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Adam Schefter: "I expect Gronk to be back Sunday"

Oct 7, 2013|

Our NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the show for his weekly segment. Adam told the guys that he expects Gronk to be back this Sunday.

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-- -- got a patriot Monday -- cup of coffee with -- Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee. Football insider Adam chapter fall in love with a out of -- a copy surprisingly delicious taste. It's a basic -- to 99 -- any size only at Cumberland farms as always -- joins us on the AT&T. Like good morning mr. jumper -- you gentlemen how are you doing very very well question for you do you call. A more entertaining NFL game then Denver and Dallas any less entertaining game. The pats and angles at the used to say back in college compare and contrast young man. Well let's serve very easy comparing interest -- the issue is the same opening -- the Seymour Tony Romo that's basically you saw that -- Dallas game amen does exactly what he doesn't. Probably robots will do you and I'm a very good at Bristol were sitting in the ESPN viewing room and about twenty minutes before Tony Romo through until expected it to the room. This -- be so -- Tony Romo had the greatest game revision of closer to set the record the potentially set the single. Game passing record and then to have this bottle and with a pick I -- I didn't see that happening would happen. Threw the pick them around the game 51 to 48. And it was just a tremendous have been on track -- that was very detained a lot. It was pretty clear to me that anybody on the Dallas side when that game was over was bending over backwards to try to take care of Tony -- psyche where it was here where -- Jerry Jones you know I admire the heck out of him so proud. Of but of Tony Romo. Do you think it'll damage. I and I think he did from that. So many it's it's it's not likely that -- the first time -- the that's ever occurred I mean. I go back to a game where the plane to check a couple of years ago and -- -- -- always Dominic and that this thing about it. You look so good for so long stretches and then to make sure. That both good and wipes out. Many good things that he did throughout the course of the game. Seven documented and BC led Miami to Washington to get DiMarco -- world wide variety of flat breached leadership actually the pockets. -- -- dialogue and charging that make. But I was I -- wide open and made a poor decision. He forced that throw he got picked up he didn't exactly what he's done it. Throughout the entire course this crook he's been a really good quarterback I -- and -- rubber bands and -- support. But I've seen that doing I've seen that particular -- the 41. If you look 48 to 41 to 40 -- The Redskins game but attempted division championship last year -- trying to do -- and it probably doesn't seem that exact. I -- a situation. You know -- -- Denver gave up obviously 500 yards passing. Yeah total of 522. Net yards 48 points. Is that it's going to be a problem for Denver does Von Miller and Champ Bailey did they cure all that in Denver in -- to a sixteen in the whole record I don't think scoring is going to be a problem for the -- -- -- I think -- I think that it's a case would Denver's defense a little bit exposed yesterday. And it was the first time all season -- they really had -- Von Miller and mister has stressed that he would generate if you -- index. Now you bring a Champ Bailey as people will that seems it is Bob Miller and they shouldn't chair Billy is a long time great player to this game. What he's just not at that level wanting more equal to get back OK so he's gonna be useful player -- can be somebody that incumbent and the but he is not going to be Dominic change. The way the defense looks kind of player I don't believe now let's see maybe a terribly different but. I think that they are taking their time with him knowing that the guys they have probably are better players in champ Billie did stated in his career. And so Bob Miller will impact it -- in order I think to remember most of the Broncos last week about this. And everybody just. And it swept up in that team the way they -- in 2007. And patriots. And this property in scoring at an even greater clipped and that patriot team which did you -- dominant powerful these properties have been. And somebody to communicate and well we played. Three of -- four games at home in ideal weather conditions at -- that. So basically. We're gonna go on the road so they put road games in temperatures that are very cold there. Analyst -- ideas or cares and that there's not diminish what they -- -- I think anybody who watches them. He say how did anybody slow -- this team yesterday Ellis took away to various Thomas. And Jewish promised exploded it would which were established next week and Westbrook totally paperless World Cup and as Eric Decker. I mean this -- It's an unbelievable. Arsenal of weapons that Debra could throw at opposing defense and I don't think that there's a defense that can really. Slope in them much beyond shake and this court that's what 2031 point every single game with. There. Are giving us our fun fact