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Red Sox Review: The price was right for the Red Sox in Game 2 of the ALDS

Oct 6, 2013|

John Ryder looks back at Game 2 of the ALDS and the performance of Red Sox starter John Lackey. Lackey had to grind during his outing but the Red Sox managed to take a commanding 2-0 series lead.

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John Lackey was not his best. But the Red Sox offense and defense picked a mob tonight and boy this ballpark he's been given a team that's really -- Fits and not be in the Tampa Bay Rays defense of Leon characteristic. You wonder if are all -- travel all that Petit are younger team but still I'm sure and dub did an energized for these post season games -- just throttled. And this has to be absolutely demoralizing when they have. Their best on the mound tonight David Price who just go -- over seven plus -- the cherry on top B David Ortiz. Smash in that absolute. You know born shot. It in the eighth inning is the first time you might not think it is because of all that god -- Post season numbers that David Ortiz is put up as we go all the way back to -- for. But this is the first time in his career that he's blasted two home runs this is also the first time he's ever got deep but and of David Price. So price is still seeking his first ever. Post a win in a post season start. Does now what. -- and the Red Sox made sure that. Late today and in tonight in the victory over the rays and I I've stated this many times this season. It even heading into the post season and I thought this one Michael five I say you know don't count those rays out those pesky rays until their dead and buried well. This might be -- yeah it's not over but clay buckles who won in game three could Alex -- out -- Would be the biggest upset of all time the buckled says great numbers against the rays. And and Cobb has to be the the of this savior for them to try to keep them alive but I think it's I look at. Will on faces if you watch it towards the end of that TBS TV at a shot a bit. The big guys in the day after. You know price gives up the home run to Ortiz and just at the end it it was automatic for coach you are and it just all strikes. -- for Koji you know would you might this. This might stunned people. Is looking at the pregame notes despite absolutely shocked people. Yeah coach you are in in the post season before this and appeared in four post season games the last time in 2012 would Texas. No record a nineteen point 29 ERA fiber runs over two and two thirds in four relief appearances that might. I would pick yet to think about that for a second. Koji your heart that can't be the same guy right is he just makes it's so easy and really. Did the red -- it seems like no pressure this seems exactly like the regular season you know relentless attack. They get their great work out of coaching terrific base running terrific defense yet in my and it kind of break. One of those double plays look like Stephen Drew his foot was not on the bags noted they caught some breaks. And out Lackey fighting -- -- I think maybe that roster -- earlier Ron. David Price is off speed. Pitchers weren't working to set up his fastball and the Red Sox also aggressive you know they flip the script. Some thinking and and look. Some subscribing to this and I understand this team subscribed as well the Red Sox will wait out a pitcher to try to knock him out of the game. And they did that some -- more yesterday. But not the case this that they attacked early on David Price they flip the script. In the scouting report instead of waiting on and they were aggressive early -- pounced on him they got out raced -- -- that two nothing lead and just. When the Red Sox score first it's it's pretty much automatic when they score four or more -- -- Dave O'Brien. Mention this during the broadcast here on W he had. Where if they score four or more for Lackey we know he's like run support this season the Red Sox nine you know make it ten -- oh now. And they beat a premier lefthander. In two consecutive games is they take a 20 series lead. John Ryder -- Red Sox to view playoff edition will be taking all the way up -- midnight at 6177797937. AT&T to export open cranky at 37937. And also as well. Will be getting you back to Fenway will. What -- hear from both teams will hear what some of the Red Sox players had to say in the clubhouse who played John Farrell's press conference during our post game shall play that again. For you before you get out here at midnight I'm always curious to you were Joseph Maddon has to say. I don't think this is a one glass reload night. Might be a bottle night. The threat of this is just a crushing defeat. Media along bike ride for election I don't know but -- And now like mad as manager nothing to do denied I thought maybe pull price a little bit -- the there was