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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live From Cincy

Oct 6, 2013|

Tom E. is live on the scene and calls the boys with all the latest on the conditions and what is shaping up to be a big matchup between the Pats and Bengals.

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Tommy currency -- -- dot com will join us just few minutes from soggy Cincinnati. I'm not quite sure why you would have picked up Austin Collie for your fantasy football team this week. But if you did I not so fast right Chris. Austin Collie when these seven that inactives there were just announced by the patriots -- leaders Steven Ridley Rob Gronkowski. -- Wilson no surprises there those for the first for those guys were downgraded before. This morning but though Austin colleague Chris barker and Steve both artists. The other three which means -- -- Dobson is active which means premium Dolan and general -- -- Tompkins as well as we have Washington. And generally speaking if you're active it's because they're your play and they don't take tourists Danny Amendola spin out on the field for probably about half an hour now working out stretching running. The of the media guys when they're watching him saying he's he's looked very impressive in terms of running. Doesn't look to be you know. Held back in any way we should also point out the Brandon Bolden is also active today as well which he struggled a bit surprised exact. He struggled with the new entries we'll see you figure we talked about him before. Perhaps playing a role on special teams as a returner. You have to figure that there's going to be some sort of -- -- -- -- Leon Washington factor but Boldin has taken some of the snaps from Slater in the specialty -- So I like the idea now of potentially those two in the backfield together we talked about the way Atlanta did the twenty personnel orbit put two -- together in either guy can get the screen and check down. I'd like to see a little Leon and -- -- that together -- you're seeing them both sort of involved in the pass game I think devilish sort complementary group with a three of those guys have interest in seeing how they utilized. Like as a non wide receiver touches is a big thing against a Cincinnati group and the pick up the guys to do with that. Log give you one little other fantasy tidbit just for fun here Adam show after tweeted out a few minutes ago to running backs who will have their number called today rams running back -- Stacy. Patriots running back Leon Washington. Nash after presumably has talked to somebody who has said you're gonna see Leon play today going back to your point. About -- in Washington may be being in the back field at same time back to what we were discussing earlier about kick off returns. Leon one of the best in in football if there is a return I would lease price to be doing that today as well. Green struck down arms any kind of involvement is a good thing with the backs and you know I'd love it above to see some explosive play from the kick return game and -- trying to go out where's that an annual while the was an opportunity for a so it was a and M. But we know Leon was actually New Hampshire himself so he's been managed through this process. What it ends up working out -- you really didn't have that need because our kickoffs happiness first month of -- season. I'm always curious. Several people have said that it's expected that Danny Amendola snaps will be limited today. That they will monitor his his snaps I Iowa's wonder what that means I mean if you watched them yet have. -- -- if he is out there and and gets targeted seven times and has seven catches for a 103 yards in the first half. I'm guessing he's gonna get the ball more in the second half. -- may be extended series if you if you -- -- drive the -- analytical thirteen employees who my enemy can go wire to wire because you don't wanna stresses you put them out for. Two or three series at a time of pole and you know like anything I think that's a premium image seem manage it's just simply not a lot of gold wire to wire for a -- happens ago five minutes. It's just offer -- -- red dirt but looks tired. Well and look they now have more options at wide receiver than than we thought was possible at today at the beginning of the day right. We wondered about Tompkins being available Dobson had been limited this week of the -- your voice -- well you know you -- those guys in the mix along with settlement agreement -- -- so you do have a full complement wide receivers -- -- glad you brought -- -- his name because I thought he. Evict the shoestring catch you made in the crossing rout last week it was a big boy he had a -- more than one -- ethnic religious thought it was just one okay finished flashed a big big shows his -- gets his first socialism comfort level of give him the ball and I think that's a good thing for this office. -- bring in Tom. CSN and by Tom current -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get -- good morning Tom. -- is that lovely Qualls a little -- they're in Cincinnati today. It's more it's. Yeah it is. A moderate to look at it likely to my guys got me to it and here at the Victor go on about. Forecast for today and Cincinnati is four from two to four inches of rain flash flood warnings in effect for Cincinnati. Now we we said earlier generally when the conditions get crummy that's when you see Tom Brady throw more. Yeah because as we come to see probably since the one. Snowball. That's evident I think is set. When -- -- an awkward on defense pact does not that's when the receivers too and that's about it didn't see him. -- trouble with it floated because he has to react more quickly so negotiate getting -- as we speak running routes right now on the -- Or the what Ryan mallet from its albeit moving well put more pressure I think on the linebackers defensive backs were up to react to their secrets. Tom you have video sent somewhere where dobbs is Colombia and Eminem over America's kind of -- from curve ball type deal music snap in the head around is there weren't any kind of protective thing on it deserves everything sort of. Let me see she is not wearing anything except for all think quote equates right now Atlantic routes so outsider right now -- stop. One hindered efforts -- around there was no indication right there as I watched him out of in the obvious -- it. So do we figure. Do we figure delay cared blood is going to be be this week's chairman of the running back by committee. You know I think Chris it it'll look I'm not situated at a party you know could be 15151512. Between in open. You know little implement all this comes directly up. It appears that split based on personality and what they're running out of I I don't think so go -- They and we need to run on more than Oldman. -- -- -- -- -- -- We should point out that from the Bengals perspective starting cornerback Leon Hall. And defensive end Michael Johnson are both inactive today a resident of while a. -- that they're in the is not the swat. A quarter is Leon all and obviously the -- what would therapy with the mental we're queuing -- element -- most vote on the -- and brought up by -- So you have. But one of your better defenders in the NFL guys really come on -- in -- -- -- Down that means. Serbia. A west Celtic I am not sure on the depth chart will be -- I'm -- -- but Michael Johnson elect from security. They're saying that -- -- which -- -- well. You know acted up like the by product but he can't -- it yet but patriots here's your brakes -- -- -- last week with a lantern in terms of personnel not being available. It would also seem you know when we look at the loss of a guy like Vince Wilfork a guy who's as good at his position as anybody in the NFL. There are two options we discussed this earlier it it is the classic next man up option. Which will probably be part of this but Tedy Bruschi brought up the point it might be time for Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia and the defensive staff to get a little more so little more creative. And try to battle this loss -- Matt likely where do you think they're gonna ago. Electric that's. A really good point and I wanted to ask about what he's -- leading into it's I think it could be fascinating to watch what he'll do. What -- sports. Not going to be you -- Oh we watched him like she almost on apply at linebacker right now. Could you hear something where you stand up just that second level. And it'll almost all of which I'm Kelly find out what went well last week like I've yet are a lot I think it absolutely obvious you've got to address. By the patriot because you up our apartment. She really interior sent to apple -- really brought. What real you have to do something different and it's going to be -- that would battle -- out find out what the patriots do. For rep for -- this week. What do you think that a vote try to stopping entry into like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bought the just to give you sort of a generic call now works. In -- -- Mike two or Mike one funnel which is Mike is a man like one is a man called Mike to his -- call but by virtue of tagging the front end of it might. You send the Mike in to the front you know it's just a blitz -- base -- -- tablets is the wrong word but. It's a five man front as opposed to force on the snap the ball spikes crashes in the lot recent to a lot of one game that they got the the regular defense -- -- it was Tampa and and that's why it happened so you know if it's probably in the even without the events issue when you see spikes on the field I think they go to our crowd so I think the new thing is. Modus operandi Brandon Spikes going for play and play out. Causing disruption of -- think that's always the rants have. Worries. It'll end in -- as little as he played. And as much if you going to turn into an anachronism I think in the at all. Is still really -- radically impassable. Run stopper. Tommy what's reasonable level of expectation this week for Danny Amendola and you talked about him have a -- live and you -- move around out there but how much can you realistically put on his plate this first week back. I'm glad US that's my yard music video of right now we work it broke. It Italy at what might accompany it and post it on the tournament as well watch ballot votes to -- adored here in the result. At a beyond our car got what they're hungry summer as well is running hard as hell other part itself. And making catches it's. Pretty remarkable for a guy who are severe credit report aren't good it. -- both sides that doctors really attack the you know -- you -- brought watch it occurred credit so art. It's -- it's such quick moves very cute and -- such as quick he'll be achieved there. You mentioned it -- is is the fields Electric's. What you mentioned it Tommy in the field is slick Amanda there's rain in the forecasted to have a -- it's it's pretty much. Also uncovered mr. -- and yesterday yesterday afternoon and opulent rule you'll look at that. How. The field reports audit should accept or voice to the court to face -- -- On the rubberized pellets and water I think in true. But still I think there's no speed and a lot of that I. But all the maps of the of the certain -- laying flat opposite the rain not want some -- brushed it off. Your back. I don't know I don't like the surface and -- I think sometimes you'll find guys people up for the high school footballer might remember the issues that make -- sharks. The sharks pavlik the rubberized kind of bottom two with that -- as persistent is still out there. Sometimes when it gets a little messy on the particular surface. Doesn't bring out the sharks. Because we were kind of soccer Bob -- works great when that surfaces dries it can get a little bit slick as the plastic bottom as opposed or rubberized bottom soon. Some Gaza pullout that you when they feel like underfoot in my view amid an issue but the judiciary immunity if that's that's kind of heavy stuff but. As you watch on TV pay attention to which