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Kevin Millar: Long layoff for Sox is an advantage for Rays

Oct 4, 2013|

Kevin Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the ALDS between the Sox and Rays and talks about the long layoff the Red Sox had.

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I joining us on the eighteenth pick the hot -- guys played big games here in this ballpark I was played some big games. -- in the playoff for the Red Sox he is Kevin Millar as we're now inside three hours before game one now Kevin Lewis like stop around here chomping at the bit. But playoff baseball -- incendiary -- and it do you still get that in the playoffs come around like that that baseball -- to get back in -- play. 100%. Let me know what -- -- -- a little cooler but and that's when -- little fired up keep in boys of summer greatness what everywhere from June July and August gets like. Especially bought. Leaves are changing and that a big cool people got their jackets -- you walk around a copy smokers -- guard at Newbury Street it's it's what about. Get -- but the preparation going looks I would say almost got a tricky mine right I mean you -- Stays loose as possible emotions natural but -- treating it like another game emotionally not expecting that emotion -- But to kick it to outside it's not football you can't -- there's opinion against the wall. I'll an analogy you know and that's -- typist and got some worthy award experience come route okay our rates are high he fired up. That thing that scared me with the Red Sox and I'm going to be dead honest as they have not played in big league ball game. -- on Sunday period out there recently gained up to -- parties and barbecues and hang out boys club and beards. They haven't played so the question that they would -- tonight you know -- to address it raise Red Sox are -- -- That's the rookie that -- tutor her country's border cities plant based all elimination games. And the make it Castro -- or against them like a seventeen game winner so that's the scary thing -- aren't scary scary club. The good news for the Red Sox is that they know each other they note strengths we know that we have but right now it's going to be nice and the -- not get out to -- -- Two run lead to double up degree mopped up by somebody get the crowd fired up and know that you're I mean at the plate is back. You you hit on my biggest concern really all week long in that you know you face a guy like Matt morning get a pitch to hit filed -- back right is haven't seen one in 45 days and and you missing pitches and next thing you know maybe drop game one and set the press and they get prices on you neck and and that's kind of like how things can kind of -- a short sample series. And and that. It comes down to stick with your approach you know make -- a guy works -- -- -- as comfortable as you possibly can't. It but looks like what happened with the Tigers in the World Series that you're you're a good Red Sox have it -- cocaine. It's September. Because they haven't -- so they've clutched an eight under thing and the Braves and that you're tiger last year when routinely sat around the -- also that guy's -- the program. It's the thing about baseball this game based on finding out there WR. You don't -- recruit is up -- the game of a comeback it's still I mean aspect a bit. Their race art dangers that hit the rays are dangers not cigarettes that came in going to -- -- and you'd have to be three hole and they let all American League and acted like -- did great at the most. Ugly team but so they dominate at home that's good news the -- reports six. The ten games at all. Against the Red Sox. That favors the Red Sox they think that doesn't favor them that I'm not a big help but unlike football where you're like stealing all the injuries. We what we like to play we like played a top we still look we don't like they are we need it back. Still you get like that -- or so going to be quick but the Red Sox get out here -- that elaborate on fire up. Kevin I know that you're surprised by this but Jon Lester gets the ball here game one you know we debated that you were on the wrong end that debate I kept on I kept saying let's just got to be in the rotation you can't say India in -- seek a player. Well he's in their game one tonight. He was that you it was great for them in the AL BS a couple of years ago when he set the tone seven innings of shutout ball. I against the eighties when you watch this game this afternoon what are you gonna be looking for from Jon Lester to know that he is. Back to being back guy the guy that -- quite frankly to be honest you told me that he would be earlier in the year. I'm glad I'm glad -- open you're gonna come out say stop -- hear your list but I mean there's a big guy you want -- deal that -- starting game one. -- after all the playoff roster so we got that not to let him. Sit back relax you got -- that I'm like -- sit back you'll pay WGW yeah I'd seen but let Jon Lester beat Jon Lester he what do struggles. He's seven into that last few starts he's pitching. Now I don't know geology -- Jon Lester hit it -- Lampard debate looked at a power pitcher he's gonna go out here it's just. In liking it around and I'm not Paul Hewitt camp he's got an excuse. This team got probably the team dangerous and it's a particular game I think -- -- -- -- while you -- night and Lester moral broke or nice game. You know hot ticket the advantage is Jon Lester. But act like he's just got to just stay away from Evan Longoria chocolate in Delmon Young hit a homer against Cleveland get a Nate let him and let Robert yet but it easier on -- go -- -- -- minute Sox. We're just talking about some key players and I guess you're gulping down the line up but I. With that same theme you just mentioned I pointed out will Meyers and Mike Napoli because. To me I got Evan Longoria and I -- David Ortiz in bold letters -- -- the teams and I don't want you to beat me so those guys to sit right behind them. Are gonna be key in this series you agree with that. Yeah you know there's always someone that steps up you know going to be DiMarco still drove you write a player -- like -- -- to go about ball. Beltran at fifteen homers for the Cardinals not. Postseason. You know 120 yard pass to get most in history I would paperwork so now we're gonna be that -- You can't sit back and okay. And an and that you can get to protect the bad guys right you don't want to let this pick I'd be out there Longo the Braves are back there in -- -- -- like mark want. Like here you're -- bloomer Loney but you know -- It got stepped up its gonna be who expect guys. Through that dire I thought it was who's that guy area I ER are you -- -- we're talking to