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Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Oct 7, 2013|

We sit down with the head coach of the Patriots after their offense sputtered in Cinci, leading to the team's first loss of the young season. Now at 4-1, Belichick addresses how they can correct their offensive issues.

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All right could spell check kind of take a few minutes with -- here as he does every Monday the coaches our brought Cuba Mercedes-Benz. And by -- cakes. Coach you had a chance to review the film. Watch the game. Unfortunately doesn't go your way what was the biggest factor in that yesterday. Well I think in the end we Justin Justin do things well enough problem in some chances to make some plays and -- Make enough of more make the right time -- a look at. As I -- you say after the game yesterday bill that you can do some things better coaching wise I'm wondering specifically. Know what what did you mean by that what are some of the things that. You feel that you can do to help the team win some games. Or when that game yardage this your first loss went back. Welcome and just since we could prepare for a little bit differently or. An episode a little bit more suitable for a minute difference. And now at least our next question and you prepare for all of these gains and you. Kind of see what or anticipate that type of game is going to be in terms of style. That game limited scoring opportunities rugged defense from both sides upon us. Is that the game that you envision. That it would be this a low scoring. Defensive struggle that the game you prepare for the game you saw. Well I don't think you -- of the game's gonna go in the NFL as -- could figure that you can really. Couldn't. If you win everybody else I think you just have to prepare for the things that. As a coast. You feel like your opponents are gonna do situations -- Kokomo it and and had a game plan for how to how to deal with them so. This scenario I'll never. Think things are going to be low score -- score in between there anything else I really I don't know it's gonna go. -- -- is that the game prepared for the he said you know you think prepared for everything we prepare for their running game they're passing and we prepared a global effort to throw it. You're prepared for their third down -- punt returns kitco and we prepare for all items and I -- loves him with they did you see you you prepare for what you think your poems are gonna do to the view. Pretty much everything that you and other. Yeah I don't think there's a whole lot alone and there weren't a whole lot of things that they did in the game. That we. We hadn't seen them do before. That we hadn't talked about. You know the blitzes I think those are we we've seen those before and offensively. I can't think of anything. Right off hand they did the pistols a little bit of a new thing form. They ride shotgun rounds in the Enron under senator runs out of multiple receivers. They put. Adult in the pistol formation and in. Federalists in do that before. It'll play down near the goal line to any mental caught a pass just about the one -- line tries to roll into the end zone did you think about challenge in the point. I don't know we. -- and thank you is we didn't think it was and just figure that he got touched at time wasn't worth -- at Talladega touched Reichman an official Kane and -- the ball very quickly. Sure the goal line. And pretty emphatically to -- and what I saw looked pretty close. With the coach so in the Booth. No nobody was really convinced that he was in. So. Looking at today again. -- went and overtime. CNN we get overturned boat and don't. About the public the fourth and two decision you made this year -- heard about midfielder. Third quarter as well for five minutes left in the third quarter. You make the decision to parlance. Not criticizing its facility just wondering how what goes into that decision making process. And -- at that point field position. -- -- the goal obviously is dependent deep but you have to look at your. What your offense has done what your defense has done to the game and -- or is it flow of the game decision or something. Where you sort of have a sense before and how you can handle situations to become a national -- thanks they can be definitely companies and it was or anything you'd seen in this game specifically that helped make that decision. Oh well we had done particularly well on third down so you know I think if you feel like you look at player you have. Something they want Iran and get a chance to run then you feel pretty good about -- my book. In north third downs problem. You know weren't weren't real strong point force at that point in the game or in any point again in. Edmonton. Tight -- -- position to -- that still proud of the percentage play regardless. You know they're they're they're a lot of things that we think will happen and thinks it actually so. You haven't had pins you can -- three quarters in Atlanta in happened obviously yesterday. What you think as a football fan is that they're trying to attack the patriots the metal. Right you see how they respond without them. Is there anything obvious like that happening late teens. With the absence of this are trying to protect them. -- well life when say that was a big. Part of Atlanta's game plan. Since that happened during the game and had the week to prepare for Cincinnati did them. And we -- at Cincinnati was kind of have more