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Tom Brady on the offenses struggles

Oct 7, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show to discuss the teams brutal 13-6 loss yesterday in Cincinnati. Tom said he does not know when Gronk will return.

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This is an unexpected surprise Tom Brady our conversation with Tom -- brought to you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer centers at Beth Israel deaconess. And precedent credit union Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline. Good morning Tom how -- you. Boring but your best offensive effort did you see it coming in practice -- working better than they worked yesterday against Cincinnati. Well we we we actually had a pretty good week so it was just. That they are we never really found any -- we had. It seemed like every series we have played -- and not that bad words that got us off track him. This couldn't string together enough good plays yes in the -- so. That's ridiculous. Very few debut artist felt he can score six points in the and then he just. One of those days where nothing really scenes. Go right we -- -- opportunity out there we just never forget the editor that. Pretty disappointing. You know Luther king and you know hopefully we can learn from it and move forward this week and how our best and that's what that's available from. Looking at the broad based overview of what the offense accomplished in the twelve possessions. Is is sold on patriot like I guess from your standpoint it's got to be very frustrating. Well possessions. Eight punts two field goals a fumble and an interception Jews figure -- can win many games in this league with that. Yeah it was it was pretty 400 all the way around we get. There was not a lot of production and there was not a lot of production in the passing game and -- game and we only had 250. 250 yards off and one of twelve on third down so. If you can't stay on the field. Because you're not convert on third down but you're never really get a chance. Balance the game out run on the ball and we had sufficient -- we just. Because we thought on third down with this release could never. You don't get them into the situation where you know they started playing defensively so. You know they were able. Really do whatever they want to let us and we played totally on their terms all day. Because of our lack of our ability to convert on third down. You -- your offensive line struggling we haven't seen them struggle in a long time while I do you explain that Thomas and they losing 101 match -- is it scheme. His Cincinnati's front seven just that good. What went wrong upfront for you guys. Or they got a pretty big group -- -- I said earlier in the week in one you know they have a pretty good pressure package. When there with the guys but record I think it comes down to. You know -- what you thought it an offense and they're able to pick say they have for the England defense by. -- not the field on third umpire really -- -- they're called. An accident that covered isn't limitless and we never Stewart Yahoo!. Get them out of their comfort -- them they they just serve that you off on the quarterback in. You know I felt offer of our continent where it. You know we yes I think is. As a quarterback is still group we can do not -- -- offense but -- and how. Do to stop them from being able to. Really dictate their past first dictate their blitzes where they wanted to. You know we have plenty of opportunities on third under convert we had the first and second -- a very fortunate to gain. You know more yards and it -- -- because we -- -- to act that way. A date totals play. Solid temple in the it was just we you know all around for performers are -- -- our defense. Continued the bail reform really be that strength for our team there are offers faster at some point first auditory. On the throat to -- sold or did that I did that work in practice pretty well and we just was it's a surprising that the linebacker didn't bite and and and actually sniffed and Elton and and was there aren't coverage. Yeah. You know we we artworks but it's -- -- obviously and you know Nate was you know and it's actually that let you make comments or your -- -- Kind of didn't heartfelt play action pass and hopefully they step up and it would be right in free. He got tied up with a lot of -- a little bit. You know the linebacker should go to an environment. Slowed down a little bit. And we just ended -- They're not -- the play in the that we don't draw about. I was capital and -- -- we drama try to get those guys claim your free and only. There are trucks that you looked pretty good so we called it was a. Atomic the end largely a product of of the ball it's become -- hand maybe that the situation is almost like -- a monsoon -- that we're watching on TV. Top that was the weather I guess AMP did that play a factor in that -- There and it didn't it is certain come out a way that you wanted to. -- You know that it's if it's. Condition so he's. Been hurt both teams are playing in his term -- situation were thrown the ball. On every play. You know. It was just. There are -- crappy -- -- in the game so that was. You know British chancellor that. Letting covenant and you know which didn't come after the drive like that we -- an opportunity before. You know the -- really played a factor. Yeah it's it's him like the timing could not have been worse for that monsoon to start it's exactly when you needed to release are throwing the ball a little bit in desperation and announcers said they ask