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Dustin Pedroia with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox take a 2-0 Series lead over the Rays

Oct 5, 2013|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with with Dustin after the Red Sox have another impressive offensive night and go up 2-0 over the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS.

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Okay we have Dustin Pedroia standing by with a -- Maybe you have three big RBIs for you and I get that just as important -- big double plays and defense as you. -- This game. Coming in Jason David Price he's got. Some of the best stuff and in the big in the big leagues he's pitched well against us and kept us in check all year basically so. Played a great game it's it's a good win. Looking forward to get to Tampa and turn this thing -- -- what was the approach against Christ tonight and against more yesterday scored nineteen runs against pitchers of this caliber. In the postseason that's pretty amazing. Yeah it is it's a little different tonight we we had to swing the bats well started an old topic I. It's a -- that -- them. You hit. They've swung the -- hopefully we'll -- with the big we we have a lot of guys that. Grind out at bats. The toughest pitchers in baseball. And I have my Buick Stephen Drew with a double plays especially the wind -- so we're just give us everything because I was that he used hockey game was really outlined there. Yeah if you work well together earlier he. He's always under control is so bright spot. -- baseball players -- winning baseball player a lot of Cutler. Those certainly do one final question -- -- -- two run lead to nothing lead going into Tropicana Field -- Clay Buchholz. How good does that feel heading into Monday night. Two straight. We know what type -- team that they have over there. We've got to continue to play good baseball -- you. Didi thanks very much adulation and think yeah. That's the Pedroia with three RBIs and in the middle of three huge double play started warm -- actually starting to -- As a Red Sox roll to it -- about the read that they beat. Tampa Bay Rays seven before.

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