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Jerod Mayo, Patriots LB: We still have a lot of growing to do

Oct 7, 2013|

Mayo joins the show to discuss the loss to the Bengals and what to expect going forward.

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And I get -- is -- -- -- every week I send it to him and bill and they they check them thoroughly as a fantasy racquetball player wouldn't and it -- him to do this week -- -- makes -- doesn't work world. Thanks for us down a good effort defensively. Is do you take any -- of them. Score any points at all and fortunately they score more and as yesterday so we have some good plays Khalilzad a lot of plays where we just -- ready to go and that's my fault and I got to look at the guys ready. You said ready to go was that the case and a third and fifteen -- quick snappy and are on defense or get them played outfield deepen their own and. There are multiple -- struck again you know we have must've found that we're watching here shortly but they're immortal players -- just too much communication going on -- you know. As got to get guys ready. Hero of the field there yesterday was that something going that going to this game -- -- -- he knew that this me some opportunities for some they were doing. You know it to be honest with you. We change every week is sometimes I'm able to run around and sometimes I'm not but I yesterday there was some you know some opportunities there to move around a -- play well for us. Those guys that are good job -- and to make enough plays just about him real quick because. Well in a running game do you study gotti's way I just I mean -- people amazing you know what I let him go and air -- out and I try to get the scraps -- express. What would you. We've played a team like that that was bent on on running the ball can visit. The office of Lima given room to the defense can rhythm with that too would you be careful. You gotta gotta you gotta be careful with that because sometimes it to a play action and it. Sometimes you -- -- -- -- as we know boy he he goes out on -- -- abdomen yesterday -- undergoing and leading many -- mean it went down the field but. I've yet to get to play an -- and anytime you have the team might there where they have outside threats and that is that get downfield yet to play it on the street cookies and you know Matt. Now hone in too much on -- either runner past. Drop -- joining us Lou mentioned all of the field is played your credit for half the -- I -- -- whole second on banks that are and understand that I thought I -- -- out but it was it out if yeah they're a great view that we're human -- -- where does the press the play that show everyone knows my fancy racquetball player. Look like if you -- you -- way to win with a line that you you had an opportunity. Was that a scheme -- were recently blitzer you see adults sitting in the pocket and realize your opportunity was. After you waited with a couple seconds right take a shot and there's just. -- you know much coverage that stated goes -- I mean. A guy fantasy guy like you doesn't Huggins. Host of different breaks -- -- a lot of factors and -- and racquetball players -- exhibited a hunger is exactly how did I give my kid hugs and well thought different oh it was it was kind of like you know my -- stated it is go up in the pocket. According to a ball three week war and he is on -- where that they -- win easily every day I saw the silent then I heard you. A young them from the -- -- I just you know -- you know Q school as Obama match when I -- is broad and stay imbalance and I could get the possession back to our office. He had some young guys -- studio in front -- it was with the injuries. I don't think those guys play for. -- are to be I'm not sure yet you know they made some plays a -- obviously with the sacks and you know getting purse from a quarterback but -- read a wash of film and the obviously we still have a lot of growing to do you know. It's not it's not like -- play with these guys for six years -- it was as you know and ethnic so. How we -- to build the you know bear the communication to the camaraderie and take steps toward nosed tough and this week. And moderated though. Do you see -- -- the enthusiasm and their faces of these young guys especially. Young guys that are on draft early draft was to adjust -- you can see that idea ever have to just. Column don't focus yeah yes sometimes you know those guys always come to this allies you know you're talking about the plays an ad -- obviously they're they're very anxious and very excited for the opportunity to let them play football and you know play at a high level you know the expectations around here. Are high and those guys that put a lot of work into the film Romanian practice. And and obviously shows up and again. You'll wasn't what Peyton Manning has to be talking with Drew Brees to run and I don't know guys outstanding and two weapons