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Oct 7, 2013|

The biggest news stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. They discussed the Jared Remy jailhouse interview.

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Are a good job by laurel sweet and Harold tear exclusive -- -- this. They'd just done I don't know actually and she just makes a request she probably. Requested and in view Jerry and his wife than anyone else on the news. And and go through proper channels go to jail and ask you convince him. And you know. You know that -- I'm not all of stable leaves him in and we'll talk about laurel. With Jerry Remy yeah I was gonna say that -- inside the jail house hit yeah I was gonna say it's freaking excitement. Jeremy. In his first interview since he was charged with murdering a mother's child on August 15 -- last night Dolores -- herald. But he killed Jennifer mark telling claim he's refused to see his mother famous father Red Sox announcer. Jeremy since he's been locked up that's ridiculous for -- seven he's asked to be killed -- how dumb but I have to be I loved her I still over. A question sure what the next door neighbor who sought view. Do this to stop and tried to stop you from doing -- and got injured in the process Jared declined to get the specifics -- impressed I was. I was hoping -- have a theory you know yield to Colombian drug lord yes. I. Let's open he would have a theory he does not offer without -- -- we tried she did not give an answer that question -- would you theory as oh. She met her demise if you didn't do so what -- John Dennis what's next question to ask. Once he refused to yet they -- with her Wesley didn't. Two at the blow you Judea -- -- the have a specific to -- did you talk to -- at all. Yes good question does not does not has not available over the phone but is not say more like. More accurately would be Jerry doesn't like him who he says his parents have been asking to visit him but he's declined to see -- quote. I'm just trying to get adjusted Jeremy said he would he said he spoke this father over the phone. Quote I'm sure they're not thrilled with me right about now -- and some trouble in Asia he said he's chosen not to contact his daughter. While he is in jail and says as long as he remains in custody he will not attempt to initiate any contact with her. -- sort of talked to Gerri has talked to Jerry's wife -- -- legacy is daughter area she's five years old and she remains in state custody right now both he says. -- parents his parents -- tells Paris petition for custody. A little girl so while he spoke -- mark tells parents being allowed visitation rights. For custody go to his parents because their financial means and and Jerry and his wife she's five writes a shot she gets this to some extent this is like a one year old she gets she she saw I think that will yes so this is the best thing at least -- gonna stay away from the -- girl -- and hopefully forever hopefully shall never have to look. It is frightening mug ever again and -- right the district attorney who took a lot of heat for you know letting -- -- there a couple of days two days. Before the murder with the prosecution's consent. He says Jeremy says leave -- alone. She did nothing wrong. She gets a pass somebody I mean when you look at him he says that's why they have these dangerousness hearing -- and and that's why have the the ways and means to lock up people. For their help I don't think even need a hearing just look at him right -- dangerous much smaller now she said. Yeah lifting up with them because there is in prison opponent gets the it's like killing was not steroids that's happened he said since -- in the past. He's not doing them now he says it is he says -- numbers of pressure being a -- They were to signal people he says the -- last name was Smith you'd never have any of this in the newspaper. Yeah yeah we don't now right about got a lot of -- girlfriends is never happened so there's Jeremy does have. Unbelievable job -- laurel sweet he said he's housed in general population has been watching the Red Sox playoff games which is. -- Aaron Aaron Hernandez is not allowed to do correct it point by US troop. He said at a Washington Red Sox playoff games but I'm not much of a baseball guy. He also he's a football guy and wants to know life. Well checked again better receivers around number idea -- confused as to why that is here is quite get that now. It does sound like he's got it better than Hernandez doesn't. Like is got a TV and watched game. I mean I -- that album art from Britain didn't make. They should looking at this should be -- if you're gonna get if you're gonna get pinch for something Jerry go to Middlesex county jail in Cambridge. Don't go to the -- would've liked to get ahead this story for Jeremy and now I think public opinion is really mr. to sway in -- -- I guess you probably until after all really have a defense -- and no he's appointment apple did -- laurel sweet did this interview last night yeah yes we talk and Sunday night so shall. Which is time. That little more time shall probably write another story in May be in will include some other revelations such as. What is the mysterious yes how this happened. Yeah he will not get incidents -- maybe -- well. This huge marketing -- they said maybe one of the biggest in history gravity this weekend. October