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Peter King, SI, on Gronkowski, Amendola, and the Patriots

Oct 4, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni in studio from Fenway Park to discuss all things NFL and Patriots.

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Normally on Fridays we talked Peter King get to separate football the Monday Morning Quarterback and SI dot com. Bob let's start with Peter King was in studio today and it's have become vice here for game -- The rest -- baseball why you feel about this series game one lesser -- more. The rays and hit that I -- -- I -- the patriots ravens right at stake and you know didn't understand I mean. I thought they were supposed to have their pitching lined up. And eat yet he get Matt Moore and David Price. In games one and two so that obviously one of them who -- shoes drop can pitch game five. I mean that is to what has I've -- -- deal man too much time do you as you know what I shot and you think your forty's -- they -- reset everything I saw Joseph Torre at an event new -- couple weeks ago when I said. I hate this one game playoff the other one game one yard thing and he goes hey you know the alternative is if we play best out of three. Then the earliest that eatery this series could start is on Friday -- may be one of them starts on Saturday. And I said yeah I guess that's bad but I just hate the fact that. You know I mean look Johnny -- at a craps start the other day in their season's over in the fourth inning. I mean it's just I don't know. I know let's I actually with you on a percent I just don't like the other two games that are already determined we already know they are they -- played on Thursday night and the other the other point is that I I've said all along is. So OK I mean why can't you start the first series on Monday. You start those two series on Monday and just play -- Monday Tuesday Wednesday. There should be a hardship for you if you're in the wild card if you didn't win the leadership. So the hardship is you got to play three days early you don't get it they arrest after the season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean let's be honest as the Pawtucket. You know. -- Portland Red Sox for the last two months of the season last year everybody was hurt so. I remember I went to a game was the last week of the season last year at Yankee Stadium. A Red Sox yankees game. And I mean look I think five of the guys in the starting lineup that day didn't even go to spring training with the team this year. And that's an airplane every day I know Bobby Valentine's a bad manager I suppose he is but I don't care if we if you know if eight you know if Tony -- reduces me imaging that team what they might win 74 there are gonna win many I mean it was at. Was an awful group a with a bunch of guys who didn't belong in the major leagues. Probably the only guy is that guys playing third base for the Orioles who had a really good year this year -- Valencia. I mean because he didn't he he played for awhile use all of he was -- but I mean you know other than that all those guys they are all gone. Yeah now but but anyway it but you know -- out -- -- the end of the year last year I think that was really the springboard for -- -- Because Iglesias got to play a lot. And I think he came to spring training basically saying. I can I can knock it around and I can bet to sixty I can play well enough to stay. And you know they're probably be a lot of people arguing in five years when he's the best defensive shortstop in baseball. It was it really worth it for. You know should they have gone for Garcia instead though it easily -- gotten very silly obviously lights out here in the post season beam me he had no regular air that nobody will care unit I'm guessing that a lot of Red Sox fans may be rooting for Cleveland you maybe for other reasons maybe could hadn't. Much of ironic -- with the indicative of its copy only met him in appearance here fairly quiet -- he might I bet I bet if the but. I was kinda rooting for the tribe I mean I want to I went to Ohio you and I know how long it's been. Since Cleveland's been any good at anything so any time hearing anything -- -- and form. And I just thought you know what really hurt them and there's nothing they can do about the schedule obviously. But I figured out the unity fourteen of their last twenty games are played against teams that finished a combined 130 under 500. I mean -- it they just played. Horrible teams would know pitching down the stretch. And the six other games they play at a Tony is Kansas City and you know Kansas City is just went -- and organs them and I just. I kinda look yet at Cleveland's -- they made a nice step but. Doesn't look like they're gonna lose -- bald though now. If they lose of Ubaldo. I mean Howard they possibly can get back -- nine B win territory up here tup temporary to be affair right now which routes. But wait maybe transition -- a football because you know right or last night. I mean you've been here for years you so happy for this guy and -- MRIs came back today torn ACL he goes down yet but they've won they've put some games here in general would get a feel -- order. I feel terrible for -- one of the nicest guys in the league. Everybody really loves the guy Brady loves -- the patriots love them which is -- great person. And he always did exactly what you asked him to do. Lou I leave that game last night. Thinking that I mean you see two quarterbacks now EJ Manuel went out because he was stupid. He tried to make an extra half yard. And play Larry's Lanka at the sidelines I mean that was just a dumb play. By a quarterback who should know better because I know EG meaning a little bit he's really Smart guy. And the Brian Hoyer thing you just leads me to believe I wrote about it on my column at the MM QB today. I said you know the one thing I take away from a game last night is if I were head coach offensive coordinator quarterback coach. I would once a week once a week during the season in the offseason have sliding practice from my quarterbacks. No if scenes or -- Brian Hoyer would not. Have gotten hurt. If he slid properly right he slid awkwardly and Kiko Alonso plowed into it's not Kiko Alonso -- fall. He slid