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Road to Redemption Hour 2: Mike Mutnansky, Kirk Minihane & Rob Bradford preview Game 2

Oct 5, 2013|

Bradfo, Mut and Minihane continue to discuss the clutch plays of Gomez, Middlebrooks and Salty last night along with which Red Sox will step up tonight in Game 2. The Red Sox look to keep the momentum going as John Lackey takes the mound against Tampa Ace David Price.

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1847 coverage of the Red Sox for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No Red Sox were. Being serviced like no way that windows live good drive at one -- -- Thinks -- Sports Radio WEE. -- -- -- -- -- Read like roundtable road to redemption Brad -- show I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Open Mike Nowitzki posting coaching tree thank you much for all -- -- well. I am yeah thank you I'm shopping now on the street and banks. I chopping down the street that's adults are there any part of it also talk to Mike and Nancy Carrick made him -- WEEI dot com also -- this we're gonna have John Farrell. Coming up in just a mere matter of minutes. His press conference will be held lied. Right here but before we go to bat let's go back the phones if you'd like to join the conversation. 617779. 7937. Are you doing. They record on guys what's up. Not much case I would see I everyday and I I've never heard anyone talk negatively about Ortiz but -- and yesterday's game. And I had a great seat still several are in the on deck circle. Eat eat eat at a lack of effort into. He that this outage like you walk into the architecture walk into the plate like -- -- actually just doesn't seem -- -- -- you didn't -- it. And it's probably true -- -- -- that fallen champ -- that that's the guy -- walk into the plate. Every time -- all he'd gotten even jog he makes. -- -- -- -- in that fly ball. To right field and got him and they -- -- -- that -- -- the bullpen I looked down there. He was walking here walking to first if you think three quarters of the way. Then -- -- dot net you gotta be ready. Such. Are -- and LA the what is I understand that part of what the house and how should he be walking on the plate like what's what's the way David Ortiz should be birdies right after. Played -- and I -- the only thing. To watch him he's he's taken like -- these. He's walking like you don't -- Any need on the Arctic Circle that I would go all in order the only big popular spot and he turned my outlook and -- -- gave them like this. All I -- smiled at the turnaround at all this and the think. Exactly but it's indeed if he does doesn't. It doesn't seem like you want to be an -- to hit the ball would drive me crazy when he and other possible. I'm at -- are you are caught a lot of crap that count him. Like let's let's be honest I think it's fair at all and -- bosses -- comes on the box we don't. Ortiz and we've all come around that he decided nobody's ever said that on the air. Is ludicrous or visually noticeable actually differ -- are running are all the say so one induces Ortiz is what he is is a lot of really good and that is you know what is conserving his body at this point discredit it's fair to. If you wanna pick on some reform that's fair thing. I think it's an interesting conversation where they go after next year without Ortiz. There is fighting those type of guys you can say what you want about it Ortiz and but -- you go at the rarest thing defined in baseball that type hitter -- that you go back to Ortiz to begin next year. Yeah I know I think you do but what if they if what they said OK it's time to move on -- what if he retires. Where do you go amid this that this whole revolving DH thing that so many people were pushing a couple years ago that the. Worked if you ever hitter no matter what position he plays like Ortiz. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- Ortiz will they find somebody like that that big of a concern -- -- apply anyway if you're gonna take it obviously out of the production he's put -- no I would think -- be this good this year I didn't with the injury -- -- took the comeback I could have been more wrong about Ortiz is here you're going to be phenomenal to get a ticket that -- in the reality you can be one of these teams like almost every other team the American -- just pastor constantly searching swapping guys. Putting different guys right that's my boy it's the hardest thing to find in baseball. And for so the people to see what this get rid of Ortiz he can revolve my -- in our -- let's get reports now know what even before this year when they were talking about. The value of David -- right. And the contract you heard it. You don't know. It was a lot of money -- had people say you're overpaying them you overpay him well you know overpaying him argue a particular -- after the -- won't jump -- for two -- let's