record 55 million dollars in the biggest opening ever for Sandra Bullock. Or George Clooney movie are you the size of the all time October biggest October opening in history dome history can you OC at Manhattan it was -- -- -- and a -- -- a I would try to see this week it's it's it's tough to see you started to -- and -- your captain -- I'd rather see what have you ever thought about -- both the policy -- -- -- if it's half as good as the commercial. It's nice though I know how it's gonna end Tyson -- the -- field trip could be yeah. Now we're only goes to movies in Florida when -- and or we have to want an -- -- earlier this somewhat flourish together you know for all right as as -- cocaine nose -- it happened in the it negated it and -- out. 55 million bucks for gravity. All but two bombs other than -- usually September October usually when they drop of the stickers on -- yet. Let's start to change now looking -- and saying. This may be bigger reason why some 55 going to see guys -- rather see captain Phillips till it got us both do able to like Italy C one of the -- -- guy and he actually grab yours. Alex base of the bombs this week at what what just -- totally tanked. -- throw with the opening for our recycling with cloudy with a chance of meatballs dropped 40% of the Ben Affleck. Justin Timberlake movie about a -- yeah whole ball really seven million dollars one of the worst openings ever for moving over 3000 theaters while. But the exit Arnold I was up this weekend it now dated and it began about. Such a classic October. A 69. Year old cancels master beating Florida man could keep his hands to himself as -- -- three McDonald's drive through. In wildwood Florida not the out. Rude. -- finished -- me Steve Orville Clemens. Allegedly placed his order that pulled up the cash your window and paid when the cashier turned back to give this change. She realized you done any pants on this masturbating at the time as well. The defendant grabbed the cashiers handed attempted to pull her hand. Into the vehicle. This is the drive through yet did you see somebody's lap when you're in the drive through window. I've never been on that side of the drive right or will be soon enough. When you look at this you can so yeah -- -- we could see them if you're up high and there and -- not an issue lot of music you gave him on this he -- depends maybe it was enemy analysts. Scuffles yes maybe was. Or -- the -- aroused large the lightest guys know dominoes soon arrested nearby gas station he actually put a T shirt on when the cops pull them over a Smart. We saw his pants off what -- arrested wildwood Florida wildwood. So it was he was stark naked no shirt no pants at the time commitment to McDonald's but -- probably figured you know all helped cops come and yeah T shirt on. About the for the -- behavior -- typical what you are long teacher while his critics of the villages in Florida. Several guys 69 I would expect I was allegedly saw. Who and I objected twelve. Are arrested without incident released on 500 dollar dollar -- be arraigned October 9. Stitch what he steps have when he won the guys skaters it guessing impressions. Yes impression like good impression of depression and it's that signature people tell who this guy and S and I was impersonating. Okay -- -- I've kept -- Republican he'll -- for being here. The start of football fans here. It's as you know our own sport. What do you think gonna actually make the death at -- -- at this moment currently in the capital -- bolted but at the utes. -- -- -- -- definitely. Nobody is what it. The better chance of winning this mean Canada in the death -- when receivable. And aren't that great songs. This is the year of the quarterback in NFL need all of Americans are. -- Russell Wilson and a -- -- -- -- OK okay to aid to eat in the picnic and a good tonight okay okay so -- got an excellent team into Sams is the very nice despite the you'd think. You didn't let lasted twelve people absolutely they're I think. I'll kill her neck and wanted to get quarterback it'll be great he won't he won't be content hope he -- -- and I think life. Very complimentary event can you think you -- get -- to the old all. Go. I don't think we'll look I couldn't it would. Be much easier for me to top my leg behind hockey it. Marathon in one that never Bob and Bob -- bullet cheeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- it hasn't -- right. Well let's get a little hold but I think works. A lot better stitching when you cut the part that's Shanahan that's just it just an answer just communication not a problem but Jim -- you watch him again yesterday does he awful convention endured you know -- true I. The bow -- a battle to battles to battle look boat -- don't work for anybody who Shannon Sharpe. Power and other -- German. Richard -- worst of the -- on the budget or -- by Sherman out last -- to see that helps them he -- them on the touchdown tonight it was a good job idea -- -- -- -- -- and as a whole thing on -- the -- of trying to pockets of knuckle -- of line. This big -- New York that's Atlantis. And get out wood lob. Patriots reds are a lot going on all right it's all of -- table Red Sox really get it done tonight with their best pitcher on about Clay Buchholz had a show after 8 o'clock Tom Brady and I would be read back on this -- --

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