you about -- the day before. Would you Wear -- -- based on the weather forecast to use that only on the left hand based on Howell. Much the rain affected that ball coming editor had would you reconsider -- globe on two hands in a situation like that again Tom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I don't give a crap what your order and hit. It would have that would. As there is much greater blogger and supporters -- you know typically that will cater to you know missile defense in football. You know we got a situation where we have to pass things. You know execution because a little more difficult. But it didn't do what we needed it we try to practice for a condition and in good condition. You know airplanes pretty soft zone and I didn't get -- indicated that. It -- after he gets sacked a couple of times and you know you're going to be getting a lot of pressure from that -- defensive line from Cincinnati. Is turning your back politely to that defensive line on play action funding that starts to feel little daunting. Our. I think -- wouldn't do that here you're trying to so there's a little bit of risk reward so the play action pass in turn your back to the defense is sure trying to simulate the run and displace. Their defenders listeners -- coverages. You know we didn't think they come -- passed through you know Dobson. You know with a catch and run. So it -- You know he you separately track that looks really good some party tried -- and -- his you know. Basically what would draw and not have looked very good so -- whether we turn back and don't turn back the plan actually underscoring. What I excuse it below that we need to keep so we scored six points suddenly. You know we just rhetoric played well first capabilities -- field of law at some point we're gonna have sort of start doing that and more consistent basis -- you know we're we're worker artist in fact it's gonna try to correct it. And you know it's not like you know it's an easier for a it's it's a pretty good in France and England here this week we played I think they got pretty good defense -- defeated. So you know we got the start make in the police I felt players make here. You know we don't we're gonna continue to -- or not score points. At all to much pressure on our defense. You know what you've got to start -- -- get the ball on -- -- taken a bit of our street certainly didn't. On the field. You know -- on third down you know like by converting apparently get the -- article that situation you've got to get some bargains and so. It's it's it's a myriad other factors that elite sure. You know overall performance and we just have to -- all look at ourselves and try to make individual improvements so collectively -- improvement. It's better routine so that's. That's what our focus is going to be in the positive as well for a one after all the crap that he'd been through this year there were still pretty good position with our division within the conference. We are all -- and head of -- You know we need to develop some strength you know that we can really build on going forward it's only gonna get tougher from here. And although you may begin a pretty good tight -- back do you think -- we will see number 87 the Sunday. I have no idea you know like I. I kind of way to feel like ever so it's just. It's not my decision then you know the guys that are out there with the -- confidence since. So you know whatever role in the market place is really up to them in the way they feel. No we haven't had a boy here we had a Mossberg usually protests on your taxes without -- -- Let you know -- electrocution needs to be a lot better regardless of -- -- here. Are you seeing progress I know yet. Thomas a big game in Atlanta are you seeing progress Tom from the rookie guys safe from. The start of the regular season to right now -- these guys moving forward. Yeah they're exceptionally good bit of -- -- there and that's not. You know the rookies. You know those guys are doing is -- and you could ever possibly imagine America. Force in the situation where. You know there are in the -- you know most of our offense and you know they're doing -- good a job as they possibly can there. You know we've we've not been any -- you know most of these -- we miss Clark. -- their feet initially proposed the fees and there are some pretty good players they're. You know we depended on you know going to the fees and to play a big role. And an hour. The fact of the matter there have been out there are so. You know there -- those other guys are forced to do more and they've done a great job with itself -- -- -- he says. We need to we all get on the same page in. And we really haven't had a practice fortified our whole offense out there yet so you know we got us. We got to do that first of all I tend. Q what we can really do -- like as part of that is establishing what we do well and trying to figure out it's -- can. Really. You know. The thing that we can. And are doing critical situations what we need it the most that we have confidence thing you know we're still trying to it'll find those things written. Hope we -- -- that I can -- you don't give us a little more urgently clear because laps and so real physical -- -- they're but until that happens in the water -- continued do we care and the grind it out. Try to be as consistent as we can be. -- they're probably half a dozen smaller type plays that take place in the game that the web another way it might be a little different. Upcoming game changing things -- small things like a missed block here or receiver or runners slipping