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Red Sox Review: Rob Bradford calls in to talk about the Rays' shaky starting pitching

Oct 6, 2013|

Bradford joins John Ryder after the Red Sox took a 2-0 series lead in the ALDS. He shares his take on the scuffling Rays' starters, both David Price and Matt Moore seem to be different pitchers since the Red Sox last saw them.

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Right back acquitted John Ryder reds actually we rollout until midnight -- continuing your phone calls but first up. He's well read well versed. Edit and we haven't even gotten to the writing portion of things he's he's our or eight Joseph Maddon Renaissance man our Renaissance man is WEEI dot comes rob Bradford now known in portions of New England had Brad -- on Twitter. A rob thanks for joining us. My -- what a great call digital tired or. They're born in a real big not always great but this post calls because they got a new level X. They do you hear that Peter -- -- David Ortiz -- second -- on old girl at all who are I would hope so -- I I'd say I mean. We know Joseph and gave stepping up. No matter if it's you know -- 23 of the season or or whatever the it played in the playoffs just like this Red Sox team their their step and up to I think they have a home field advantage at Fenway. Yeah low so it beat culprits of so what are we decided to contract so. -- Now well well deserved for him. And rob or David Price that I I kept journal -- report fastball command seem like -- are nothing but fastballs tonight. Does seem like this is breaking ball lead and have that feel -- that was my take anyway to feel for the break -- maybe just maybe that. -- might feel they gassed within -- to go the distance on Monday against Texas. The average or are you -- -- but you'd figure -- -- -- what usually does. Under approach fascinating because typically bigger crisis who attacked the tone early and he's -- go to blog orders acted after getting ahead. And the red cars early on jumped all that he brings everything straight over the plate. And and then an American -- just to -- that he carnival you're going to have got a little -- later -- There are two -- again you can go on some straight game and that's where you have to approach to competitors. But he got away with similar results I think it kind of showed the type -- the type of approach it'll take. You are relentless and IE. I mention that earlier I and I they flip the script because the scatter report on the Red Sox is so well they're gonna work that pitcher try to get -- -- of the game they're gonna take pitches but they they flipped it tonight on price and it just like you mentioned detected early and also I think. We've learned this in the first two games in Tampa Bay should be familiar with Fenway but. And who knows whether it's mental fatigue physical fatigue whatever the case may be but it's -- open house a war horrors. They need to feel this really played tricks on -- there's been a lot of mistakes. Yeah the starters not all of Karen Kenya and we all agree on -- -- Defense when you're talking about oh I would eat Turkey. All our editor of fact they have to travel back big -- you know there's been on the road but I'm lately. That there's been pampered what it took a lot of finger and it might jump out you. And my -- almost a satisfactory result. I've got horse -- we have very good defense of you know third came -- try to put the -- played -- -- -- -- out. By you we just got speed at this time around and -- across the board has left field right field everywhere. Yeah and I -- even at very early on in this -- -- -- All right it you know Lackey didn't have a his defense in his offense picked him up but I eyesore and anxious Tampa Bay team Evan Longoria swings on the first pitch when the residents when Tampa -- is threatening. And they get out of that and your great colleague Alex -- mentioned that -- she does Allah. Ideally do stood to double play balls in the second half of the season gets out of wanted to -- they catch a break. Stephen Drew nod nod in the Baghdad on the -- double play but. It's it's -- he's not remarkable I I guess and it. Looking at it overall and I said this earlier but it John Ferrell the Midas touch you know Stephen Drew is in the lineup tonight David crosses in the lineup it just everything works -- Yeah that the great -- exactly yeah it. To college who got a ground ball double play all -- another attack happened in Egypt you -- Each on the -- -- game. What is it does go to stretch where black -- yeah with two runners on and -- absolutely. -- -- Under the -- on the inside corner 91 -- audio or your -- to -- where you're in order. -- -- -- -- -- Keep your outlook update or who need -- most to be with its game. -- it seem like maybe the ten days up on early and obviously get your take. Ten days up -- rust early but started to settle in a little bit beard and some portions of the game particularly the third it was 123 enough. And a couple different spots. Yeah you are part retreat Peter your pregame and he got a good or Richard. You can prepare you to harass you into all that stuff. But he can't simulate a simulated. He adrenaline and you don't -- -- your body can react you'll all your reacted. And windier stops and did it. And -- -- that -- interpreted Jeremy due to the front of you out. Sometimes it just doesn't translate imaging triplets eight latitude to -- it away -- -- dialect you Google you'll I went to Brazil thing. And the Red Sox are gonna win this game. I tell you I would be very very surprised because like -- black you're gonna have to integrate immigrants are you -- to -- a -- run night. Yet no and also mentioned as well. The only lasts that long and David prices the other guy on the mound. Yeah well I'm cool and epic I thought this -- game was gonna come down as the Puget