that kind of in your area right tight end Jimmy Graham Alex rolls out of America what he did two weeks ago as a -- Exactly those Gaza our vertical threats. Obviously there of their matchup problems you know Sproles with his athleticism and his quickness. I lines up and -- CJ grams a big target would have huge catch radius. I take eleven guys know to get pressure on the quarterback to tackle these guys in the open field and in a place. How do you compare Manning and Brees you've played against the ball a lot over your career. As anything similar between these two men from a witty approach -- quarterback in terms of the speed of the way they played up his retirement patent. Pay -- lives are at the super -- they'll break until I finally an alert on hate hate the man and deliveries of. That they're very similar. You know. Obviously not in stature of a different you know breezes sort of guy but he's all about timing. -- the bachelor better than anybody in the gamma. You know it's hard to defend the bachelor because. You know -- though obviously the receiver knows where the ball is that you have to know when he turns around yet to turn around it. He's all about timing. Pays at the line change enough plays out numbered -- -- -- -- factors that are very similar very accurate passes. And and that they never never in a bad play. Is it to your bench played an outside at seven to go to the dome and play them and in on that turf that offense. We always enjoy a plan harm anyways we enjoy our fans we enjoy you know those guys can run for us on third down especially so. He nominates an ally could elect announced if you play against Sproles -- to -- this this -- unique. -- -- -- constitutes a little running backs -- is you know he's there is a smaller guy you know one of those guys that. And that hard to find the back on the run game but also that emotion out an anti. Very quick like a slot receiver so we -- -- somewhat close he has -- years ago so -- guy -- got to see him alive. A great player. And be a challenge. Back to work let's get back to drop thanks take a few minutes whereas -- next week -- rob made a patriots linebacker joining us are to be which -- brought to you by Verizon. I stay connected to your patriots at home and on the go with files -- an Internet. An NFL mobile from Verizon. That's powerful we continue with your phone calls here as well talking about the -- and 617. 7797937. David is an ever -- up next with -- Lou won 937 with Steve DeOssie hi Dave. They don't guys good men and good about unanimous. Nice. I just think it's kind of you know not talked about enough how craft and bella checked. Just did not prepare for this year I mean to have Tom Brady with a creative side view window left. And not to get over a number one wide receiver. At least second stretch the field. The have a guy like gronkowski who's all banged up with plates is armed and end all it was an injury risk I think I just don't think the cavalry is coming. Even when these guys come back and he is just it's a travesty how -- or arrogant so whatever it is I don't understand it. How they can't prepare for this year. They let guys like -- Wallace. Couldn't. You know whoever else was out there Greg Jennings anybody be abused any of these guys would have been helpful. Bolder and bolder inaudible we get to San Cisco. Thanksgiving dinner he was I was traded correct. At Thanksgiving and it's dollar on February -- Wallace was paid a lot of money it's working out -- a year ago but sure but more portly. From last year's team would do was there deep threat there outside the long ball. Yeah let's get a good point. -- It's it's nice to have it's a -- and I agree with you it's a nice thing to have and would be fantastic we had Randy Moss from 2007 here. Of that would be great but. Last year you didn't have it in the east to a an offense and score points and ridiculous clip I think. It's more to the point that. You lost a lot of your receivers right now one of -- had no. Inkling that was going to be in jail at this point debts and yeah -- a team. There's a lot of issues there with walker well one way of you know you never give hopes of storybook. You don't I just I think it's a factor of a lot of young guys and and a lot of pressure on on Brady at this point. But yeah last week it looked that game in Houston Acadia at some point drop will be back -- and dole will be back in green will be back in and I still think you have to be patient with it you know I expected to be a tougher game offensively percentage the better team defensively. But we keep forgetting Aaron Hernandez was in the plants. And always an eight by ten cell. You know I understand it's gonna continue to (%expletive) you off because Denver's can be on every single week it seems. In Walker's gonna continue to make -- continue to take the punishment. -- did down at the one yard line when he smoked in the back of the head Jeff give up and say what's