they put on. -- spot -- just yes canals and moderate canals that's where oral UST the circular bottom -- the ridiculous things away anyone Barry. Quick -- Jackson and only for the fantasy football geeks out there. Because it's a big one actually Calvin Johnson is out today for the Detroit lions' first regular season game he's ever missed. And it kinda came out of the blue for everybody 'cause he was pushing hard in practice all week to be able to play at Green Bay but Calvin Johnson will not play today for the lines. Wow that's that it didn't. We'll be scrambled now. All of the policy that Austin Collie -- -- it looks a stupid take album -- plan anyway. Let I made this point earlier about the patriots coaching staff in the job they've done. Because I don't think that this four and I was a little different from some of the other teams for a -- start so far. Although I'd say Andy Reid and the job that they've done in Kansas City is similar. This might be as good coaching job as I've seen this staff put forth here given what they've had to deal with -- all season long. They have kept them sounding ones I'm sure that. You're you're throwing it out there at one -- I shall we it's a failure would -- up to half an hour while the number it. Throughout their appeal water. All four or about an 82000. Galactic intimate look at the good note with you resulted in what would you still. But yet there's this -- or at all. And I out strong in conflicts where you're able there's former Bucs quarterback we're going to be -- network now. I sit which for all impresses you -- to -- goes. And what Adrian suffered on Brady and the patriots who felt the patriots because look you know cycle whether. All that he has tried the weather here and all we -- the front whether it. There are still improve and you're out at seven. It gets harder and harder and harder especially if you have reached. Becoming a much better in the Broncos player I want to be connected to paint the patriots still going to be noted football. Because -- further out. Is the crazy other works Tom what's also it gives us the sustainability arguments electing him to -- except -- -- like how're we gonna with the old army -- you start. Gloucester county like who's gonna still be here. In December almost like you rather be you know that slow -- roughly commensurate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who are married are right Wes Welker -- so beat because you're restored to those where we week. But it never but he quit now right now do you have to build that up eight. If someone -- right now. Tom speculate whether it's like we've had to do because none of us have any other information other than speculation. And I know we've asked this about three different times already this season what is going on with gronkowski. I think what's been reported -- inaccurate and -- I don't all court may see more how much it -- that we might be is probably over speeded. In the real close like the and a double. What -- that we operate a cut them up lately it would solve. But I think if you look at it well. He's not contact until it -- and I don't think -- what -- last year in the playoff game against Houston. The broken arm you'd be an apple could happen -- -- -- about it by now but once burned twice shy. Not allowed back until it's already I think if you're the quarterback. And you'll work -- artist you are gonna practice Opteron under. Spirit absolutely no doubt in my mind what mark -- -- -- -- I want to leave that be hurtful or what a what are we got here. But I don't think you're you're operating in all we but I am sure that they're. Anxious to have that I'm not and they -- patient and I don't app that knowledge. Specifically but I if I can absolutely tell you that they are tightening anxious about him earning. -- Your quote great white lyrics they're big big kudos Tommy that's what it once bitten -- You will want to unduly close after the ball park. All right John before we let you go what's gonna happen this afternoon. Patriots in the Bengals. You know licensing -- or want white. -- all week so I'm gonna get burned trying to what they and I will. But after what more adult last week to beat up epic struggle accuracy. You know wait this week elects not watching not. The second thought yup all gonna be out -- your legal ground. I think the patriots are gonna win the game and -- all the Cincinnati now at the -- or. And every week we're gonna say at the end of the day. Well you know next week will finally get a real aren't necessarily well. A measuring test for this team. -- -- her. It actually will be fun Tom we appreciate it try to stay dry out there. I -- say that is Tommy currency SN and Tom brought to you by Tom current chair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair again for UF fantasy football players out there. No Calvin Johnson today first time he's been inactive since the season finale of 2000 and obviously if not the best wide receiver in football one of the best two or three best wide receivers and it did sort of catch everybody bit unaware it's. Any problem that he'd been trying to get ready all through practice this week will not allow him to go at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. So no Calvin Johnson there we've given you the inactives for the patriots. And frankly a little surprised Bolden who we thought was limited in practice all week is active. And and dole is active Tompkins and Dobson are both active so. Were a bit surprised course we knew Rob Gronkowski didn't make the trip so we knew he wasn't gonna play but. The patriots will the erratically have some weapons for Tom Brady to play with that I will take a break welcome back on the other side. Believe it or not. At the risk of taking the role normally played by the Dennis and Callahan morning show. I'm gonna tell you where football and politics collide. NFL Sundays presented by complaints the insurance -- you a five star agency can do for you at the Penske dot com.

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