they say they are essentially walk on Summers a beacon free read what's gonna happen here. And he went when Ortiz is limited in the forest by is going to be quick and very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While we -- -- -- -- -- great guy that I didn't have any problems with -- they would stayed in the game if you wanted to extra innings but. It neither one of them is poppy when it comes to a situation like that and that's what do you cut off you know and it is that the reason they did it was obviously the right -- -- trying to get that one run. But I I played I played for the big inning. Did I just think yeah sometimes you have to have the -- and rural -- gambler in in the playoffs. What do you like take the Dodgers tonight that they they moved up -- had to go for the kill but they gamble they get they -- -- it at home. And they think this is their best shot. You got it you know to clarify the series you've got to take it yeah. That shot yeah I don't know about the dodgers' decision bridge -- only days rest I would I become a role is Freddy Garcia. That Cuba. Pay -- you have a splendid night down install remote. I've questioned you know. It's -- however. It branded chrome still on the playoff roster for the for the race Heathrow and -- -- just curious. He was with them during the. Yeah I know he's hurt his -- is not other playoff roster that you -- the other Gomes is a reliever I don't that it won't go all the ticket and I went surfing guy. Yeah Rick I know I go target -- that's enough meant thank you are and then these. Normally we let -- -- tells everybody forward their tempers his including Steve rule known once a year. 6177797937. -- at 37937. This from says Mike whether it's not gonna stop trying to beat Longoria by pitching him inside he kills and every time. You can't let him beat you you put my first take a chance admired by a good chance by the -- as we mentioned Myers. That home by yours incident involved at Fenway Park and all that. And I ended up you know for twelve so far before coming out menstrual cramps in the seventh was -- seventh inning they switch happened I don't know they remembered. Buyers out of -- use the after that it now when he struck out in the seventh. -- Troy is -- hurt yet we know that today you know but let's forgive Dustin Pedroia differ because for ninety and a hundred times he makes an aggressive move on the field it's the right one. And it hurts and I used to say it was a kind of spooky thing that was a double play ball in there being no outs and and bases loaded after that. It was as if he thought Bogart's was it short. Okay his -- if you watch the game has MLB allowed clay. To cheat every pitch. Yesterday video of him throwing between starts big -- Every game and 2013 Harris -- before and liquid has got -- ball continues to -- his index and middle finger in his -- then -- -- -- done. Dark stain above his right but stocks. Its parent yeah well this guy texts and notes that mean -- -- after that every -- you know what a joke did you notice he did have any always does even in due course. The bull frog. Lotion on his. All of -- -- Lantos suntan lotion on his -- form yet well Soledad that that was visible if clay that I was talking myself about this earlier tonight is he like he's a fan guys -- -- baseball. Has it that 80 which what -- towards real good daddy. And that we know whether he's doctoring the ball stopping the ball don't put some stuff on it. If you're so good that it that you can't get caught. By people who were looking forward then maybe deserved to get away with -- and certainly the hitters like -- look at right now yes he'll -- And he's a cheater who he's the Jews are Qaeda are now looking at right now I know he's cheating okay look at his body. Okay that's just that's ridiculous he is on something right here you know so the hitters can cheat. Amid the pitchers deserve a break distressed -- gets good genetics is huge the -- You know the strike zone's big the umpires like him that well yes sealed Wiig is definitely a -- the deal and its future. Meeting and in his regular gobble females -- -- means more. You have to use yes sealed weeks -- I could be who knows -- have -- anymore Joe's in the car Alia. Red Sox review. -- I. You know elite eight that wanna take it to the Texas which is stalled under a little bit. The order them badly tonight. I don't think it was a ball and W field to try moralis. And I mean don't block. We don't know another -- nobody that inning. The ball didn't leave the and you'll really didn't know that that that's not the point you walked the first guy and you're you might as well just say I suck. Well in -- eighties -- upon cleanly and Pedroia didn't count of