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Mike Salk, Lou Merloni & Michael Holley give their final thoughts before Game 2

Oct 5, 2013|

Game 2 tonight in Boston features John Lackey pitching for the Red Sox against Tampa Bay pitcher David Price. Salk, Lou and Holley discuss what the Red Sox need to do in order to win tonight and take a 2-0 lead as they head to Tampa for Game 3 tomorrow.

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I'm Michael Michael always -- -- -- taking up for the pregame show in 45 minutes we'll be talking to the guys in the book Joseph Castiglione who as you know is going to be around for awhile. To signing his extension like -- graduate I've -- gone to radio voice to the reds. Occidental and did you know -- back in the back to your house can add that now go to marsh field you know I think I think this happened you know that timing is very curious. -- we have talked to Kevin Graham about this that they could happen this way remember we were over here who. We get our play by play true I think it -- I think I got intimidated. He called the boss might look you gotta tell me -- Now it's none -- yeah -- get these young guys kind of -- him or the other way out there. Like -- to come up listen we realize how good just legally own yet she is not -- Not -- that it could be like anybody else all you want something I think yeah. I think selling -- -- -- -- -- to -- to do continued do a couple play odd place it wasn't those two right now while it wasn't bill we have and he -- them off we were lost we were dragged down by Jack Edwards I think is the only way to -- Jack Jack really drag on how to deal with he was the -- he was an anchor around an era around our collective ways. We're gonna talk to those guys coming up in about ten minutes we'll wanna get your thoughts on will Myers what happened right field last -- -- -- quick point I don't wanna get to first just as we wrap up the conversation about the numbers and what it means and whether or not there's a lot factor to how many runs Tampa scored over the course of. But the hits it and -- and hits together those sort of things that teams. You need to look at it and some of the numbers you're talking about where they get nine hits rail separate them and and in the pen it's over nine innings and and you'll get as many runs the Red Sox why would -- a player personally the kind of player I was. Two outs nobody on 1005 every time to hit. My friend attended a lot of audio guys in school position not to run think that would knock in about twenty years an opportunity. With two outs nobody I'm not leaving the yard I'm gonna get a fastball right down the middle likened to -- just sit dead red. And drive the baseball getting getting hit out of this thing and mow lawns you know it's now if I'm on now got a piston next guy a little bit tougher so there is something to. He'll put it together there is more strategy I'm not so sure there's lots of maybe the racial so called unlucky. You might look at that -- it's a huge tick along glory takeout will Myers it would to -- I don't go to court after each and every one. About guy your children through your point I should give you the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would do and tell you that the other teams who were near the bottom of the luck factor are the worst teams in baseball yeah that was the worst. Then it was Tampa and San Francisco Chicago Cubs Minnesota. Detroit -- Pittsburgh and the Chicago White Sox -- there's a couple out liars there there got the most part the worst teams in baseball. Are right now and I think as you know there are a lot of that's out there that are great who would have to work on my work go to battle outflow underlined right now two outs nobody -- that's -- glory glory to god we're building towards some terrific you know -- it to give back to well Myers who who is a legitimate -- -- also order hitter. You know on our broadcast yesterday in -- listening as that I was listening live as that happens that play happen. In right field. And -- he made the point that will Myers was sent back to. Basically the miners -- -- learn how to play -- I can't they were happy that they saw remedial outfield play you've got to get your game up. Any any -- very cocky. And almost at a point where he's and in that department a little uncomfortable. He came back in the first and there was I didn't learn anything I was already good outfielder. So if you take that information into that played yesterday maybe that's what it is we're. We're trying to make -- more that if somebody's seat on the from the bullpen yeah which is what -- Jennings coming and maybe it's just a point he is a little youth may be just a bad outfielder -- what happened. I thought it was panic I thought it was there was a little bit of panic a fight in the -- I thought he had the catch he had the ball and he's waving his arms okay which. You don't leave your arms until you have control you don't run back run back. It leaving your -- run back when your position to catch the ball you wave your arms a -- is it's not always troubles not always gonna get it done. You know I got -- I got that you take it take it that's that communication. Can't always be there may be Cameron is 