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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Bengals Offense

Oct 6, 2013|

Andy Dalton, AJ Green, Gio Bernard ... sounds like a stacked offense on paper, but they haven't performed that well. Everyone is expecting Talib to be on Green, but he'll need help just as he did last week. The big topic is of couse who will step up with big Vince done for the year.

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Now Leo it's all done at about. 12 o'clock on Sunday when -- let me cars need to be -- and I go home I watch the tape. Libya by night and the father received nesting allies with Cincinnati's. I've been off my management says that -- -- -- early Monday morning. That's Aqib Talib rule single handedly all by himself take AJ green out of today's. -- -- -- -- -- This I'd love talking to him I always got I've listened to do that on a listen to -- -- busts out with these non supporters that are just so I'd just he was he didn't I talk to Lester talked about abruptly quarterback in in they said. You know what are some they're questions. It there Leo what are some of the elements abilities as well you know -- feet go hand in hand. But that's not too deep for -- -- -- -- -- -- look inside that phrase it says so much here it's easy easy. Really interesting got to talk to block from -- not to because the flow but you know he does talk about playing quarterback I think I've seen this movie songs are cautiously optimistic here assault people love. Air quotes. Big -- clock. It's funny quotes remain as a good player alleged Atlanta and -- his moments but I would say just to build -- -- -- -- so -- -- against forty minutes CEOs go to -- let's talk first about the quarterback Andy Dalton who. Is firmly ensconced as the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals at least they've got a guy who was firmly ensconced in that position. And I'll just start with a basic here. Obviously he's not one of the elite quarterbacks in the National Football League where is he's probably him. That -- group of guys not including. The youngsters who were drafted last year. About middle of khakis and it was a packed Middleton Middleton two thirds of the week down not a you know I mean he's a step up from the bottom and he certainly not in you know law Griffin and fielder -- but geez you know weakened when -- few games. I think it would crest the but over the course the year looking at this film but I think. I think there's still something there. The job I'm -- -- -- -- bottom two because you'd the only you know -- -- two games to break down and the one that I do remember them those that -- -- sort of passively was left him last year and I I couldn't tell if it was Andy Dalton. Or which is sort of -- -- that offensive group because it booked. Immediately he became exceptionally dependent upon if AJ -- not open. Well Serena -- -- like they have to Jermaine -- they went -- -- -- for the portion themselves in the world -- I hired I and it was never going to be an option but when I watched him play last year Notre -- got a -- in the -- and that softens yes so I think that's a positive step that last week's production it's Cleveland so pour. Is that the quarterback -- at them not establish -- -- game at the new guy it was heartburn. I really like I have -- about it -- it -- -- to back into. At least at one delegates -- law -- but at least one -- we know really know what he's got a -- I'm here to -- -- on the other guys -- from now I think -- his competitors in some aspects that you shooting -- and that he's an undersized multi dimensional -- you can -- running -- -- into -- Out of the backfield I think he's the over yelling and I think they're still trying to figure what to do with him and what he does well but. And I just you you look at the the -- of this offense in anything that you know. And on paper two winnable match of the -- yeah I can I put amended I don't literally answered those questions in the middle third conversation. -- towards the middle of the back of third based on the last two games I saw. But I builders of course it's against the Cleveland brown is obviously -- the big stand up to me was how poorly he was point out that the consumer how much how terrorism likely agreement we fixed him with a quarterback is running back treatment. There are some groupings or non dominant and it would overlooked. That said -- -- definitely could use some more of a guy I think there -- some frustration the wage agreement I mean you know he's off on nominal now. You looks a lot like Calvin Johnson but I don't think there's the polished there. There is of the other -- there shortly ago gated aspect bullet. I don't know -- I still feel like there's something miss them on offense. I for Gresham things -- -- -- -- kind of an inconsistent got a catches the ball a -- right on this this week -- one minute. Kind of thing to keep and I am Gresham is a guy who you'll watch. You need to understand Maria's it's kind of like the Gonzales situation is not that this -- is going to be the -- -- the officer and like that. But when they get themselves in the third and longer situations. -- watch where he's alive if he's -- close to the formation removed from a often and three by one and there in the third and unusual. They -- seam routes this guy over and over receive a -- ball down the middle field may be we get a into the hole and a political thing with the defense -- player he got one against Cleveland. But it's his -- So it's kind of one of those things like it's not a redundant distance we got to stop Jermaine Gresham. One in certain situations holy cow and especially electric match and you know with the -- -- -- that might have been last week it might some might be some from the press ought to get -- -- -- -- I don't wanna get to distribute because they know -- and we would -- Tennessee even for the segment but to -- -- leaves impacting his overall level played this year wrote something this week where you can start