say is another good year. Wants to come back if he wants a one year deal what's -- budget can be let's talk let's say he wants a one year deal what he's making now three million -- -- to give it to them and if he is a bad year to one your deal. I think I yeah I don't think it's as big a problem right now it's it's it is when he. They he'll start to bother and the killer starts a bombs are missing games that's the issue plays as many games again next year. You guys are right I -- believed to -- they'll give fifteen million bucks to say it's a one year deal move on -- And I wouldn't believe that heading to this year and I don't think he's going to be holding out so much are you complaining about this two year contract which he was talking about all the years leading to finally getting one. Because I don't know he's gonna wanna play beyond one year Welker and KBS on Twitter you tell me that beat the Cuban defector the the first baseman slash DH is big hitter is going to be available. That's a guided -- they were on the picture a couple of months ago that might be a guy down the road. He fill that -- for -- you can hit Napoli got me to be an -- guy to -- like him that much -- -- happily -- you you can't just say in I know -- know what people -- go down that road even with the first base position heading into next year. What are they going to do. But with Cuban players teams are so split on what may happen now. Week of -- and value per week nearly as much as the Dodgers did test today as the Oakland was probably the only team that wanted to give a Major League deal. So you can't just say this is going to be the solution this is going to be fought solve this problem. And if you're talking about him or Mike Napoli. Which way do you go to Mike Napoli is -- son landed with better numbers and agent Gonzales at first but you don't wanna -- -- the conversation do Napoli three years distilled. Risk him that was gonna want when you read the stories of the feels like he's walking on ice that -- exactly three years yeah he's very great story might PGA in Maine are you doing. -- good. -- -- -- Hey I was that I know we're not gonna let golfers they've been -- lineup and a lot of river back it's taking Europe for a minute. -- Lackey and I do you guys really feel about that because. In all honesty if I don't it's not and interact. And whatnot but the way he finished up defeat in which is pretty PRI being in ivory. I feel like it they would've been better starting buckle against David Wright. Not all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean I think I do understand Lackey and I mean I think that you're gonna go. Horribly wrong -- you have a -- game like let it. Is -- true of me is the September John Lackey the callers right in five starts and ERA a four point 98. -- we ended up given up nineteen earned runs over 34 earnings thirty hits in 34 rings -- the two things yes don't form warnings and always really good he is in the race is June 10. So the guy they saw back in June I think is different pitcher now I think he's been like considerably better in here in the say. Not better in the second half but he's been more confident that he was early -- -- start in Toronto we shall we get from this guy. We demand it in command it was definitely noticeably better and the first half eaten by. I don't know if you -- it is an either patently sharply up or Pete is an all the you know all our crumble because. Can't bring about early. The fair -- like he's been. Okay post all star break right. Jerry's done -- very scary or four I think he was just okay in September I think leading up to that he is pretty serious for for instance in Allen and right I think he hit I think -- in the last. And much I don't know if you're looking this up by leading into the last August there's really good idea yeah leading -- last few starts in September. He wasn't as good it -- he had been. I don't know why it was a dead arm I know that it I think it was a good move given that rat's a that you probably will translate will find out today. Right. But thanks for the call PJ. In and -- in -- you've given his that opinion on John Lackey but what do you think he's gonna do. I. You -- to be interesting early you know the Tampa Bay Rays you know walked. This is may pitch the Red Sox to that they were right there at the top the American League in terms of of walks and they. Make him get that pitch count up early nearly -- hard time throwing strikes. -- the wrong way forum but in the numbers at home and away uses that right field to his advantage. I. I would not be surprised BSE really good starting having not seen them in a couple months the rays the rays have to press today I mean having lost that game yesterday I nomads magical. And he can't criticize anything that team up -- that I don't think is really the big spots and -- -- they've they've faced the three