comprised. But -- getting to Chrysler's corporate run -- what did or didn't deliver. Go. I didn't feel like no other weird weird game by that comes back to it that the team really has. And ability to focus in on a game plan. Focusing in on a singular game and and really execute and they've got to throughout the course a year ago last two games. -- Maddon left right center too long it looks that way now especially David Price per -- David Ortiz cranks when operates. There in the eighth but teasing use at -- to lock. Now because the way he plays out a way to get operated -- read like you get to the red fight through that you can probably pitch and -- no matter what. That's just thank you especially when the pitch count to doubt that in -- -- that -- -- look at totally playroom is. -- you have David Price from them out and you're probably going to be better command it'll only be especially because counts and shouted as also. Yeah I'll pick out take a break I -- That he's got great stuff tonight and maybe go to work out or. Yeah you're 10 pitches cranked out for more -- and rob say he caught it on the text board not a complete surprise. That would play Joseph Mendes press conference earlier and I can healthy -- wages goes about things. And it's not the stocking answers how we just got to nonchalant while will be looking -- to go back here forgive for game five. But -- you know -- this one -- is is this one over this series. Darling it's over our guys -- certainly would be. The -- -- swayed dramatically -- -- -- like paper especially considering you've got to predict your best pitchers. By -- -- and throw your parents now -- very good. And still incompetence and he and ability resiliency of eighteen and that's why yeah that's sure -- He could strike the right how old you get where they were earlier here or you know when they're on the West Coast trip. Playing so terribly and then they bounce back and and get back right into the race so I hope it doesn't go by AB I -- that is that. The front part of the cliche that says you warn you when -- -- to -- to Michael to have -- they're focusing on the winning the next game. But who witnessed people that a lot of you did I've seen I think -- that's absolutely true. They're good you'll stumble and go oh OK we we could potentially here in order to take you to a matter immediately garlic yeah Alex -- The and that's where I mean ever and saying all right it's over it's automatic whether it's people call and undertakes an -- I would pump the brakes a little bit on that I know it looks like is they have buckles on the mind going up against Alex Cobb but going up against Dallas god. You don't you could make the argument that in the second half of the seas are when he came back after being struck with a line drive when he came back return to raise he's been their best pitcher. Yeah you're you're you're -- the other idea of courage that you eat it you can stop the bigger picture you. He's the top of the rotation pitcher -- Yeah aren't quite so quite buckles. Going to -- concrete aggregates are rated very good at Tropicana Field so. You feel good about doubt you're unsure about I think it will put cricket -- red guard should be. There you go or even compared. -- to a game five what are believed in the -- current -- of the likelihood. -- quite -- -- -- back to back contrary jet. Thought you would stay away and that cost. The yet it you know we're I think they have the advantage -- -- -- -- the game three is scheme for. PV against Dallas in the way -- since this. Yeah IA that particular outage I admit it or go to a game -- momentum -- -- -- fluctuate back to the raised. They're feeling good about themselves to marry you would Alex phenomenon here you have -- the Mountain -- okay -- pretty -- So used doctored the -- like you gathered by. I think. Momentum is so firmly implanted into the red oxide but you don't want to eat it could hike in oil I felt Victor got out. But I think -- -- it's still very very important -- all the time you just don't wanna get momentum back on the other side. And especially with Tampa Bay amended edited team it is never quit we know that I'd -- lastly still a vice. I don't know if you saw this I'm sure you can you do it says you go over you pour over every single note statistic and everything there is a baseball -- What might be stunning to most anyway I mentioned it earlier on tonight already Koji or -- you see this post season career numbers. I tell me your hand. All right. A nineteen all right here's he's appeared in four post season games over his career. He's all know in nineteen point 209 -- Five earned runs over two and a third and four relief appearances. That doesn't seem like that's possible. Certainly right now that could not keep us all I'll say this because you're obviously an unbelievable year. By idly wondered who should direct experience the most optimism right now that are when actually you could operate. The raiders more than any other -- peachtree. Especially helpless they enter the guys I feel like bill already 02. It was like that when they last played -- -- pay. I don't know what it. Well I'm just -- even more than any other team I think so yeah. Sort of look -- look and to -- you know as a Pro Bowl play -- actually get a little work and pretty well for -- read out. The end and lastly -- put it. He just tonight everything Ellsberg will a couple of -- shots like he stated shoot billiards. Madness this has to be. This is a no one glass -- -- can -- be amended this this has to be more than one and baby event. Some reflection with a long bike ride before the -- in. Maybe needs to chaser with that too. -- -- well -- so before you can't -- the straight you're not a large part it's a matter if you strike a right -- And he he'll be. Cochran. There's no I'm and so all what was -- units do. I still think vehicle account and it