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Red Sox Review: Rob Bradford and Mikey digest the Rays' defensive woes

Oct 5, 2013|

The Rays' outfield has a strong defensive reputation but today they struggled, Rob and Mikey look at what went wrong and how the Red Sox capitalized on those mistakes.

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We're neighbors when -- good drive I hit deep right center. But active along the right fielder buyers anything if it. Attractive -- -- thought he was right there. It happened last you very much looked like he had it all the way way back was sick thing is that we had a -- I think in the layers on the weight loss that. No wonder Jennings called ward -- the spinning is good to be there would agree with a Red Sox it is -- when -- -- and not. -- -- -- -- follow warning track and you know everybody was confused even got to hit the ball David Ortiz his body had to say after the game. What happened on the all what happened from your vantage point while it's affected. Not a there was kind of confusing and or less so visible Boston behind him but on a few wasn't throwing the fans or. After the things I don't know what happened after that yesterday and it's -- home -- And you have to you have to you know. I do appreciate them and when I remember said he had a vigorous. It was great host and you do get the science from the beginning of the game and -- that they were going to be on. Freedom in this it's getting -- Two victory there in the first and so. Their comeback home tomorrow and they're two. Two people women. Old. Movement who looney. -- huge I was vocal. And reluctant to. It. As rumored that the friendly approach right there. Some -- was -- to play. And those -- to go. And there's -- for certain yet. Very much. Much. Did it. Here. Because I mean. We haven't -- -- season benefit to go to them. -- -- It Martin. And what thanks did. -- out yet but you -- it cracks me up and I'm glad that rob Bradford is -- here in the and report studio analyst -- -- because rob knows all about this kind of thing you know what kills me is when someone says. While how important was for use -- school. Hope to get by resident Gloria how important it is very important. -- is not a question needs to be asked well when he says that one time when he says it -- -- important call it and sure Bogut has that ever happened on some like that -- -- it's like you know -- guests like the lovely -- -- you know after the game you know a guy hits a Grand Slam walk off and she's spot how did you feel when you hit them what. I felt crappy I've felt like got -- -- out about as I -- like -- saying I don't like him personally but -- when you -- -- we -- -- I loved it needs of an -- So regarding that Ortiz play. After the game we ran after all the relief pitchers in past did anyone -- for the ball -- because I don't know people saw and what it threw out again that's what people -- people thought that happened -- and they also known nobody said anything in -- anything. That the sun was absolutely brutal most of them didn't see the ball until that actually. Bounced into the bullpen and but nobody thought it nobody heard anybody yell for anything and then will Myers said the same thing will Myers said that he caught. Jennings on the corner resign Dahlia and that's why you let him go and you know it's. It was just a weird weird play. Now in the final analysis -- might not have made -- once he was -- fourteen hits and twelve runs up and that was a big play satellites are because it opened the floodgates at that in that bottom of the fourth we were recessed court 51 minute Thomas huge. Momentous moment of the game. But you know overall -- meeting so club that ball real hard and more. You know for all the talk we heard about him he's not the same pitch he was beating the in the first three months his -- been off lately a little bit at the velocity he's been down a little bit and in the the hitters -- -- after the game that he was pounding with a with a fastball early on because remember. You can give a hit through the first three innings right and you're out into the fastball. And -- -- -- on the breaking ball their strategy was. Lay off anything any breaking ball low in the zone he wasn't locating it very well. And listed on the fastball and that's what they did it work. Rob Bradford has it's a show on weekends no it would days -- Saturday about this I'd jump the gun here in my you've got to show I heard it I heard it last weekend at Brad Fo -- If the -- the coveted five to 620s I've been that's my favorite. Time others say that -- and in Amman tomorrow from one mystery intact where is Mike finance being -- and as -- 5 o'clock or tomorrow at 507 -- yes and and and after that -- -- Michael -- in -- Maloney will be on those -- great day of radio. And I ministers say if the brat coach show from one to three unit -- met him and ask him especially yeah absolutely. Because they don't get top billing out and we can have their moment in the sun asks aren't. Yeah absolutely so I think you should stick up for that story you wanna have some calls -- media -- that -- -- well Sonja are yet there all freaks all the crazy out of the guys I love the most it was a love the -- such. And everything media Brian at Springfield you're an accident. Say hello Brad solo. Going out -- I don't know what part of course I'd agree. They were wrong but -- -- -- a question