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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 5 Starts and Sits

Oct 4, 2013|

It’s Week 5 and Jim Hackett & Pete Davidson are back to break down the Fantasy Football implications. This week, Jim and Pete take a look at players to watch who are universally un-owned in Fantasy Football leagues who are positioned to make a Fantasy Football impact in the future and in some cases, the near future. Also, Jim and Pete offer insight into this weeks’ games and the Fantasy Football Starts & Sits

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This is the fantasy football. -- kids and Pete Davidson in the world. We'll run. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to week five of the in this week's W. The ball podcast. Assisted by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett -- joined as always by our fantasy football expert. Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for -- bond dot com the fast track to fantasy football nominations and on a Friday Pete welcome back. What you know what I'm doing great doing great Red Sox start at 3 o'clock -- Our purpose here today it has to affect our purposes -- Tennessee football and I would be. On authentic but -- I was excited the Sox are back in the playoffs for the first time since O nine and we're inching closer to 3 o'clock so it's exciting times of the year. You know well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Back at. So let's get on -- happier things sort of go to -- football. And as always we like to do a little bit every review and take a good place to start. Is right here in New England with their game out Sunday Night Football at certain. By the way wish to talk about weekly the best games of the week and Sunday Night Football they just got. I don't know how to do it but those seem to be the the most enjoyable games week to week to week to week. And dumb we'll take a look at that look at the fantasy football implications from that game there were some interesting ones. And and then move ahead and I would like to just -- while we're gonna talk about a little bit as we move ahead there was an article published on rural bond. The company that chief that Pete writes force chief writer. And that was published on October 3 couple watch list of very interesting article the third addition of that that's been out so far this year. And just giving you a sense of different players to maybe keep an eye on that aren't low. Percentage of ownership in Tennessee leagues across the across the country. And gamble look at this week starts insists. And take a look at five undefeated teams. That it had into the suite that all the road so to be some adjusting out things to watch a football standpoint in a fantasy football standpoint. In those games. And hey it's it's four undefeated in -- it's for so good that the I don't you want patriots could be brought it up. He has had five -- about it besides. So the did you learn about you guys just should have lost that's right good assistant but but but they didn't happen it didn't. -- arms and speaking of that when we jumped -- -- up that's what's so that's yeah. Yeah how can we talk with the patriots and up at falcons because the falcons pretty much just ripped my fantasy art out of my chest and and showed it to me. But I would like to thank the patriots defensive coaches for the double teaming Gonzales after being demolished but then it became its salads that are really good strategy to use in the first -- guys. Total picture for future reference it's just that's a -- man. They this year dead and but that that's the only thing that happened acumen -- picked up the in injury he's questionable. Heading into this week it -- -- just a great game to watch but I think a lot I have a great football implications. My wife comes up at about 11 o'clock at night and said it asked you why you screaming you're old at the top can act like targeted billion dollars for not listening commit. -- exactly. Our home man I mean I don't mean just. I know nobody liked personal fantasy stories but I'm up by about seventy points up in and one of my league in the oil and in my guys got two players left. -- have spoken -- out robberies. Yeah 24 hours later I'm crying in less. Now this is this is what we fantasy football owners go through so. I think everyone can relate that that's listening but. Let's let's take a dive into that game a little bit and just some things that just Sox won their odds kick off and let you come around -- it. You know the patriots -- -- now I think obviously the first two weeks people were very concerned. Looking at just the lack of fluidity the inconsistency -- just looks a lot of joint. They're coming together they're coming together that that was the best game they've played against the best opponent they played against and it'd prime time. Yeah I mean if I think it's you know for minority fidelity perspective -- patriot says to -- that there might be something. Just sort of pure and good about winning games. You know the hard way. I mean it. Not to get all esoteric about it but that's the championships happened for the patriots yeah that sort of will automatically games and and -- just you know didn't I by the skin of their teeth that you get into the playoffs when you played excited seeing that in your more equipped. You know to play ugly to plain nasty and you know maybe -- serve them well down the road exit you know -- you know you know sixteen blowouts and you know -- having to play twelve football. The other two things that are that are had a three things that are happening you've got. A running game that is really carrying the flow of the offense always important. And we talked about that last week yeah that the this year so I -- these guys and you really saw that on Sunday night. Yeah I mean -- broke a really long run for a touchdown and I don't think that happens and last. They're wearing them out throughout the course of the game is that. -- -- suggested there's you know I mean obviously there's there's something to be said first smaller quicker back as well but you know. There's no release. For the defense for the patriots the patriots commit to the ground game they rotate those back and just over the course of you know four quarters because leaning on them you know it's it's like it's like Damon said routers you know you just lean on them until they fall over to the. It's -- -- -- a couple weeks ago common but Dave -- Yeah with that said you know the coming into December running the football stopping the run is very important that the agent -- -- great job -- -- Debit. -- courses week eleven when marine comes back. Correct end. This young core receivers is literally learning on the fly we talked about that it's it's gonna get better about this I think patriots and have a lot. To be thankful for right now it for now. Agree I totally agree I think -- you know -- I know it's it's it's again it's may -- odd to say. But I think in a certain sense. This seat this this season has been perfect for the patriots so far would with the exception of the Wilfork injury. Obviously that's not by you know. Just barely getting by. And having these kids learn under tough situations is good. Getting to afford -- not having brought gronkowski back early it's. Is you know obviously optimal at this if they find a way to -- by the Bengals this week and -- -- no and then they're bringing growth back up. Well met yet you couldn't you could write a better script I would think for patriots you know management. I agree Andy it was with the potential crime coming back do you think -- selves release as an indicator of that or is that just something that they're. Try to do to get him on the practice squad. I -- but I am I think I'd feel like the patriots beat writers. -- I think there's some of the better be writers out there are -- they do they give good info as opposed. Well the guys who read from my team they just basically stir up you know general hospital on a daily basis. And you know at the door -- the -- -- out of the building but it beat writers yesterday seemed to indicate that now this isn't necessarily gronkowski -- maybe just a general -- roster management takes. And the other thing where this morning Akashi said that I can remember exactly who said it particularly the one of the