101000 people Tampa. OK but when your Fenway Park and David Ortiz guys a ball high and you got 38000 for -- scream and yell and if you are searching for up. If you tell I gotta -- -- -- -- say take it figure in trouble the many waving and you have to. He saw him or heard him. Out of the corner of his died and left the ball for Jennings. And Jennings didn't say anything he just some bottom corner resign or maybe felt dumb coming up on the shadows whatever might be because. There was a point where will Myers after waiting his hands. Calmly took a step or two forward. Like OK fine you've got. So -- in the ball drops it goes in. Know -- looking back in the bullpen know what's that can anyone called -- -- yeah it would flyers took all the blame afterwards it was exactly how played up priority. What's gonna go to his wife or having it your will Myers once you once you them so long your arms around just -- No matter what are -- and you should have happened even -- -- -- -- product of -- running into Jennings if you -- -- yet you catch the ball in my book you know the center fielder has priority at the center fielder if he's coming over here I mean this is when playing with one another you know each other Jennings dealing with some leg injuries maybe not ranging over. You know are we pinching David Ortiz is he playing more right senator so it if these if I know my -- appears close to me maybe that is his ball but if I get a bead on it. -- I -- my hands I expect to catch it. Now maybe the both look at the ball -- know what's peaking they could have been a peak they could have been a look plaza waving -- -- look real quick but with the sun you battling you can't take your eye off the ball. Not an easy play but what you wave it like that you've got to catch. Is it possible that will Myers was looking at whatever the TBS cameraman was looking -- on the apple because I think -- the I think there was gonna hit the Ted Williams -- right field the way -- -- -- camera well I get a lot of my dad and David -- that I was shocked when that ball came down in the field to play just based on the way the camera -- treated you. You look at this tip out there and I'm not to say in this because of the -- play but the buyers play. You know gets a good idea gets us deeper into the conversation it's surprising to see with their outfield is right now. I -- you think about the days when Tampa I know Upton. Used to he had to be scolded every now and then cute they pay attention or shall pay a run -- -- that ball. But still you had opted out there. You had Crawford out there. And they've they've they've had some pretty get out the defensively they've been right there he'll -- gross get out of it they've been very fifth. In the outfield catch his name of course of course this could -- a -- jail but. You look at it now. What did they did it I don't know. I have a hard -- actually I'm having a hard time thinking it's Tampa and I know the stats say. There one of the best defensive teams they'll make a lot of errors. But that's an old schools that you are developing an -- yeah -- -- -- he ranged from our body particularly hit this is where I -- see that. They are gonna be a better defensive team today than they were yesterday or adapting anyway name's David DeJesus comes into play left field if you haven't seen the lineups yet for Tampa couple of major changes for them they can they go to Hayes is in left field and leading off. Myers bumps up to the number two spot in the order I guess he was so impressive yesterday with the Oprah for about playing right field that they wanna get him up to hitting second today then -- me. Longoria is still respect the second Jennings. I young Escobar and Molina behind the -- -- a couple of changes in the rays lineup for the Red Sox really just one David Ross slides in the lineup today so there says it goes Ellsbury victory in a Pedroia Ortiz Napoli Gomes middle Brooks goes from ninth to seventh. Drew his bat eighth and then David Roberts what do the catching about. You know what scares me -- I tell you who scares me the most today for Tampa got David Molina now will Myers a contract heat you can go. The way he handled that situation after the game yeah it's great it was he that was a pro that was a veteran move. It didn't go two ways so you're a young player your first playoff game. Something like that happens you just thinking you disappear or. You're just so young you don't care you don't get you don't get the enormity of the moment it's just one of those things that happens. And you bounce back -- to become the same player that you always work. I today. I think he's there already. I think he's their best hitter. I have all the respect in the world for Longoria I think already I think -- -- I think what. -- observed it could be you mentioned that two and that is impressive because they're meticulous. 