to bring him into the conversation it's four games in and it's incredibly early but I think we could start a conversation about him. Being. No no you have some very strong feelings about who he is and where she is and what he means to this defense. I believe that the addition of -- again I agree with you when you say he's not a shut -- -- are classic shutdown corner. But his physical skill set lends itself more to playing against the opposition's. Longest in the cleanest and most physical receiver in that we've seen over the last couple weeks with you know with Vincent Jackson and Julio Jones a little longer guys. That's not to say he's gonna go out in in you know but we've talked about off the -- -- you know typical because Victor Cruz he wouldn't -- matchup. But I think right now you can point to him as the most important. Defense a player misty now I know you feel otherwise I -- you feel strongly. It's great car -- She gets even stronger tonight. The here's -- thing if you watched that thing you turn off the broadcast and I know you're you know and he's they've been effusive with praise the guy and he's doing a very good job I would say he's played at that level which are mentioning 46. Quarters. Half the half the Tampa game and he had his best game as maybe a pro I mean I've watched I've watched more than. Then most of last season with Tampa I watched a film for the flipped over the patriots he's only been here thirteen weeks haven't we should. Put that in perspective but he's played at that level for one game in thirteen. In earlier this season he's -- it's always good he's compatible I think it's nice to have that element but I don't feel like his particular skill -- there's not a lot out of the can do it especially if the price it's perfect if the teams doing a great job while that. But -- -- I -- view view example I would uses it's like you know Jacoby Ellsbury hits a home run last night now is -- war. It is too small sample he's not a home run -- disguised not a supporter. And shut down to me means you know. It for you doesn't have a history of that and I mean there's a hundred games open that he played in and he's done it -- And he did a great job last week at the thing it's a usual bottoms ball. His cover skills there are plenty of guys that do what is most of them you know works just matching your feet below the route as -- from a -- catchers. He -- -- -- -- non event in my in my in my view would be blown out of the water for some reason when he played against Atlanta he does three and half of the entering the season -- in the history about. Boy if that with a case salute our bureau. Bought the the notion that he's been shut down issues just simply not true and I think it is great examples to go back richt on the altitude. It Danner did just -- good job against Julio jones' news is that. Talib did didn't pick him -- was with a big play in the game. I think the thing that elevate displays the ball skills and he's had four picks in Europe. That's a prequel about stats say hey the -- his is accelerate his play for a short period I think. He's not in the island situation is not shut out situation as those are the coverages there caught the -- And that's who he's playing with them as beings can help their third doing a two -- high low thing that's great what it is -- sort of the of the buzzword they execute your broadcast it just doesn't hold on so much of it is about working as a group and working as a unit -- talked about that on -- -- before we talked -- -- -- -- one of the things -- -- -- -- was really good this -- and -- does the locker -- about. Learning how to play together. Learning how a safety please for the quarterback and learning tendencies and learning different ways of approaching things in getting a missing -- I think we're starting to see some of that. In this secondary because they're starting to it now that they have all of this time together as a group. We're starting to see them kind of played Houston defense of shorting him for lack of equipment but. Give us -- to put it. Yeah I'm oil look at some of the time -- -- were struggling last year when they were sort of shuffling people through and you know whenever was back there more in sterling -- was still here in the second area and you know you were you the safety back and was different each each week we don't Avon have couples are Spector -- like things were not settled. Once they got -- old magic have a situation if you go back import. The two quarters you were working with at that time and give them close coverage allowed him to play and sort of what was last week was a cool thing to really good wide receivers against two solid quarters. Both topped wherever -- ago I mean it's it's a cool little thing because and you learn to play the technique to play underneath them. And you steal an -- in Talib is the perfect guy for several big agency is ball skills are great when he gets the nice treat. In that one thing I do want to point out I think this is we often will focus on -- -- Marcus gut tells the look at. But the real but what the the other half the equation it was really important -- that -- interception. Was the Rob Ninkovich. Rob Ninkovich. Host of the tackle -- -- underneath on clutch and made about Ryan throw a hail marry off his back for. So -- -- -- that's why I always try to harp on the team thing Mateen Mateen and this is not -- -- -- this is not Darrelle Revis is not Patrick Peterson this is not like -- -- I go down the list. It's they've been really good beginning multiple contributions on singular place from lots of people. And the schemes been sort of come into the forefront I think that's -- and I think as the pitchers and should love that but she should start believing you have some guy out of -- dominated by the people who -- all the politics. I always hear our body Troy Brown in my head saying just because you don't know his name doesn't mean he can't play. Because as soon as I saw -- -- stepped into Vince Wilfork spot last week that was the