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Mut and Merloni with Joe Castiglione and Dave O Brien

Oct 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni check in with the the broadcast booth at Fenway Park and speak to Joe and Dave before Game 1 of the ALDS.

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This is Jon Lester you've got -- Maloney on the home with a -- so. Radio 93 point seven W. Here are Satterfield studios at Fenway Park what -- 937 WEEI pregame for the Red Sox will begin less than an hour from now we'll take you right up until 220. And it's part of that -- actually go to the radio. With Jokester -- and Dave O'Brien. They first say -- congratulate from our entire show and from all Red Sox fans. Some great news that was announced just a couple of minutes ago and that is the jokes that -- is agreed. To a two year contract extension arm in the voice the Boston Red Sox. -- -- estate has been calling Sox games for 31 years we'll continue in his current role alongside Dave O'Brien the 2015 season. Mickey in the longest -- announcer in Red Sox history from all of us here initial Red Sox fans across the country GO. Let's say this is great news and congratulations. On the announcement and you believe it. You believe -- that's what I see that yet thank you very much out there really isn't to be yet. -- continue when -- been blessed with good health -- -- great partners. In the broadcast both over the years especially Dave O'Brien and the great support of the Red Sox in an account broadcasting. -- it's an iconic franchise -- that I just been blessed to be a part of it for so long been here for so many great moments. Well that is great news to so much -- Red Sox Nation only knows. The Red Sox and listen. The -- on the radio so congratulations again and -- that I'm happy that it. It's a relationship moving forward to tonight tonight at one of the things does Joseph is is they're stuck with a for two more guns. That deliver double or I guess it's it's really hard -- on my aunt but -- to -- to mention is that Joseph was recently. Picked as one of the ten finalists but he Ford Frick award which is the highest honor a baseball announcer can achieve. It's a hall of fame honor and that'll be determined shortly but certainly wanna make sure everybody understands what a great honor the dead is -- in Joseph is so deserving of well I asked how much they've. Yeah it the only local guy on the list are there other guys. Why don't get Coleman was on in the past stand I believe I am I right now put that. Got a lot of great names there will congratulations again let me start off with this right now -- -- look -- the streets. I see a lot of rain what are you guys hearing as far as start this game. We see a lot of rain you know we're paid to be observers and we see a lot of rain to a couple of minutes. -- actually it's gonna let up here nothing from the Red Sox though right. -- known anyone getting any word on on any forecast as well at this point other -- which you guys have had all day which -- You know it's going to be hit and -- stuff. Well it's gonna be hit or miss and I expect this series if you guys agree. It is not going to be hit or miss but I expected to be a close series right -- guys about nineteen games in the regular season. Fourteen run differential mean that smells like anatomy like in the series that we are in for some. One and two run game between tonight and whatever the thing is and whether it's 345 minutes. Why would agree yeah but there's no question it did. They're pitching on both sides is outstanding that's why these teams are here. And the fact that the -- actually tour 08 against Tampa Bay in nineteen games is that -- twelve -- -- Shows I think -- how critical I wanted to pitches during the course of the game can be. Red Sox won five games against Tampa Bay in the ninth inning or later. And ten of the nineteen were decided by two runs or less. There's no reason to think that it's it's going to be anything different however long this series goes. I am stunned it whenever I hear somebody say. The red sections sweep the series or Tampa Bay's gonna sweep the series because there's no way on earth that's gonna happen right immediate the pitching is too good on both sides too deep. For that to occur because somebody's gonna throw an absolute -- on one side or the other in his away anyone's gonna swing. Joseph you've seen a lot of special teams around here given what happened last unit to you -- -- sit through that and nightly basis. -- put this team as far as something that that it factor in what could be special here in this month. While certainly though I think in terms of personality and their character. It's right up there at the very top this is a great -- -- Bad sharing in the Jon Farrell's staff have done a wonderful job not a putting it together but that -- get blossomed. And I think that's where the winning started there's so many things that brought this group together so from that standpoint I think it's a way up there and I think the most important aspect is the pitching aspect and it's pretty close arsenal for you had. The veteran starters. Not one -- -- missed a start due to injury during the regular season -- the post season. And that was tough to be your worst -- our Kosier. I'm always have this theory watching Bruce -- way back in 86 that it -- guy who missed a lot of time. It really came back strong as a starting pitcher -- dominated post season that happened with Kirstie is too. Maybe even three months with a groin issue and where it would have been the World Series MVP was