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NFL Sunday: So Much Has Happened Over the Last Week, Including the Loss of Vince Wilfork

Oct 6, 2013|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price discuss the victory over the Falcons last week that came with a big blow to the Pats defense with the achilles injury to Wilfork that will sideline him for the rest of the season.

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NFL Sunday Dale Arnold Matt Chatham Chris price here and our studios a Tom. CSN Andy will join -- -- but later on. From Cincinnati let's just recap very briefly since last we spoke a week -- -- since last we spoke. The patriots went to Atlanta defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome pretty impressive win ran their record for -- Thursday the Bruins opened there regular season with a win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Friday the Red Sox opened the AL DS -- impressive home win against Matt Moore in the Tampa Bay Rays. Saturday. The Bruins beat the Detroit red -- red wings to run their record to two and -- The Red Sox. Defeated the Tampa Bay Rays and all by the way David Price two home runs from David Ortiz have taken a two nothing lead in the best of five a LBS series a win tomorrow in Tampa. Moves the Red Sox to the ALCS. The Boston College Eagles won a football game. And of course the patriots play today in Cincinnati against the -- That's a pretty good. Boston sports weekend big figures stood up -- city of -- just must hate them to fall back. They're so sick of this neighborhood. -- the -- it's been a a tough time for the Tampa Bay Rays and like I. I know how excited Bruins fans are about start to their season. Even more excited should be Red Sox fans in the two nothing lead in the best of five a LB -- We spent a lot of time on this radio station discussing both of those teams at the appropriate time but this is NFL Sunday. And it is a little part of the day where we will spend our time this morning discussing the patriots and and how we think they're gonna -- today against Cincinnati will break it all down offense defense and all of Latin and will dive right into what happened a week ago let's start with a bad news. And the bad news is the injury to Vince Wilfork. The Achilles tendon injury he's already had surgery. You know starting at that the -- on and all that stuff. We have the picture I hate and between up -- -- off as and a couple of I outlook I'll say this you don't find a replacement. And and Vince Wilfork don't come along very often Bill Belichick was effusive in his praise of -- in the aftermath of the injury. Now the question is the dual personnel wise the affix the whole personnel wise next man up all that -- Party get creative schematic -- that's the Tedy Bruschi argument this whole thing now bill and his defensive staff -- got to come up with new and unique ways to battle with the Steve I think the. But of both I think it's more number two ago I think -- You can do some things with the guys you have there are I know that a lot of people of talk this week about the possibility of Tommy Kelly moving over that nose tackle spot I know he does have some positional versatility he's played there in the past I don't think that the long term. That is sustainable solution it is point I do think -- to play that spot to play either the nose tackle spot or to play -- Did that that spot -- defense to tackle especially alongside Tommy tell you need a smaller shorter Stoner guy as a good complementary piece -- I think you're gonna see drove a lot of noise to -- concede. Chris Jones I think you're gonna see some mixing and matching I think we're gonna see more -- not they again it's not a long term sustainable thing but I think. You concede Chandler moved to that defensive tackle spot on occasion as we've seen over the first four games. But yeah I think your point I don't think you you can find one guy into our right goal replace Vince wolf speaks. Snaps per game I don't -- I just don't think it's gonna happen I think another possibility is you run some. Of those forming in front swivel Lotto -- convince his old spot and I think Brandon Spikes could see more of an uptick in terms of playing and you bring him into the box a little more. On those running downs in heat gets more time as opposed to what are more than. That nickel defense the receivable for four game or -- I think the way this works and I was surprised Chris here's your -- this -- -- well. As best we know their work some you know it's awesome defense lineman in to work guys know better now and snow which was a little bit surprised -- you know we see -- LaMarcus and receiver tight -- her. A quarter something there's always people coming through their guys out there that's the thing to go to -- murdered there are some intriguing veteran teams TC Hampton added there's some guys like got on the market as the point was the only blue -- exactly -- -- didn't -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the reason I -- Curious -- it tells you a lot when you -- they don't recommend that's a position group that is so difficult to gauge off the couch. Because the -- -- come to pass a physical area still 6233 here for whatever. But you just have no sense of where there physically