03 Jermaine Dye similar thing happened they lost that game so it is something happened within its just hiding during -- veteran been around hiding. -- not addressing the media will Myers sort of walked Jermaine -- one locked in their -- walked out. Just everybody want to talk to book their place he stood there and good for any answered the questions from the first wave and you guys know that can be right the prayer. Tell -- what those people -- right now here comes another 1020 people stamps I missed earlier. What happened in Obama she stood up continually when the clubhouse did you have to deal multiple waves. O'Donnell they're -- I don't know movies -- much the same way. And that I've seen it now and maybe not maybe that's -- news on our way out of retirement as a media member now UCL a time now. There's at least a different half hour taken wave after wave after wave until someone got that quote. Now you wrote an article seriously I was around when will we were not wooden -- was flying. The -- of course -- the blue with a great interview with the funny how we ended up telling you and and a good then then he was planning for his next you know you think it's during -- five other. I know love and -- -- it's amazing that he played on one of the most miserable teams of all time -- 2001 Red Sox don't want it to what usually don't talk back Michael Anthony Chicago talked a little he and let's go to the boos. The guys a called game on the -- game two coming up today as well joke is stately and Dave O'Brien guys I you don't. Where are ready for game to no -- that right now the shadows of the -- to be a problem in the outfield -- -- congratulations on the contract extension where's dinner. And I know you're tied for all of us they didn't realize -- -- north that the I know we have given that I'm a bit at a -- anytime we will we will Joel guys up. Much like we see throughout the post season when you have. These types of teams good teams make the post season one or two defensive plays defense indeed does matter we saw that there yesterday. Jack quirky stuff happens that this time of the year that. -- for all the time we we spent talking about who's the final man on a roster who's going to be your eleventh pitcher who may or may not pitch in the entire series something like that happens. That turns everything. And he's a very very confident kid I think he's going to be just fine no one should shed a tear from Meyers. But I also think he has a lot of work to do defensively in the outfield and that was an example. Of a guy who still has a lot of work to do and -- -- in the minors and they said work on your outfield play. He's a real cocky kid and he said. I really feel like I don't have a lot of work to do well I've seen it about five times. On the national games and ESPN and again yesterday where he had some. Funny stuff happen. Either he lobbed a throw to the infield and a big runs scored -- play like yesterday he still has a lot of work to do I think he has a world talent. But yesterday it wasn't predictable it was really weird. But for him I can tell he still has some holes in his game is as gifted as a year. And right it could be very tough at least till -- down here and excel beyond. You know Dave I I heard the broadcast yesterday -- on that story about minors in my question. I'm talking to you during a broadcast amazing how that works you can hear me I was in the card you have an -- I wanted to know how did that play would Joseph Maddon when. When the kid says I don't have anything to -- and Joseph Maddon doesn't seem to be a guy who take kindly to that kind of stuff but indeed. Column into the office sorting sit down and say look he's got a lot to learn I. Think that I think it was maybe George Hendricks is a guy who spoke to really runs their club house guy -- -- number guys that probably has something to say. -- we'll Myers but I IAM is impressed with the -- guys. At the fact that he wanted to address the media he wanted to be the guy on the front of the firing line that's -- he's ready to be a stock. I think he's -- has a little bit to come yet I still think he has some holes in that swing that can be manipulated but I also agree might be divested or an airline. I thought it was nice the way that play ignited the crowd yesterday and we Michael and I talked a lot about what we saw on Pittsburgh the other day and just the amazing environment. That they had had and wonder what it would be like at Fenway yesterday it seemed like at the beginning of the game it was. Good to maybe not incredible but good to and then after that play it just ignited all right field. Well I did it get the crowd fired up but it also really. Depressed Matt Moore is hanging his head literally after that and he wasn't the same my battery didn't seem to have the same focus. I I thought it was awesome and from that moment the crowd was electric and and it started out the way it was Lester throwing 97 and blown away the first three guys. Then there was that lol they got down two to nothing that was almost a sense of dread because more -- been so tough that play changed everything. They know there was I guess on the fox Serbia TBS broadcast yesterday they were debating whether or not the reason he didn't make the play with someone shouted something out of the bullpen. And like you know I got and I got a -- way begged off. -- Tim Wakefield told joy in my hallway you can hear anybody anyway out there. And in the way the crowd was they all thought the ball was gone off the crack of the bat. -- it was David Ortiz so you couldn't hear anything out there and I'm sure that played a factor and it is