first. And then the royal. God for drivers to party get away what happened in Napoli broke toward the ball yeah it wasn't -- -- was not -- should stay at home on that knows paralysis ball. Right but I -- outlook and can you tell me what morale listed Joseph Joseph Joseph you're telling me what Morales did after he walked the first hitter. Okay that's the guy who scored. That's guidance and again we have it at the bottom play. You know I mean he regrets altruistic that bit about. That -- -- -- that pressure brought -- you don't -- -- I get. It I -- I mean I totally out of you know what it's different when you go 123 after you board allowed the guy to come around and get on base in the first place. That's the thing you don't you know walked up first. Guy the epic you know like it happens when you -- it happens when you regain crappy pitchers can't throw strikes well I mean I -- Yeah I mean I will Oprah owns rustling in the killing and I don't know if we put them and they that we I would -- well I. I mean if we get a lot of response I'd still go Morales in that situation over over -- -- over -- -- or over Thornton -- some of those -- -- over -- Now but it's a tie game your -- or two years I mean this thing you're looking for coach you may be two -- -- -- story -- it was a tight game they brought over the -- so why Casey bring about so they're saving him for what a night that it was a -- ninth and tenth is what to try and that they -- what was different treating it. It's essential that you got to put out the fly out. For the night and that's right you know play Sunday we heard mediate in and try to shut that -- -- -- -- Yeah you know because you throw strikes he'd get out of an inning an 891011. Pitches and then you know Buchanan here's a guy you used to be a star he could certainly give it to winnings and and if he gives it two ways we -- heads of him on top than it is at the Pittsburgh five race. Look right to -- I think I just you know put right. -- you know eat eat eat more aggressive and that's terrific but -- I don't regret so not a good thing and now any. In this -- in this rare case it was a negative you're right six point 77797937. We're gonna hear John -- maybe John -- can explain. After the break. A little better as you might have in the press conference to people -- sure questioned him. About the Longoria at that which is probably. Tactically the biggest missed about a bunch of of things the -- -- ruined because of the owners -- are things the big one overcame early and one of his the three run lump was. Pitching to Longoria -- we'll take a break and come back to that sound here on Red -- review. And a night with a Red Sox. Lose five to four and the series not two games to one of -- -- for game four scheduled tomorrow night 837 OW BO Sports Radio network. John in those early in the game any consideration walked Longoria in the fifth. No. Not synopsis. To bring the go ahead run to the place. Clay and struck him out popped them up off onto the change ups and got ahead in the count 01. The changeup was near the spot that try to thrown down -- man on him I just didn't get to the bottom of the zone as much but a no no consideration walking him. They had a for the skipper he wasn't gonna walk. -- you know you -- a simple logic and I always an argument for any any opinion do or don't do. I look at that as a broad concept of this. The race don't have a bunch of great hitters Loney can -- our time and time again and surprisingly but really it's all about. Number three near your lineup every single these numbers in the policies and in his career. He's a cup around 370 crazy he was such assistance for the rest when it then so saved him Crawford. Who -- two home runs tonight it was our home runs. You know that's what happened subs that sometimes it changes seen. But. You know as far as walking Longoria it's really about who's up next. Who will convert ship PO I know you had the bases loaded and is Myers capable of hitting a home run at thirteen home runs as you know something like that of course he has. But an -- in that would be the go ahead run. But with Longoria it's -- is a pretty save bet. If anybody that line of stoic pitcher and -- your -- well for the long ball and drivers -- -- it's yeah he's scares you the most more than any other -- -- by far. I don't use any question about and that's on the post -- John Ferrell -- and again -- second answers as Tommy let's sort of went throw me John Ryder. -- -- -- I don't like he says that because first of all if they have to guess they don't know anything about baseball and secondly it takes him to -- just to get it right. Of an. 28 when it's always perfect and met met at a Mets and a bed and Chelsea