guys from -- but they said that. The sort of locker still intact was the word I heard I just indicates he's probably -- the practice squad. Yeah wanna add it to be lucky if he clears you know I would I would despise me he was claimed get a good invisible. Pre season he's got -- -- we've talked about it in some of the armed pre season podcast that we did that he's almost. Was was molded to come on play for the pats I'd I'd be pleasantly and happily surprised as a patriots fan or -- pitchers out there listening if he cleared. Yeah I think. I'm gonna say he'll he will clear deliberate practice quite a bit like it's. You know he seems he's perfect for what the patriots were doing it seems these seem to practice squad got me at this point who really benefits despite. By learning and I think the key thing for sides felt it just in my opinion is getting him through this season healthy. -- -- -- -- can help that Parnell. And then getting hit getting him into the patriots offseason conditioning program which is one of the best in the NFL. There always has been. And it was back when Parcells Belichick -- go to the jets it was great program -- And I think Seinfeld is one of those players that really will benefit from that. Interest and this and not injury update some some notable names just popped up on the on the screen I was watching. Limited in practice today Danny Amendola. Rob Gronkowski. Aaron Dobson. General Hopkins who had a nice little break out game Sunday night all limited. And Austin College in town so. Trying to help us makes sense of all that. Well at the I -- you need me -- this I keep colleague Alex seems to be just a player to you know cover there. -- if any it has its ups yet if if for some reason a couple of these guys end up not playing. Everything Republicans has been very vocal that he's following you know they're -- to sort arresting him you Dobson seems like a legitimate. Saying although I also heard that he was still practicing on a limited basis -- -- And obviously Amendola. I would have to think even if he's doing well throughout the week he's still a guy who needs to warm up well -- -- rights are so that they can't get a handful of guys -- they need to warm -- well that any of -- can't you know college -- they need to. Many Smart veteran guy who. You know -- new -- able patriot offense. Received what it Dobson right now in terms of is likely to play on Sunday and got his overall. Production on Sunday night. I don't feel for the injury I mean you know that that's. It's it's it looks I mean I guess at this point it's a soft tissue that kind of thing it's gonna get better next question when and and watch it did look bad did it. Yeah I was definitely concerned. What I saw they hit. You know as for adoption in general I. I like but I say I mean he's definitely I think -- adoption of -- one of those natural athlete is one of those few players. And you know it's. There's definitely some adjustments for them it is working in the patriot offense we've seen that on the field. It would. It's like being in the sausage factory sometimes yeah. But I still really like footsie with him in terms of the weight I love his ball skills elected body control I'd like him in one on one matchups. I really think he's the guy group. You know can give Brady and and Al down near the goal weren't sure you can throw him when -- covered I think ever I think every team should have have a couple players like that and -- idealist yeah decent. Right so when people were leaning on gronkowski you have a place to go -- -- their options and single coverage. You can throw the ball that's a reasonable chance to make a couple of. -- think it's impacted the most upon the return of -- Richard Amendola -- the receiver position. That's the only question is that -- it I think it has a lot to do I mean first of all I can really answer that. In terms of what it was when I do I look -- you know the guy running the show me the patriots obviously make those decisions they make their own evaluations and they don't share the on terrorism you know it's obviously this is inside the room in world gonna find out. The one thing I would. What is Belgium thinks but I think the one thing people need to remember is that the patriots. Tend to that play their guys in multiple positions EU. And for all the people who have -- that element pegged as just a slot guy. I go back to watch the tape and watch last -- -- do you have to deduction for. Blocked another -- they don't let them I'm putting me putting about a right. And I keep -- even Palin told the compliance officer so you know I think. It I don't think it's gonna come down to rules and ability to play particular positions as much as it'll just come down to. The guys who play the best -- gonna play the most in the gonna have the most snaps. -- and let the other thing about the patriots is that the when it all comes when all boils down I think there may not be up -- struggle because a lot of these guys have availability issues and you know it's it's sort of like. If you ever been all of those softball teams everybody's always -- Dorgan have enough guys are giving up guys and to -- -- there's seventeen guys there night. Our import but but but generally what happens is. You get there and Jodi what about how much you're gonna play only nine guys there you -- so I I think the picture it's gonna be that a lot of things yeah there. Yeah we just sit there and talk about optimal who's gonna play and everybody's help people went into everybody's going to be held. At this doesn't happen and broke more than ever now in the NFL we talked about -- up the floor but -- let me just seems like the injury -- it just. Bigger bigger bigger each week. It's accurate I think if there's one -- well there's a lot of exchange in the NFL but one thing I think that is for sure. Is that. Teams are realizing the need to have more players. Available to all the data you know 45 years ago yeah you know what you need you need backups to get back ups and that I can remember if you and I spoke about this idea podcasters that are fair -- didn't like that but I think it's it's really just a matter of time for the NFL experience these rosters. And asked him and asked him. It's like no other reason than -- that -- had injuries. That's definitely -- the big moving element you know that's that's the impetus I think. But I think. If you know it's a way that happens I think also that it's it's better for the date. If you have if you if you have the ability to have specialists are certain positions they've improved -- level play that we improve global play you. Improve the level plaque and yet and it up. -- your your player universe heading into drafts is a perfect. A perfect arguments for what you're saying. As you you you rank that 400 to 500 people. And they're pretty -- offensive players -- for the defense is that you -- but do you know. As a total team defense -- that the point in my story is the point of my point is as some talent out there -- room on rosters I think. You're -- well. -- -- -- that the total about it Sarkozy a 100% correct and that's something that's seen. Just in the four years that we've been doing this yeah each year we evaluate all of the -- itself so that we can find in every year. That pool has grown not just in terms of the number of people in the poor but the number of people in the -- viable right. And yes that definitely speaks to this thing where it's like if you expand rosters you know lowering the quality of play you're gonna raise it. No doubt about it and you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of the sudden it's on to get too which is the watch list article up Pete. Threw up an article one wrote a bond this week. On October 3 yesterday. Yeah I know it's great it's -- it's beyond its third edition of an article because the watch list. So without me. You know to telling it for people want want to tell what what tell the audience. What the Genesis of the -- analysis. While you know basically what the watch list is he what if I -- one of the most challenging things to do when you do what I do is to speak everybody at the same time right. Because everybody plays and different -- eighteen -- and seemingly 1214 even sixteen and all of those people are looking at different parts of the player pool becomes a rush for improvement in FISA