I mean it could be blown whatever weekend. It's really tough because an epidemic one run about forty in the physical -- make Lawrence you know whenever there to pass conditioning has some public of all the way through that. But stiffened and receivers and -- or -- before forum for seven million now view I'm gonna count the same -- be bigs always but it. And you kind of don't know to -- test and so I think you always feel little safer steam in house because it's -- known you know it's a known commodity guy you've been working with each and every day. That said it's it I would have to decide with the idea -- there's gonna have to be some scheme. Considerations like -- dramatic changes have been through this. Well -- with the jets actually Christian concern was -- sort of bigger conflict -- guys stalwart god which just so hard and always takes to get injured. In Canada and -- -- Robertson would have been a former first round and hockey it was meant to -- -- and never -- and -- on -- roster was still you know solid player. What he small you know it was like a right on 300 -- 61 or whatever. But he was -- that gap he was ignited took methodical teams that but what changes is -- point for both the middle linebacker reform middle linebacker 43. What you find is you can't just stacked behind the -- -- in -- just flow because she's not taken into any worse each year you'd hobbled the scheme. And it really does change -- -- -- look he's going to be differ from the Mike and will now they may find the guard they used to hang on the senator used -- -- nose for for a second second second. Is on -- immediately and you're -- -- few blocks a little bit differently and so what you can do is you just send -- I was a mile in one direction the other circus around things but. From just a simple personnel standpoint with the patriots. I don't think Tom Kelly's double team I mean I've seen him he's awesome. When he singled because he's getting gaps guys have a pulse time handled -- Paul -- hi bill. Usually hyped as investors biggest factors have a look at how guys made up I love of those refer to the passes to go long levers and long letters a day ago but oftentimes you know he's 64 have. You lol bill that Ted Washington super -- 65 people bought yet -- hips it's army he he he anchors even a tall height. I don't think -- time -- built that way to pick a lot of teams that we does he plays a little higher it's not his strength. A lot of it on a great job mainstream but I don't think the difference in a guy between events who's -- -- another stratosphere and these guys takes on a double and then when one guy leaves he showed that -- got a -- the mix the. I think it did there's going to be more I was talking about this this week. Eight it's not so much to change up front in index I think your point is really well taken and that it is it's gonna put more on the plea that linebackers I think I think you're gonna look at more more work it in more. Intricacies when they're talking by team claiming for guys like Mayo in hightower in spikes in BB Jamie Collins to kind of pick up some of that slack because you do you you are which are pro you know you'd run you'd know which you have. We have a -- in jones' in in younger guys in at least come along really well but I think this is going to mean more work in in in more. It is it's going to be more applicable here here's the benefit and and this is why this matters and probably why -- that made this decision to not go outside. Mean AJ Francis is on the part scroll I know that other named -- and born and both out there now to what extent they're gonna evolve we don't know. Then I'm not activate me neither of the two this week to me was shocked. To be honest they'd just to have the body not even that they would have a rule. Chris Jones we got a significantly in nineteen reps look like yet. Solid got to look at him but it was mostly in Forman lines they were in Nicole most of last week so. I don't think that's what will now see him we don't we don't know how I handle the annals of -- handle sort appointment -- stuff so. I didn't learn much from that he uses mayor to make mistakes didn't make plays either so. There's still a lot of unknowns it will be interest Tennessean who looked on the schedule Bengals this week's saints are gonna spread out -- and issued jets maybe back to the run game stuff because it -- of the new guy activated what's his name. The got a camera suspension. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they're gonna want a bridge out in nets can be more conducive tips have. Defense the one level looked and looked a schedule gets viewers who used to be the steam but this isn't. 20092000. Time they've had they've struggled running the football so I don't know they gonna -- They leave Roethlisberger back there and what personal bit long maybe have to be there twelve team sort of I don't know. But the Panthers running a goofy things so in my day it will be a blind theirs while broke as we know we're just you know lights out. Probably not like additional -- looked the Texans are probably the first time you get an OK two backs. Downhill running -- back stuff that's the first week or still a 66 weeks out. The jets may try to do it that's the first -- but the point is these games