elementary you. -- outdoor what's going comment one that would allow Michelle thanks. Note that I sort of one thing. I say -- have graded it I mean I think Evan Longoria hit a great area up. And I -- -- -- playoffs. And talent pool which aren't you can pull out hot like exactly they are -- -- that was I was surprised but no statistically -- even -- -- -- -- -- well. You know I've for the Padres in 84 yes you're gonna say well he's a 188 Harry got hot for a couple days. Overtime -- at 245 hitter. With seven home runs all year long and good for him say you know what and they retires oversaw Longoria and say hey you know. That was a lot but it was a fun game and there's a lot of interest in parts of this yet and so -- game. -- was weird. Not in the end. The same way they like our great -- it up you know told that an -- -- that it. I wanna talk about spilled milk no film looks like a great no ill will and will middle bill is building built. Well Israel and William Desmond. Out so called bill nobody calls it. Goldman and make it great. Policies and I -- -- -- the old analog or I don't think -- Russia ever -- order a short -- side. Now on the. You know plus one -- knows it too bad it was that you know is one of those very rare things where where Pedroia. Purchase doesn't usually ever happen that way. It doesn't usually happen but I think he caught the game I I think you know it's sort of not get -- certainly get our our -- -- -- they are all like. Saddam in the game tying run -- you know I think I think he lost a night game but I really do what you guys think. Of course he -- meet me you know again it's there with their about a scenario of different -- -- lower factors that affected the outcome of this 54 loss. In Tampa Bay the other twelve to seven against him for the year or 211 against him right now in the playoffs. And you know if you if you if if you automatically think of the rest are gonna go through sweep everybody in -- then you know you're -- -- -- the playoffs. Now -- -- be sorely disappointed if the Red Sox losses series oh yeah -- Hud says oh yeah but I'm not gonna panic. Tonight everyone log -- and I might get to the ticket tomorrow night you could be right 6177797. 937. Now programming note tomorrow night's game at 837 start time. We will have a special road to redemption broadcast with. Salt and holly and who else -- -- Loom along maybe tomorrow before -- someone who says -- -- our special broadcast of Red Sox review after the game until probably. -- 2 o'clock in the morning and goes right with the 830 years haven't sort them. Now if it's a four -- game tomorrow of course will be -- around midnight or so later -- -- -- has regulars at -- game will probably beyond it denies them now -- this game four hours nineteen minutes and that is a part that was -- -- -- forever with runners -- there was it was a long game tonight -- almost like Yankee Red -- can. In Brockton we go to gym next hello Jim. -- all -- how you -- Jim up -- those guys. I just thought this was again in the the -- -- as like you might say he urinated away because. -- it is to yeah but -- I usually just say that I want -- is the word at all but. You know. Is it that intentionally walked Longoria with dangerous. Suspect economic team -- almost. Ought. You know the storm but don't keep documentary that's if that's around -- -- it development and it -- -- -- I got -- let that get us. I haven't shut out. -- that wouldn't get any more runs up the buckles up about having Mike. Well. I -- a -- a little too. It's hard to say what whatever you know -- Disco which you know and what happens when actually did happen you have the flu key part of this whole thing. Was that was the play -- at the the double play ball that was -- played second base this story is never in the way. In the UK I don't know who would have been a double play it would have looked like he could amendment but you definitely got a sack yet at least. Still corporations Longoria well. We will be difficult operation woman Gloria Michael. I would have done that I wouldn't you know look I I don't think you really give -- much. You know yeah I know about it potential locked but it -- -- we get a percentage. Just so that doesn't like but I. I get throw Koppel and it's almost a semi intentional you don't you don't actually put your arm out with the catcher in Markham. He just throw you know the pitches CV bet and by accident you don't Daisuke nibbling. When you don't have a real biological or mental illness usually. Some of them -- to Longoria and -- generational one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lot and it and a bit of the field rob innocent vitamins so there is just played appalling electrical. -- at the