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NFL Sunday: Tampa Bay Finally Moves on From Josh Freeman and the Juggernaut Denver Broncos Look to be Tops

Oct 6, 2013|

The NFL Sunday gang discuss the strange situation in Tampa which saw the Bucs finally move on from Josh Freeman after they cut him this week. Will any team take a chance on him? The guys also talk about just how dominant the Denver Broncos have looked early on this season.

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Sure how anybody could complain about the quality of the Patriots defense I mean after all they have already driven a quarterback from the game. -- -- -- released this week by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean I am not sure -- were ever gonna get the complete and total story right on on down there the mess I mean there are. There were stories as we said the week of the Tampa Bay game about issues with Greg -- on -- on the team and back and forth and I will say this if the team was actually leaking stuff out there about that it. The substance abuse program. I mean that's about as low as you go isn't it why I think you don't like him release him. It seemed like there was sort of a sabotage thing or not because as -- as we review we talked that we can even in the aftermath of the game. He wasn't that bad there's a lot about football around and the numbers at least skewed by drops in. Mean in the second half the images of putting -- pitchers they have the kick returner wide receiver in other words you Mike Woodson pulled hamstring in the best players in his -- had an -- I mean in your quarterback's fall ticked -- the ticket Muslim Fedora suited exactly saying it was it was sort of a the pigeon hole and barely bigger the guy you're you're being scapegoated and it really had to field a ruling handled the ugly and it's too bad because of that have been Cold War. There have been smarter with the whole situation he had trade capsule -- that's the thing what you just. -- guy also means nothing to you know it's unclear weeks off. What why and and and I know we're we're trying to put logic to an illogical act. I'm trying to figure out why you'd do if you that if you the Buccaneers because as you point out that it's bad business reputed to. What you don't wanna many more freedom and instead what you do is trashed him. I guess in some attempt to justify your fans. Why you're not playing him anymore. It got personal to -- up for it got personal on the way out the door -- -- -- yet it deputy -- small minded and that you know with -- it's just -- to -- the way things. Collapse like that because you look back at the body of work if Freeman put together up until -- the midway point of last season. It's a good young court that he was a really good young quarterback in -- idea I think that he shares some of that going mute -- beat some of that on himself. It's it's a failure of the franchise to -- Consistent offensive options around him -- its -- the coaching staff because again like we said they've trashed them on the way up the door and it completely taken -- in Easter treat drug and with that we mentioned mr. Letterman had both of -- -- were out then you -- which it was a third or fourth wide receiver from Dallas was -- -- free agent contract was -- and he was also cut last week -- again they missed. Mike Williams has not been a legit dangerous number two. And the and the number one is inconsistent dude so it's not people around him he didn't -- well he didn't. Fuel and most -- with not having much around them which most people don't. And it was pretty clear I think you've been through pre season that they were lean toward this climb -- there are a lot of whispers that the bit that he was a guy and he ignores it if you disregard the receivers now ironically we didn't think he was she honest guy that we -- -- gee thanks I'm in office having to the gym here that's that's that's pushing influence I think it got ugly which -- -- -- -- -- to kind of go the way it was amendment way. So it often to me it looks like if we -- if they're simply just made this call. Unpopular not in in pre season missed could've been much cleaner -- you don't get the ugly thing with. With Freeman -- US trade because you're saying OK they -- the organization says he doesn't fit our -- now what you fine. Is that man to beat teams interest it is important that I mean I you've got the situation now supposedly to rise as is always the case Oakland -- and for. Don't they always have interest in every player -- target cut anywhere. Or any issue. Now you're seeing some mean Cleveland's act -- good thanks. Brian Hoyer went down with a knee injury last week and thing. I mean. Teams who could theoretically you seek a Jacksonville I not -- -- Only when we do this -- here I mean that's the thing that teams now who could theoretically this -- and now passed. North though I think a lot of teams are sitting and waiting until the end of the year to -- offseason to -- -- let's bring him in here in the offseason let's get him -- we're gonna sign -- let's get him up to speed starting in February and march and gentlemen that did the off season -- programs in the workouts and really at that point kick the tires -- as opposed and -- -- -- four weeks I think it to have. Brought him in immediately -- yeah again we don't know how much emphasis colorful Freeman side of the tables while we understand that you know he'd made a good chunk of money there are now he's allowed a double dip of the CBS he gets that guaranteed -- -- get the money for the year in a matter so any new team assigns him. Note that the word you hear is that Q -- seven and eighteen or 715 or whatever his guaranteed low minimum that number has. But that's only presumably easily taken -- number we also don't know that visit not still starting quarterback I don't care the -- -- -- I will play for you for Rex you know he's got to do those you've got to