where are from a few weeks ago we saw of the big jump in -- personal oversaw. From a schedule so I think that's kind of a gamble taking. Let's let's go back to last week offensively for the patriots while we got right. Was that I called on the patriots to make more committed run. -- more determined run commitment and they didn't look great. Where I got it wrong with that I thought the Atlanta Falcons were going to be a much better team offensively then they ended up being. Where did we get it wrong the most because we went three for 33 of us here thought in fact four of this year. Tom thought Atlanta was gonna win as well where we get it wrong. Good question. The patriots and no I know we we opened up we all picked we wanted to -- epic PayPal wanted to throw in my pocket for a trip to stick with the from -- -- up so -- probably benefit the -- got it wrong. Or here's my thinking going to the game was. -- -- -- -- not what -- look back past box scores I think it's it's always kitchen little patrol. Because when I -- I wrote this in my column leading up. Was wiry. How might they involve Tony Gonzales a little bit more because he still looks priest priest -- still looks like a man you know. And and you walked out and watch the coverages that they played. It was like okay. They involve Tony like you like I thought they might have -- -- -- is often what you do when you're doing your game and you tweak you look back it's it -- not how to put it last week probably the last time I had some support office. So I thought his sort of elevated role. Was more indication how they thought they matched up against the big huge linebackers that the patriots how much it -- was more of a focus on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In Julio Jones. So they said were going to be singled inside Iraq and have a rat down low -- and have a high safety. So what they did it's called cover five and they do little subtle one American and Asia Japan with the stuff but. The notion is that there was help pretty much the entire first half was were gonna put two people on both Julio and -- So the outside five cover five for fans out there it's kind of like cover two you have two people in the deep half of the field but instead of underneath zone it's underneath man. So but im -- just version of five that the guys that were wider your government authority and a Gregory in the in the deep parts of the field. They were essentially the top path over Julio. And the top half of -- In the in each of the corners was poignant and half they -- allow themselves to get -- -- fourth and five hurt and betrayal from there. So basically both those guys are essentially double throughout the entire first half -- on the bottom half with a safety over the top of them virtually every snap. Believe on the bottom half with the with the -- -- the top temperature selector what I'm saying is they essentially took the gamble that we're going to be a single Tony. And we somehow some success -- so that was sort of that that was the -- compact that they want -- now. -- at a different religion just as an and a rejection will get more into this is as the show goes on but does the success of Tony Gonzales and obviously by extension their quarterback. Give you concern with the Bengals today who got two really good tight end. Good point but I think to make it's a little different because it's AJ green in the little much bigger dropped as -- similar results Obama's and a definite yet it did there's not as much -- exotic similar to be appointed there's not as much depth at the wide receiver spot. When you're talking about the Bengals as opposed to the -- and usually does and anybody's worried about exactly so you saw the vulnerability. At that spot because they committed both to safeties to two -- -- got the cover won't be the same -- have the same issue. So now you have a low rat guy which means like a low. Free guy with the responsibility to take over the and such stuff you have a last week because there and basically when you do the deep pass stuff with man. Everyone underneath the single. MMX a tough so they were trying to add to reroute Tony at the line of scrimmage with the defense event and allow the guy after a pick him up there -- some. Then they've been in the second half they started number and they got out of what I talked about now and that's what -- you know sensible vote for the quarterbacks and were single stuff. But it itself title ethical carry over -- bit heavy for two as well as -- Gresham solution there's two guys. So I would see kind of an entirely different approach from from the defense as we saw last. We'll take quick break we'll get back to -- just couple of minutes as we said Tom. 1130 yourself. On top of the next hour will breakdown the Patriots offense against the Cincinnati Bengals defense. Oh and after the break later on in the hour will -- look idea Andy Dalton led Cincinnati Bengals offense against the Patriots defense. I'll take you around the NFL at 11 o'clock we got a lot of stuff to get to. I tell you when we're gonna end but honestly haven't told me this is WT i.'s NFL Sunday presented by compliance -- insurance he would a five star agency can do for you would cup Lansky dot com.

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