some chances for Tampa Bay. But some squanders in sun and just everything. Forget mad with the Midas touch it's been John Farrell. Lackey not what is great stuff but he is not maybe coach you would come into this game a little bit earlier. Seeing that there's a day off tomorrow and they don't have to go to him yesterday -- they go to. Craig Breslow early that they pulled. Lackey had just the right time Breslow humans work out of the bullpen public debt deal you know check check out what they. Sent to Arizona if you remember this and in this was last season I know it's forgettable but it's healed perfect for the deal they Sherri did maybe kind of loss -- the weeds but. They they sent Scott Podsednik and Matt Albers to Arizona Breslow that's pretty good deal -- red sides maybe catch a break the era would the with a bends -- double play what a rough night it was for him. Will Myers hearing it from the crowd he was 04 IDs gonna end up being a great player. But a rookie in this post season. A week attacked for Tampa Bay which is there Achilles. Then -- -- our neck can be big confidence builder. As yet it didn't do as many double plays this Alex -- this out. I think it was just to double play balls the induced. In the second half of the season gets Yunel Escobar to bounce it bit agitated and a potential threat in the eighth when it's just a two run games seem like more than that which is that. A two run cushion for the Red Sox. In that eighth inning and it David Ortiz and it felt like. You know that didn't feel like a three run advantage and probably not for the rays that was that was the death blow I -- -- that must've felt I'm sure for the rays. Like that was a ten run home run. -- the year. -- it and especially with Koji warming and ended up throwing but he was eleven pitches for Koji. And he was eleven pitches that he ended up throwing yes eleven pitches eleven all strikes it was three up three down on on Matt -- Three straight strikes to Jose -- -- no chance for him and will Myers grounding out to first he actually worked. That -- worked in five pitchers. Says so it just coming up all roses for the Red Sox is they go for the three game sweep on Monday let's get to the cause and here's Jim in Brockton agent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not an incredible at any event a foul ball -- how could buyers. Yet so some bad and -- get some wood on that. Yeah I am telling if that guy might be a product. Back in the day when -- Dick the monster garage used to come and strike all middle Americans Dallas down and down on nine pitches. Yeah but he was thrown at what 9899 miles per hour this guy's throwing it it now -- job for all the press conference it's so true yet. He always throws 9091. -- If it looks like you know it's these hitters in my eyes will be guy thrown in the upper ninety's it's impressive but is the deception. It that they had splitter. You know. It just looks so tantalizing to these guys it looks like it's strike over the heart of the plate badges has steadily moving saint it's incredible and and it's just that one pitch. He's done that sort of rekindle. One guy you know I had my way baseball I'd pick -- -- -- and -- -- had a deceptive splitting united deceptive splintered. I appreciated. The -- point but when -- to a picture of grip. The big east -- he has great Blake Lleyton cause he does you know what date agency. It's also the last minute you're right he does or the second on the we all these. The idea he is extremely fun to watch and it -- Unusual delivery he's got a gigantic glove which seems about you know ten times too big forum. But he hides the ball so well out of there is just yet he's so -- You all but more more like Mike you know look up. Bit bit less like yourself but -- -- I don't know that there win 92 because I -- -- this team had character and chemistry and good attitude. -- what did you sense that -- Jim you and yet you sense that before the season do you view them. W sensed this before the season Jim you're you're you could tell lead this great chemistry in spring training and. I had to -- on the block out outside -- -- I'm. I was Kelly Dick Williams one more than we lose I can it was a little more modest but. As you know I don't think one night I don't know. And down. My -- out of course I always welcome back to my 67 right and you know that big catalyst to cardiac kids imitate that it -- get -- the other -- -- they had to support the way it out of the way baseball games. Now know they are right or just the the you know comeback against which has been the case there's the call Jim -- in these first two games an absolute rout. Closer today but again you look up and down and how about this you know Stephen Drew and some question and wonder why he's in there he gets he gets the big RB I triple he's the rock solid defensively. Plated cooled -- glove caliber shortstop