confusion. As let me ask you could you -- -- not didn't pitch last night get five days off and now beginning but he should be shocked. If he gets six outs today but is your guarantee that it's going to be innings that night not our job for our -- -- -- yesterday in the pregame show you. Possibly could see him in the seventh inning that necessarily mean to finish the game. But at the critical point you will see ecology. And -- six out certainly would not surprised that whatsoever. Why would love to see that I'm not you know its interest and we talked about whether or not John Farrell would manage regularly see your post season games the exact same way he managed regular season games matter of fact I was explained like I was a five year old that he would do exactly the same thing at. No matter what he's saying very clearly that's not the case of the big moment in the game is in the seventh. That's -- and -- highest leverage picture that we asked Chad about that yesterday's that you play for today in the policies you don't play for a marketplace for today. So there's a sense of urgency that it. Isn't always there when you've got a four or five team lead in the regular season. What does -- expect today from David Price anybody that anybody that you've talked to. Whispering -- article about anybody afraid album anybody they cannot -- going to be on his best that I did today what do. What what kind of odd sense do you get from from that club jobs. Bob I really don't get a sense that. Any different than it has been facing David Price in the past these -- six against the Red Sox six it when it finally they know it's gonna be top that love the work up the pitch count. But here's a -- that averaged one point three walks per nine innings this year. And that what impressed me so much in his start against Texas was that he didn't have his best stuff. Any -- gave them a complete game -- greatly -- sort of in that. A state of disruption and he did there a wonderful job so I think kept working the -- got to be impressive but. Will be important but you can always -- or not these founding. If -- -- strike one it's really hard to work a pitcher and everybody knows that the cabinet for me is he's never won a post season game as a starter. He's all in three now that was all against Texas and they had some great bats but the Red Sox do to this is a terrific lineup. He's never won a playoff game as a starter he did win one is a relief pitcher. The second game the always ALCS against the Red Sox but never is starting pitcher they wonder if if the time and place might be right from the lose again that. The way he pitches at Fenway Park a 188 career ER race here in ten starts he loves pitching here loves the big game. I love -- this comment about a missing calls of Peter paying him. And we're still trying to figure out exactly what that needs why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LSU but the Sox starting here John Lackey has been a different pitcher at home than on the road -- one of the reasons why felt decide to given that game to start in. You guys seen this guy -- all your different spots and what is the biggest difference is it just this big right feel what you see. While that's a major part of a little because it keeps the ball away. And that changes spades and he gets guys the fly balls to center right center which is a big part of it you know when he was with the angels he hated pitching here remember that he had -- such a tough time. And then came and almost no hit the Red Sox here to have that at just at Orly and probably. But the well and I think that it definitely affected his confidence I think confidence is a big part of it but he does use right field here really Smart. Uses his defense really Smart -- that's one of the reasons I think that there was an awful lot of discussion about who's gonna play shortstop today. And it was because of the defense is because of Steve -- ability to play shortstop which is really underrated I think in this town he hasn't gotten his due for it. Because of the starting got off to with a bad he's actually in the bat pretty well. Awful against price awful against lefties I get all that but there was not much debate about who's gonna play short today. Rich -- we appreciate it enjoyed doing the game today we'll talk to send. OK thanks guys sure do joke is Dave -- Dave O'Brien who called the game today. Here on 937 WEEI I was through leaderboard yesterday the ranger -- a huge hit like he like that I -- -- -- to her how to. -- huge belly by that break is great hostile. What do you think the game what are your big -- that was a game winner of big consistent all year as we can look at the big key this. I don't know I don't know anything about all I could ever dole are gonna play tomorrow and ruin your current and told to get a split that that's what I heard time I think it -- What is that thing Michael bell now when when he came back from the DL and he he was still playing great. I mean hey he's my -- -- he's underrated -- people appreciate the stability that he brought to the position defensively. I don't think the appreciate the runs that he went on offense they were really produced. But I felt that pointers competition go up -- play now little