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Red Sox Review: Mikey reacts to the rout of the Rays today at Fenway

Oct 5, 2013|

Mikey Adams takes a look at an impressive offensive showing by the Red Sox in the first game of the ALDS. The lineup figured out Rays starter Matt Moore and cruised to a 12-2 victory.

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Yes every hour they're here I am a writer -- -- this is it's crazy place down here and it's very reminiscent. Of some good old days that we all remember very very well and I'm talking about 2004 you know I think by 07 there was that's complacency but a lack of the genuine enthusiasm that we had in the 2004 season throughout all the playoffs and here it is it's back really honestly this this crowd today. At the ballpark was is very very huge and that's necessarily determine the outcome of the game although it certainly made the red -- feel good about themselves. But just in general walking around the ball partners is crazy freaks all over the place even kids would -- You know yet it is -- -- outside the window here at C -- beards or they're probably 5060 years old but they -- full periods like Napoli. And everybody very very excited about what has transpired here in the opening of the of the series with the Tampa Bay Rays. It was so what did happen in this game we're gonna invite your phone calls all night long here from Fenway Park -- studio if you're if you're in the area. You're driving by and you you feel the urge to would be in waves that will be happy that to know you're listening. As you drive down plants downstream. But in the meantime. This came today was real a little bit of I guess you could say Dicey. Start for Lester in that. Although in deserve -- the fate the guidance the -- first home run. Lester pitched extremely. Well seven and two thirds innings tonight today and tonight. We're beginning of a grand total of three hits he allowed six base runners total with three walks struck out seven and it should have been eight. -- most people that. -- watching the game realized that the yeah harm -- to Byron -- in the second inning was after he really should have been called out on the go on strike three. He Lester walked off the mound the players start lead the field in the apart concede that way in the next -- course. Was you know ballpark to start things off. And the massage were down one nothing and give up another of solo shot. To Ben Zobrist in the fourth inning and you know if you're through the top of the fortress and while we're down two nothing in the Red Sox don't seem to be doing anything. Against. Mr. Moore. On the mound for via the temporary arrangements -- on the flood -- open really beginning. With Pedroia reaching base pop -- when it really strange ball that popped bounced into the into the bullpen for ground rule double but from there it was just kind of like -- hit parade every single Red Sox player gonna hit today. Now all but two one of them all but two of them drove in Iran. Every single Red Sox player in the lineup scored a run. In this ball game you talk about spread the wealth around little details -- two for five. Victor Reno three for four people start to really loved -- the -- he drove in two runs today. Dustin Pedroia was two for five pop the only one for four nobody scored twice. He also walked Napoli one for four with a run scored and RBIs. He also walked again Red Sox all -- ducks on the on all -- today. And it was huge. It was huge two for four for Saltalamacchia with three runs driven in. And a fourteen hit parade Red Sox with their twelve to two victory and added the Tampa Bay Rays. You know we're supposed to become an action on the strength of there. Awesome starting pitching in for the most part statistically they did have -- pitching throughout the course of the year but it Sharjah Fenway Park. For the Red Sox hitters that's where they love to be that's where they flourish and that's where they did the very same thing today beginning in the bottom of the fourth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays to take a one game to none lead. In this series that is gonna go one would move along. Two to Tampa beginning. Six and three record with a 2.4 seven ERA at home. So we're very nice things again tomorrow and the excitement my friends is back the fans of jubilant. Here at the ballpark all of this is kind of like a special surprise for Red Sox fans Beasley. And while it takes awhile to warm it up to people for them to believe what they're seeing as now we're in the playoffs there's truly believe. In this Red Sox ballclub. Based on what they saw them stretch the best record in baseball tied for the best record overall and baseball bat in the home field advantage in all this good stuff so we're gonna -- Open up the phone lines every single one of view and let you have your way. Talking about this Red Sox team or anything else you want to we're not you know. Where are gonna live action. To the Red Sox you wanna talk about last night's Bruins -- fine you talk about the upcoming weekend game. Between the Bengals. And the New England Patriots that's fine too but I know that a lot of you are going to be excited -- talk about your. Boston. Red Sox at 617779. 7937. That's a telephone number once again 6177797937. We'll take a moment here to let the phone lines all fill up those of you drive home at a car. You know dignity celebrated the ball game from all over New England. And our affiliates. This is the Boston Red Sox flagship station and all of our affiliates as we have celebrate. That not just being back in the playoffs but being back -- -- a vengeance. In a twelve to two win man that was a great game. Six or 77797937. Or take a quick break we'll get to all your phone calls right after this live from Fenway Park.

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