right back. So when you write one article. -- -- it's really hard to do speak to everybody and when I write my age waiver wire on Tuesday morning had done WEEI. I if I try to aim it at the biggest. Audience which -- Felix. Yeah or twelve team leagues. -- I don't think to meet twelve team leagues is is the standard that's where I like to be sure. And I got everybody who would like to tell their work to themselves but. The reality is I think more people play intently and look at the entire Tennessee football universe. So that's that's why I generally keep attending stuff there in the waiver wire but we try it will go -- and say -- you need more we're -- -- -- Okay and if you look at the waiver wire you know there's been a strong twelve to fourteen team element when you go. From the WEI waiver -- the -- about her debt debt debt now what what the watch list is is just try to sort of taken a step deeper. And say hey here's your players where maybe they're not. Suitable to pick up today then again maybe they are -- a -- W your cap the rosters based. But these are guys where even if you don't feel like you should pick him up even the worst player and your team isn't justifiable cut for these players. -- guys keep dry touch the -- to watch because they've got the requisite talent and that they start getting the snaps. You know so it's sort of like a primary if you will chair -- these are guys who. In my estimation have a good chance to be on the waiver wire in future weeks yep and I'm just sort of tried to introduce them some of our readers now. So you go oh yeah he was on the watch list yet Peter talked about it yet it you know it's just sort of mental calisthenics for for you know for future weeks yeah. Yeah but let's let me help -- -- -- credibility with -- so if we look at a couple players who are in the last watch list article let's take a look at where they are today okay. -- That when he graduates from two to three we got a lot from one -- -- You look at. So so the originals an under article one of the watch list was Julian gentleman who was. And to be on the watch list it's it's people that are owned less than 15%. Gradual slide yeah in -- -- putting this -- that the watch list is sort of like an infusion version of our trolling adapt them for after the reverse yeah. If that makes -- It makes total sense but so far beyond standard leagues orange intent team -- Pete said. People that are out there and last in owned. Less than 50% in leagues across you know across the Tennessee football universe here's some of the people who are featured the first one Julian element. Now own a 100%. EJ EJ Manuel Julius Thomas -- He's a young -- but yet can't find some I was making -- early impact than him joint joint belt who's been huge -- with Detroit and -- as his fifth. Now that's a good example of those guys were we basically spent most of July and August telling people we know bush is good yeah he's got this guy I -- -- and then you know. Apparently not the whole world reads well above because. This season starts and there is with you know. Less than 50% ownership so. It's it's amazing but you know yeah yeah I think at this point did you know the world has caught up to George bell. But -- -- don't listen to. Yes also but those aside just as a credibility element EJ Manuel Julius Thomas joined now Robert Woods. Instead I don't know. Woods I think it is a good example is he's still a little bit on the obscure side. But clearly his ownership is on the rise and boy is -- a good football player. Yes let's let's look at a couple people who are featured in this this edition. Of the watch list and some people to pop off the page one is a guy you I think people would be crazy not to keep their -- on these -- at the top of the list. Is Terrence Williams and in Dallas. -- Miles Austin we've we've talked about it at length. With his injuries coming into the season what he kind of carries it along with -- has baggage that's a great got to pick up. Yeah and that it's up to this sort of a point be on the watch list you know free agency. Peaks on -- of course. But parents William I didn't watch list intentionally. On Wednesday that sort of put it together because these -- percentages right after everybody gets picked up. Yeah and he's only owned and 111% of -- So when you look at -- when you look at Williams owns an 11% of -- that after he actually got picked up a fair amount on Tuesday night. So he's peaking at 11%. Come in and now that we're hearing that often is probably not gonna play this week. Here's a guy that 89% -- owned. And he's probably going to be basically the two receiver for the cowboys this week and suggesting you know post in the pursuit of your sit there and you've got a bye week crunch. And you know it twelve team league and territory just sit there in the waiver wire there you go you can plug and play him and you know he could. For day to be a wide receiver three reflexively and by the way Dallas is hosting this. Denver see you know they can be thrown the ball. This isn't -- a lot of points yeah -- on winning yes I agree with the. So he's a great got to look at. On another receiver you know little different in terms of pedigree. Not an opportunity for the team he plays for but legitimate Jeremy -- with jets only just 8% of leagues right now. Occur only it didn't and this is one where you know again watch listed it goes all over the place -- -- I'm looking at at -- -- but I probably through this in there. Actually I don't mention -- and I do the injuries -- -- receiving. You know where there's a decent chance -- o'clock to play -- Antonio Coleman holds little -- about the plight. That leaves you basically with. I mean you know curly and and Clyde gates and I gates no not talking about that the -- gates is banged up yet. It's taken twenty minutes to get up every kind of kept the ball in the kid's got. Holbrooke to lower leg stuff -- and -- not going to be in part for the jets just signed David Nelson who's coming up an ACL injury could make the browns this precinct and so. The jets you know. I think earlier it's really -- in the tight ends are probably were a lot of the past is going to be illness there which lead to Jeff Cumberland who's also appear in an emergency situation in the big league. You could do worse in just -- this week. Yeah he's a vis a vis a big target and he's been he's been battling -- app. -- that he she is his speed is a very underrated thing people don't realize how fast that guys. And a lot of teams it's like it's amazing that it's back to the patriots for a minute the -- it's a real trend setters because there are a lot of teams out there that are using. Multiple tight ends and it's frustrating for fantasy owners you might have. You're drafted Brandon Pettigrew and all of a sudden you're seeing Joseph -- out there you know the the other guy from from Denver. I'm -- the chef he makes an impact to. In Cincinnati got Tyler. Multiple tight ends in now. Double tight -- been around since you know. Well since the beginning of time but the patriots took it to another level and made them both offensive weapons that sort of -- In Tennessee threats you know and I mean so now I'm -- All my confidence hasn't but I think both of Tennessee artist that you can you can read it if he does but there are there -- Tennessee viable tight ends up multiple tight ends on a lot of teams that's kind of my point so. It it is pointed to talk to tell you -- yet to talk about a guy like -- and because the reality -- I think there are a lot of -- owners out there that -- -- tight end is a bit of a problem unless you've got one of the big guys. Which is zero sum game eleven guys on offense right like OK I mean that you you heard for years but people talking about the debt for the full back. Yeah but we're okay well if if something's dying it's something -- have to becoming the light I mean not playing with and. To circle -- symbol. So disappointed -- the full package faded away it's been to get a particular get a slot receiver in the field that second tight end. And you know I think a lot of teams and said wait a minute you know these these these tight ends are better athletes -- a lot of these fullbacks we can we can be more versatile. More dynamic by bringing in the second tight end. And yeah I do you think the patriots definitely are our ground zero for that. No