Camelot he viewing a game one Red Sox and -- here this afternoon your year old fourteen specifically Kevin. Was known for grinding out pitchers know the strength of that team and we're gonna Wear you out or get into your bullpen they -- they have to do Red Sox have to do in this series. It does that get more difficult the playoffs you have to resist that urge. To try to jump almost pitches early and stick -- what got you there even like you said with five days off between games in this team. Yeah I mean the Red Sox are who they are they speak it you know -- -- a whole lot of old swing and swing guys that's okay. You know Vladimir Guerrero Nomar Garciaparra made a -- jobs and they live it up in the first -- The Red Sox have a lot of the we have the Billy Miller said Mark Bell more jarring game see some decent and right like that that we beat New York. You get tight you might want and what you hear that they were around more got here. So you have to really -- the first one you're fighting it or more within six pitches. -- the -- regrets market about all pitcher. Get decent change your -- breaking ball but it prepared. His strength at the fastball the refs sucked all at -- stay with what they got -- better -- question being Liu walked. It into 56 pitch at bat. It into it whatever you got you but don't try to beat big guys are trying it almost like extreme -- legal picky picky because we keep lingering not. We're -- trying to go deep and the game. But the Red Sox are better club they got Pedroia got the boys it would be a great series. You know a guy like Chris Tillman and Baltimore dealt against the Red Sox in his first three starts in his last couple that big hit a morale a little bit there's some deception there and got comfortable with them even though we dominated them. David Price might be another animal I realized Japanese had a lot of success against this team this year. But he has had five starts ID you know you're in for about what I guess the one of the best lefties in the game. Having five starts does it help or -- -- the report where he's so good Ian you know you're in for stroke. Your current struggle until you know -- -- we should -- right now it. 57 times a year sock sock yeah I know he had got a sinker cutter curveball I'm like also that means that -- three. 63 Q okay. Well you know. He tried -- aren't these guys the Braves haven't seen quite hurt all year the action you laughed at the first time all year is that it mattered at bent low aren't they batting average is -- year. The reps out I would pick apart is they know what they got the execute execute -- pictures of the great ones always pretty much do more than the average guy. Your trouble and we it would behind enemy number you throw out the window pretty much had a -- one and seven against experts. They've had success there -- illegal about it -- we -- you know quite -- later. So number number that's the policies and it's about execution. The -- at a pitching order set appears gonna put Clay Buchholz third year Kevin in terms the rotation John Lackey is gonna pitching game two. They cite his home numbers he's got to run difference in terms of the home road splits this year are you surprised the Clay Buchholz came back. Looked eyes and the record still they're twelve and won the numbers were there. Made it look exactly the guy before he got her -- pretty damn good he surprised he won't go until game three in the series. No I think this is perfect I think -- -- sort of rotation up perfectly John Lackey. -- like that suspect gave me it's unbelievable all year. His velocity back Bulldog Clay Buchholz came back and really establish his command from they want. After coming back from the injury which should try. Pictures don't necessarily. Have a big as a -- come back with some time off because I mean to you from hitters at a point. Pictures are acutely tractor that release point and repeat that consistently Clayton a good job I think he's perfectly slotted him real. You know we talked all year long we sort of keep up the conversation of coach you we are and over use right that was a conversation about 23 months ago because he's just been lights out. Come playoff time John Ferrell has as pretty much candidate. He'll have no problem giving them a five possibly even six outs days. Hope they're going to have Beagle to the stretch guy is thirty years old asking that much from throughout the month. I think -- ride the hot and the may have been unbelievable pick away at the electoral he's been unbelievable. You know rest our bullpen who you go to this and that you don't speed it up -- amount the right hander you know what. Like the hot guy. 381 time so people are controlled by six outs whatever it. Do whatever you can win the game that night and admirals. -- -- I was -- funerals going out on tour here -- we -- be -- -- real time we going to be in the Boston. On the studio now -- New York but we'll go to the start of World Series retroactive the World Series that's the goal then morons like every game. Rexrodt -- at the World Series somewhat ignorant per player in the boys' club John Henry Tom and I do all that. I -- -- on the -- -- -- what where you sit when he humid here I believe beyond half the team real quick I mean like today it's gonna be rain it's overcast it's a cold day. Was Camelot like I I forget we've seven -- sweatshirt guy when it got all the did you -- bear arms screw it definitely how big of a man -- am. Oh I'm I'm I'm hyped up on fourth cup -- copy we we all know what connect copy. Checking a ball it was actually an arm to go a little -- and on your chest that I get older or not out mostly important video might. Out a pit studio want to -- and be a look at some more video and Maloney and it was a mock actual act like Chipper Jones guys. He got pulled that manages to be the answer I was I was look at. It now that are that -- -- a year ago. -- that. Well and -- but I got to -- here longer like likelier yet the walk. -- Massively in his cap Malarkey have a great stuff is always enjoy the baseball weekend when watching on TV and -- to get out here let us know. Our -- -- various kept -- joining us on the -- the outline when Kevin Allard joins us he's brought -- -- by a -- -- corporation by -- insurance. By commonwealth mortgage and by golf Smith 6177797937. As your owner beaten Texas -- -- -- on the AT&T -- 1379837. Harp on the field overcast cold and it's eight your fans what shirt jacket type that day. We're hit your predictions your thoughts on this game on the series Red Sox and race and -- your feeling about this thing prior to game one will talk to Peter king of SI about a half hour from now it's much Lou here finally.

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