toys supper will Myers. I mean he donated by the -- by yesterday I don't know that for a fact he did you but I mean. I don't think he's going to be August into the terrified but -- a pitcher they have more confidence in anybody else I will be okay. I think you'll be alright the situation where you walk the ballpark that's my like Chris and -- lack he's always been the walks the walk the walk to be keeping. Guys get a base. Be they hit OK it's one thing to be zip off from the free passes like he did in 20102011. That'll be key Amaechi said they approached today from Tampa they got to do with the Red Sox in which was get Matt more pitch count up in -- format more target hit. -- a lot of pitches early through those first three rounds or you fortitude for the first happened that same thing today you know that I'd be a lot easier answer the question how does he pitcher be Tellme. What's the pitch count after three innings I'll tell the. Mean to me this game today comes down to not a -- what John -- is gonna do I think he's gonna pitched pretty well as what the Red Sox can do against David Price I think it's it's that simple. That that this is going to be a low scoring game if David Price is honestly can't they get to him enough that's sort of kept on perks at fort do. -- sounds about right I don't know which which is which way it's gonna go fortitude but I think that type of scores were. -- that a -- -- look at again today as well middle Brooks you know this is a guy that he'd be batting ninth for you but against these two lefties to start the series. He's an important piece had a big hit yesterday of the regulars and I'll consider David Ross are regularly spent 385. Against David Price that's that's -- bottom of the order the regular production out of him make a little easier but. Prices fantastic let's Monday night amuses. It's right there best pitcher we all agree we asked him -- about it a couple of segments ago if they're up to the 13 to two after seven. Well -- get six us no question the big event at an optimal -- there that's the reason why he doesn't throw a pitch yesterday right and people say well -- of course it was a blow up but still this is a guy who has worked in a long long time. Typically if you got it another day off. Then you would have seen him right but -- need him to pitch two innings and hit targets Tampa watching him in camp the last time they went there. That the rays hitters were so befuddled by him. It was Ben Zobrist who usually take some pictures take some pitches he was basically get bring swing at the first three pitches no matter what. So anyway it might mean Nancy curtain and and I'm rob Bradford the VI dot com Mike minutes give the -- Maloney show our commitment and a W -- dot com as well. Also pops in and other radio once in awhile passive aggressive at societies on during the website blog on this account that aren't that you every day and show. The tight -- is that really the signature shell of the WEEI. Sports Radio network and I am apart of that shows well -- about that month. I think right now I mean it's it's close to over the bucks is -- -- to -- it would be. The Lawny solo one -- Dennis and Callahan to enact change next couple weeks but you can operate. -- -- that's in Atlanta Bradford files podcast coming up -- strong. I'm rob Bradford. Six point 777979. Through several good -- John Ferrell. Why from his press conference I guess in a mere matter of moments these views. Might even approaching the press conference the press table as we speak I don't know what before why we're waiting we're gonna go back to Joseph -- got the calls. Joseph are you doing. -- -- don't get -- -- what they are loud you know -- ground but -- that's fair. I spoke to here reference -- OK I guess I got a lot about it through. Including infield single but. I can and then referenced that Jacoby Ellsbury because. It's been noticing the -- base runners Jacoby Ellsbury is I hate to -- come out of the batter's box. He's always really -- you know I look at live about going and it was it was the perfect cup trip to duke it -- hit that -- A ground ball out of the first basement and busters but right out of the box Jacoby Ellsbury -- expect to be getting into the exact same. Well earlier in the game. And you're out by a lot you guys I'm curious your opinion about it. You know I've been -- and speak -- that's really haven't noticed that they did obviously drew yesterday was a big play Boston possibly -- it's weird to think it's probably not gonna happen. It is strange to think this could be Albers lasted from the park. Yeah yeah and it -- -- but could it the next three amid supply the for him I don't see no scenario where he's back -- he wants it one he's one year not -- -- one year deals in the reevaluate the mark not to listen. I think if if he wants the big contract he's not gonna get dear Jackie Bradley