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A great weekend for the Sox, awful one for the Pats

Oct 7, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the busy weekend on the Boston sports scene. They talked about the choking Rays and the inept Patriots offense.

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You know what it needs to be successful. And productive week is going to be for me. I want to but I chose not to stay up for Oakland San Diego -- you didn't I feel well rested I am energetic what my mind is clear I am -- ago. I'm my mind is in complete -- I stayed up watched the whole thing who won again. Oh -- yeah but the big upset and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know you meant more surprises to go into the mental thing yes 24 which show that the -- of the coup in -- the woods and you'd be like come out about you dale I've. Failed in the second episode of this awful. Television program -- watched. Repeats of breaking bad from five years so apparently they are believing their own clippings and just garbage out there is cyclical quiet drama. That teenage drew rebelling against parents who attempted -- and she's banging her boyfriend -- another site and and then you have that the stock Kerry who. Is having another. Psychopathic and that's the worst part of which she won't take him heads oh does it suck. It and you know and I think the full set the full dvds sent a low flow breaking bad I can concentrate on that has offered it to me should do it. Click in the six month. What what what are the vitamin unlike -- -- -- what you did that 1010 and once I mean I've seen some of them I was in and out on breaking bad and I -- the finale already you know and all please -- -- -- -- you know nothing anything you watch yesterday anything -- as the presidents cup -- the baseball games. Or that awful episode homeland. Everything's gonna pale comparison to lead Denver Dallas yes it is the greatest football game of -- will be hard. -- the rectum and some might care about like the home teams involved in not -- but as an impartial observer I didn't even care who wants. What made in the whole thing news. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos did not allow enough time for rolled all the while there one more time I wanted to see if one were -- and and one of the great tweets of all time yesterday. The irony. -- all right -- BBR -- don't die I want you to take credit for the because it was one of those things are -- between us and I wish I would have thought that yeah. That's when I tweeted about. I said that the one time the we're supposed to let Denver's war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a run up the middle that could let them score. And I've ever seen a game and I know Romo just pick and he was like that again and again. A game where that call for that strategy more never were there Denver's defense was just awful price could. And that was a grinch a mean it was a minute half. -- I don't want to. Yeah like you have you ever -- team more likely that was more likely much on the field and at least shot at the answer and afraid a deal on jump ball the Dez Bryant right. By seven they were they were was tied appealing to the field goal right so you know the field goals a done deal. So when you -- the field in which is now with a minute 22 and said he can't do that typically pitch him one not this is it was not scores -- and only strategy it was automatic as soon she -- a man and taken me or flop down like he did it was weird. Actually moved backwards to give their kicker print or better back into the angle into the left -- -- exactly where you want. And hence -- right senses. Have split from. But Jim like do. Simpson off and should do what Scully -- Google -- is awful if you do that so bad he should be doing game -- media scrutiny could three. It. Wasn't nearly as incisive as the most remarkable comment I've ever heard -- football analyst. Dan Meridor said when looking at the replay of Tommy Kelly. In open space going down -- grabbing his knee and I quote. When you see somebody go down and grabbed their -- like that oftentimes. You expect the worse and let's listen. The guy after yeah oftentimes. You expect the worse when you see a guy. -- space fall down and grabbed -- maybe you do you don't get that kind of analysis tiger golf action at best. You know what it it can happen that way were you content earnings CO and that no contact and not in agony all the time and Logan Mankins played almost pulls out. And Tommy Kelly god bless and got a big hearts and I gotta get out that we're in goal line. And he went out there and he knew he knew man I'm surprised the coaches and trainers let him go back there but. I guess they're desperate and -- trust him he went back out there was an effective and and I would be surprised that we find out today if Bill Belichick -- -- now he's on Monday assistant who is new pattern he tells all in all the just builds up pit stop himself I -- reacts to weird nine. Action as a way for Salk you know he -- -- at the Davis after the game yesterday revealed more you. And and man it just that -- -- And 22 seconds -- worth of just porter's hard everything you -- Obama does -- and the -- for the media after the game before -- just let me just say this trying to -- this this really interesting weekend together network. In a million years that I ever think that the Red Sox. In each of their games individually. Outscored the patriots and if you combine the two Red Sox -- this weekend. They scored more than three times. What the patriots did and is impressed with the Red Sox were. That's well and -- of the patriots were twelve possessions. Eight punts. Two field goals a fumble and an interception also does that get it done I don't. Even have a problem with the fact that the council on -- anymore you know the sponsors Klein he's fine but while -- I don't think he's a problem every -- -- they -- he was -- he's just so tired of -- and at the fluid yeah -- that I -- -- -- -- more this -- -- Chris -- -- 2007. After five games of the company punts. In the -- -- call button on -- question and that it was late Thursday that there was one. Double checked that did and put one. Because I'm all for that one that. Next John Fox is going to add an extra player and and sit out his -- -- it addresses -- won the openings redneck games by the way Denver Jacksonville. 