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Tom Jones Tampa Times on Wil Myers

Oct 7, 2013|

Tampa Times columnist Tom Jones joined the show to discuss the brutal weekend for the Rays. He said that he does not think Tampa has it in them to get the series back to Boston.

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Bob Jones has been in and around Apple's sport for quite some time that little time out in the Minneapolis as well but he is that currently the times sports columnist. Tom Jones joins us on the AT&T AT&T the nation's -- now most reliable -- GL TE network in the world. John Kerry and Kirk here in Boston Tom thanks take a couple of minutes -- aria. -- -- Very very good we should point out that he OC a sports talk show weekday mornings from six to nine on WD 8620 AM in 953 FM feature columnist. Sports talk show -- Double -- a operating at our maker -- did not -- ER zero double -- I got it up and read your stuff the last couple of days you say after a couple of days in Boston. The rays now find themselves in the game that has more than the season on the line what might that beat Tom. I think they're going to think it's like a little bit here you know -- -- it's. Milk that story that rate came out of nowhere 2008. -- put together by the sheer strength here. There are also turning into the Utah check out which is about growing. About it. The -- in completely expecting to be a contender but it. Sooner or equal a breakthrough in the Ottawa and one of the things that -- It's it's my boring but it's a definite line cannot be the playoff but this -- -- -- -- clear -- -- the. Were you surprised at what you saw in these two games in Boston and in particular what shocked you the most about the U ray's performance or lack thereof. What shocked me the most looked and acted like they had never seen Fenway park California -- on the degree boxer outgoing -- the ball on Sean Rodriguez WellPoint. Electoral and it happened Belfort joke about it. I thought they were tired I don't know if they'll worn out emotionally the plane albeit to a -- game. I haven't heard delete their -- to vote because direct talks are way better than they are by the fact they went in there and acted like they had never been bought to be an airlock between the -- beat them. What you're predicting they will be back here for a game Florida. A -- I changed my mind. I -- -- of sleep on it and I came to light sentence I think we have a chance and I. Because -- I think that there had been out Scott is their best pitcher. Why you'd better than David Price he got better stop that war. Opposite what happened it's a pretty good pitcher great uncle I think get a chance to light but the more I think about not that -- Is is. David Price you treat your penalize -- sensitive all the time and what just happened here. You know what he's. And now you know the good guys deal with quantitative data base understands his role the media. What you look at or when you go on the day before game. He's all their talk talk about the game. Exactly what they give you. And they don't torture search for -- front like yesterday. Looked cool and mature later on after we can't predict you forgot that -- let me. Look I understand what it's emotional out the game that you can't come on Twitter -- he got lit up. Or seven runs interpret that in the sportswriters and sport like counters are -- and I thank you realize that they did it. Betty is that immediately smarter than that but at the same time he can be a little bit with a look at a date sometime. But this market and overall I think to get done. And is he's got his -- for nurses wife says his girlfriend girlfriend she got involved who was is she a regular presence comment common. Does she -- couldn't person. You know what not you know it's not as much as Evan Longoria -- -- -- lower corporate and sometimes they're good David writes that golfer and by I hope we really don't see our -- how much they would like to go tonight. But at the Longoria can't seem to go what -- couple feet without running. -- is also. Prices crew for what miss Kansas this Kansas and hey top dolls there's the will Mott will Myers handled the playing great and laughed it off and give -- credit for that but I and I'm not necessarily buy and his. This explanation that nobody -- anything he just peeled off that fly ball in game one the Ortiz double on -- is any chance that. Somebody Ryan -- or somebody in the Red Sox bullpen and called for the ball. You know what I've watched the replay couple -- and I was look at this -- and yet. By the way out unilateral -- stay on. The date awful Myers -- cameraman -- I was Watson I would -- look at the bullpen I don't think anybody that it -- apart from -- and it's it's something. Although I don't know the Wellemeyer is Smart enough to realize that you shouldn't a month say that and that's good because it'll happen all the time. You know I don't know what the believe the white -- back spot and I don't said the college -- any other quarter -- -- Check into that good ways away so I'm -- even that