awkwardly first that doesn't happen well yet and I mean he did look like at the last minute. He decided okay everybody go feet first moved by that time it was too late is likely priority under him and I mean. You know it's the it's the easiest thing to do -- I mean I remember sort of playing baseball it that was nine or ten years old. And you learn how to slide it's exactly like learn how to ride a bike it doesn't matter I could I could go out there right now and look absolutely terrible but I can go out there and execute. A slide and you know on the baseball field because I did it all the time when I was a kid it's not you just remember doing. And I think all these quarterbacks. They ought to be made to do that so that we don't have these idiotic that is it I hate to say it. Because I mean you mad and -- it that was an idiotic injury to bring -- lawyers -- it should never happen in a million years. If he slid correctly never would have won a follow up on the browns Peter because now they're 32 parent first place today is amazing in that fifteen days since they gave up on this -- got up. Playboy very abrupt -- cell of my question is can Mike Lombardi still entertain offers for guys like corners you have to reevaluate out today I don't think we'll try to win some games here they have to. There I mean there's absolutely no way unless I would say analysts they got an offer of say -- two for Josh Gordon. He's too good. And even though he's one strike away from being suspended. Again you know I mean. The way I look at him is right now he's too talented to guide to not exhaust. Every last option. To try to save him and to make a player out of them because. You know I saw -- Jacksonville DB -- Munro and I don't think Eugene Monroe is a great player don't get me wrong. But he's he's an average to slightly below average left tackle in the NFL and they got a fortify form I know what David called was trying to do in Jacksonville. He's trying to get as many draft picks as he can. Going forward so that they can get as many of their own players in the -- as possible. But I mean at some point. He you've got to have tackles who were competent. And they just treated one of -- competent ones who still pretty young know that division to meet on most unknown to me Baltimore Ravens still team I don't know what they are what they could be. And then you get the -- critical against the Cincinnati team and it's I don't know what Andy Dalton is how do you see that division Plano what you -- -- since. In I mean look I I I advocated for Andy Dalton to be eighty. A first round pick the year that that he came out and I think in the course of his career. He's going to be an average to slightly above average quarterback. You whatever 141617. Something right around there okay. But. I've seen him wait too much since the last couple games last year and so far this year that he's not accurate enough. And he does not play well down the stretch of games I mean you know we gave you to stay at the beginning of the year you know he's had 23 post season drives. Zero touchdown passes in those 23 post season drives both against Houston. And what really concerns me is that you know over time the Bengals are going he's gonna be just good enough. So that the Bengals are gonna look at him and say you know we can win with this guy that you can't win with this guy if you perfect who would you have -- Flacco -- before now. No because Flacco to me. I mean Flacco showed me enough in four games last -- -- That I would trust him with Michael culture war last year before last January I thought he was. And -- a starter sort of like dull but I like them a little bit better. Because he's got a great deep and LT one don't doesn't he basically had a game one here in New England a priest here makes the catcher. Dalton has been terrible Donald had no chance either one of those gains and if you look at the games he's played this year the thing that bothers me Andy Dalton. When the Bengals went down to TCU -- -- to work out they work about for a long time you know what's worked -- was the Indianapolis Colts Bill Polian loved. Eighty don't love them and they were gonna pick him if he was there late in the second round colts were gonna pick him and he was going to. Maybe beat his successor -- meaning we'll see what happened after whatever happened meaning but. That the way the way that that thing came out the Bengals left they -- Jim Caldwell who was -- the colts at the time left there. They love the Indy dole and they love them because he was totally totally accurate with the ball. And he made the right decisions he didn't throw the ball away. And -- and just a little bit concerned right now. Like really concerned right now long term. That he be -- is just gonna struggle too much to be able to be consistent starter long term. We ask you about this patriots team because Aqib -- we've talked a lot about the impact he's had this team what an incredible game he had last spring day amazing awesome which actually led us to awesome. Is there an extension coming in the next few weeks and how much -- Aaron Hernandez thing happened play in that the well and I think if you're if you're Bob Kraft Jonathan Kraft Bill Belichick. You know which you have to do is. You really have to. You know do. I'm sure they've done a lot of homework already on Aqib -- before they acquired him. And I'm sure that they are doing more now because I'm sure bill understands that as a football player. They desperately need to keep to -- he is I mean I was thinking the other day when I read that Wilfork goes down. It is the first start Lou the comes in in my mind I said if I'm a patriots fan. I'm saint boy at least it wasn't to -- we -- all -- that we don't tell that they've acted extremely it's incredible wealth like this expecting will. But -- is it through it is it. Because a look Vince Wilfork one day we'll get discussed in the room about go McCain and you walk in my opinion okay. But right now this team. The way football is played 6139. Run pass run ratio in the NFL so far this year or something like that it's very close. The 61% passing going in going against Matt Ryan Roddy White. Julio Jones I think eventually -- and in Delaware I mean. If you don't have at least one