same exact additives to the Braves -- that he was Elliot Johnson bowl people the triple. Mark my words as she got CO Wiig are gonna find out now as chief reason mental case he's -- -- is on the line jobs at a card jungle I had. Elliott an error has gotten -- that this. And critic Harold and I look at the my problem BOT. Walk. You take -- -- Sort of picture. Now that the picture on the mound is a lefty the major on the mound thrown seven. They're not but not been put -- out at second base he was. That in the way it. They can't pull out there right fielder and all of the sudden -- go to national -- batting in the lineup yeah I didn't hear how long the game went good at least. I would I would but I -- -- you know obviously the picture. -- play in -- -- old model should. Well action was ironically lol but Cohen ended up hitting an -- on in the game winning homer right. As they did double switch. So what you know you've played -- living out. That -- -- the second day why aren't they walked go home which you know to go to bill. -- Saltalamacchia strikes out. And then. You know economic collapse. Last he made an even even -- -- -- -- It's pure lead at the -- and they stole that game. Where he could come into each produce a line. Many different because. That doubles which is -- All over the place like army guys that an even knowing that you. Are not a bad. Mauled Carl -- well. And here's the reverse that they know that probably is a guy's gonna hurt some most of their line of -- you know he's one for one with three walks they just said screw it we're not gonna deal -- And then you got Longoria. Who's clearly the only real viable star threat in that. And that rays lineup and these -- second and third I would just had some of -- singles -- -- two run single. I'm not I'm not -- I'm I'm I'm -- -- morbid facing up. And it really jet largely in agreement almost everything Ferrell done all year he's done a fine job. You know we're going to be able to -- RT yeah but Mike -- somebody -- -- it'd be until that would -- on my door and I would win lose or draw I guess that. How -- sort reminded. I thought it makes sense at apple corps admits as much respect that I lost a price well this whole month sentence and at the end that Josh Beckett -- attitude that he showed exported out of I will take Longoria any. -- we now would you take a -- dropped the -- off his first name and was Eva Longoria. Oh would you still take them and take her place on Sunday and I used to Rios squeeze one more here before -- may make like bandits. -- -- -- I'm liking what subway yeah you do. 80. Gordon now or -- like that comment -- What has programmed to actually I'm not -- -- a jury's not having problems getting some one ounce -- with a salary again. Why I called quite a few -- All what you call -- -- little work I -- screw around some pet name form yet now I have a son named will does that -- its will and that's it it's just like you know. What do you do you must say that be -- that's OK okay LA all our equipment as well like I call I could call John Ryder -- Jack Ryan. -- would never be running. Jack Ryder about Al eldest girl that's all we want to note that all went all out -- if I'm at bat it's all right all. Right exactly the key thing they see that the policies once -- Enola we know what the last walk up against the -- -- -- the policies. Remember Aaron Boone I -- yeah. Now that I thought he'd get back to eat it. Now you have is it happens an -- Kurt bark like -- back -- because all of a sudden this guy's a superstar when you're 84 easier before Padre policies over the next year wasn't bloody -- a lot of with a royal buddy beyond the free catalog and a I know 00 you can't be. Scary yeah -- Right of -- -- well at least I'm on sweep ideally you're making a Halloween remnants there nodded -- razor. Tough team they always sore knees but I think the Red Sox finished off the mark narrates coming up on midnight show on face the call you know -- -- -- Becker tomorrow night after the Red Sox win the game behind TV I really think that's gonna happen to remind. I do. Yeah I do too I think he's out -- hard -- competitor he's going to be just you know luck in this playoff activity that he really boldest himself into writing he was economic the playoffs with Chicago no he was not there at that Alex who love assuredly still up. So while we'll have coverage all day long I don't -- talk about the jets I think they want to beat the I know that's why don't talk about it. Good to see a writer because it's all right and thanks to Craig is saying which brand. -- -- the up production of the program that it will talk to -- on the WEA Sports Radio had. Okay.

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