this morning Adam Denver is -- scoring New England. By 27 points per week. Debra outgoing New England right which. Is there's eleven right Kirk correct as an athlete you're not a calculator and 27 points. Oh we say seven and I'll post it on Twitter accrediting you -- can. It just me it was all no no I -- that I'm major double check I did it my head like a blizzard out. That's got 46 million quarterfinal an opinion -- all right you can. And even -- claim no rights. -- are right it's that they score out of you put up thirty points. New England scored 95 doing -- scored fewer points in Saint Louis or Cleveland or buffalo its. It's alarming Adam I was -- in this when you're watching in the green room we love this green room -- inside stuff. I know not everyone and he experience a big fan -- Belichick are they. They voicing their opinion about how. Belichick has decided to go forward. With the particularly with the weapons. That he is surrounded Brady with. What you know and I think you know that there are certain people in China. He an -- breached that trust and confidence relish is the words and and I'd prefer to question that they hope to accept Lewis was -- and ten Republicans and just personally -- six. -- there has not been easy just let them -- disallowed. Probably the dead were automatically the play at the level of Russia that that was good thinking now adept -- QB out of -- You don't know what that is just. They're sewer and water right now Portland this little -- I hope -- who might be -- other weather shelters -- -- -- the quarterback -- dolphins offensive line is opposite. 77 sacks this year I definitely clobbered in the -- the jets are turning over the ball at record rates. And an important knowing what does what it's supposed to do. Because actually the things that we can beat themselves and they will. And and that's been the history of this division that's what New England doesn't get and New England to -- Have to be focused on. And of course winning games this week right now to get a big test of sending his own sense of what will be a great game. In an event to win that division but that they could -- -- to do something bigger. So that was -- in -- to the procedure and they can go play with a team like Denver that activity is debatable. Are you surprised -- the saints are underdogs and fought for -- -- three point spread right now. Well number one I think people were. Underestimated the states. Because they had been a force a real force Drew Brees is playing at a -- like level. And Jimmy Graham has been tremendous and spurred the cube here Thomas beat Hewitt. Strong prudent combat -- they would -- since his energy and reduce its purpose and they've been great -- go to team is serious in the NFC you want such a big challenge the -- MI surprised that. Bernardo now because I knew it was coming home coming home after a lost. The role -- the other road not that surprised about that but I mean if you look at the two can stay which is the better to most of the better team right now. But to me that new loans will be the thirteenth. In December January. Hey -- asking anybody to psychoanalyze rock certainly is folly but for one New Orleans coming to town do you think that ramps up a little pressure on drunk to say yeah I I've practiced the -- now it's not actually L. Get involved on -- Sunday. You know -- -- I think -- The individual actually predict what will vote heavily -- we've done this you know -- -- but I I would -- I do sink my guess. And it's big desk my guess would be that he wanted to play Sunday and I becoming a flawless comic won't put this change. Highly anticipated game big -- down underneath some. Points and yards and production to beat that team I -- since -- -- brought -- -- -- -- and see how that plays out over the course of the week. Now to talk about a five and no team and an 015 team five and no team and Reid is surprised that his chiefs are five and -- just one of three. Unbeaten teams in the NFL. Well consider that there's never been medical payment history that's 12 or three games policies -- turnaround -- -- first five games this season yes and that's enabling guests now. Everybody knew that she would be improved but. You know it's surprising to me that they won three road games -- so they're ahead of the curve so is basically biggest win their remaining. -- -- You're six home games that excellent went right here right. I had a history was made this weekend. Greg -- -- a minute trade with a team other than New England Patriots against. Belichick had no interest in Josh Freeman because Freeman going to Minnesota and and start whilst we just -- three million bucks for the guy. We didn't attempt to trade in the big -- -- that's. There that's there's a couple of Thursday's agreement signed with. Minnesota left by about 1145 or whatever was and were essentially about that is. All the teams that basically -- -- it. This won't prevent the -- shaking your little glimpse into -- it would change their quarterback situation. Okay the 49ers clearly unhappy with their back quarterback has been Iraq. The raiders had some question because they Mitterrand and try to get Pat White kidnapped please keep the palatable -- -- light -- science. With