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Playoff baseball is back in Boston

Oct 4, 2013|

The guys discussed the start of the ALDS today at Fenway. Kirk likes the Rays Dino has the Sox in 4.

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You know there's there's nothing like playoff atmosphere you can't duplicated you can't describe it it's just a different. Two different beast when you step on the mound you know you know the other teams more focused they're ready to go you know you know you have to step up your game a little bit. And be more focused and the other guy and there's really nothing like it and we've talked about in the clubhouse with. You know try to tell some of these young guys and be on the roster and you'll get their first experience. You know this is some you have to go through so understand and learn how to control your emotions and pressure will be the exact same tomorrow and -- level of fun doing. That is your Red Sox game one starter 307 this afternoon Jon Lester. And I some pushed him talk. It occurs to me that I can't think of any other team in any other sport in any other year. That is -- image turnaround of a 180 degrees as this team has taking another step forward. Individually. That god be on the team probably John Lackey and then Jon Lester number two. What you thought of Jon Lester the last couple of years and John Lackey the last couple of years and this baseball team the last couple of years this is a remarkably. Past 180 degrees. Like the road to redemption I would call you a good idea I like -- road to redemption and but. He's got to keep it going here he can't go out there tonight today and get knocked around. And he's got to keep staying on missile -- he can be in all postseason hero and could really be -- yes but I'm just talking about performance I'm just talking about what you think about this team in OB the war place in your art for these guys there was dubbing it a black hole when your heart for the up until. The spring training post and no negativity this year at all not. No it was an angry any player on this team for once second here's -- talking about the difference of Fisher's team. There's taught him buttoned down -- cases this is our job this is what we're doing day in and day out we re just that's just keep going the circle. There are so far along away but. I feel like the teams in the past for kind of same approach just. Hey we got another game that's when another game let's move on what's going to an excellent and this team. It's just complete opposite of anything I've ever been around. Do you think of anybody on this team the Libor and enlist in the market. -- world -- -- that has some meaning to that soak it stinks. Now that it has never been meaning -- never have been sound clip from a list were never. Well I disagree I disagree that played again. Let's hear again. I got -- repression of moralist like you said the buttoned down like cases this is our job this is what we're doing day in and day out we re just that's just keep going the circle. There -- so far along away but. I feel like the teams in the past for kind of same approach just. Hey we got another game that's when another game let's move on what's going to an excellent and this team. It's just complete opposite of anything I've ever been around. He's making my point this team is the complete opposite of what we have been used to now let's stop the -- the stuff he's pointing out. I guess the obvious that this is a whole different. Environment there -- work environment is changed -- open the windows in the air. -- short. Notice and we're gonna see that matters or doesn't matter here over the next couple days but I think what Lester is a guy. A year ago this. People -- really down. Really don't get -- this year members bring training right. Lehman's stock was called starts that's right that was the measure of how we should look at -- -- -- -- it talks about that anymore -- that gave a couple of decades right in your moderate that bashing him. Yes we did bash him because he said let's just look at the quality start right again winning and look right people talk to a Verlander has always throwing your bullpen under the boss and your team it's. Lineup and control when I lost all do is go to the seven. Give the ball for the bullpen after that out of my hand up my fault. As true but he's also a guy who couldn't could move on I mean he's got one year ago -- idol picabo. They got too many starters it makes sense to me appeared in -- one guy. Who will be Lester that's -- you'll think of this that there's a chance this is John masters last start with the Red Sox. Yeah well you know I mean it's certainly -- policy -- swept. It was in three or four games -- you think is gonna present your pick but at Tampa and 52 point five the only one in the roundtable. Who at the ball to the prevails Red Sox Red Sox. So today hello threats on the hill has that picks today so so we -- -- looked -- in the balls -- home again. I what do we think the answer to better I always look at -- I'm I don't focus on pitching like you do right I don't look at the started saying that's all the matters and look at the -- -- And these and their close lineup is not a a championship caliber line would you admit to that -- -- and I think it's. Yeah same is always -- you can -- financiers. Of the question is no question Ahmanson and win. They're gonna get good starting -- I have no doubt when a game gets out of hand like the two nationally playoff games. The Red Sox and the people want and put them you know seven point -- is now when the Red Sox right they're going to be the one general Elena went 56 run inning. That's -- happy with him. I don't understand this and a -- future is this is your newspaper are Michael so government puts together this. Very specific position by position manager bullpen starting rotation comparison. And gives the edges the check marks if you will. Are