junior waiting in the wings he meant a lot to this team. It could be his last game but I mean it feels like this series I've always felt weird to think about -- next three I think the. It's trending more toward -- I think Kirk brought this up awhile ago. With they give him the three year 25 million dollar a year contract where they offered it to him I think they would. At this point I think they would they value him enough he's played -- that hasn't missed if that's the thing I don't think he's gonna take it just like the qualifying offer he's not gonna take. That's the smartest thing these guys have done I think is that you know I this is up the efficacy -- followed now by some franchises paying attention. You know three years and you know 50% over market for us why not -- -- is always going to be a team now. And that's the weird thing is that you have like a Smart teams of -- something's -- -- Josh Hamilton -- some -- gonna -- this -- -- get to -- pull -- we -- at -- secure those demands he's not gonna -- -- million but the Yankees are so they're gonna get 200 and Asia and they should -- should set the market issues that what they wanna pay forum if you look at the models as you said the morals of these teams who are winning. Oakland they trade away three all start to get ten players back this is the model that works and the Yankees need to know may be more than any team needs any player so I gotta say here's the line we got to draw and if he leaves he leaves the world doesn't -- the Yankees have that -- -- -- -- as a franchise to they have the the guts to say as good as you are as important as you -- with Jeter leave and we know signature player going for -- that's up that we can think though that's not the way you can think that's the way they have -- I don't know exactly I think they will sign that's where you get the trouble. Yeah I just I think they're bigger and be too desperate for -- great and they -- be I agree with that as well just in New Hampshire right don't. Just have. Going on what a -- -- and a dream team of all street -- yeah. I guess as just -- to finish the Red Sox lineup today -- very Victor Reno Pedroia Ortiz and Napoli Gomes middle Brooks true. And David Ross's -- -- told us would be to -- we broke that story. And David Ross store manager Justin knows him. -- -- compliment modest budget -- a kid and what the government what a jerk. If you brought your vote her out today it was thought well -- then again fund get focused again they didn't get it -- and a big event to -- how to prepare for just a little high humans. You are. It's a little on a Monday morning. An eraser of my -- You know I -- I thought he might yesterday. That I thought that the act goes by that I think the Red Sox did after they don't have it as many gaps in their lineup. I thought hit the bait he looked the only it's -- to get an indication that it's baseball but. One game shelling they just didn't look like they're really wanna even -- and that ball -- And I cannot -- it and the. -- Michael mode of thinking in terms of it here is -- out I don't think they have a chance. If they've cleared a bit but they have back in America and that just on the other side I mean did you did not show up and I don't think I don't know. A marks are we get it we I'm sorry we -- Toledo John felt going to press conference going to the table right now we're gonna take that live. Coming up in areas. I mean their home. And favorable you're good -- in. Obstacles still appropriate today is gone what are. Confident every one of our businesses there so. Who go out and -- it is also hard and doctorate. That's -- will Mel Brooks to Mike Napoli. I'm guessing that's Mike Napoli then will middle Brooks the Red Sox roundtable I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Mike and Nancy do you hear them. What Maloney show. Always -- take you guys are on fire yesterday that. Thanks man responds over the -- show gives a bottle producer about ways to a producer here as far as I know the regular producers working on a weekend god forbid -- other grounds are our guys this -- is carrying this group and he's the one mile last couple days. Working disaster on sort of -- target this are bottle Kirk many hand. All of Dennis and Callahan the father Paris and commitment and direct -- my god I'm glad. Aged father right Jerry Spring Hill from my C you are not the father my -- he'd done strong yes India my guts on which I always -- I don't I always. I -- give -- great gifts sending just seeing you in the -- close of year fifth I held him off. Humble like that line -- unbelievable human effort for -- that as a godfather. Every couple months you -- check and -- stop by bringing us how you deal and a check Kennedy Kirk ultimately -- had a cart out where news. In him at the playground with a bunch of women. He's always rating them without -- -- were you idiot the mornings -- what I oral operational today I bring Harrison the yoga pants the tennis skirts the bill that's why he's where bored housewives I say you know you -- is sparking briar mines in my dad wife. If there's always a good way to get things started the American way we actually have five housewives of Atlanta on DVR called one stop stop finally back. Object. As as much said -- -- bottles are fine producer Joey thank you for parking my car today for a dollar I appreciate that nothing to threats like playoffs like you parking my car rob Bradford has the most disgusting tomorrow it's still have -- what -- -- what's discussed about mcdonalds and what you brought this up perhaps the -- after blowing about the McDonald's bags on the on the Florida -- no -- got -- -- get -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't -- Wrappers off papers off that's true let's commitment to breaking -- patriot news report sure sure I'm sure after tweets that Rob Gronkowski is not traveling to Cincinnati is out for Sunday. Danny Amendola is traveling he's question what's his backpack or wasn't I'd I don't I'll just under chapter said no gronkowski. He's out according to ship and a bowl and just tweeted the scheme will be doubleheader -- asset -- -- that I don't know why but that's is that playing games two and three so we're -- where it will be at five games. The I don't get into this too much for five games PUP -- would beg for six you would rather roster spot. If he's gonna sit out next week to thank you plays against the saints alive and back ms. Tammy and sit him until I was I travel in its quest first start tangling. Tweeted that first teachers I don't doubt that he did he did -- affected joints are Bob before we get the phone call 6177797937. Leading into the next round of round the Red -- roundtable which is Mike -- Michael -- and -- your partner -- -- Maloney will be here which leads in the Red Sox -- you're excited for that I of course I -- I was in every second this week is being grades could get everybody together but it -- to address the most pressing issue. It was not McDonald's bags plural. It was -- bag it was my -- there're bags no there was myself but the rabbit and if you really wanna know while -- are used to be asked Kirk. Back when I was coaching at Concord Academy had to give him right every single day that's true because you could not sit in the passengers it's true it was a quarterly that there. Fat quarter. That those kids respect you now. I didn't -- no respect anyone more it happens it just is it just laziness or your QB for Mike Carter isn't that bad right now growth by the obviously this has been an issue for a lot to go back to your -- coaching days so better. Is it lazy -- this is that -- that car's fine come again and eighty. Did not. It -- cars I only find a throwback to the phone calls were bleeding into the Red Sox. Game later tonight the great Dave O'Brien and the great Joseph Castiglione O'Brien is great congratulations -- -- -- we don't on his new contracts are your accent that was broken during your seawater is -- and -- -- out -- -- -- -- the must have fired right. Do you want the absolute war assault weapon gradually -- on the blue with a with those guys are you getting calls you want the rays -- to care purely absolutely -- Loney the first baseman Longoria back and clean up Zobrist playing second Jennings and senator young the DH batting seventh. Escobar short Molina back in our characters so well Myers is in but he's batting second today Delmon Young will DH was -- left. Adjusts our -- season left leading -- John -- after he's out and he will sit back down -- -- -- an -- leads off and place left after that initial catch it did not go well for John Rodriguez. We're gonna get to the calls right after this break again -- right into Mike -- Michael -- rumor -- Red Sox roundtable look at to a right after this. Absolutely. I think that just says how. 29 hitters and we all work together. You know. Danny we scored you know right before me you know -- can get it done but I mean I think -- sound -- separate -- so with that being said. I don't know -- tired out you know math or what but you know from -- Pondexter closet OC eight pitches and you know allowed me to jump on the first two. You know guys that you know don't -- -- -- you know look at the big hits but you know I tell you what we we definitely work you know one through nine. You know we don't you know sit back away for three run homer. You know with that being said we will continue to apply pressure you know like he's solid -- turning today. On the southern bags but you know even golfers in the third you know scored from first -- you know true. All around you know -- Toronto -- well. I know that is Jonny Gomes that is definitely Jonny Gomes told them after yesterday's Red Sox win it we're leaving in two. The Red Sox game to get the -- American League division series we have myself rob Bradford WI dot com Mike minutes the other -- -- show -- minute hand of parts unknown. Our Jessica Lynch you wanna be I think drop the stuff doesn't mean I appreciate richer and every time we come into a segment. It doesn't really matter if people like you know you are now they know and I don't it doesn't matter where some up here right now. They know you from your Swedish fish thing that's speculation things this is Red Sox roundtable will be here for a few more minutes leading into. Mike's all Michael -- -- are here Lou melodious also going to be here we assume. And they're going to be leading at the Red Sox pregame and that of course leads into the game -- go right back to the calls before we have to get out of here -- in Boston I don't Bob. They. Parliament under the initiative first they have promise. I was -- the discussion of what I thought the other seven players looked like coming out of the Olympics. When expressions on their faces and he's scalp Bob scalp I got inside I've seen a couple of several hundred games this is one thing I never started -- happened yesterday. That borrowers like bullets okay strong -- she kept her first three inning. He turned out the picture warmup for the fourth inning and he took a decent report. Fastball like allow the big deal second third -- -- bit wild. 67. That 55. And I think to myself commitment we're really came back from -- schools and other characters from three ball that it -- took place. But seeing them my life and sure enough I just didn't know that it will absorb it sitting they kept who got. And I I. Americans -- I am so I'm not a deep deep. Coached at a guy that goes well again that's what migraine quiet that really are a little into the control all of Blake three times. I'm not concerned we utilized. -- Bob I thought that after that the first three innings the elected to go over the play it was a fastball all the other stuff they -- maybe what you're talking about as part of it all his breaking stuff falls off speeds up he couldn't get an they -- throw strikes what they did you staff fastball and just rocked about a Nike may be that warm up for the fourth inning was a part of it. Yeah all over the place in the flood having beaten this thick coat and it should look like they couldn't -- and you just. It does seem like something. Okay I'm an awful terribly terribly put on the spot now where they need there needs to be an -- Lester was an -- yesterday. Price has to be great today -- great or their season is over lawyer before yesterday's game there are some people Red Sox felt that that was a good matchup despite what Kirk Gibson all week that they liked the matchup against Matt Moore because he has command -- been good lately been -- pitch count. Yeah and and exactly what mark said which was when he start going to his breaking ball. There wasn't any command there's so -- -- sit on his fastball and that's exactly what they did but David Price who will see here in a couple hours this isn't the case I don't think it's a whole lot of confidence. That David Price is gonna do what Matt Moore on yesterday. I mean the numbers suggest completely otherwise now again they script a couple of runs across the score 34 runs and that might be enough. America definitely be enough I -- these gonna have the same control problems and if you tell me today this of the game they get shut down. I'd believe you because he's been that good not only recently. And gets his Red Sox lineup were very few guys have any success against but it finally what do the numbers six and one. With a 18 ADR -- and the US the number you to Death Valley given up to class who runs of starts at Fenway and in ten appearances at Fenway Park William was pretty comfortable pitching here Woolsey if the crowd. But the crowd out of Iraq it not happening or not David dollar price can be no -- -- let me ask you this though guys about this whole travel rates have gone through in. And being on the road for a long period of time. Now when you lose a game like you did yesterday it's an easy narrative right is that they look like they're wearing down. If this is this actually factor are if they lose today that's what everyone who's got that it was a factor when they're up -- nothing instruments fly ball was in the air toward Mars and -- nobody died tonight and yes I have they suddenly get tired you think you think fatigue suddenly hit -- Joba for pictures I at all. I mean -- in this price thrown you know a ton of innings this year. All of that well right chart yes so I think you'll be okay priced actors -- mornings and compare this year to the bullpen it's where usually effect I don't think their bullpen was blown out. Not playing now what's now the price what the entire complete game yesterday archer comes in there but the use and a high leverage guys rights of those