public today because you have to start the next month Prejean mangled dealt with a lateral collateral ligament. He had Minnesota in their they had Christian Ponder for a first round draft pick who I don't believe -- organization believes it. Matt Cassel who played well in -- -- that team everybody no one knows Matt Cassel can and can't do and I think they felt like he could upgrade their roster Josh Freeman. And I think Josh -- that was in the Minnesota's got to be definite starting job. Once you learn the system so the vikings so they can revive their offense. You know she took a bunch of grief on the pregame shows yesterday as far as you can tell that -- Once opponent -- in that locker room in terms of what the -- feel about their head coach the word disingenuous comes to mind -- you -- I know and I think that if you add. The players in any rock group of any old site -- world fourteen what they had their coach I would venture to tell you the majority that would not care for him. OK it's like you can put players in Europe right now. We have to the top -- and probably more so. -- that he workable soup -- but. How about those places amid projections actually just -- -- the opposite maybe Shaka -- little bit about an hour but. I think this. What do you go. Somebody like Raheem -- -- revolution there and the players that would want to break Schiavo. Potential while that to work at an end use of that happening in New England with Belichick should happen in New York time government when you -- -- -- Strict disciplinarian at the disciplinarian and someone structured. As -- all of those things. Potential -- to change the culture and that culture. Is sort of a shock to those Buccaneers players. We're used to doing things a little bit differently OK we'll -- it was a little bit different program that ratio on that and make a better expert. What you -- when I do have that that leads to. A challenging atmosphere the ratio. They -- A acquired Austin call sign Austin -- here. Obviously they need to receivers is there -- somewhat other guys that will be traded before October 29 that maybe we might end up seeing here in New England. Well look John Gordon missed all the marketing Cleveland Kenny -- is on the market Tennessee. I think there are receivers were available. I I don't I don't. I don't think the patriots want them making -- -- waters you -- just don't see that happening now back at -- -- latest change to get another injury. The changes -- but I just think that when you look at right now. But whatever that -- give up some draft picks for some better players and I think that they'd rather not have made those -- now. And I think we should sit tight but these youngsters grow and mature and hopefully develop their -- to the players. -- IDs going to the hall of fame Coughlin you know what do you Jacksonville was done with the giants I do wonder though. -- have enough credentials he done enough that he can survive or two at 14313. Season means he coach until we courts. I that to -- Tom Coughlin has earned that right that he basically -- -- what you want to quit now so this. Could we usually when the Super Bowl. That was as he did debate walk away at that point there was some talking consideration given to world. This season in which he lost his brother. Their -- -- and unity can compare that to which gives you an idea of some of the hardships that he's faced this year personal dumping anything just a wide margin. And Bechtel where -- it to well put a heart. The man is a simple coach and the minister has allied energy and with the preparation making guys. And the Pippen man he's been he deserves to coach as long as he watched. But a question from -- everybody seems to think a lot of people should say seem to think that all once -- gets back everything will be hunky dory. Our Vince is gone and we're not sure just yet it may be Tommy Kelly is gone. Removing those two bigs does from the middle that offensive line. Will they ultimately be exposed as the season wears down with a couple of rookies and a couple practice squad guys available the play that position. I mean metallic showed up pretty significant period and I've not heard a bit about penetrate about how serious it is -- isn't it appears. How do you lose this -- work and Tommy Kelly right. And I think that that line is going to be just out as they projected to be just campaign -- campaign. Now they can still be an effective defense but again. That just gives them one more obstacle to have to overcome and that's frankly what this whole thing is about is that the team overcoming doubts that put. To lose -- that. Well that peace in the middle. That's not a good thing you know -- -- it basic you know you order -- got lettuce and tomato cheese and no -- -- -- there. Missing something right and that their facilities and. Always a pleasure talking football would be out -- -- -- -- talk -- next Monday my friends at. Every Monday will do -- at a show after our conversation with them has been brought you by Cumberland farms all the love -- delicious. Farmhouse -- coffee today. And DCU digital federal credit union what in DC use a view and -- up Lansky insurance.

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