bush goes down and they can go to Iggy write and even then that's why this -- remote Nagy. The best defensive player we got into play third I went to some so there was some questions along the way I just I don't think. The people look back the consistency that he has brought nice to have a tough time against priced -- no question about it I. I don't think at this point people -- Stephen Drew many people now recognize a very good defensive shortstop he's a pretty good hitters especially against right handers I think the only question is he really struggles against tough lefties specifically gave a price over 106 strikeouts. But when you have a one nothing lead in the series maybe it's easier to do that. Focus on the other thing that you talked about there with with Joseph and David and that is John -- we talked about having the guts to go against the norm and start your third best starter in game two if you're really bring coach you -- in the seventh inning and then -- the ninth Overton has -- or -- as low or somebody else do something totally different from he's done all year. You wanna talk about the holdings -- I mean that that is the definition of -- term what you say about a little and you like to say you better first guess if you're gonna second guess would you first guest analyst at that question next mikes -- my -- -- -- taken you up to the pregame show here by another twenty minutes or so. On WB. What did Tampa based company and hop over the coming in hot. Jonny Gomes thereafter to articles come in hot -- -- yes rock hero big play as they you but that was. -- big -- that maybe the big hit Doug -- David Wright but when Napoli pops up one out second third. Aren't you sit there saying legitimate. They don't capitalize you have to and a double the flex and scream and Holler and get tattoos everywhere except invasion appeared -- place. Huge double I would I would like to Napoli doubled couple innings later obviously in. Way wider or feared an hour on the -- they would get to write a little -- may have greats are great slide publisher of Rodriguez -- he. He scores a run by himself with a home run solo home run -- make the diet so they Iran went diving play with a man on base and then gives back around with a terrible. Play but at at -- take it. Yeah he. John adult plus one I Jonny Gomes is playing with a a bit of a chip well there's not his shoulder because of you know Tampa Bay because of you know Joseph Maddon but about the post season roster and and -- -- -- look at his history. He's he's really the human good luck charm and Jonny Gomes everywhere you go -- teammates -- is it now. But if you look at his post season resume. Because he's a part time player a lot of these managers have gotten into and gotten into the post seasons -- Not not so much we don't have a spot that -- the thing about Jonny Gomes is that he easy very competent player. He's a bench player sometimes a bench player you you have to be cocky you know play once every other day. Well once a week when you play got to feel almost trick yourself but he's a very confident player thinks. That he should be put every single day on this -- accepts his role you know looking at the whole big picture. But when he Cindy feels like -- you've got the right guy today I you should be -- you shouldn't play me last week but I'm gonna show you today that you made the right decision that's just the way he had just left handers he should feel that we -- he's a very good hitter against left handers -- -- -- -- -- and I thought why aren't you did I saw that. Because Alec how it -- -- earlier with with Mike earlier and but if you came up and I said there is -- but Brian -- does get a critical last night's game. I believe -- -- -- spinning it reads off the wall was John Rigas butcher and things. Announced it and it would go home sit for what why gonna give him credit should forget the year but Rwandan. On Stephen Drew swinging bunt or swing and whatever you wanna call it is I was break it matter -- no no no no you're not a hit he wants to play again. Johnny gold secondary -- her do. Little bit of a stroll in the third. Until you saw Brian Butterfield waiver that anything you gotta go you gotta go then he picked it up week. So he needs he didn't believe me gentlemen go back to watch the tape so we got to Huckabee didn't bring that up after the game with Gomes Huckabee didn't say that to him on the hand -- -- -- is this is such a different -- yeah. I write are good at the very good -- -- bring up face to face -- the -- he did all right let us see that replay until I -- Jonny -- -- also are sizing. He wasn't. Wasn't right out of the right out of the -- to the right -- with -- -- don't know he has only if that's one of good base vote not matter what but he is a good base -- are -- -- -- and aggressively because they are thrown -- let it -- I can't think of a dum -- runaways made all year in that secondary lead kind of -- jargon that -- that will not happen again this post season and guarantee that and you know -- -- recommends that the yeah I was safe. But I would have been I should have been taken up front way that won't happen again -- -- little Maloney Michael Hollywood here the pre pregame show the Red -- road to redemption. We will