doubt let's had a couple of other receivers is there some. It's an interesting changes on the waiver wire this week that happened to what is Keenan Allen on the chargers. Unfortunately you know Malcolm Floyd is done this season. But again injury. They equates to opportunity in football in Tennessee football IQ now owns a guy who is owned and only what 6% of weeks. Yeah and that's after a good week so you are similar to Terrence Williams since you know he was down around 012%. And now he's moving up and and then they'll continue if he has another good week this week and he certainly made since he's gonna. You know he's gonna you know be prominent in terms steps where you know he's you know. They've been sort of mixing and matching throughout the year but now that we know Floyd has gone. Note that he should be the you know that it should be the the second receiver that -- yeah obviously it's. That doesn't guarantee him weekly production could be talking about a team with a dominant tight end right. And done they have been using Eddie -- a lot and they've been throwing the ball to Denny wood had a lot so he's -- race yeah I would have been phenomenal that he's got a lot of ballots right now and it's going to be interest thing I think to see San Diego over the next couple weeks. See where that really settle this yeah. To see if they have weekly tendencies or it's just couldn't move around with two weeks. We'll think about that offense that I would just weigh in on is some I think that feeling it didn't play with a little bounce in his step right now. I think rivers has confidence that this conference all of that -- cents. That those kind of -- feelings that kind of surrounded. San Diego it was the end of the year the last few years I I think that's the that's gone right now I think. I can tell you what happened at San Diego that the they're protect the quarterback yeah yeah losing it'll and it's and you have to give huge credit for the coaching staff -- there's not a big there's no upgrade personnel. So you know you just you'd just -- better coaching better scheme and and I think there's something to what you're saying I think that that. You know that. That more -- feeling if that's the right word is that that's been in San Diego for a long time. Under agent Smith when he was running that thing. You know it's. -- really have to sort of feel for Vincent Jackson. Admits I'm -- can go ahead and get away from that and it's -- -- for Soriano exactly I don't know how you describe what's going on at Tampa Bay but it's. It's it's very much like what was going on and San Diego it points. CR I don't even know what to say about that got it's it's it's hard to see him getting a handle on that thing again at this point. Yeah it's it is it easy couldn't tired at worst kind of talks which -- yet it's kinda it's kind of mom -- also -- attack but I'm trying to think of like the right analogy to the. He's OK coach but I think it's one of those things where once you get. You know behind the Carter in front of the cart. That fit you there's no way for him to. -- to get that thing back on line. Look what you'll lose the teen girl falls over yeah I mean how would she ever really get that thing back. They needed to be too until they needed to not give the jets that went up and it -- -- even -- employee can do to achieve. But what they lost the first two games the last second film plays. And that's it for C I mean you know part of its bad luck but if you're going to be that type of dominant. You know. It's tough taskmaster. Stanford giving -- Kind of guy to kids do it from behind thank you anyway I sort of yeah you look at that sort of like -- Mangini Cleveland scenario telling. -- you know on a quarterback controversy is always a debt is debt now. Funny how I think I don't end an end and again I think. The -- it's all rumor and innuendo or whatever but. I think it's one thing for the coach to have a quarterback he wants to go to and we spoke about the last week to which you have to have the courage or convictions and do it looked. Don't sabotage -- -- -- went -- people can figure out that's what you're doing yet you have to talk to punch the guy I'm benching the -- I like the other quarterback better adjust to it yet. You know anyway so -- Where were we were right. -- they were just talking about some some receivers on the watch list we just talk about Keenan now want it to be we got. Well you know again that's the beauty yeah I think you know there. Are definitely -- -- we're -- -- better opportunity for crude that. You know right now I think. Eddie Royal and would -- are sort of waiting for the same role bright greens and if -- you know. Hopefully well I don't really care but first for whoever -- -- -- fantasy hopefully one of who can get a clear win there my money on what that. -- -- PCs looking great but still it was still -- around on a couple of other receivers on the watch list. It's and some good names Markus Markus Wheaton on the Steelers they looked a little bit better. So he's somebody that -- like to keep an eye on he's again another one of these guys owned in just 6% of leagues across the board. Right we forgot that we liked for a long time we started talking about him before the draft before he was -- steeler. He. You know that the problem for weakness that the other guys to play they're good Emanuel Sanders good player. And you know -- down. Added background obviously blocked any don't go anywhere but I think yeah it's. You know something's just sort of written -- you can see this what it's it's it's it's gonna happen Sanders is gonna have a good you're bad you're VOA believe. And you know the patriots tried -- side of the way this year -- you know as Steelers match and he's done restricted next year I've got my facts correct. So we gonna be the receiver their next year -- Pittsburg -- to get their act together there's no way they're not gonna start grooming him before the year's out. Right so that's he's a he's a perfect candidate for the watch list he's he's wildly widely on owned. He's got tons of talent and he's the future. Exactly and I needed journal long term format -- format. Couple of weeks. If you have a -- a deep bench you know like couple leagues that. I play and you -- you can definitely roster. Right right city that -- -- cities that perfect guy for this type article could secure the big league we've got a bench -- to play with these -- -- there. Cool couple other names that are adjusting on the Tenet jumps up the page for me is Justin hunter. On the titans and they'll be did that they'll get some prominent exposure at this weekend because the chiefs are in town. But he's only owned. If your research is correct which it is is in 2% of leagues they glide. Yeah I mean nick well and that's basically 1% for each catch. The people didn't get caught two passes for weeks they both are you know extremely big -- -- -- and they were both of the you know there are sort of like the under Hopkins while -- After such accuracy is a showtime player looks like in what. Really isn't it we said I think if you go back to move around guys which we posted the of the day the NFL draft rights. He was one of the guys in there he was my Johnny probably right -- also. He fits the suit in in his -- this guy really fixes suit and I think he's big he's fast. And he can chill through the roof so any suggests that the there's all kinds of ways that you can make big plays and did you know. The issue with informed I really has been you know maturity. And the coaches definitely had some issues with him you know throughout camp but. You know they obviously. He's not as frustrating as Kenny -- I think that's one thing -- -- by the -- -- Unlike -- I don't primates system nightmare. I won't look at you could drive you crazy because you know he doesn't have much to scratch together up there between here but what can bring to play -- is incredibly talented. You know the titans should be careful not to get themselves into a job different situation -- you should be able to get something for Kenny Britt. I'll never forget thinks that some of the split it looked as some drafting -- keeping him in the league. I watched the YouTube videos is like. His workout routine and coming back from his ACL. Sheets he looked at Herschel Walker in a wide receivers body like I'm draft an -- guy. And it