close. Suite we think that you like -- right Jerry white might have been somebody out there you know I don't regret parts. But it might have been somebody in the crop. I understand why would deny -- you know you're you're inviting. Whole big like national -- controversy if you say. Yes somebody yelled I got it then we all start talking about whether that's classless personally over the lie and. Only that you can't admit that you've felt for something like I've gotten gains in the October Tropicana Field where. Let's say that there are only three or four people out there are so it's easy to get confused that somebody yelled I got that I got it and I and -- -- never -- a player even think about all put up the -- settled a bit -- and I can't imagine wool mart would admit to. And you know what -- what really stood out to be held definitively he moved away from the ball I was like -- bass reducer like drifted over and and looked at Jennings. He actively you know god out of the way by three or four steps. Yeah I don't want them like you got the last sort of like chump on the -- like he's running -- -- new shuttle until the way. Not pretty well. I looked at required maybe I'm over analyzing that they wait too much to -- about five or six earned. I get the feeling that even if he tried to -- it might not cause I had the feeling that -- -- it -- -- a little further than we thought it was gonna -- I guess is still surprised if somebody was gonna have a bit of a meltdown might be the rookie outfielder bit surprised about bends over support. Up performance over the weekend. Yeah you know what I got not only illegal you guys aren't they saw on the in game two you know he struggled in -- -- in the field well and then had an errant. Yet that's not what you expect a look at I think that's what -- it's great rattled. Are there -- to hit the ball they get that that's who they are there -- -- their pitching is going to be a little inconsistent with their bullpen could well lead. They've got loose games the way it was looking like they've never seen the green march before throwing a ball away. How they strike out turn -- two basically doubles because got on base because of the I think it's what they -- -- it's not come about the blocked because. They're losing -- in the way they completely gains which is what defense and they'd been look -- characteristic. I think that little rattled right now. And if if -- pitches well and beats Buchholz yet they turn their lonely eyes to Jeremy and Alex and -- -- -- -- All here the only thing about it like -- ban told that helped Ford is that if you look at the first few games the price or more even thought about fastball. You know virtually ignored he does cover jump and other Berkeley trying to get a swing -- it may be Jeremi Johnson with a changeup. -- council that I don't think so. But maybe that's their hope that they offer they can't -- that Chris archer the rookie might be able to amp up the pitch of the game might get that -- debt -- Alex might have a little more. -- at the bottom. -- I would be against. I don't think it took game four but I think yeah I can't imagine getting back to a game. They're expecting. Twelfth thirteen thousand people the trop tonight -- -- our top. Unbelievable it will be governor Robert -- he thought the Boston campus here that that -- the champion is supposed to be a sellout that it. Hey Tom when it went south for a while the mid September when they would and a little swirl a what was the -- what was happening with that baseball team when they were kind of circle the drain for a bit. You know that you are and where -- -- -- student -- don't go through stretches it looked like. They will never lose again and they're certainly think as you look at everything that it will never watch it again. It's -- added. You can't put the one thing you can't point they liking in past years where they're just not hit the ball on any dual more rockets one night it was sticker price couldn't get to fork in him. And the next site they get -- And then select an app that maybe not -- when did you -- the fourth inning and connect I think it's very. It's never the same page with this game but what they get well they look again like you're never gonna they're never gonna lose another game. Is up Madden the right guy to get their heads on straight now that -- back in Tampa and the second part of that question is is the love and adoration of Joseph Maddon universal. Down there. You know lock up. Pants for the most part here in Tampa -- like chill down but a fraction of fans on here who don't like the fact that he played we got a play small ball poppy reputed to -- Or something that you think. He tried to get smarter and a little some you know there may be charged topic itself. Where you he would benched this guy that he played -- Horry tinker with the lineup too much. I don't think you could argue with the success that -- guys that do I think he's right got to get a lot of that. I do that static although I don't know that he can't get them out of this particular slump I