when it comes to big plays that don't go correctly. Do you allow yourself the luxury the day after that night after we're looking at film to play the what if game two in particular come to mind. If Bolden doesn't drop the screen pass in the first quarter that might have been a touchdown in his element trying very hard to block for Dobson doesn't -- adults on the fifty yard line. That might have been a touchdown that that's. Those are pretty big place -- like yourself that help the word -- luxury to look at that site. It almost happened but for whatever reason it didn't. Yet we have some opportunity that's what I mean what I say that. Yeah we got to take advantage of scoring opportunities we have so those are chances for a third. -- scorer and -- goes to the once we you know we we can't let go out say another one that pass through any doubt about perhaps yard line. You know I make -- better for our sake it's easy catching you walk into the end but I Iranian expert he makes a great catch. You know we get popped out yard line and then ultimately and at the end of three point series before it but how well. Those -- -- plays that we can't we can't afford the luxury. You know I'm not make it was because we're not. Could -- and the offense. Yeah. You know not take it fair to those play -- it's not. You know we're not put up sixty points -- so now what we do get a chance to put seven on the board you have to be able to do. Mankins said the offense has let the defense down you agree to Logan. And we we leave we have not executed also the level our ability -- expectation which course six point -- saddled. You remember the last time we are now we wanna talk on. Third down and you know we've we've we weren't very good in the red area group. Eric Robert I've been here we've showed pretty good progress so I mean including the preceding we won seven of nine thing so. It's it's not like words are capable bacon plays were just not doing it. On a consistent basis food and you know we have certainly have a lot of confidence in each other that we can't do it better we can do it all the more consistent basis so. With all that being felt like if there were foreign wanted to and ordered a decent position we played three. Games on the road we played some pretty tough defense is you know all five of these games so. You know ultimately we're gonna need. You know alert from our mistakes to correct term effect get back to work. The American people only -- them and email account -- have to put. The dark place our best to move forward and to try to go make your some really good and you're what you score pouring into the if you know -- you can do it. And in Europe the credibility consistency. -- play into what else they say it's. You know that's the way you score points in the NFL -- -- a little -- offensive that you actually. When their place certain that you make because sometimes these -- explain that you're okay we'll that was as good plays by defense of football team at other times where. We have opportunities and work if you know we're not one outdoor. You get three cracks from the half yard line and no QB sneak. Why is that common today were they yelling things where they expect the unit try to sneak at that point. Where we got to have terrible and we ran on the first down play and you know we actually lost. Are yards at all on the one but it won't return them play action pass its -- Which you know we're trying to affect the Marvin and India and the -- got cold weather you know they had to give an all out blitz look. -- You know are we at a broader Gupta Julian where you know the defense to get pretty good place so. -- all three of those situations where electrocution could have been better and better. You know it's really shouldn't it come down -- that we should let you know got in the hands on -- plate before that went through the book any car. You know it down their accurate and -- then you know big player in the game. You know -- -- -- guess what the league get five -- 57 points I think this year 95 through five games. Do you believe that you know. These guys you have on the field would you even assuming Broncos he comes back do you believe this is an offense good enough to compete for a championship. Well that's that's a long way it should now also. On the -- worst kind of still seeking individual improvement. You know that. You know things like playoffs and championships are so far from mark are staking its. Those results take care of themselves if you can make individual programs in and you may -- improvement so. -- You know -- worker at a point where where were Larkin consistency and or lack of consistency are parked on I don't think it's it's it's league hit -- aren't. Too many turnovers and cannot and will not put enough points on the board so. You know it's it's -- it's supporting your offense when you cover the game six points. They're not about expect. You know we all are capable of doing more than that and that support but that requires you must make the plays that are there wondering out. When you play good defense is. You know they're not gonna give him out easily you got a lot Bert and got to make up the -- got a great stuff that you get an extra large yellow brick storefronts. You know it's not like they just. And we know we can't walk and -- out of -- first figured that you have somebody did that and sometimes it's great you know I usually don't do it -- he -- You know when you play good defense she got hurt and since he really force affirm -- and you know we -- situation there in the first out -- we can develop their jobs