just hit the stick on the field. Why -- -- don't -- -- and I totally did that sucker. Sucker paused and well. Let's cycle happier players about John Paul went on the 49ers. Right now owns universally in just a 2% of leagues. It would you know he's the guy who really should be -- right now yeah you know I would if you know it. Technically she'll pick up jump although it continually gets an even thought a twelve team leagues if you play one of these twelve team league with sixteen. Roster spot. Yeah it's gonna be tough to go. We don't make a cut for John Baldwin but if you play of the week. Yes big twelve teams twenty roster -- This is the guy I would roll right now going into this week you don't look at him. Because he's the kind of guy were people. You know if people -- this week it's been accustomed to begin next week. Yeah and you see it does -- have a short window to. What do you mean -- short window. To capitalize. Right in on the sort of honest yeah. Yeah I mean. What's tough to say hey you know I'm epic. Under a policy fair and an energy marble and abrasive guy in a lot of ways I touched but he is a great coach and I'm a fan of his coaching. And there seems to be with. The horrible Baldwin think there was more to it than just. Swapping guys to give them the change of scenery yeah it is perceived to be a connection. That. Our bars our -- I think a friend of all the high school basketball coach or something like that and you know he's -- And I believe the GM was about a guy who scouted him they like ball when they liked his ability. And keep keep a tourniquet where he just got off on the wrong foot did against Kansas City went the wrong hand there. -- actually -- they are massive alienated terrible loss since -- -- I don't know what did everything definitely is is is an issue and and I think if you saw Matt Cassel last week playing like you've been released from prison. For example of -- talk elitist critics sometimes has that effect on people. But with all the way and you know he came in. To what he was a little bit of the deal as a rookie epic is any question but you know you got to the fight with Thomas Jones -- I don't broke his hand and then basically lost his rookie year. And then you had sort of an offensive became dysfunctional. And so yeah that was a bad situation now I think. Where -- point about the small window is. Yeah he has some excuses in Kansas City. They'll only get in here with the yeah you know this is a good offense good coaches they're -- they're giving him a real shot. -- -- as you know been supportive and otherwise some belief in him as a player so you know. But he's -- nuts and bolts guy he's gonna need to see it. -- -- -- Yeah I mean I think. Well there's there's sort of two ways this can go right I mean you know can you bust out and start making plays this year become affinity factor maybe maybe not. But it's you know it's possible that are bought. Likes and also what he -- -- You know and I think that'll that'll have more to do with the things we can't seek the right to how to practice intimidated doing his work well. Of course blocked downfield. Right and the one thing that I noticed where it's different system as Harbaugh loves everybody in this team until they get cut its fifty and top -- you know. You're never -- if if Baldwin has done -- -- bad side out of pitchers ever gonna know. Until. It's after the fact. So I'm not to read too much and our -- praised. You know. I particularly you know it's gonna happen on the field but that's the point -- look like right if you roster Baldwin this week you get a good look at them. On Sunday. And you go from there. Yep and then there's yet another got to watch and on offense and receiver does actually yeah and in these you know I don't know how -- lomb. Will be positioned with Quinton Patton but that's another guy on the watch list in that same offense. What pat let's put a lot so this just to remind folks that he's he's not out for the year. They're saying four to six weeks so I think he's got to watch just you know for the next couple weeks find out when you know when they really. Give you some kind of ideas to when he can be back at practice I mean realistically. He did it and got a -- window and oh yeah it's just important as well that's hurting obviously probably doesn't do well. OK but still to get back in six weeks now you're starting to move into the time we're Crabtree could come back. True and and you're also getting to that time where. Their their offensive sets a problem becoming more more firm he studies it was the playoffs in pole position. He -- it it it is the detail oriented offense and you need time that you need to be able to practice and that's where -- and -- a foot injury. Not yet broken finger pre season but if you call they had been practicing but not catching. Just -- up their running routes and then when they threw the ball and he was supposed to be athletic -- sure but he was running his routes. And he was getting in his wraps it just wasn't using it and now that's the other not to do out of broken foot. So that's where I think you know the sooner he's been you know when we give -- if we find out you know in three weeks that he's practicing yeah. Then again I think he's a -- to keep an -- you know maybe roster items that you might get an option to keep him next year and certainly extra. You know it and certainly opened stinks up the joint and opportunity right that we get that we don't get positive news on Crabtree. You know pat could do something -- -- and I I'm a big believer quite -- I really like -- game. To comply I think there's no doubt about that and and it's just got to keep it may be deeper watch on that I. That's that's you know that's that's yet to perfect example of how on our end we can do everything right we can find a cleric and got the player we don't follow -- go to come by and do all that stuff. And you know to an end and stick with him even when he's fourth in the depth chart you know try to sort of read the tea leaves with -- -- to do and an -- when you're right. First cat breaks for a couple. Now that's at that sense it's football that's been. -- ended -- so you know where he is definitely one of our guys we we thought it was gonna do good things but. You know the minute -- get -- -- the depth chart -- Let's let's transitional Vince is speaking of injuries and speaking of San Francisco -- Michael James running back is on the list and other -- niners. And you know couple great guys ahead of the one truly great player frank or house of Kendall Hunter but neither of them. Escaped injury bug. -- -- -- Look francoeur. No he's been healthy the last couple years civil war history of injuries and surgeries and he's obviously. Did not -- years. And then -- -- You know coming off of a peculiar construction. So as good as they are they're not necessarily strong -- to stay healthy throughout course of the year and -- Michael James probably isn't going to be prominently featured while they're healthy I think he moved right into. A primary role that you wanted to be deterred. And that's the key thinks about. Well Michael James is that we feel that he will perform if he's getting the snaps right. And it's it's hard it's hard to get a top performing back in season I mean you need injuries so you wanna get make sure you get in the right -- us. You know most of the primary -- cigar but he's a guy. That's largely unknown he's already an 8% of leagues and that's the -- -- -- you're Smart to put him in that article because that's a team that has running backs. That -- injury history. Yeah I think he's he is a good example of why we do that article because if you go look at. Go final Michael James in the database is CBS football team down there with a bunch of guys you've ever heard of guys who are. And are not even playing anymore right. You know retired guys. Right now I mean for a lot of offense built -- Michael James amongst that group of deadwood. But you know for the casual says they -- actually read. It's not so we're trying to sort of nobody -- accrue to the top of that part of the player pool. Yes it's Smart. Another guy and and you can't be owned and -- -- in this 0%. After Alex -- a guy. On a true zero by the way did I noticed some CVS I. It's like it's clearly closer to zero -- one since it's understood -- zero yeah. Understood that