seemed especially when -- -- really -- trickle -- -- so it's. It's. It go to -- -- actual log by right sure fire and equity -- apart tomorrow you could hear a whole wave off. The insurer well when he's travel down to Tampa but you know he's he likes it here he wants to come back when the leaves are falling is it's a perfect bit bike ride and you know maybe into the Cambridge area. Terrible period prior record the other page so. I'm sure oh man who want to do it every you'd take Libya swan boat ride as well. -- I'm -- rather -- I'd tell you what. I know what Joseph does not do and not getting -- -- 45 late tomorrow or like I am so called. Well you're the real Renaissance man I know that you and Alex the rest of the WEEI dot com staff including many hand. I'm gonna recreate what's happened this weekend. When you guys get on those bikes. And a year if you re create that and then afterwards. You gather up in that back bay hotel I don't know where attendees stay with as a western married or Sheridan it's always one of those. Where the opposing team stake. But it and then recreating. After tonight's game -- that vintage you know 8000 dollar bottle line. I feel like you're gonna the option if -- -- -- joke that and it ought to buy it in simple bottle -- or you stimulate the spot beyond our pro shop for eagle and almost. Sitting on the bike outside -- hotel had to put up you have the production. I need to do one of those two. -- I I think in the dark rimmed glasses submitting and would look even more opposing if you were the children that look. At. Well there it is pretty brilliant and yes right -- he might need to disputed disguises specially after today's The Today Show you guys. Are right rob great stuff as always and always appreciated my friend. Are out artillery our rob take care rob Bradford WEEI deck coming Carlin long I was but it -- for over half hour let's get him off the line hate Carl thanks for your patience. -- no problem John is so it's actually I've been fun listening you used in actual. Alternate glory years the protections for Republicans should beat thank you appreciate it. Yeah -- so yeah really creek -- that they get a couple of minutes on direct analogue on and the New England. Tonight you know I got stuck watching -- drab. Actually yes that -- equipment like it and we didn't have actually meant to be yeah I. I it's too bad you missed out on Dave O'Brien is Peter -- call -- to play that I I like coming out of the break. Yeah yep please do I doubt it definitely treat and even smokey was just a completely -- -- -- -- What is with -- -- group and -- like John -- border I. I was supposed to David Joseph denied led. I have watched some of these TBS games and and in this grow while I watched it was the there was the play in game knows the Cleveland Texas. Are the Cleveland Tampa Bay play in game I was a -- what is this all about. Yeah it was weird news like that you know you're -- about pitching universe would command said -- usually does secure about our district yeah. Can -- play by play the reverse. -- I'll also out there are you know -- you know they talk about fatigue I think it actually helped let's including -- to follow it seemed. The -- didn't always rocking and not being elevated -- out we keep in the ground. A big hit -- -- -- look you know here's the Red Sox right most patient keep in baseball by a landslide. Also the best average against -- well David Price as you quite -- -- that has. It'll -- control of the secondary stuff was working. And tonight they were retro feel like you're the guy who because why it still looks like I've been here. You know through -- 120 pitches let's not let them get -- -- to -- -- the last room and they did so quick conviction. And be between god and and their defense knocking on top of kids their game. It can go out you know so bad and then. Is smug remarked about coming back the New England a country that -- in a racers it's going to be this -- -- -- know maybe a hardback nonfiction. Yes -- trying to throw me Aaron and -- have some sort above thank you symposium. In Cambridge. Yet thanks Carla thanks for your first and called. After the Tex but -- a price yet ten and 62 point 932 weaker starts against the reds I don't know was at Fenway. Limited the six and one with a one point 88. You know it will take a -- -- as Henry in the cars waiting half hour as well a hundred. The -- all right -- you. Now I'm fine. I want the last game and I don't -- to. Command that Boston fans are no -- and how to behave well. And we don't need to be exude karma -- -- art Powell or count though there any other thing. -- no props no props necessary although there's been some beards some fake beards. -- people you know with a fake beards realize that its image. You know there's a lot of -- terrorism. But but the point is. Other teams need to tell their fans went to cheer I mean. Because during the regular season I've not been during the post -- other places but I have been between these stadiums. And and all of them except Boston that I've been to. The scoreboard tells the sand when the collapse when the -- if they make some noise. And it's estimating that. That they have to tell their fans to do that. That's not necessary here that's for sure thanks for the call Henry. Should be necessary or really anywhere but today it is in certain situations. Right not at not at Fenway Red Sox beat the rays again take him down seven -- four. We've -- cleared out the phone lines were -- 61777979. -- 37. Text messages get some more those 379837. Gave back to Fenway as well. Next segment always loved to hear from this guy Jonny Gomes always interesting during -- during his. Post game sessions you know we'll hear what he had to say we'll hear what you had to say the listeners out there will do that after this break.

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