get a good situation. Rooted in a daily that what is a twelve week rental yet he's he needs to get DC -- go to Oakland if you Smart I mean he can't they just go to a stable situation could -- Bosnia to sit behind the quality. Order he has to polemic keep toll. He's got to go somewhere and show that he can be a decent citizen and a good soldier and do what he's supposed to do and just apply a team making an expenditure on a long term Seattle -- had -- reputation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well -- does so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look at -- it was -- last -- -- I think you might have been a bit of an -- won't get another shot. -- is that the opposition assailed Simon knows what about the cerebral play. Look for the team it's desperate you know look for the team if Oakland and ethnicity -- -- though that these huge mistake Arizona could be huge mistake prone to jump right back into another team -- look if I'm Josh Freeman writes about the -- the year I get my act together. In a comeback and clean next year -- work on the offseason in and I hold of a day essentially. -- and whoever wants to currency in silica write a better one of the year productive member you're team but I think right now I think he's got it for blood and quality qualities I I agree refuses. Sit until the right situation in the event that you know. -- you mention a few teams like if those are journalists. You have the larger city if it happens in November December that all happen necessarily ticket if somebody goes down. In Kansas City you know authors of -- themselves -- there. You can pick a number of places where the situation looks a lot different today -- in my four -- from venue like -- the movement only today it's just a who's who's going for him -- -- you have a larger some back plus the quarterback yet you have the luxury of sitting back in some way enemies Emanuel has a weird situation I don't know how -- that's going to be tool that -- terribly great last week. The point is let it run its course you're now back in the driver seat and you know you can prove that your different than what what's called several is there any. Reason for either of you guys to seek any let up and what the yeah Denver Broncos are doing offensively right now no. I don't think they need to look at the schedule we talked about UFC west about it being looked the more competitive this year but. You look at the -- the run of teams that they have up until November game against the patriots and cowboys jaguars colts Redskins. Added a close game will be interest and I think that is the potential for some. Some -- there but I think -- quality over the records of Kennedy's -- have a unique ability to keep both teams in the I'd do -- -- -- talking about the quarterback situation in -- -- never surprised when they -- I'm I'm somewhat surprised usually when -- -- yeah I've -- -- from -- the -- will have this kind of effort at all don't -- about a -- -- may be -- -- on their super talented but when they do lose one that they shouldn't. You count as the cowboys and our it team has the potential for just like a 4542. Team or just an absolute blow by pardon me. I'm not sure that -- Mullen the season with 64 touchdowns and zero interceptions which is his current pace. But the fact of the matter is what they're doing offensively that the the slate of weapons that he has available to him play to play. And as long as you've got guys who are willing to accept the fact that I'm -- get the ball for ten or twelve plays in a row but sooner or later I'm gonna get it. Again. There's there's been overly. Unusual thing I think like before -- heads it was would notice this part from what Denver's been getting and you notice that knocked -- -- reports of Peyton has got a lot of man underneath we know that he doesn't throw. On a 25 regarding -- he's not -- on the ball downfield. But when you give an amendment convert it into the ball quicker than he ever asked because people have made this decision to play man I -- underneath a little bit of -- match or -- call. But the thing with him I was thank you have -- problem you wanna get marked the spot. Which presumably means you need to bring more people to do at a loss for some reason your three man reform in Russia which are so good that they're gonna give him off the spot. So you can overlook his own to make him make mistakes have -- loss that -- their steel balls a look like they're going on the guy. That kind of thing. But -- you don't in demand match. He he kills man because he throws guys get open at least who deceit. Locates the jury amendment covered so what they're gonna have to division have to find the team has the ability to go back please don't. And still -- their war at least make him a comfortable for every team really doesn't have that but I think were pretty obvious -- current yes exactly pocket pusher on the inside right really good gas energy don't water got a -- push from the inside by himself. But in the event that you make this choice to go man warming in the zone which which is what we saw last week. Man eats a lot. Just justice and it's interesting for me in this study and there the way they're using Welker in the red zone is six touchdowns this point in its sixth title last year with it. Now existed just the use of him. When you -- down inside the top when he would be seemed to be using human wave that he has not been used before and it's just it's interesting to watch the evolution it's often. I wonder if they're going to be able to keep it rolling like the 2007 patriots. When we come back after the top of the hour we will look at the new England Patriots offense specifically against what I think is a very good Cincinnati Bengals defense. This is NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance he what do fives -- agency can do for you looked Lansky dot com.

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