he nom -- is a guy we like quite a bit. You like it wrote a bond. Is injured but Don actually that the jets. You know that backfield is muddy when it's healthy it's in my audio and it's not divers trying to come back the couple -- who's now emerging. By -- screens found the most talented of the bunch and he looms in the back. I think -- was tilted in that. He can sort of do everything that morning reports back to do yeah. You know I mean he could be an every down back in that offense -- All these -- actually has some talent power oddly enough is probably at least held there before backs they have. But he's also the most available yeah. You know sometimes that -- ends up being the most important quality. But you know. Where -- have a problem and this could happen sometime in the next couple weeks is when you've got ivory ready to go power ready to go. Goods and ready ago and Altria ready to go to that could be. Duration bluish dish yeah Arizona finished with the if you will bird ish when you know when we had let me on bail out. Let me -- belt by the way could got to talk much disrespect yeah I was pretty impressive what I saw. -- that you liked him a pre season -- fortune an injury and. -- speaking in terms of health. Yeah repeat what you were particularly strong do a good. If you can continue to play the level he displayed at the other night I think we're gonna see a distinction mr. bell and you're gonna see a ripple effect on Pittsburgh that's gonna help them play to get I have office. Adult they could look more like the Pittsburgh Steelers in with a bit. This thing people talk about living on -- And and it's it's a natural thing I think these big back people talk about. Big backed off talk about him but he is of very good receiver he's got excellent -- and get a good feel. For. You know routes in his relationship to the quarterback -- he's the guy Roethlisberger is going to be able to make big plays with in the short passing game that's gonna make a big difference. -- it's got they've also obviously have the the deep threats there with Sanders brown. Yeah and then I do you know whether -- imposes a -- another -- probably a lot of people's prices similar waiver -- this week but the you know the stats don't -- the guy was available and I mean I can't remember the percentage of -- my head but you know he's been 2530% -- out. So you've -- I mean you guys. You have at least the checker we want to make sure -- got there sure sure that this -- a chance to be. Gosh and it's certainly a top twenty back certainly I think discussions -- top twelve back on the week on a weekly basis. No doubt and say that that's another -- there are some backs that might be available. We talked about Bobby -- recently and all the changes. -- McGahee clearly would get their out of Atlanta you -- a dog I but I got knocked out early so who knows what. You know what we might have been looking at there but -- and -- one point particularly cagey about ten carries inside of about three minutes. You look good look doubles league AG which he he did look good and I yet it you know it's pretty impressive stuff for a guy who. Stop playing for -- -- kinda. It's easy delivery came in and they ended impact so if you are. You an idea is that -- Troubled. Start to his career -- a few years ago with injury and he he got to change scenery and is behind a great back and Ray Rice and dent in the late -- are around. Us that's he's guys you listed is the courier stat sheet like this this guy's pretty good. You don't see him as much of your fantasy horror that was Smart to pick them up at the on the heels of the -- Richardson trade you don't while. Yeah yeah you are and you know I mean obviously he's been -- -- troubles staying healthy in the north side of thirty. But getting to your point if if if Willis McGahee never had that awful. Injury when he was at Miami at that we've all seen the footage on network and then if you hadn't had the the second base yell at buffalo. And this is a guy that -- ability. I know it's a big statement but I mean it really does she -- kinda tell. Very good player. Let's this of this this watch this is a really long list element -- -- -- one of -- throw a couple position. It's unbelievable thing you know yeah so the Christian artist also tell Willis McGahee. Yet no doubt not that that's at that that's was sent. There's a lot of running backs on this list to me to keep a watch and I think everyone's a critic running back crazy. Yet to see it. I'm running backs are driving people much. Now -- that are performing and getting injured -- rifle off a couple of names ending in hone in on. One or -- that you think at this stage of the game you know weak sides. That maybe have. Did that you would maybe put a little bit more focus on for whatever reason the opportunity. The injured back field potential whatever might be illiterate the couple off look at. Denard Robinson at the jaguars. Stepped -- Robinson object -- Denard yet. Yet Denard Robinson and you know Wednesday's -- the last steps on Taylor with the cardinals. Can you -- when the Panthers. That's when I got my own. Chris Paul who talked about the Eagles a couple times right. CO would but the Texans. Theo Riddick and the lions. -- Linda yet. We got a common theme here do you guys yeah. I would -- for the most part these are all players who. Could do well given the opportunity that they need injuries he did get an opportunity. What about -- which of those teams like Carolina. Detroit. If you're looking for a guy in this group who can make his own break. That's take it that way. I would say Kenyan border good -- I should think EB. Denard Robinson block I think about there Robinson is I think he is falling victim to his team's. Confusion in terms of what they want to do with. You know I think can afford -- I think a lot of these teams they've followed with these players they -- what -- so they'll of the talent and then. They try to make them to conventional when they bring the -- yeah it will commit. Yeah I mean you know I mean it's quite passionately for example I think we're gonna get better as the year goes on I -- to -- really good football player. But at December surprise that the vikings are so -- imaginative in terms of how they're using it after they were so flexible terms at least pursue other. Yeah I mean they had him on the field last year and you get a -- you. You got a guy who in college at Tennessee. Right it was a dream to me in many ways see how they displayed with the act -- restrict. But you know that it is the same team who had at one point 2011 was only played -- 45% of the Arabs so. You know after you know far pretty much demanded him on the field at all times -- there. It goes back to be -- be consistently going to be consistently -- don't being consistent and that's inconsistent. Yeah I mean you know these players that you listed because I like the most just in terms of their talent is Denard Robinson can barter. She there was a guy who -- -- terms of big back especially fear could fuel taxes you need to multiple injuries he needs. Foster and take -- being -- predicted in their although. I'll have injuries right back what we're talking about before. If this guy gets in there we would expect them to do well if crystal gets in there for Chip Kelly Eagles I expect them to do well. You know Riddick is -- -- religious. You know. Coach turner -- you know we spent a lot of public -- about him last year to good football player you know if there -- injuries in Detroit. I would say -- and he's even money to come off that bench person would sure. You know we'll see what happens if it if it gets to that. And -- stepped in Taylor is an interesting guy. And not always been an Ellington says yes and so far -- seems to be -- down there and you never know what's gonna happen. The thing that step and Taylor brings is a pretty good at protecting back in personal he's not gonna make many yards after contact any -- run away from defenders but he talked. You know I -- Arizona could get away. With the backfield that was Ellington and -- and Taylor yeah you can get away with you know accomplish -- -- those two guys. You still are basically -- Make sure Ellington doesn't get -- used to think it -- completed after the full -- I don't think. That he can't do it did the anti Minnesota Vikings because there are over committed