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Playboy Jimmy Preston rips the Tampa Bay Rays

Oct 4, 2013|

The One Man Thrill Ride calls into Mut and Merloni to go on a rant about the Tampa Bay Rays and their fans.

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This might not the Boston Red Sox. You're listening to -- Maloney has portrayed you kind of three point seven WB I have done. -- -- -- Butler and I agree seventh WEB yeah I hear from Fenway this -- Lewis picked up here in between breaks and a walk -- look at the field at one point -- You can make it feel and I I think to twenty -- the year 22307. Of our unity okay Columbia accident he'll get a little excited and -- -- up a little bit and get a lot of their Fenwick. He showed us a YouTube video of up Playboy -- Preston you -- cities can be start -- you think of itself alumni baseball video not a little bit of -- -- staying just keeps going well we're we're getting people fired up for rights and race today. And I want to thank the Playboy -- Preston. Because earlier today he recorded a message. For the Red Sox and rays game Joey we have his message ready to go play it now. Tonight is that night maybe he keep this morning before my parents. On the sports talk radio show on planet -- a lot in Milan -- -- in Foxborough -- official headquarters. Where he -- them. Up in preparation for his heavyweight championship bout a alleged from -- river -- -- -- each deal on November 1 expert. I was born around I'd better than a one batch check yet they'll compact but a real light as the Watergate -- Think about tonight the -- yet match on yawkey way. And seeing as I represent the entire city Boston -- most beautiful. -- -- aha and how hard -- up ferociously hit some proportion. I felt it was my sole responsibility. To provide the following message that chip but they arranged. You Becky here -- wild cards. That are in about beating up well liked guy. Right edge here Munich shot rule in the Fenway Park home with -- -- and daughter that sports capital of the world. CD it should be. You're gonna real lack. How low it's gonna feel when you get swept at home starts at six people your uncle speed and hit it. If he can meet her in a lot more -- a rat and that's it dumps you policy. That you topic straight to bundle. Are your future world champion Boston Red Sox. To see each collection of Major League who once and are managed by true Matt. No one. Opera post 46 -- auto collapse that you'll likely know what you're scared -- many children like a couple three check under. When you played we couldn't figure out what I'd like it. Not that there's anything wrong with that it's at night -- While I'm adding more on. That in a plane blowing what -- -- you might be a big day. But you ugly scene that secured. Looks like he got hit eight with a pack -- -- And we -- the rubber and you'll be energy for. Thirty out in -- strong and you're gonna be so rattle and not be able. -- My -- Dustin Pedroia at fox. You might as well put up an L screen to get cute and all like to the course street or laser please call me. Well when you write that line up -- week. Got home that we can't wait not I can't get on base percentage is -- and what I'd been on the bench for high school. By 31 points I didn't -- expert states stop and show what Eddie culprit in that three spot because it's six -- eight to forty. Forty -- slugging percentage that being is built like part in any it's like Cheney you couldn't hit the way -- wet paper path. -- and Wellemeyer. A gritty no Parcells quit. I -- this my voice he tried to decrease should do the entire city -- Aybar would step up can I put on terror -- it we don't know -- can't. Tell me -- -- -- that's -- deep -- it's called a sit up at that has been locked and Adam Longoria. I used to think that you were stuck. The rate would slow an absolute -- -- not -- leadership it looked in my X that. Should that the only way you look like it -- adage you on the way you look like -- golf. It affected your flat spot. -- -- -- -- Fenway Park. In Massachusetts it. Our Red Sox beat -- act on that yet but they're re evaluate. Our top pick up the final out -- -- that installed the but one in a little racket and hit overhead -- -- post and they -- and that goal. To compete. Unlike all. To. Tabloids are repressed and cut no probable for tonight's Red Sox and if it. You know Joseph Maddon. That. And and count them than me that's very talented and again I lament -- ride the idea is tremendous one time he did that your record about one time. How does he do that. There's a lot for Joseph Maddon to Joseph take a beating in the huge I think Joe's our bottom up there is found. Is that the guy you remember this is the guy that was like doing this in -- -- Now and -- was a talker. It. One -- they get fired up right Alec Cali we mentioned where he's gonna be wrestling coming up in Fall River. At -- get out there. If you could see more from the -- -- repressed and got couple places for FaceBook dot com. -- the one man thrill ride and twitter.com. Playboy -- -- I sort of following today the -- are following loop the -- twitter.com and spot they're slashed Playboy -- impressed. And seek up to promo for Red Sox and raised we get to set. We do so coming up with the voices of the Red Sox Joseph acoustic we -- and Dave O'Brien they are getting set to call the game. -- check in with those guys there we got this at their Booth last night we got the hang out during the show yesterday. And hang out. Watch practice they will call the game and I across the WEEI Red Sox radio network we come back we'll check he would -- and game and get you said. For Red Sox and rays right here in 93 point seven WEE.

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