of good to meet you know he is right now he's Richard Sherman he's good he's physical and he knows it. And I want my cornerback to beat to have those three traits so to me that. That is a gigantic. You eat can't letting him go but on the other hand you also can't guarantee him thirty million. And a year and a half down the road he does some really stupid so this is -- I hey there's no right answer refuted patriots. But I think they're right yes to answer. Is signing key to leave for as long as he can. But build enough insurance points into the contract. So that if he does something dumb. In two years you know you're not you're not liable for this gigantic campaign. Peter King is joining us from our location here Fenway Park game one of the AL BS coming up a couple hours from now. Did you view the Austin -- signing yesterday Peter as. An indication that their concern about -- -- long term or was it. -- the younger receivers little bit banged up. We need some depth here's the thing about here's the thing about Austin Collie there's nobody who knows -- and I mean nobody who knows if he's gonna last two years. Two weeks or two days. I mean he he. Has has had so many problems with concussions. And with the way the league is right now. They're going to be so adamant about the any Amendola being are not deemed all but when Austin Collie being right. You know every time he goes on the field that. What I viewed it honestly as you know a shot in the dark or can it hurt you know bring -- here he's definitely worthy. Player on a winning team. But. Guys been out there for awhile and -- I was in camp this summer with San Francisco. And no team needed second and third receiver at the start of the season more no contender. Well the patriots did. But they didn't know -- at that time because they still had a healthy Amendola but really at that time. Nobody needed Austin Collie -- the 49ers in -- and keep your pre season when you pick the patriots to go to the Super Bowl my guess is that. Maybe you're gonna follow this team the first few weeks but me by the end of the year Tom Brady young wide receivers young team you would like what you saw and felt there was an increase or better defense. Is that is that where you -- rat yeah exactly but you know Lou I never. In a million years thought that. First of all we'd be you know in week five and you know in Angola. The injury bug bit him again if I knew that the injury bug was gonna vitamin the first month of the season I would depict him. Because I knew that he had to be Welker for this team to be good a went to training camp I saw I spoke to -- Ten or fifteen minutes on -- Monday night after -- Monday night practice. I think it early on obviously July and I just you know he just got the feeling that he had this taken care of he had it under control. And you know again I don't know why these things happen it's it's is it Flutie who knows is -- injury -- I don't know but he's heard again. And without him for an extended period of time. And I have no idea how long that is that obviously means that the patriots -- -- is good. Look New England is lucky to this point that the schedule fell the way it fell. And last Sunday that was a great great gut check win. You know Aqib Talib Tom Brady. Whoever this guy this free agent for -- for Maryland his son Joseph a lot of pace and. Run down that well and for crying out loud this guy didn't get directed to a chemical dump into the general well he's understandable because he got so much trouble you know when his teens -- you know in college. But you know and then you know. A look I'm not not you know my you'll prickly following the patriots but I over the paper this morning wave -- -- felt. And I just -- as a second. Wasn't this guy gonna be the next Antonio Gates or something people loot the capital I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah that's right that's. Real -- you talk about quarterbacks -- and an airport is -- on the -- nineteen -- -- of 4000 -- it's ridiculous it. Where does Josh Freeman quarterback next and what is happening with his career. Well. You know that's a really really that's an. Interesting story a deep question and I think that we've only gotten one side of the story the side of the story. That says great -- it was a total income -- 88. You know. It just have a bad human beings spy all that stuff. I just -- to tell you this right now I think about two thirds of the stuff out there about Schiavo. Is absolute bull crap okay. I think the great Schiavo I think he's a good man. A really do and I think that given a chance a fair chance. He's going to win. But. I see this snowball rolling downhill right now. This everything against. Greg -- and I just will make this point -- Over his last ten games. Josh Freeman is one in nine. And over those ten games he has a lower quarterback rating over those ten gained ten starts in the last ten starts of team -- career. And at some point. We can talk about always invading the privacy he's this he's too hard on these guys he's. You know he's -- coach I'm Mike -- heist east this. At some point. You've got to perform. And Josh Freeman is a 50%. Passer over his last ten starts in the NFL. I'm sorry if I'm not get in the violin line for Josh Freeman. And if I am not quick to shovel dirt on Greg Xian was NFL career. Because he cast his lot at least for the first two years with a quarterback who for whatever reason. Maybe coaching is part of it at that probably it probably is. But. He cast his lot with this guy. And you know regardless of why it happened how it happened to me I think it's pretty unfair. Two to absolutely kills Xian only in this thing and pain Josh Freeman as some sort of wrong saint. End of sermon. Six strong sermon like going to be -- well watch where this thing ends up -- fun of watch this game today you're you're all -- -- yeah take care our producer Joseph it Nazi -- find seats now I heard a guy that well I think I'll be all right my brother in -- coming up from Connecticut. And we're gonna sit here and be fans it may be a little bit. I hope so Peter banks are committed here typically I hate her great great to be we the guys thought it Peter King the MM QB. Check it out.

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