phrase the popped into my head. In this -- play yeah. DK you -- -- he's not a guy in he's gonna suffer because people are gonna make comparisons to events in he's not a hall of Famer and he's. Not a guy you wanna go whip over the course in general -- sustainable over that. Length of time pro rarely discusses a rookie we -- can do but I think it's. Yet in terms of a ditch over guy for you know for a handful of games having a lot of -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- and play -- -- he's not Vince -- puts -- That absolutely clear he's not gonna -- yet he's not gonna be a dominant defense of linemen but I think he's gonna be okay and I think he's in a good situation. Considering who he surrounded with as well when you look at Tommy Kelly when you look at Ninkovich when you look at Chandler Jones. That's a good defense lines in anything he can certainly. Get them through this for rough -- I'm worried about Tommy Kelly playing a lot more than they intend for him yeah I guy I agreed in I think that there's going to be. A concern about putting too much on his plate for a guy who can handle that he's been durable over the course was -- only missed a handful of teams of of course his career but. I just worry about blowing amount. Come December and just just you know probably 95% of the sample and that's that's off the -- -- that's the problem you've been to where you love a guy that 25 to thirty snaps. But sixty. You know what happens amused or some attrition -- to think do you play a little -- -- last point 5% and it's enough to hurt and -- play vulnerabilities. I think what I would been impressed about a lot of I think Chris it was something we notice that up in the stands watching him and in pre season. When they were doing the wanna once he's got a little wiggle room does he he makes guys miss he has this cool little arm over move where he really wins a lot of insight. And that's what's different because that he's actually a little bit different advancement was more power in just dominates people right. He's got a little kind of shake through which you don't you know when you first look at them it's not what you expect. That said what it's tough -- -- going to be -- on doubles again through college a -- discussed not used to it but. The reason fences so amazing. Is because it's not that for 45 snaps -- on the double. It's sixty. And when you Wear down between reps 45 and sixty that's when that's when he's amazing that's when it's like wow he's still holding up he still requires two. So that's what's tough for any human being to do in the -- -- you guys like that -- -- thinks are the rotational thing we saw port if you get into a situation where you have the luxury. Sliding Chandler down and sometimes the series will be Chandler and Kelly. And a lot of -- -- is good in street to rotate those -- reportedly get into -- -- Houston game works is direct org and you might not have the ability to do that so that will be the test. I like the patriots lined back in core we have all year long Rob Ninkovich is in my opinion one of the underrated players in the National Football League Jerod Mayo. Is it it is not a flashy -- Lois. You know -- with a football field guy but very steady. But I'm wondering how important the line backing core is going to be -- is. Jermaine Gresham with Tyler -- you know -- those guys that is that that tight end offense -- those those tight and options for Andy Dalton the linebackers have got to be very important. -- be curious how they -- because. Last week. The -- a lot of things continued Tuesday to -- -- on the Baltic Gonzales and some worked some didn't. We saw Logan right at some extended time last week they actually do a great job but still give -- -- like just coverage -- Odeo is like you right there. But sometimes right there's not good enough against -- kind of guy. With a linebacker group we saw more of Jamie columns that was nothing yes by complete reps last year he was on the field that the the last play of the team you know he was he -- he got more and more time as the game without its number economist with -- mess and I think he's. What speeds great. Linked as great a foot assumes great technique still lead the way to go and that's not unusual to rookie to Soviet great players mislead. What you often find news rerouting. Doesn't just mean hitting someone you have to be careful -- beating them in to the route you can actually. Push someone in at the -- like it or yours yes -- contacted him but if you're. If you were once ago that can actually help the guys so what they'll be trying to determine is -- get away with. Rerouting of the line of the mergers in the got it's not covered in the defense offend him. What's tougher is on the got its rarity and also -- -- later when you do now with a linebacker -- of just two months feel with -- in Gresham. That it's a little dangerous because you oversell. The re route. Immediately slips behind you and you can't -- atop both of those two guys and that probably means that ages on his arm over his and that might be a tough match -- -- -- off. Did it means your view -- and we can talk about this before did you rent a room with -- nearest. Where you know if you if you just human good solid pop I like about 100 -- like that with the backs and don't let them to align -- -- bullet. It's tougher with a tight end in less you can get a memoir from an in line I mean what the defense of and give them what the outside linebacker bang -- and -- go into the Russian self. It's a little tougher when you do that and have to cover and on the fields while for an extended period of time if you covered over the top maybe. But mix it up I think -- is always -- The big word. We'll take you around the National Football League at the top of the hour look at all the game being played in the NFL this week. This is WEP guys NFL Sunday presented by complaints -- insurance to a five star agency can be for you. At the plants dot com.

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