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NFL Sunday: Prediction Time ... Pats Vs Bengals

Oct 6, 2013|

The guys make their final picks and tell us what they think we'll see today in Cincinnati.

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We give you one statistical note about today's matchup between the patriots in the Cincinnati Bengals. If Tom Brady throws two touchdown passes today. He will pass friend tar content. Ambled NB fourth in National Football League history in touchdown passes and it's 341 that he sits at right now. With two touchdown passes today he'll pass Fran tar content. And I am I guess that might not happen today but it's gonna happen soon access it happened today pretty cool way if you. Completes a touchdown pass this week in next week in the saints he at the that it highs Drew Brees for most consecutive games of the touchdown pass her past -- some miniature. And at the -- things that Drew Brees in the Orleans saints coming to July. I can then that's going to be good. It'll be great to bring bananas are let's go around they that in years redness and insular and nobody opinion also the coffee -- to -- as they used -- -- just something that kind of line not but I know this during solid all around the table and see what we think's gonna happen today patriots in the Cincinnati Bengals. 1 o'clock kick off at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati crystals that when you. First of wanna give a shout out to the Wellesley generators who won't blow another one this week ninety to nothing. Great can't possibly hope to stop the well is exactly later exactly can only hope to contain no -- Paul Meister the rest of a good win nice job -- OK first the ball. I think Cincinnati has done a lot of good things especially on defense it did they have a lot of excellent and artistic. But the skill position guys me out of the said the ball with a big lead defense -- we related touch on a lot of liquid says you know there. Really mindful of negative plays and really kind of there there there penetrating defense I think the -- will be able to take advantage of some of that aggressiveness. -- We work well I think offensively I think the play action. -- -- here for the patriots is really something special and I think we're gonna see some of that this week of organized he draws we're gonna see some reverses. And I think doing what's gonna win this thing to -- 2721. I'm I'm sort of steel and Tommy's point that I don't like the karma going against an earlier in the week pick appropriate it's this week I went with classic score 3.3 I actually feel this rubble removal for the map because. I have doubts after last week's game of Cincinnati's ability to put points on the board. But that says DM mental thing is new news Dobson plane health Lee and Kimbrel these are all different things and at the point when I was make him ahead. We didn't know. I like your point -- Chris I think naturally -- that be not only that they would be they thrive on negative place it's a road game and have that aspects of if the patriots control. Are over differential and there are a lot of these second and fifteen secondly teen. And you control that was -- -- control that was -- in control that was controlled -- -- industries and invest in new event that they do that instead of these negative situations this could be not close this could be. Thirty depend kind of bottle stick with the thirtieth with -- dirty out there but I do feel good about the escape the -- Earlier in the week I think I liked. Cincinnati more than I do now and again going back to your point about guys who I had questions about whether or not the gonna play. -- dole was at the top of the list you wondered about dobbs in -- wondered about Tompkins. I have to admit I kinda thought you might see gronkowski again this weekend and now obviously that's not gonna happen. I go back to the point you made -- this team did lose to the Cleveland Browns a week ago seventeen to six back to your point about scoring points and Andy Dalton and I'm not sure that anybody's going to be charged with trying to stop AJ green one on one although Aqib Talib might tell you that he does. The end of today I I do think that they'll find a way to slow them up offensively enough. I'm a little concerned about the run defense without the road grader in the middle of the defensive line repent and how they're gonna find a way. Look I think BenJarvus green Ellis is really good we some run enough in a patriots uniform to know he's a load he's a tough guy edit to defend against. But I do think the patriots will find a way -- and I'm that we says that every week when they win they find a way. The sitting here for a note despite all of the the roster upheaval but they've had. So I'm gonna I'm gonna say something like. 21 and a seventeen some -- -- a fairly tight affair. And if they are sitting here at five you know with New Orleans coming to town New Orleans -- with a win. You get up to a five and -- teams going next weekend here to -- stadium in the 425 game which would be remarkable if that works out. What -- worth mentioning -- Guinness we're talking about -- They didn't do what you just said dale. They went into halftime knowing Vince was down -- chance -- you'll -- sporadic and just to put the ball yeah that was amazing to me but he just didn't have put in the game plan to do division -- at the backs. They didn't even try to -- and so did do that -- ran well yeah I put up some good numbers on the ground -- when they went right at that I'm sure they went back on that Monday film session were kicking themselves why they went that route and at Cincinnati probably watches that same film with so we at least half a test them. They lost the best he'd tackle in the league. What's so it's going to give that a shot -- to be some key driver up first and second quarter guys enjoy the game enjoy the week Matthew thank you map local mental thing. We will look back next Sunday Sports Radio WEEI.

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