the next play you know -- never on the ground he's always playing. So it's gonna get you it is frustrating. But like this you Aaron Hernandez you know in the -- bring him -- maybe -- -- -- -- we now I know we won right in this week's. Shane -- a -- Korean -- and and is going to be huge parts of this -- -- and and would you like to have a guy like Wallace here absolutely would like to -- all the all the balloons not a deep threat -- it would sleuths he might have some long past but these -- caught anywhere from twelve to seventeen yards he's not a take the lid off the defense guy. Of the that was it that was a bad job that was so you don't treat him for right stick around and come out those promises in the fall -- parents -- and that's -- the data -- Korea -- it'll -- -- it's -- default -- to deal -- on but it wasn't -- Free agent class last year for receivers -- -- Wallace and -- Will probably the two marquee names. And Wallace. Still overpaid. Welker. Got to -- I've I think actually underpaid. Again the other guys Emanuel Sanders they wanted to manual Sanders on this team they felt like -- Emanuel Sanders they offered that tender Pittsburg match so. To an extent that the news that I did the callers completely wrong about picking your top off the defense because they took the sidelines -- the defense lash that's they attacked his or bottle attack attack and that share in the middle it. It do that because you have the middle with you I would just like your double team rocket be careful Hernandez here comes Wes -- the issue was -- -- -- so -- and Brady has sold. Little -- confidence in these receivers. That now when you pressure Brady it gets -- and Steve just mentioned it you know it did Brady's feeling that pressure. Let's not it was offensive line OK yesterday but it's because he drops back and he in my opinion. He doesn't know -- is guy's going to be open -- he's going to be in the right spot and the numbers back this up this is unbelievable. Subtle but what do you games previous before yesterday's game at Cincinnati. When you set fiber more -- that Tom -- Your -- again in the water he simply capacity 62%. Clip. He had 24 touchdowns to no interceptions he completed 44% of his first downs and was only sacked on 4% of the place. That's over twenty games sample size yesterday. He was four of nine or 74 yards sacked three times fumble. 21 downs. Out when he was splits five or more well -- -- was completely rattled and it wasn't just him he has no confidence that receivers. Right now honestly -- we talk wanted to actually during a break -- and -- told -- those numbers after the discussion because Yahoo! both agree right. Yeah -- if if from a defensive on the team right now I am going after Tom Brady and lets them in the past you might -- blitz may be Gallic Peyton Manning with the weapons that he has and how familiar are more important how familiar he is with those guys. It is quickly you got Wes Welker there with Tom Brady when you blitz. He doesn't have those guys of these companies and maybe gonna pick it up you know right in he's not getting rid of the ball as quick as we seen the past. Then not run this offense is quick as you see in the past that last drive. It they would 37 seconds to go play off on the fourth down they wanna make church right. But there was no no huddle a -- like huddling up half -- Trailing moving the ball benefited saw that from Brady has do because there's -- the communication is not there yet. Absolute right and you're talking about picking up the blitz we're not just talking about the offensive linemen and that's offensive line is is -- reasonable. Right now -- played better and they will play better great -- and -- the worker yesterday but there's still it's still reasonable offer -- line -- they have. A better game in the military I hope to -- them and I know Aussie reticent but. When you -- ball pick up the blitz that also means your receivers that means in particular slot receivers. They have to see not just the blitz bit to see the exact same blitz that Tom Brady seemed -- local was so good that that's what raucous delivered a very good at. All these guys and elements pretty good at a book when you only have one of those options it's usually take that option away and now. In the situation Brady can't count on. Everybody on the field picking up and see exactly what he's seeing. And I don't think it's because these guys aren't study and from what I understand a tolkien's and -- Dawson who is studying there working hard. It just doesn't come naturally just doesn't come. Just because you receive -- as the Munich -- since. We see all your phone calls we'll get to know was talked about his defense now on its offense basic 45 minutes. And what they struggled yesterday we've not mentioning -- deserves as much blame as Brady the offensive line or the receivers I'll tell -- -- -- next.

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