114 a that's 27 and a half is that what it is over under is that everything is the spread the party Satan wants zero penalties for the patriots couldn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The team that the most penalties gonna win the game that. To establish a -- -- and if you if you don't lose the turnover battle on the didn't they didn't lose the parliament did not they didn't get one penalty. Course. And -- that that can be a problem to me. It was better than the Denver Dallas came in because I'm a purist I like to France and elect to close yeah electric battles I like -- pitching do we as rain low score yeah that's an old time football and who needs all that scoring excitement what is ridiculous policies that both football Lenovo baseball. I mean I says -- in the six baseball games papers when he capped. You know like pitching duels. I don't get boring. Out of Friday night's game at Fenway Park was great fun. Try ten seconds something does happen it's like a Shiite led off the well let's -- -- a -- that a missile. That we get there. The only people who won one nothing game too pompous -- -- and they appreciate the fine of -- -- roster in the year to better later. That's why people severely pitching and I -- twilight girl but I do endorsed at 6 o'clock game nice salt. The last one we get them you know yeah today and I -- -- the -- -- is that there was well there -- game five wood burner and it is. Now and you're -- -- I am -- -- opening statement prediction of seven is probably -- I don't extra special salute you and says trying to -- it could happen in the stranger things have happened I mean you remember. The Red Sox in gulf war right on the yeah act from 30 yeah that happens is a big mountain -- Sox went tonight the race could come back -- of and -- everything I'm unhappy about them I'm like number QG David Price probably likes me. Because this that he was really good pitcher -- yeah on ice that's the right at more like -- that's right that's right. We won't see either of them again another ball probably gone to -- and if I mean next year the young guys see him again but not not this week I guess we now. Know the answer of what would be more impact -- the the psychological. Fatigue. That winning three must win games in four nights in three different cities would take verses. The so called rust on the Red Sox bats haven't got four or five games. I -- -- -- time believing in Ross that these guys. Of the victory nose thumb is -- now Pedroia is all kinds of aches and pains. They welcomed they relished the break in the had a simulated game the Olympics and swings and take there in the case of the plane catch Pritchard the play catch. On the -- -- have a cat to have a -- catch anybody catch. Again if you had a choice. Of being in that winners in four days three nights six cities to confidence right. Or the guys or home sleeping in their romance right have a catch and a simulated game. Edge. Whoo -- it's the it's -- that we asked the question huge edge Red Sox they deserve that they won 97 they won the division. They got the break and they and it and it shall I say did it look like they were just on fumes it -- legs or mentally physically is is what's -- was taken when he took the field. In a game to. Back to back games. Gave two Zobrist was thinking that he's taken ground is in the first innings. And instantly yeah. Like he did you know he just. Was I mean when he air mailed the -- when he didn't Beckham's second nation ticket that's again. Who's mentally physically -- team now he might bounce back after couple good night's sleep. It's too late it's too late now. And now I like John fairly genius -- upper. You got your best this site -- -- -- -- close out a tiger in the -- -- last week in this week I just got to find out I would just say this though. Is -- plan. I'm obviously worked out but he did include in that in his mind Lackey wasn't going -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- -- all -- four but finally got some run support. The only reason I said that Kirk too was it it's sparkles is it that lost game one and that's the way yes right big movement and things you can't argue with the right now but you said to. -- before listen lackeys and give up four runs in five innings he still gonna start in game two mr. buckles at the -- with a -- -- I was standing ovation was not for that hospital that was your hole yeah well I don't read it in any help from. His offense and by the way pitching all of last year hanging by a thread of never saying anything else justice rugged Google+ they're winning or losing for nothing new in the got a standing ovation. You know think now they were wearing hats let me -- it didn't matter he could have pitched it anybody you know -- commitment John ones and on the hill. Way back -- -- but as the Red Sox office carried the week Joseph Maddon looking ahead at his at his team's dire straits right now. We just went through week affects against the -- -- -- -- that