guys will be ready to go to think what price he's been begging Joseph man all year. Let me pitch quality pitch more than 118 pitches in that game if you go back and look the numbers after price starts -- -- 115 -- the more. Aren't very good that's what I would take a look at is is did the pitches on Monday when an almost 120. Does that affect him in this -- what kind of effect early in this game. Might have against the Red Sox lineup Bobby said that so predictions. User Turkey set 42. Yeah I -- Tampa today after winning game except they don't win this season's over if they win I still think when this -- I think they went and I picked him in four and not picking a win this game and I'll use those David Price stats after outings -- -- 150 or sixty pitches. It -- get tumor early in this game and it had to take a lot of runs because John Lackey all pretty good I said -- this game five to. Coach he gets six outs at the end of the big games tied through seven innings who wins the game. Red Sox let's I think it is gonna be in the spot where they have him be I think. The games that tied after seven innings is coaching pitch in the top the eighth would you bring -- coach you we are in a tie game now and I'm not affected and. I think -- might bring him tie game and I think in the I can't I don't think there's any doubt unless they have a really good matchup to start DA's -- they have the -- wonder to what ever lead they had he -- -- -- -- well but if if there's a really good matchup to start the -- like like I mentioned I think Morales against one glorious summer like that. -- really good match I think -- go to that -- -- -- but the one on the that the -- and then I think given the maybe -- tomorrow hasn't pitched for debris injured guy at the -- -- them you know it's you'll Torre thing with her there. I think in this spot and -- success does so with Koji. The -- record but the Red Sox team record for most innings pitched in the postseason. It's fourteen through the by reliever fourteen through there -- by Derek Lowe in 1999. The most for closer it's fourteen by -- fall. Does coach he surpasses. I mean obviously depends on how about a guy but it says obviously -- -- the prediction there when the whole -- well yeah I think you think of few spots. And let's go to today. They could have a day off tomorrow go to again among. Other have three series here that before rain that Max I say enough I and I almost I -- -- I almost wanna say that you aren't gonna see. A one inning coach -- parents this entire postseason run if I mean if it goes. Anywhere bureaucracy one inning because why meaning what we -- -- together committed the eight they scored the bomb and any and -- I'm saying the the -- traditional OK we got to get to the ninth and then we can bring up coach even though you pitched the day before. Just because I think that they can get through a couple of batters would match if we mentioned it is our will Myers matchup they really like. That you get through a couple of those but. You still have coach he's sitting there and if you have one out to go. And in the eighth inning I did you think I was gonna get a good seat up I mean listening to be 61 game pitched and conversely Fernando Rodney Pete. You guys have any. How do you feel about Fernando Rodney in terms of confidence I think he's a middle of the road guys closer I don't think you know if your campus and he comes in the one run. -- price which is a tonight it's 32. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think they have -- -- non value of -- god has such differences his -- from the 99 fastball to the lights out changeup you're sitting on something before we take up his go to Bobby in New Hampshire are you do when Bobby. It up you know German -- to take my call they. But -- good guys for the last week and we can debate the most talented team in baseball. That's something that would bring up here this thing that trumps talent gentleman would -- the uninteresting variable. Let me explain the important biblical living breathing entity. In its ugly head during any sports game. Like I don't think this note and it. It I would just import and -- analyzing it but it looks calm and will be on the positive and let -- negative in that it depends on what's in -- -- obviously. But to be more specific for the -- -- available like any but he likely -- just Google made it clear that up you know -- always have a pitcher. That it's actually just this go up -- 89 innings with a pitch and green it's incredible and emotional themselves. And no because my -- that you -- -- that ultimately it's a thin line between winning and who loses out to bearable. It's hard to see a variable. I would say that you know I guess -- -- he goes series are things you don't know who's coming along well and that's the most important part series.

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