that we're all -- About it in the -- and I. Occupants are walking back aren't they brought their walk away a -- and actually they have in the morning. -- -- Our our army and Jordan and. Are now you know I think I've. I've admitted to be criticized for his love affair we've -- more. And I I told -- -- -- -- -- lose its net is gonna lose -- Suisse first account if he keeps saying stupid things I started all this person who's gonna -- this is Swedish fish steal. And that's an unheard of and help ST. But you know what here's the problem with with. -- -- He likes to throw stuff out there sometime. It's really really negative and it's not because he's a negative Nancy. But he's a -- Starr Barbara brightness beyond its that's beyond that about Joseph -- Joseph -- very very good manager manager gets a lot out of that raised him and he's got zero World Series victories -- go well. When you're lucky. That he missed out on her in person or rookie right over. All you ought drop it all game you're out there more -- eight -- and but listen. And we're talking manages only so much certain guys can do you get the point where like Francona the other night for example is he gonna teach born how to hit a breaking ball. Well so hard hit it underneath the breaking ball off cop did you go to -- and Brian I don't I don't have a huge problem with the way -- -- that game other than maybe bringing in archer -- its third Richardson the second pitcher -- and played Rodriguez in the -- he had a hard time out there but. I don't love -- he wasn't the reason they lost that game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay and you look for a way to -- I mean what sports are a patent -- -- Lebanese. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When it comes to price. Isn't it kind of the same story we are here all day today. Awful numbers against more that's what we heard from everybody today are the sky one for six this guy -- afraid. This guy tool for twelve lifetime. It the numbers are gonna be very similar against price and are we gonna have the same situation tomorrow where they're every look at the nail on pummel a lefthander way to becomes of the strike -- -- a different conversation and price I think it -- Morse command has been -- -- -- he's been down since he got hurt column in price has been pitching very very well. And and priced this has been around he's done it longer -- he has more of more in his arsenal -- -- -- have absolutely and you guys pitched ten times at Fenway Park and given up more than two runs this one's. So that tells you that he's been here done that doesn't mean the Red Sox can't get to -- -- got -- home back in May. But I think this is a different level would David Price now more right now. Let's get Jim from every -- on the phone on the planet Mikey show live from federal way -- would rob Bradford Jim go ahead. Hi my gay first time call on timeless not thank you. Questions. We all know -- that the game today it was a great game yeah but I was just they get. Campaign categorical. Taxes through. When a game there which they did it and it traveled to Cleveland and went man. And had a by the Boston yeah they're poor babies are tired it if they get caught up to them yes I do these are traveling miles yeah you must throw it. The mix that's -- -- -- -- biggest -- could have some of doing that they have had a real scatter brain schedule really unfortunate for them and all that travel. And here's the other elements of that the Red Sox love to play at home there's their home numbers were ridiculous this year. And that's always going to be a thing they're all they're all pumped up and if these guys. Were rejected Joost. You know to win a hot you know 97 -- -- 97 official guests in 97 games and -- they feel they finally get to -- it waiting waiting all the anticipate they already did well there. You know I don't nice and this reminded the I said this before the game something that should have incurred at the expense was -- -- came out spring training you have these meaningless days leading up to spring training he had to the first game and then you do everything that you wanna do that very first game. That's how it felt today that they executed everything that you -- do you even in the first three innings when they weren't getting any hits they were having great approaches against more. And Mikey one of the things I think -- under the radar and what they did today base running I thought their base running was absolutely outs and. Arrests have yet outstanding at the same time yeah they rented any -- of odd Napoli try to strip that double bet -- -- going to be out for -- or do you think you but he slid ended the crazies like. They were out there looking to make some noise on the base -- And I think that you look at what -- -- on the infield hit from second. Ortiz sold out on the ball on the wall went to third when if he didn't do that that he probably would of scored. There's a lot of things that they did on the base passive I think translated the typical socks that's why the ghosts are Asia. We're gonna have four lines all night and no we are as a red sox' season now start to really fuel we've been feel enough for a few weeks. And that is that he dot 6177797937. It's rob Bradford in my -- out here live at Fenway riders company so -- -- take a quick break you get right back to your calls.

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