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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #5

Oct 6, 2013|

The NFL Sunday gang go "Around the NFL" and take a look at all the games set to kick off for Week 5.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI will be going until about 1230 yourself bottom of the hour. Tom currency SN and we were just checking during the break we were checking in nine NFL network had a report live from Cincinnati. Forecasters in Cincinnati are now calling for two to four inches of rain. Total four inches of rain this afternoon. Now flash flood warnings are in effect is well it's funny every time there's a real bad weather game. Doesn't seem like -- when Brady throws more. I mean it's like offense knows where they're going deep yes doesn't you -- maybe point act and react yeah. And every time you go all well it's going to be pouring -- I guess they're gonna have to go to the ground game racist group that I'm on the ball and that's usually what have. Closure through to the inside of the field I think that's important port -- the routes moved to the hashes you know. It's tougher to throw the deep bouts of Serbia out cuts we saw that in the Baltimore a playoff game last year -- it a little -- was -- but it. It gets tougher to do stuff outside the numbers but if you have the guys that excel with -- with in the -- familiar your car. -- let's take you around the National Football League and look at all the games being played week five NFL schedule course -- all but. Thursday night football Cleveland beat buffalo 37 to 24. Cleveland Browns of course beat the Cincinnati Bengals a week ago seventeen to six then came back in one. Four days later against the Buffalo Bills let's start with a 1 o'clock games today Soldier Field in Chicago. Match -- they should be the three and one Chicago Bears host the undefeated for a -- Orleans saints Sean Payton's saints head coach says. There are aware that the running game has to play a bigger role in their offense. -- -- Went so well on rehearsal film and gloom boom and we just did. What time of possession standpoint we're -- it's tough right now our program. Understanding and how important fourth quarter becomes and finishing but certainly something that we feel like is important and continue to work well. Scheme therapy treatment to watch this week because they got the saints committee in nick and legally. Late game here late on an afternoon game here for 25 point five or 25 that in real content portal. Everyone is well now and I actually. -- Lambeau Field in Green Bay -- about this the one and two Green Bay Packers host the three and one Detroit Lions. Aaron Rodgers says although it's week five this is a huge divisional game against the first place lines. It's team you've played twice a year and a team is playing really well Kim coming -- they went home with his Chicago. And he's the kind of games an accident at the end of season we look back. And if -- able to come out on top on these division games and is simply for the division for a playoff spot. I had I truly can't quite figure out what marine base -- should have been so far in this young season defense. Lost two games this season with a scored with forty point do you stop and don't know. I'm watching don't know but interest -- obviously wait patiently for -- welcomed -- Detroit that's. We saw the pre assumption dolphins have -- Arizona Motorola up America. LP field of the three and one Tennessee Titans host the four and -- Kansas City -- there's some really at least from a record perspective some great matchups this week. Andy Reid says chiefs wide receiver Dwayne votes content with -- roll in as a big reason for their success. And I think he knows how important is itself so. And he is very himself which you can analyze this place. -- fun and it's. One person want these guys to let their personalities show and he's got great. She's going to five you know think about that the -- it was -- a -- but with what happened last year. Pretty cool but this just immediately to parity now that's a pretty surprised though still some attractions in this. I don't know don't get don't fix to be surprised that some of I love you guys noticed but -- Fitzpatrick with the Harvard. Mr. -- added I have heard Zahara you -- with the Harvard. -- must meaningfully it's not -- Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis the three and one Indianapolis Colts host the for a -- Seattle Seahawks. Back to my notion about you know at least record wise great matchups this week. -- elect says the Seattle defensive backs are very tough but he has confidence in his teammates. What are their front seven interceptions on our team already -- -- three guys in the secondary up to a piece. They'll all be it physical fast you know we have all the attributes the neck just fast -- can also catch the ball America there are also big also a great job for us to do great job officer with certain we've got our work cut out for us but joins gotten open for. And 1213 who still -- no development to -- open PH who's gonna go to three year old girl. Bad for a servant as well my defense sucked the ball well -- consciously -- more dangerous I think that's a team -- you have to be able to run the ball against. Maybe the colts to three weeks ago in the absence from the running back efficient level in more trouble with. I think if we don't Presley can give gamers probable fifty times in the second -- this is the game of the week too and I think if they indeed Indianapolis has -- a really good job battling against that regression I thought that they have with the team that it was poised to step back this year they've really put together some impressive football of the first four. Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis. Remember all that stuff I was saying about the great statistical match -- this week you that it wanted to say wanna -- -- race at Louis rams in the all -- Jacksonville Jaguars. In keeping with -- RN FL Sunday tradition we move on. Sunlight stadium in Miami the three and one dolphins host the two into Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice says the ravens have to get back to basics with their running game. I -- that I have been down the road they'll say we need to carry as we need this now we need X. And as far as what it starts up front need to get to fundamentals we accept an open mind -- when I'm running courses we just have to get better over the -- Right here though is on peace to be -- 72 times this season that's a good to extraordinary that's a good and he threw three picks last week with our credit the Oprah picks. Don't throw the ball or they don't that's a pretty good team when they do well America is about my corporate partner back but. That's turnover differential no no he doesn't matter more from a group of Miami about this match up MetLife stadium the hole and -- giants. Against the one in three Philadelphia Eagles Victor Cruz says the giants' offense. Has been disappointing this season the. Especially in a little bit because we know we're we're used to put points on the board and in -- -- -- offence guys from left to right so. You know you've -- -- today and it's just not happening for so. Were a little frustrated mood that you play. My NFL translator for him if my skin quarterback would stop throwing it to the other team we'd be okay all right good. The desperation bowl. The average of what it's not just the line this week I think legitimately. These teams are true kings -- -- believe their division you have an old for virtually you can't. You can't not not a piece of ligament out of it and kind of this is games coming up later -- this Dallas Cowboys host the Denver Broncos that. Reasonable chance that the closest thing. It stay at first what -- -- at first a level one game lead right. If if the giants can somehow find a way to beat the Eagles they'll be a game out of first place exactly the despite -- not be just what the coach just tell me it's weird. Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati the -- to Bengals host the for a no patriots -- according says. The pats defense holding the watch out for the bank -- tight ends and all the different ways they use. You know that's going to be big for us this week you know playing a team that uses both a time as well on the they have good tight ends you know their running game and fashionable so. That'd be their responsibility especially at the safety position linebacker so a lot to do good job is getting on and and try to make itself on the -- -- version -- here but how much of the comparison you could mean we've Gresham an effort. -- when we talk about from coast in this. Not much just -- those guys block for the I mean they're really not. I won't pass -- wrong idea and -- -- so good that it put aggressions big issues catching would keep his hands or pick a little more suspect. But you know it's it's an athletic group I think you can obviously -- with the patriots push veteran people trying to find that kind of book. Style and you find a really good other wide receiver which they're not as good that are defined agreed to tie it and that's the way they want. Oral five today University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale the two into Arizona Cardinals host the one and two Carolina Panthers for -- -- says the Panthers group of linebackers might be the best he's ever seen. They have depth up front rotate a lot of guys that core of linebackers. Is as good -- portrait group linebackers. That I've seen probably. Back and Ray Lewis -- early days. The one thing you could really like about Caroline. This is. And images -- Jon -- -- -- to New York attorney general for the guys I thought that but those of former star first -- kind of -- deployment loyalists thought would fit in well here seven years out -- he's in another -- -- death. The group port 25 today as we mentioned earlier AT&T stadium the two into Dallas Cowboys host the undefeated for -- out Denver Broncos. Jason Witten says it's up to their offense to keep the ball a lot of patent hands and they have to convert on third down. You gotta keep those drugs -- saying that -- showed -- -- -- good offense is how important every drive is and every opportunity you have so. Especially New Orleans -- good offensive. You know into the game last week coming 78 -- and third quarters -- I get a lot of opportunities that if you got excuse me -- Nothing is off the table with the uniforms and -- it and he singled in meeting of policy while you you you talk about the possessions in the number of possessions and free possessions this news via Tony Romo -- management game which can do that I don't know in the absence of that. You're given -- in the ball two times good luck Broncos are averaging. 44 point eight points. NASA made averages that's -- that's sort of what's the average age of the three of us troops and that's why you don't you know -- -- Chris Richard justice -- -- rather not say. Net after Sunday Night Football football night America tonight at 830 Candlestick Park the two into San Francisco 49ers. By the way there's word out there that Josh Freeman may be visiting. San Francisco this week I guess that would work that would work for. Just saying that's a possibility. Two and two 49ers host the two into Houston Texans TJ watt says the team as a whole. Supports match job even if they wanna beat him up they just need to get back to went. In his locker room or behind me a -- matters I'm gonna roll down the field. We trust -- we trust us. As one football team Monica says yes and no one players in -- beautiful book if you amicable football games there by -- and thought. Is the NFL's what do you definitely good. And we understand when -- move kids. I couldn't get her speak or adults and throughout the room where perform. When your defense mechanism. Speaking about throwing the ball to the other team. That was a pretty rough Nick's -- yeah. What does it didn't used to restaurant that's offering a -- expert or metro or have -- a topic. I think. -- had an additional Sunday night game tonight NFL network has picked this one up at -- dot co coliseum the one at three Oakland Raiders host the two went to San Diego Chargers now. Because of the baseball game yesterday and I don't know how long it takes to convert the stadium from baseball -- -- -- evidently a lot longer than I expected. Because of the time that they need to get it ready. This is an 830 start melt them 11:30 eastern time start here now on the NFL network I don't know what could go wrong in Oakland with -- at 8:30 PM start. Philip Rivers says the whole offense benefit from playing up tempo. I think that's -- -- thing that I am able to have Basel defense for a long time before he snapped if I need to I think helps your series well tied in as well so it's not. Just guys it's their -- looking to see what we're getting it while we may begin now things -- -- -- -- put. Fast last week Philip Rivers 35 -- 42 for 401 yards that ED 3.3 completion rate. With the highest in medical history forgot about reporters are doing it I think it it's safe to say that he is over his Norv Turner. Well I also think it's it's safe to say it. To -- -- -- guy after two weeks it's stupid the guys get talent I think he's come along. I can't name receiver it wasn't just two weeks I mean he had the last summer for five years summer break he's a Muslim was not the same guy that he was in 20062007. To what thank you because you -- -- -- -- department. And Monday Night Football 830 tomorrow night at the Georgia Dome the one of -- Atlanta Falcons coming off that loss to the patriots. -- the -- into jets Rex Ryan discusses the amazing performance so far by Tony Gonzales. Us we're fighting and you know. Always thought about retiring. I don't know what that performance was. The other day. She was targeted thirteen times -- twelve catches. For almost a 150 yards receiving your room right around there two touchdowns. -- -- -- -- -- -- The mailman he's. It's just -- -- once again Rex Ryan taking shots at the patriots. When Anthony was that was oh I don't know that all I Lara well yes that time -- -- it if that's your week five schedule in the National Football League. Tom. SN and eat dot com will join us at the bottom of the hour live from. Wet and soggy Cincinnati nothing better than Tommy Aaron in the soggy look I -- we'll find out when we talked in the bottom of the hour so like you thought he'd get it we'll take break. NFL Sunday presented by complaints -- insurance. He would fives are agency can do for you with the plants dot com.

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