turn over to the actual pregame show coming up here in ten minutes and then of course Red Sox baseball game going at 6 o'clock just past the hour 6 o'clock. Much to the point you made about about John Farrell and and coach you -- Because this is I love this personally I am all of I think I I believe that closer by committee could work if it was done the right way and I know that that's. And that I shouldn't say that in this -- I know it's against the rules but I think it would work in the right situation -- the right -- body in -- you have your lefty who used for -- you have your ground -- guy you have -- strikeout guy maybe you call somebody in your -- your -- your bullpen -- instead of -- closer you bring him in the highest leverage situation when you really need them and you let -- just -- the ninth inning as any other inning but make -- use your best guy in the biggest spot at -- second and third nobody out in the seventh. Ball then that's the biggest spot in the game than that three use the guy it sounds like he's willing to do that with coach. I'm goes convinced a while ago because -- I've with -- talked about it quite frankly. And he -- he stuck Euphrates and for six outs in the post season and he's he's expressed that before pre games. We joked legally own within not pitching last night to that surprised no four days off -- -- give little courtesy inning you know not much stress there you know to get to the trouble get him out but. Ten pitches hell that's an -- sometimes it's too. But now -- at five days off. You get it right part of the order he's gonna start looking at who can come in the ninth the -- that order you -- riled up I believe -- -- -- second Longo was shouldn't -- I'm protecting those two guys in another words in the seventh inning. If there's one out in what miers comes up in a big spot in second. I'm going to Koji. Because if if we can do our job they're not gonna get up again. You know if I can get will -- out and then maybe start the eighth. And then it's -- go to lead off or James Loney Longo whatever it is all of a sudden the night turns into 678. And 0789. And don't be surprised -- still out there what I want from sticks out for a 97 and why why do -- think why do you think seven outs why do you think Joseph Maddon. Did this in the line up to them is trying to trying to think along with them here again. Putting -- second. -- -- I don't know what he's still what kind of in the past I think splitting those guys wolf we're James Loney I believe. Just always it 300 for the steam and less than against Lester the lefty what was he didn't Houston what seventh I believe made even eighth. And 300 hitter but against the lefty now it's already an amount. So now James only jumps in the three hole so now you've got a little bit more. -- the you know it's Myers. Well maybe because I think there is -- you think they're easier to pitch to interpret approached you with -- to as a tougher mired in total -- Longoria. If the Red Sox felt that -- ready specialist. Smartly surely do yeah no but but -- we put those guys back to back you could utilize that but you know on I think. With with Loney there and always had you know I had -- what kind of season he's had. Then scared you know he doesn't but he hit 300 -- gay people for six months. And he still hits 300 he's -- Put together -- -- likely duck the issue though because well Longoria hit now after you have to -- you got a pitch to him a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although quiet storm with James -- just put. But not that maybe they can use -- -- back and mob deep but normally -- but I'm not done enough wind storm -- and nobody would not all he wouldn't put on that. -- sampled to somebody else. But the number that would scare me if James Loney -- in the fives. I'd say -- Terrific -- -- 330. -- in the fours. All right a respectable hitter. We're not a -- you know here's the thing and I don't know all the reports. We -- the cap yes they play for for Joseph in. He it it was a very interesting is the way Joseph does look at -- -- -- platoon player but didn't necessarily meant that played against every -- -- some lefties didn't fit my strengths. Yeah I use a low ball hitter so what's a while he'd find himself in the line up against a righty Nancy you know Joba listen you're in this line of because the way this guy pitches with sinkers he likes the pitching and it fits your strength. That's why you -- in this writing that's what you gonna do he's gonna give their pitching only to double down alliance he might it was a genius it was a company thinks that now where's Jon Lester. All right James lefty a lefty power you're not good. Power lefties but given maybe sink a ball lefty may fits and you're showing a little bit but with John Lackey. It's a better fit do you like they like Joseph -- -- -- -- James -- say OK against Lester innovator -- 30 hitter -- Bible hitter like. They're -- they pit bulls are and how that fit his strengths. That's what the great Joseph Maddon done -- Michael Ali there. I'll come back to the coach you think -- good -- I. If you are right and he does go to -- for an earlier in an earlier -- and -- -- -- maybe -- the -- nobody in the seventh but don't -- would absolutely -- -- can be dominant he's -- the DA NG against that Myers -- Longoria -- us in a big moment and then uses -- or somebody -- to close -- the game you'll love it doesn't work old -- if it doesn't work -- I would not criticize -- there right now today I will say I will not criticize and if he does it. I will say that I loved it ahead of time I love the idea behind -- begin bringing Koji to set up a ninth digital conference in world. To set up a ninth inning yeah. Of 678. 