you new to us. Three difficult there's no question about it's going to be difficult we got to go home and Alex's. Fortunately he's pitching that game three force him and have to fight streaking for. -- and pitched that to get back here for game five but I don't think it's impossible by any means. We've been in in this vote in the past and we force game fives in those situations also. So you know Boston this time there's kind of lovely -- for the coming back in the days. Now what -- amazing if the reverse lock in place here the Red Sox so called best pitcher. Going tonight via the closest thing out and all the Red Sox have to do is beat either cross or Alex and somehow they do what Joseph just said they were going to do and force a game five we deputy ultimately reversed lock yet yet although. The venue is a factor -- -- Quirky ballpark. And I agree Maddon and the way we said we get out and wade. You know those things would happen on the home team you know it doesn't matter how bad the left fielders for its books and seen some bad ones. In Manny and rice green well but they can all play the wall better than John Rodriguez. -- -- They can always should not be a stranger to the double -- that -- -- -- -- nineteen times every day and not let him off the hook or awful but like I couldn't believe how poorly they played. The wall. War obviously will -- The spotlight now on the plate like. I'm I'm I'm -- will miners out at this point when it was the whole -- and -- -- pretty well given that. I think Ryan Dempster or so ago that you -- And they'll say he denied the column -- -- because Ryan -- is not alive but he certainly is not to. What unwilling to vote participant games to play full plate plate. Gets played. Would you put it past the hole. Oh and there are mixed reports that me at all polite applause though he pulled off so definitively yet it wasn't like he was. I'm sure maybe. It's -- is there maybe not. It just let me ask you this if -- -- as somebody in the ball and set I got it. Would you admit that would you would -- out and I'll tell you why he would -- just like -- -- right Maddon pulled him aside. It's his they can handle on Tuesday or maybe a captain -- James -- is that you screwed up on yes that's only way this storm because he was Michael -- or stupid or not a cerebral player that Matt would have his team with a -- somebody in the -- right to call off -- huge distraction of -- base it -- that's national I mean that's. That's ET I don't report artillery that would make them all eight runner ish yes we have as a pitcher was -- -- he can choose this this big distraction with your rookie in the middle of it the only way this thing passes and it didn't cost in the game essentially it was a huge -- turned it turned the game and what ignited the fire -- that cash and the -- when the game. No more and more bad and it made him hit more with bad. Up to a point in front of the pitches he just looked shaky from the start right and and I'm mad if pieces of what happens is I've heard someone yelling god. Could have been a fan could have been offense and what he did then you blame fans for just being goofy crazy and trying to. Distracted for -- -- and you're in this -- in this vortex of a sound of a fan did it from behind the bullpen bench would. Myers recognize the fact that wasn't his center fielder somebody. We over their wish these oases Jennings the corner yes wasn't that close but he is closing right ball. And here's somebody. That may be Dempster. When he said it hurts the most I -- it was kind of the Canadian accent -- the idea that any candidate. That I get out of it doesn't matter. She's a break up on the once and tired of the -- Myers. Would need silicon gate public scandal -- it -- -- escape I got -- gate again I've got to take decades it's -- that was not. The only thing that cost that wasn't like it was the bottom of the ninth or something and he did that -- open the floodgates to open the flooded but they were gonna open -- problem and if you've seen it more confident team annual wife -- -- Boston Red -- now. Do you buy the fact and I'm I'm not you know claiming ownership of the fact that when I said this is a team that -- psychologically built the postseason. But you get a sense that they're just a -- fund. Be tuned in the -- in -- really good about themselves and Jews and confident business they can just go or -- this is getting through this is game every American we got. Has there -- to shoot us and now now we got that rock kept pitching tonight and radios and get crossed and now or on to. Tampa where half the bark will be -- -- -- journal of all the yellen who is available Gerri yeah seeds of sold out. Not yet so as of Saturday it wasn't they were advertising tickets over the weekend -- -- TV in Tampa and questions black that you apologized. I -- 61777979837. It is a patriot Monday will will dissect and analyze what we saw and didn't see instance and I -- is -- quickly as possible working on radio but it notes will. Color coded to two. Yes yes red. Indicates bad plays. Blue indicates. Good place makes it that all that red. There's a whole lot of red deer assume -- good players -- -- for the patriots -- for the angles this is for the patriots -- -- -- -- -- got a couple -- plays which is good -- interceptions at all all -- let's stick Chris Jones sex -- got -- that. That meant as a lot of drops drops buff on -- to run out of the absolutely Washington so on and so we're Brady sacked. Will get to that Adam shift -- in the o'clock -- Tom Brady in the nine. And Tom Jones -- Was deeply enough fox it's not unusual. Bombshell join us in at 930. And when we come back. 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