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NFL Sunday: Are the Rules in the NFL Ruining the Special Teams Element?

Oct 6, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris talk about the special teams matchup today and how it will be effected by the weather. They also get into a general conversation regarding how the NFL trying to protect players has damaged the special teams game.

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Not just because Chad -- here but we do this every week we talk about special teams because. It's an important part of football game patriots certainly treat it like an important part of the football team. Supposedly the field in Cincinnati drains very well how. Today it's going to be crummy day I we brought this week or so ago. For all the people complaining about -- blunt being kick returner what difference does -- mean I mean every it's the return -- kick anyway put me back there. I mean if I'm I -- -- -- I know I would hate to see you like I always open to play your entire job is to watch the ball go over your head right at the back wall does matter who you have back there you know. Maybe with conditions today yeah slippery football that your kicking in -- pouring maybe you'll get a return today maybe. Great point in inside temperature is much is from from the balls compressing -- to -- with there army to temperature as much as rain off the tires of its Warman -- does still bomb the ball out of the back in the hands up. But housing and how the house the temperatures going to be I mean if we start to when you start seeing consistently around 61 -- 50 in the morning and it's not seven your honor. The ball to -- -- -- trouble quite as much and we Tennessee college football last night governor mark bring him out it was a really exciting part of the game if you Cincinnati. You know we only put six on the board last week against Cleveland and you got Tom Brady on the other side -- he may feel a little bit like hey this is starting to. The -- are sure to pick it up do you feel some pressure to keep offense and other parts of the game. Former jets special teams coach Mike west -- was the star of hard knocks when when they were following the jets around that summer. Is retired now buddies around the game road apiece for Peter king's MM QB dot com. The title of which was the touchback era is ruining the game and I immediately thought of Chatham when I read this. And he's talking about other things as well about. You know he he says the new rules aimed at protecting the center and guards on place kicks. Will result in fewer blocked attempts from the middle of the lines -- -- the whole special teams safety issue here. And and I I find it interesting because there are people now you were the first I noted banging this drum but there are no other people saying. You know what -- were trying too hard to make sure guys don't get hurt -- in this cup part of the game. I mean and I've I've made this point many times before -- if you really look at what's different about football. Vs baseball vs basketball vs Tennessee and EV sports beyond just the fact that we tackle each other to prevent the discourse. It's that we have a competitive change of possession don't think about baseball at the end of the out. Do flipped the ball there and leave it on the -- we just changed sides -- -- on and off the change of possession is not contest. In basketball. By and large and less of a full court press it's it's -- -- -- guided walks a ball court the change of possession is rarely contested and -- to -- in baseball approach into the phase. But generally you leave the ball on the Monica walks and it's at the change to present in tennis at the end of a set the jog. They switch ends and -- high five each other grab a -- the change of possession is not contested. In football it used to be this fall ball nonsense that we have now where the ball goes into the that the stance that's not football. And that drives me nuts because you look at a team again amid -- example but there's teams that need that part of the game to generate profits it's quite frankly. The Goodell era has been a lesser on field product because there's less exciting place we sit here -- target politics there we sit here and -- all that. That we help. We sit here and kind of it's -- wise leader returning kicks went -- -- those different returning kicks. The numbers compared to last year. Are the same. When you are to return him you know alienated so I mean the differences absolutely negligible I think -- people's -- with -- blunt he's not sudden. But he's fast I heard you talk about it we do we have the wee bit of the show the did you guys do during the week and -- Patriots this week. One of the things and I'm glad you brought that up because you look at blunt in he is not a traditional fast guys but in we'd get caught up in the forty times. And he admitted this week with a smile is that look I'm not a 43 or 44. But you breakdown the forty. In his. Second when he rise faster than its first what you just kinda get up to speed will look at look at the player this year when I think it was a -- for pre season -- Stephen release has much better quickness. What's -- sudden. -- -- -- But once he hits twenty kind of -- we saw that you got caught in our out in the open. And you'll think Stephen -- grew faster. I think Kevin -- a good example Kevin Faulk was -- -- looking as quick as the dude that was out there. But -- -- -- wasn't quite as high I think -- or -- block actually built so I think he's less sudden in the short space. Once you give him -- role. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bacteria. Not let me ask you guys about them in terms of returners in and special teams because we do talk about it if you've got Brandon -- and Adam Jones -- -- primary returners for the Cincinnati dangles. You've got Julian settlement and I know where he talked about this last week and people didn't believe me when I said he has historically. One of if not the best punt returner in the history of the National Football League to the patriots have an advantage in the return game given the fact nobody. Kicks kick returns anyway. I think it's it's it's pretty close in this example I think definitely to have a punt return an advantage we just don't know enough about the departure from me to put that out the army. I think. The importance of hidden yards for Cincinnati is greater than I think it is for the patriots. They're just going to be able to move the ball I feel a little easier but I like Julie element that role we Q we keep hammered on this each week where. Hit his eight yards that should be to -- terms or a big deal and I know people handicap those and they'll put those as much of a guy gets 222 in the fifty. But I think he's a huge part of this offense and maybe that's what scares me yet because he's caught 36% of the passes thrown by Tom Brady now. Putting him out there in those situations just scares how to stop -- that's more dangerous play after you know from experience more dangerous ball more joyful it's just a volume. That the term. Different from the kick return the kick returner we'll take big hits -- sort of you know it it's it's sort of your crowd around -- Return you're lucky to get a bigger and richer you're just happy to give him down on the ground it's more of an open field plating kick -- and so if you're back to the kick returner. I could say you know you're gonna take the collision because it's in a crowded it just is like relocating an offensive play essentially. Part return is like this giant recess field where in your as a as a coverage guy you're just happy to get a hand on -- to do on the ground. You know it's who we talk about this I think this -- to mention one department rushed into this -- -- -- to kick off some really good year. Men 20/20 two in the end zone is amigos for nine no injured I feel just like I mean -- -- Nugent -- -- this -- well you're you're you're looking to Buehrle. Took on the Ryan Allen issue. As a holder. Might not have been as big -- I was worried it was going to be started the season texture brings a good point here -- for all the things we said good bad or otherwise about blog earlier. It if he's in the lead running back role this week I think that's witches I don't know if you do you want him back there because the back issues to me is different than a wide receivers -- took the terminal -- dangers. Josh Boyce is a guy with. Think has a history of -- -- have a history I'm I would also -- Doherty if if he's healthy and -- -- not being out there I think that would lead us to believe the principled and well OK and again if you have issues about his health. Many companies are you dressed again but you know that's. They're all oil that are normally what you say there are -- there are times when you have to because -- -- -- consider other -- -- are -- -- now -- of his conversations -- three of -- had -- Back in training camp about how. Which way they were gonna go -- The whole notion of keeping 45 vaccine crazy talk well how involved he -- and really tell how that looked relieved it was healthy this week. This is this week where we sit out and say -- other potential I don't miss that of course -- injured if I may not healthy oh my gosh -- -- -- -- one -- the best in the NFL kick return game and no question and that's when in my battle on overlooking that if we ons they're given back -- torture him you're gonna see some explosive plays. To the blocks form of course you don't if there's a place to be may it and -- -- but if it is while of course Leon Williams available he's active while he's apps leader. Well take a break when we come back on the other side we will take you around the National Football League will look at all the games being played in the NFL this week week five of your NFL schedule. NFL Sunday is presented by the plans the insurance he would a five -- agency can do for you. -- -- Penske dot com.

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