678 I have no problems with -- I will not have a 79 you do what. I telling you try to match mismatch come match up. The bottom of Tampa Bay's order with whoever you want and if you try to would've brought up an outside a Koji I may question. He tries to get him up and down twice cites data that. -- -- All of the data showed him god -- -- gives me five -- -- finished here are a little ahead. A hot -- that's a good look at papering over in the seventh in -- this seventh. All right young Lackey is exhausted. And you got that I don't -- facing -- -- So now -- -- -- in two outs two outs in the seventh it'll -- -- -- you Raymond OK I want have a problem that. But situation you mentioned earlier like that you mentioned in my what did you guys let you guys -- second or third. Nobody out. I don't like coach in a situation if the one weakness what's the one witness former home run to one home run so now I don't -- I've -- -- I don't want him. I don't know -- -- to the last three month if it I don't know spot in the game and Michael that's the thing you got on Joseph -- force it in the fifth -- just starting -- that was the biggest spot in that game it was five to two and if that was gonna get away from America right game was gonna be over the war -- over yet the fact that he went to -- no rights and then Chris archer as opposed going -- with whoever -- given him the best spot they're now may -- -- Rodney. In that situation and maybe should've gone to Peralta or to meet you in that situation said look there's not gonna be -- here today -- to worry about what those guys here's the game -- writing right now when I got to go to those guys and I don't. I don't quite think I wonder why he he let more face Saltalamacchia. I don't know. Look I don't know -- -- right wanna put salty back in the left side he -- better hitter he wanted him back on the right side ram and obviously didn't have as much power from the right -- one other thing that I thought John Ferrell said this week in the last couple of days a kind of led into. What you might see from -- bullpen what he's thinking he said his -- strikeout guys out of the pen. You know not the end guys beat Kendrick a Franklin Morales. -- -- -- You -- strikeout guys in their situations where can you want the strike at their situation we want him around at all. Around north and those gonorrhea and I can avoid -- that I don't work fine. Morale if I had -- trial grabs again. Trust especially if it if it involves a fear of a walk bases loaded you need to strike out no thank you for me and -- on Morales frank from sort of like -- -- huge entitlement dinners are a natural and I are called the -- senator Carl Franklin Morales I had no need the the walks just scare me what do you like today. What do you like today is interesting we tough when president had the roundtable on Thursday -- think about -- your partner said Lou. About but will little perks saying hey if he goes to right field early I'll feel a lot better about middle virtually -- first at bat went to right field it was an out. But he hit the ball solidly to right field them later in the game ends up with the big hit. And he was walked intentionally walked also. Is he got the navy is is. Ready to do some damage. Usually yes this not doing damage against David Price is difficult I mean is he ready do some damage sure war only when delicate. I was actually talking a few of those guys fully Kimi near bulk price and asked if they know it was easy to pick up this guys change appears to me. The arm angle slows down on the arm speed slows things not a good changeup and the power so much there. He is a cutter fastball guy. Great backdoor cutter against righty she can cut the ball in any elevates. That when you got a good fastball and you get that cutter to the cutter down in in a Lester can bury it down more like a -- get the swing and miss. But if it's down it's up and it's in his own -- ahead when it's higher and that strikes on you kick it like on top of that ball. So he elevates that cutter and he elevates that heater in own writings that makes it so difficult. I think that's going to be tough I and I I -- I I it's tough to go against David Price that they might. It's an art -- -- who who could have a pretty good game against a dagger to running the good. Will middle -- loves that -- -- bill Brooks -- he -- -- -- he's going to be our guy we're gonna go middle Brooks has been the guy we are talking about get a tomorrow reports that -- read about -- -- get under way just over an hour from now pregame -- is gonna come up next thank you so much are you -- -- all -- this is the spot man all right I -- days post game every playoff long don't leave WEEI from Michael -- -- Maloney. -- -- all the guys --

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