to -- and off -- -- -- challenging. -- an adult -- strange. -- obviously -- sort of had. You know he had experience with men and all of Pittsburgh in and then -- there was systematic I think he's gonna get. I think he felt he was getting a better football player that is ultimately gotten in the compound -- was meant that -- been you know. He just has been -- practice since mid August so you know it. He's he's good reaction to watch I didn't invite gut feeling is that over the rest of the course of the year -- that -- gonna slowly get phased out. And that they're gonna start -- indicated that it let's see what that looks like I mean yeah I'd love to see him go to Ellington right now. But who goes it's actually gonna happen and how long it would take to play out. But what we have seen as far as Ellington is concerned is you know I -- the player I saw on tape and not the guy so outcome which is which is great. Yeah and India with that with what he said in Arizona you'd think they would go with the kids. That's gonna take a step back you know. And -- eventually they will because eventually -- -- did you know how simply kill this -- that's really what happened. It's only week five but -- you know you get it sent to get a clear sense but. With that in mind you know Denard Robinson with the jaguars it's very obvious that -- was going nowhere. Right and then continue Varner in Carolina. -- -- got to back series I've talked about reviewed does with you with DeAngelo Williams and with them Jonathan Stewart. It feels like they've been there a hundred years like our our our -- two teams that. Should be. -- passing the torch those guys sooner rather later. Wealthy. You know I mean Carolina. Bar hasn't been available and he's not even a -- to play this week. So it's only they haven't been letting him play better. Mortified out what I guess what their intentions are this week in the work or find out. You know they're full intentions maybe I'd -- week eight when all of those backs theoretically will be healthy and available. Stuart should be back -- as well. I just in the back of my mind to think about border that that I like in terms of Carolina. I just feel like if they had him in the back field consistently with Newton. You have a more dynamic offense in total that's not the because the other factor or more big backs and then they give you a lot of -- engage right I I think you actually have. More contrast. If you will in your offense if you put order back there because now you've got a quick player the defense has to deal with you still have a power back on the field at all times in Newton. And I think if you if you put more speed -- actually you threaten the edges of the field a little bit more you may open up some things for your receivers. -- and he has on his on going with this is it's not my Carolina Panthers -- -- if I was. They would drive me crazy. I couldn't wake up another season and have Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo was in that -- was gonna get the ball who gets it one who's hurt and all this nonsense. He's got some really good receivers they've -- Steve Smith. You've got the guy you love a brand and -- -- you get Ted Ginn whose you know -- pedigree guy you've got Newton was young talent is already proven in the league like. Just get together well yeah I mean -- -- state. Doctors are very frustrate. Hitters I think there but competitor you're like yeah and emptied but I don't do that. Well he got a camera it's probably not necessarily they're running back rotation so much is. You know I hate to say it but I think David Shula. David -- scares me I don't know but did but you know what -- this thing about the Panthers in it's just they've been mismanaged their assets. I mean I understand that the they weren't sort of top spot -- they extended DeAngelo Williams right because they came you know you -- the said that late breaking. You CPA at the end of the lockout and they were under the salary floor yeah if you were called so they get it up spending about -- money just -- -- the floor and it's different. We had to do it I think unfortunately the -- you know. You Williams as one of the more talented players that could be. You know assigned at that point -- you know I I I can't sit here and say that I had a spreadsheet that's now. For their for their salary cap situation -- -- -- -- that I had for the jets -- are welcome compete. You know I wish I wish but she won team's salary cap back that it was gangrene but. If you would. Certainly would hope they could've found a better way to spend that money can extend the player who is redundant to Stewart. Who they are locked into for three years since so they sort of willingly created this situation. You know maybe just thought process was they're going to be able to trade one of these guys I don't know but. It's eventually what you had back then were to aid backs up now what -- is too high price to be back exactly. And it's it's getting more more frustrating by the year and I think if you're Carolina fan of the thing that really -- it's like oh great we've got more Republicans in the back. Actually don't have enough talent on the outside yeah. The only Bjorn permitted to be running backs can also had to be receivers with the strike but -- don't -- right. So that that's the frustrating part of it is that you know they overspent in certain areas and really cost them and others. All right so we let's let's move on with the final segment who I want to do a lightning round. We've got a little over a five minutes or lightning round. On your starts and -- which are up right now on WEEI dot com on the it is what it is blog. You can get it right now pizza and -- starts and -- article. -- briefly kind of highlighting you know who is the guys who might be in your lineup by the bad matchups and who maybe on your bench. Now or on the waiver wire to look at and -- we start. What's that reverse. Start to hit -- absolutely. It is six Packers -- know right analyst. But I wanted to bomb -- -- start at the top with quarterbacks there's some names that. I think people probably have a good handle on. But there's a new receiver on their -- that I like to kind of talk about one Islam -- what is else on Jeffords in the bears are playing the saints are undefeated this week. You like the match. I mean I dislike us and Jeffrey you know like the fact that there -- they're consistently targeting a week to week actually keep the guys always think it is something that he's got a good chance to score every week. He's a real good third receiver right now I think. You know and that we felt that -- -- and if you think he's -- guy we like you know from from -- one. We're we're we're really is right about -- -- Jeffrey as we were wrong about a dejected. -- think that the that is that is a player Mateen you don't see a lot in the stock column. Is Justin Blackmon for the jaguars the jaguars are at the rams. I mean he understood that that's sort of the children just trying to make a point. You know he's a guy where he's been suspended but he's been working out. By all accounts he's had fully healthy and been in and I think you know he's worth a third -- start in most formats right from the get go. I agree I agree a nice name to see on the start list at running back finally we approach week five and top of the list. And l.'s Tennessee owners -- earlier than they wish they had at this point but he's gonna pay off Dave Wilson. Yet David Wolf and I think I may have had in their before. And I'm sure. Somebody's cursing at me -- so -- to get the pumps. But you know the only negative people but -- also -- I feel your pain and I mean that quite literally yeah he's he's killing me too but -- at this point that the fact that they released a -- Scott right which to me is almost like a moment of clarity for the giant gap. And it went to China to don't they're running backs first months Tutsis and it's just it's incredibly puzzling -- You know -- -- if it. Yeah this is deductibles twice state pension bill they did basically leave him in Siberia for a month meanwhile cornerbacks going to treat extricate mills said boo about that right. And but apparently fumbling is something we really have a problem -- he's -- like that all the rest cops on the board said he. Each -- thanks but the continued the guy who's gonna do it Justice Kennedy