think -- -- to Fargo I think that you're used to -- on. Only because the way. The Red Sox beat I think they're beaten mentally at this point and Joseph -- come out and played in the game but I worked fine really going to be great. What would -- -- you look up you're down two not three not that that -- might think it came and early. Will he try to duet getting another tailspin in a conventional manager player relationship or is he gonna do one of his wacky little locker room things three brings in this maker of an elephant or something. You know what I. I think it's too far gone that I think if he does that now it almost looks like you're -- desperate -- -- at that point I think it's gonna let him thought like. He not thought that stopped late in the year when they would they would attract house and you mentioned just a moment ago. Are you not thought he wants that -- -- to -- anymore penguins are magicians and great daylight Norton is gonna go and play ball so. If you -- to try to do that now it will be a sign of the desperation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. You know once somebody to make you laugh good laugh and make you loosen up yeah I've if Nelson they'll -- or stellar Hala I got him right the countries like Frank Caliendo in the -- Joseph -- impersonation. Yeah you're laughing and -- Different producers writer and -- did -- not win when the snake was in the club and everybody ran out that's the problem one yet they they look at eBay did that Bennett quickly devolved into you know I think they lost 679. In eleven of fifteen an exit on arsenic. -- that you -- have in -- -- smallest. Public the tallest woman the smallest guys in the pieced him in the circus yes sure they do that still those traveling is still just I don't know like. Was that tells him with a check brittney griner -- and news and wolf commend it is also bearded lady perfect. Two birds who wants check things that chairman Alex and a look at the white metal thinking -- his last eleven starts against the six. Once. Once he went. 212. And seven the last eleven starts exactly -- day's rest his buckles is right on the number nine before Izturis don't know -- it was a he was away. Right now number knowledge publishing house simulated game it's all right it's all week yet and devious men while you're about too much rest much grass they lose tonight -- he wants -- peavy pitched. -- particularly supposed to feel liquid form bonds bonds in that game had strokes and start look at these numbers Ellsbury 556. Note some Neanderthal in primitive stat but why some -- -- two. Off lefty starters. Yes you have -- Mildred when Maurice. Acts tax cut held -- very fired for tonight with two RBI. And five it's. Jonny Gomes to RBI two for eight Ortiz 3752. RBIs 20 I'm -- three RBIs to a run. A Dustin Pedroia 3753. RBIs Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Three RB -- Usher in victory in a baton 500 final four operate two RBI don't think it scared they're not raise Hadley. Asked this question who will be adversely affected by pressure. The Soviets and that will Myers over stands Obama's David Price although he approached Lackey. The Red Sox seemed like almost all the right fight and for the bat cracked in of the dead you know -- -- -- well next this moment it's easier on the on the -- but still. The pressure's off they're going on the road and you know go on the road again is not. You'd rather be home but you're on the road with a -- even when an outfielder at the second guessing -- and they make things -- do -- you think -- be mistaken to think. Who are was in at six -- -- and I am surprised at this hour but he says I'm no matter who -- has figured some enough the way. To preserve your -- save your energy don't throw balls. Stock cobalt one out of pitchers think about the anti Daisuke what did you think of that if your pitcher and you wanna say drum and conserve -- and how districts don't throw balls he doesn't it was at the easiest one to three. -- cubicle is ridiculous I mean it was -- Texas got a good idea bring Miley Cyrus and the most in the comes out now would -- work. And the network that he's got to do something no because it appears hopeless they expect Joseph Maddon a couple of trick obviously. Is there anybody on this rays. Team and I know you probably don't will be answered just be digital -- cover them. That would sometime someplace around the batting cage today you walk relic have a large did back in the day and take. They'll let us win that I may be let go -- well is -- -- rules could be on the that is it was when tonight is hell exit tomorrow. So you're facing Schilling Lester tonight -- if -- go back tomorrow have helped us get a laugh I didn't are insecure crowd they don't seem to have that kind of guy do that -- I mean they might. Them as their manager I think that does and doesn't develop personality guys to write their manager that's his job to keep them loose and keep confident and I think it's gotten away from him a little. Buzzer -- time.

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