probably won't win at the guy on the other side by Yunel escobar's. But -- -- him as David -- in the -- as couldn't numbers against. But David Price go figure. He has a wall scraper tonight every one of the Red Sox lineup had at least one hit except for Mike Napoli who drew two walks and still could be a a big key in this post season because he has been in the past to different Spurs stops -- Texas and especially. I did in that fifth spot. Another Red Sox who work at New Hampshire a different lineup on Monday with the Cobb go on the right -- the probably of Daniel -- the year in left but Jacoby Ellsbury. A bad -- -- to break you make your own breaks but still. Ellsbury starts up with a Q shot sink to many as acute shot dealt little flair. Hayden. How you shouldn't billiards out here with a couple of visits needed a once solid grip. And that is -- sixteen just -- that pension of getting on and just get haven't -- nine. Not an easy and that was in the it has been the case now obviously gave one and and once again here. Tonight here's bill and -- in a bill. Eight John that you're right I mean Ellsbury. We will problem when you're allowed to keep this guy around I mean he's just racking up the ball. The way he's playing. You know and how but how about that. That those couple hits due up priceless first to its limited. But it was already a and that's what price must've been taken those -- I'm like yes you know it is that this is incredible. Speak at a price that quickly that you know -- -- mean. I I we talked earlier this year I mean he's no Pedro. You know -- result he's now old forest out of in the playoffs right. Yeah well I'd still take c'mon on my team let him by -- means I mean. Like I said we don't know. Individual games you know well if any any other. Or to bill is this is a guy that's he did have four -- still. Coming -- have to go the distance. In a must win game at Texas on Monday it which has been a house so cars for Tampa Bay and price that was his previous. -- score that game didn't need to be an effort that many pitches. Yeah I you know I thought they'd they might go to their bullpen I was watching some of the some of that. That that win over Texas at that they might go to their bullpen now that ended up being. It was the final I came up 5252. Not carry the but I mean it seemed like a lot but Q what he's story is huge to see that he. Does. Come up big given the opportunity. You know given the opportunity this guy. Is there for. Or -- -- -- of it yet less flare for the dramatic he he. The numbers are mind numbing it it seems like it that's routine two home runs in post season game but that's the first time it's the first time it's ever happened and that's what's also incredible ami Ortiz. Was eight for 37 against -- to sixteen average that's quiet -- while middle Brooks had good numbers Napoli had good numbers those guys are gonna have to step up now you can never count out you that you get to October and that's David Ortiz time and ended. You think what an unbelievable season. This is just the two year deal at his stage do what he's doing a remarkable. That's a good form he's he's proven himself. -- he's unbelievable. You know and fallible for the games said drew was gonna come up with a big hit I mean they should've made the play again out there on that. Wrong guy he is always is gonna profit this season Ferrell. Starting from day one and and and heading towards the end of things here with a strong start to the season strive finished this season of which you love to see April they go eighteen and eight. 68 and 9 September now to know here in October. And now in the last Jonny Gomes I mean in place. He hasn't played. Last night to score from second on the ground ball you know it -- Sure yeah and give some credit to yet could give some gratitude at third base coach Brian Butterfield. Yeah the the Red Sox have done everything right mentally and focus while the rays you know the house so hard is Fenway went about the wall whether it's missed blaze which -- -- yesterday's game. Just absolutely. Both fondled them -- through these first two games. -- right good. Good shape yet another more of an -- -- CSFB stud of Tampa Bay comes back wins the area it's done all right thanks bill. Will continue to focus also gave back. In fact coming up after the break we'll get Joseph Maddon starts always interest in hearing from him. And we'll continue with some of the other other sound as we college to the press the post game sound. From both club houses will roll while that would love to hear from you there's from the other four lines here at 6177797937. And you -- -- AT&T Tex find 379. B 37 John -- Red -- reveal special playoff edition as we roll one up until midnight. We'll have more up next including Tampa Bay manager Joseph Maddon after this break.

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