explained 50% of steps we will also probable. But I guess they probably should have given a fair warning it just so you know we get into easily get what. At copy must have been drink in his ads I really have Brandon Jacobs is my backup running back now that's good news for Dave Wilson. But it it militant group which -- -- didn't Israeli Jacobs because you know. That it Dorell Scott was playing a lot of snaps now the fact that he's. So expendable but they're gonna come after a probable cause regional wondered. What to do without their prediction of the time. But hey you know that. They were there I have to tell us they don't have to explain its own heads up they don't and coupled got a little Belcher economic and that does. No it doesn't have a relative to. At the thing about David Wilson is in this is where it helps when -- when you do what we do and we watched the games. Every week -- -- you know Wilson pulled it last week on the stat sheet to Maine out of looked great but it touchdown called back the you know without its faults are so Wilson is definitely a guy where the ability. Is there we've seen it we've even seen it this year it just they just need to get a fifteen points such as we can he'll take care of business and I think you're gonna see that this week. Let me go off the reservation -- -- -- just talk about running backs yeah with I won't but a -- in the audience and split up with the with some. With the patriots is a lot of people getting a lot of Jews relief. Has not been practicing a whole match. And we don't know exactly with the injury it's -- it's not a neat so much and maybe what squad yeah. Offer a lower upper leg of the new yeah yeah so it's like injury with the patriot yes. A body injury. I love that when guys out for three weeks in the issues leg. They had sacked -- A lot of things had a lot of physical final leg of the armed. But what do you think of well Bolden and if you if you if you had to make a decision -- ago. What do I think about OT I think. Did you -- board and all the salt and yet -- to put our blogs in bold as as we've been in the last three weeks I'm Michael treaty back. All good power backs. You -- but it's a major question if if we we were to sit out who I won't play board or Bolden. Yes and this week against Cincinnati you know it's a good defense and just knowing what you know about. How -- Cincinnati plays it pretty -- in and ABC the momentum right now appears to be with the Gharib block but. You know bold and I personally think is a more talented back but you know it's a match up is a matchup game here Tennessee phone -- what -- Well Bolden has more diversity right yeah I would look I don't reduced OpenId board discount that. -- she agreed just don't know that all the patriot backs talented. They have different skill -- but they're all. Still a couple of very Celtic got yeah the -- did you -- to pass protect very well. You know and you know if anybody can help in that regard it's probably the New England coaches. A strong guy is a big strong guys that the natural assets. Election is definitely a guy who has played sort of -- roster this question of fighting effect maybe we finally found a fit for them you know you certainly can be a closer I mean I think it's a question about that right you know. Your job is to sit there were on the football not fumble and that's if that's something he can do except. You know. If the page pitcher in the thick of -- nasty football game. I would imagine all things being equal -- will be on the field because she's much better pass protection is much better if you need to use him as a receiver. And he can be a power runner for -- well. So Bolden would be the guy you know -- -- patriot coach is that the guy I want to have been there sure. But you know what you had been me now as a person who had knee injuries in the past significant we're gonna do you have as well. My take on him last week when they took about a game I don't think. -- -- I think he actually that the shot but he took I think not just very set position Lugar. But it looked like -- -- issue more than any issue to me. -- interesting and he got a -- And Tennessee owners you know felt the pain and yet a nice run for a touchdown and just. I just missed a call back right. Don't you could call but I mean just. That that the leg just barely got the ground there. Armed and had to do but to me that it would that play where you -- taken out of the game looked to me which he took a hard shot in the knee and what they controlled the British into the need. More of -- pain saying that a re injury saying. You know that's that's that's the sense I had a bit it's it's from what I've heard that he's he's practicing effectively this week. So yeah I mean. If I can only saw one of -- profanity and you can tell -- that Bolden is. Got to play I think -- go -- You know more upside there. We have come at the point where we have to wrap it up on the largest throw one last thing actually if you if there's something that we didn't cover. -- start -- -- the kind of wears out your one last piece of advice or OR. If you wanna look at any one of the five undefeated teams heading into this week him a serious implications on and on. I'll let you go go Chris. Egyptian -- they're on the road right. Everyone of them yeah -- NC Seattle at the colts Denver Dallas she's that Tennessee. Saints Chicago. What do you think about just get knocked off. That's a great question I think -- Yeah I Chicago's tough place to play him -- probably the past savages into the that's gonna win but. I think I'm -- him. Yes it's -- and probably Casey would be my guess is -- out. Right but I think the only team it is due to which screams father knows Denver. Yet -- and what Dallas right I think or at least you have a good shot to make it -- an -- Denver's team would like I'd be surprised if they didn't. And then anything that we -- I think we covered everything we hit every possible but this. -- -- -- -- and -- -- just stands up there about doubles -- podcast -- limit what time do we have left thirty seconds we're over time. Well well it's simply we shall talk about the -- yeah. It's been about -- I -- a lovely parting get stops. And it yeah it's something we should talk about the fantasy impact of losing little pork to the patriots -- they do we get to that. We don't suck but the knicks are going to be it for a lot more information right after after summer's games he would certainly. Yet more unsealed information. Amanda in addition to see -- the patriots bacon got a roster moves. Capsule is -- come back yet come back and check this out next Friday that he WEEI Tennessee football. Podcast at this closes the week five edition. And done it's it teaches a weekly conversation -- our friend in fantasy football expert Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for Audubon dot com make sure you're ready. For this week's action you can go to WEEI dot com right now the start since its articles up we T it'll have been here in this podcast. And -- updated lineup rankings starts and sits updated information for. The running backs -- receivers the tight ends the quarterbacks it's all there'll be updated on Saturdays -- current list now but as you know. To change stated David NFL with the injuries and just a frenetic nature of an off so all season long check back for those updates rankings waiver wire targets Pete's got a -- covered -- dot com. That's -- -- -- RO TOD. A H and dot com. And check out WEEI dot com this Sunday live chat. 11 AM get Europe. Now last minute questions indeed be ready. He's all over the Twitter universe is getting all the information. And it's rapid fires you questions and early before 11 AM and fuel Lance of them quickly in duck coach gently and get you ready for those games. So would like to take this moment to say thank you to Mohegan Sun are presenting sponsor. Thank you very much again for the work that you've done the support of off Tennessee football contest and when you check out all of our information on WEEI dot com or radavan. You can click on WEEI dot com slash plate and into the Mohegan -- Tennessee football contest to go when we can stay there it's a great great take. Now that's a wrap on week five thanks a lot. -- but the Sunday in Dutch couple live chat talk to a repeat. Take care.

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