progressive attitude run on the ball they said that after the Cleveland lost that they didn't carry it there you know. Called up from its coach Lewis at -- as a big surprise that they called more runs the you know we had a couple plays in the running in that work. As well defendant does what we'd like both them really outside place. One put it off tackle on -- output was at all that cut back. But we know certainly things we could've done better in the running game and -- that was in the biggest problem in the game but we certainly couldn't. That are now they ran the ball effectively but you guys did -- they -- 39 times and four point -- scary you ran it eighteen for four point six. Surprised that she had just 62 half runs. -- Why not more runs in the second half for you guys. Well so -- know some of those plays were check some mom in some situations. -- got behind their list couple drugs and passing notes but. I mean overall running in the non negative runs and one goal one. In normal situations we did in -- places in our interest was OK we probably. In critical -- Post number eight point. I think our offense is just knew we had just haven't been consistent as consistent as we'd like to think so. And includes really everybody you know we we did some good things. We don't always been on them as much as we need to dominant one bad play. A dropped ball on this throws in this law penalties at the -- penalties yesterday vote. You know one thing in neck and a slowdown and drop or stop drug and then and you know the ball so. We had too many long yardage situations yesterday some pro football's Nelson. That's the rose couple -- -- that's -- one thing errors sometimes. Two things on every every drive it and essentially that is -- Of those things you mention there one thing you're most concerned about Europe to steal -- consistency. I mean obviously stale long areas immense -- Every team's goal and when we did that for example last week its -- -- follow -- here -- situations and where it will maintain the ball and movable convert third downs and stay on the field score points. Yesterday that we quarter was six or seven -- or third ten plus and it's. In my convert. Want to those statistically but the -- In your favors -- That's more positive plays and more manageable situations better execution in those -- is an execution or -- -- play calling each house on obviously. Everybody can do better what we're doing some. You can coach what are we can play the next few better ones. Will gonna do better job. You know the thing just one thing. And collectively which is going to be more efficient productive. I've talked to you enough over the years here to understand it with. What football guys who get it guys to understand an offense or defensive concept. Not necessarily a book Smart thing there ivy leaguers who. Don't get it there guys who hate books who did it. I was wondering with with -- understanding your office. What are the characteristics. Of a player. Who gets it and it's not books is not. Conventional consider an exceptional intelligence and what it. Moment in the an -- -- assignment football so and we log on assignment to do and we all have to recognize the defense. Currency at the same way and that comes from concentration and preparation and to a certain degree communications sometimes that's -- sometimes just visual. But you know all seen in the same things in the same. The same picture so we can get our Simon's. Execute properly so. Some it's just. Instinctive and obviously preparation intelligence and but and instinctively just being able to see it and then make quick decisions and sports columnist. What the what the look is and how we're gonna treat it ever -- equivalents before -- after the snap. Would you describe your offense is complicated. Well. I don't know that's that's good question. I haven't -- when a team in a long time zones -- -- for me to compare. What somebody else doesn't what we do what we -- him to do I think went anytime that you're in a system for a long period of time like we are. -- you certainly build up in Europe overall volume. And -- the same quarterback for a long period of time the same coaching staff. Four members of the coaching -- certain continuity amongst your. Players. You're able to have and this is something we did a couple of years ago when the situation and bring it back and and be able to do it you know not without practice but you know with some recall and some degree of confidence because it's something that we've all. Done together successfully in the past so I do think that. That the volume expands over a period of time. Or over a decade in the same system so. How you balance that for the young for younger guys are newer guys how do you balance the desire to make it more more advanced with what they can actually handle. Yeah well I think that's always you know that those -- broker -- On offense on defense and special teams and anything. You know I think a lot of times and puts on than anyone throw some -- and that's one thing you know something goes and then. And eliminate something else and then that that serves balance awful that there but. -- inevitably it probably grows more than it shrinks in the long run and you deceptive. You know find what you're what you're comfortable finally your -- an excuse. From a from a personnel perspective -- -- coaching perspective how much does that affect the moves or decisions you might make where is he might -- how do you how do you balance keeping somebody