and then in the second half we got field position. Never really took its -- skill position will be -- gets scored up straighter and take advantage of those and there -- at the end of the game in order situation where it's. You know kind of an untimely. Situation will need global all that was down there and you know we just get the job done. -- every Monday Dennis and Callahan asked speaker quarterback Tom Brady question of the week it's sponsored by crescent credit union the question is as follows early in the third quarter Tony went to the no huddle. The hurry up who and why is that decision made in if you anticipated being successful. Why not go with a little bit earlier. Well we traded at the beginning of the effect and aren't you towards Arafat -- quarter it looked like a knack. Whereas you know change an example we -- doing a little bit better job of so that was a you know that would sit there and particularly your halftime and we we tried to move the ball a little bit better. Term. You know it didn't at a political and thirty points so there are subject to question about camp bow and you know what do we utilize it uses typically you know it's because we feel like we couldn't -- it will be doing it. You know we stated he moved the ball a little bit -- scored points. And that the end. You know ineffective and not so and so you know what we -- whatever we choose to do you know we need to be more effective doing that. Apparently you know our communication needs daughter excuse she needs to be better. We gotta we gotta score more than six point two got to be better than one of twelve on. On third down we got as you'll get the ball in order get it close we've got to take advantage and scored plays from the get go like at several different situation worry. We can't afford not to. No word we had an offense were there were good enough says. You know. Go backwards and I think that we can overcome things you don't want to play at least we got we got to stay -- -- we've got a few more dependable consistent and and you know that's that's all the other positions on offense certainly including the quarterback. And you know that's what I'm focused on and that's what I need to do a better job of going forward. You were flying out from Cincinnati so you probably saw very little if any of the bronco cowboy game but as a quarterback -- into it played in those kind of up and -- shootouts that are of ending in the last two seconds. Yeah we actually got to feel a lot of that game. It was on our. On Google TV's in the back of the head while a lot of lot of guys watched Odom is it. You see those offenses in total offense is extremely productive and air. -- it seems like it should play after play their survey can play that's what it takes the score -- so. Erica look like those played very easy you know to be made there -- The other -- make it -- place. You know they're good the quarterbacks both played great things and receivers play great games. You know when you -- get the defense is real little bit -- defensively you know you can you can do that you can score a lot of points so. You know that's what we're trying to be were trying to -- for our offense that put forth from the border retirement go out there but it. Normally the way we're playing right now we know we're we're so far from now we've got to. Focus on the details of the plays he proved that that we can make that. And we can go out there and you don't score. A touchdown -- group. It's not about sports if you -- -- about scored one touchdown further and and hopefully it wants -- can lead to another. I assume at some point this week Josh will point out that six points won't be enough against New Orleans on Sunday fairness act. Yeah that's another one of the most prolific offenses totally they have been for a long time and it got pretty good defense too so that's why they're -- at five about the work that he's totally get. You know order organs purely matchup against -- and I feel like we've. Apparent sudden you know pretty good job we've got to do it for sixty minutes at some point against BP. But you know it's all that Esteban. You know art art -- and ability are consistency and you know word irony that this week I don't think that. You know we could score forty points cities and you know fifty network plan. You know because of what they do offensively you know they can they can put his body at anybody else. And we gotta try to well if you got matched every. You know -- play at all you know where communication better in the -- we go our departure -- from the war. I talk back to work the docket next Monday. Already interview brought to you by northeast electrical distributors beat cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and -- credit union. He comes to us on the AT&T outline the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TTE network. A -- -- another stacked about scoring maybe I can get credit for sure after might. -- collectors a 166. Read tweets already in the name for me just me. Rate for you all for your -- gift from my fascinating stat of the week W how many retreats panel to compete it's December with the -- -- -- That the Broncos outscoring the patriots by 27 points per week. This year digits lower touchdowns I just look at the numbers of tickets are on pace to score 304 points which would be by far the lowest of the Brady Belichick by the way yesterday. Broncos and -- was combined outscored the patriots. For the whole season normalcy -- paid to -- 95 points and I have one more bills will -- back.

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