outstanding may be yet. Buchholz is in that category but then again Alex -- could be in that category -- as he -- diamond day. What did you -- At a curve ball that big spots of them look forward to in game three Dave Joseph just mentioned. Other coaching staff here you've been around this team. All year can you talk about how different coaching staff is say 2012 and 2013 and the impact the you've seen them make is a group. On this team this year. Oh boy and it is it is really in untold part of the story to be honest with the -- but I think the coaching staff. Has made a profound difference on how these guys feel about themselves the positive nature. You're around someone like Brian Butterfield for five minutes. You can be floating on air he's gonna find a way to have to really build you up and make you feel great about yourself. The one anecdote that stands out for me this is middle of the season the Sox had an off night. Butter was in his room in the hotel he answers the door and twenty guys practically pile -- his room. Just to commanders say hello. Pretty surely pummel them with pillows -- but I mean that was just one of those deals where you you could really feel how how much affection was for the coaching staff. For -- for everybody else and and for one the other super. Frankly does not get enough credit around here and part of that is because. John Farrell is a former pitching coach and a pitcher and he takes a lot of charge it in that area. The one he had this is such a classy guy he's a great communiques are wonderful pitching coach. And this coaching staff is embraced. In a way that last year's coaching staff. I mean that the manager and coaches did not get along I remember last year a lineup card being posted that was wrong that was not the one Bobby Valentine intended. And I remember thinking to myself how does that lineup card get posted. If the coaches are looking out for the manager and the manager is in good communication the coach of the answer is it doesn't. That kind of things you shouldn't happen but it did last it this year an entirely different atmosphere it's night. And it is a great point in really -- giant won the Davis who's become one of our favorite guys. And as this goes back to his days as a player -- nowhere. It being in Milwaukee yet they. Front office people saved us cooperative play they've ever had this but not only that he's he's a very bright guy and a great communicators in that has a sense of -- a problem. I think one thing it's gonna happen though there right now there five managerial opens it may be more than that or it's actually an elusive coaches have become big league managers -- down. No doubt the -- one of the questions that come in with this team is I keep things no one -- order a concern you guys with this lay off. -- in the four days they have leading up this game. You know I'm a little more concern and most I think you can lose an edge you can really lose a manager Lou and I think one thing about Tampa Bay is they have not lost that. They have ban on the razors edge now for a week. Playing you know make or break games winner go home games consistently not three times coming into Fenway. I think that puts you especially when you're facing live pitching like that. 95 in 97 mile an hour fastballs instead of get me over intra squad scrimmage as scrimmage fastballs. I think it makes a difference but I like the way the Red Sox handle it. I think they learned from some of the mistakes made by past teams who have long layoffs and and you know playing the we'd be getting getting after the way they did this week although it was against each other. That helped that John -- very positive about that he thinks the approach that will work. I think the one thing that all this traveling in the playing in different cities and every other day this week -- has done the Tampa Bay it's not really affected their starting rotation they still give you. Boring game want pricing scheme to thank probably gained three it's not like they're going to their fifth starters and their opens up that worn out. Right in but this is the first time in a week the game they're playing today. That they can breathe a little bit that they can finally relax they've got a bubble I mean they've got price on -- on -- marked tree if they lose today they're not going home they get David Price tomorrow. That could really ease their tension a little bit. And -- got to figure that out next year when it comes the wildcard has got to be more punishment. -- teams don't win that division game by expected to start on time by all accounts he with the rain in the forecast. You'll hear Joseph and -- and once again -- great news today to your extension. Have you for the Red Sox radio network -- you guys taking a few minutes and will be listening about 25 minutes from now. Thank you so much gentlemen thanks I appreciate that as he opened the -- Joseph and Dave the call. Off from Fenway and -- Red Sox say the game should start on time it's raining here to Fenway area NEC and neck in. There weather forecasts as the rain is offshore by 240 final dry out and plenty of time. Opt for the Red Sox games have become one of the game today against sweatshirt raincoat and -- umbrella type today. But you'll year the game at 220 right here in 93 point seven. WE yeah let's get to break we'll come back it is an extra innings addition. Among older and ID 37 WEEI it will take you right -- -- the Red Sox pregame show you missed it -- give you our predictions for the series Red Sox and rays and we'll do an X.

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