because they have the knowledge of the offense -- defense or whatever it is. Verses. They're aging you're looking for somebody younger cheaper etc. how much of a factor with that knowledge base play. Well depends on the gap in ten talent but as that gap narrows. You know that's -- experienced players they don't have an advantage over an experienced players and that's one of the one Leo is some tough questions when you that in training camp as a player who's. A little better player now because of his experience and is. You know gains from Russia open and savvy and so forth verses. A guy who has more talent more future. It isn't. Has experienced somebody else and will that gap closed. How soon will close and how far will the younger player. In your projections. Pass that veteran player with experience and that's you know. Your Benton. And you've been on a moving target there you know it's not it's not -- if it was clear cut than you'd make that decision when it's clear cut than them so. That's a gray area in the house those kind of decisions -- in -- -- that are that are hard. We had another game without Kron yesterday and I know how valuable roster spots RT. You know does look slightly it always just a 52 iron 53 guy so. When I saw it -- Was on the roster. When you when you need your your team. I thought and he's probably coming back to suggest an agency that I was definitely. So are we five he hasn't played did something change. From late August. With -- in his rehab. Thought it would be one thing and here we are an October and it's something else. And I know he's been we've been taken mandated day for her a lot of days now. I think that one of the most important things that decision was just that he had an opportunity practice if we had. Put on PUP and he wouldn't camp practice you know he gets in the meetings but he can't do Walters that he can't. He can't pretzel routinely champion pants into any of those things so. He's had an opportunity. Over the past. Few weeks whenever was that he. You know went from. Doing drills and just in -- do you know walk throughs and purchase -- and those kind of group things that. He was enabled in training camp that he then was able upped that to them. And work and has worked council is working on bodies you know Dylan doing those things NC in in after you know 21 does -- -- just. -- and passes from trainer strength. So well. Certainly -- whenever it is he plays he'll be a lot more rated a plane now and it would have been. Feed that suspended and so Yeltsin's you know working out the way coaches that it was -- if you had known that he wouldn't be able to go into week six or 70 we don't know he's -- real ago. We so we we did know about. What we did know -- the practice is an important part of his preparation and push preparation. And he was able to start doing that. In September effect -- -- was but in some time there in September. After we you know finalized or Oscars than he started actively participating with the team which -- -- and them before. And that was the next step and his struggle to us. Are in -- in a vacuum you look at it yesterday. He had no penalties. So that'll be good thing and I wonder. On the flip side Tom Brady was was you know law. Is it no penalties is good no matter what the situation or do you quarterback hit a few times and sacked several times -- -- well. Generally don't -- penalty but it forgot I had held to protect my quarterback getting hurt. That would have been OK do you look at no suggestion. Oh well we don't really coach any penalties so that's not gonna tell guys a target penalties. I think sometimes football's. Very. Loan. Counts it's obviously game rift make a lot of quick decisions and small lot of time and sometimes things happen guys kitten. Situations then. A vehicle for those penalties are sometimes unavoidable there. Bank bank calls the penalties that power to -- -- concentration. And we certainly try to prevent all those that we can understand some penalties are part of the game. But we try to -- as -- as possible and here at the no penalty situation was solemn. Bells on things we did well the field position in the game was overall a positive force we -- Angela. -- And there were a number things that we did. That would or could have been good enough had we done some of the things. A combination of obviously third down red area. To think things just. That they just weren't good enough so that overruled the things that we did do well. Bill now start for the -- question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. See them a limited time that he's been certified pre -- event on the equipment in the USA dot com this week's question. It's from Jack in Boston Jackson Jack wants to know you have time to follow baseball playoffs and are you Red Sox. I assure him and I have follow the -- Austin. That impressed with their two wins over Tampa and hopefully they can. -- tonight. Paul for a pretty simple. Tonight 6 o'clock right here on 937 WE yeah that's a conversation with the coach brought you was always by as BL I do Tedy Bruschi did it. And get affordable dependable life insurance or miss the allied company that is protected over a million family since 1970 and SB allied dot com. Today coach noble CO out on the field Sunday against the world's talked among our its outskirts are there is Bill Belichick act will be back here in just a minute we've got John Farrell from Tampa Jake Peavy is well salt and -- and WB.

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