under -- Red Sox first base Red Sox. Second base Red Sox shortstop raised third base rays designated -- Red Sox. Bench Red Sox left field Red Sox center field Red Sox right field Red Sox starting rotation. Rays manager raise prediction. Rays in five. I agree with every single one of those games all but three check. -- he's like minute that's -- -- -- yes because everyone else in the global Red Sox -- one else in The Herald McCleon law Auburn -- -- all -- the rents are so that box that was for balance that's unknown amounts adjusted NC nice of fans like me I think he's just looking at starting pitcher like a lot of baseball people do that you know and this appears to get started pitching. It's easy you know -- -- -- page and look at the CRA. Look at the matchups and say they can't hit him. There you know they're gonna win I assume you think Tim Duncan went to one. Is in the games like you see from the last couple times out -- to want to read it to him to maybe one nothing two nothing. Where they get just enough to him to win the game Perot and David -- -- -- they lose thirteen years enemy. He's. But there you know that you see and I know many actually which investment and again because he's so wrong on this eventually come around. Did pressure get AJ Burnett. This pressure often get AJ Burnett didn't get tomb in the World Series a couple of days ago we wanted game last -- now in the World Series with the Yankees -- down 10. He won a huge game for the ball but it got bad post season record last I mean he saw on the road he was terrible. He choked brutal right if you wanna use that word tactics helped argue it's like that he lost his mind when he walked the leadoff batter who happened to be the pitcher. What -- four blocks. Not a good sign and a couple that that's an accurate it was right all over the and what you think of that game were in Pittsburgh or -- -- -- in in Lakeland Florida -- in in March that he might file the -- he does that that that that he admitted that much and probably that's probably -- so of the pressure being on the road in front of that hostile. It was crowd. Got to right. I think it's fair to it's going to get to some people Thursday and today to -- get to him. More price war and and probably not -- on a second year ever do you think it's it was a dog and the Callahan I test is gonna get to -- in my mind really glad -- -- -- -- to say yes or no. Yes I'll say no. Couldn't and he's -- pitched eight innings -- part of the pitch six you know he's -- throw a lot of pitches. Again need to bullpen I hurt -- he doesn't have great fastball command. It could be all over the place in my busy and don't wait amount they've seen more pitches than anybody else that's definitely true. Could it get to yes or go to get to the -- Loney. I think -- seven cricket to James Loney could get Yunel Escobar couldn't get. -- -- the Jarrod Saltalamacchia to Delmon Young you know all the -- they should grow those long as much conflict you should orthodox Jews Delmon Young is a good post he's employer in his public. It's true in this like. -- Jewish extremely books right Damon -- like that. On now yeah you're right I think to Delmon Young works collective and this budget will buyers this one point will Meyers Meyers play Africa -- just as good as Jonny Gomes. I'm talking about the razor I don't telecast right now I'd probably say get to a Myers I don't. I don't mean just as good as Johnny Gomes was terrible post season record. Myers has the right I'd rather have none in the gold says it is for a young guy a rookie right field. I think you'll be fine. Infinitely easier right field nobody here it's a terrific player Amanda you guys partners he played is a really good player seen him play at Oklahoma forget what they say he put like 1012 play with John McCain can get these games. -- don't want to watch the games I -- and I spent half my life watching Boston play Tampa I'm kind of sick of my -- seven times this year which is over over over us and I know he's new but. We haven't seen -- that -- under real pressure. At least don't like to use the C word -- but to use another uncle composure your PD. Once that emotions out screenings done there's that fifteen seconds or so the chip together yourself and and read what just happened what kind of swing the guy just took the situation the game -- what inning -- -- in what's the school work where's the base -- how many house. All the Teddy processed and the most the next -- we're gonna throw an MR we're throwing it. Yeah so it a lot happens in that that 1520 seconds pitch to pitch. And I thought what -- away from the game last finals very very impressed to watch the the presence of it's the cop kept on the mound. -- try to point that out of the boys and and I thought that was a difference in the game and keeping his composure making the big pitches when he had to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the charge guess what do you think it's helpful whether. Obviously it's helpful he pitched a no hitter and a seven game series can learn from great apps yeah that's my point and yes my point. Did he do something wrong. In those outings that he looked at that you know what I needed debris and needed to slow down immediately that the game come to make things -- encouragement to bad starts it's not enough did to -- This. Guide Matt Snyder. Were in baseball writer -- CBS. CBS which I assume was embarrassed today when there though. There they're sports experts on in the morning. But they do not just edged you know they do significant edge moderate yes and even. And not many significant edges either way obviously Longoria over Mel Brooks significant dells area that was one. You also have right field will Myers -- Victor Reno I believe that's another that's a moderate image. Moderate bench designated hitter to Reno has a lot to post season experience to have any doubt the victory you know as excited that he when he gets up -- not scared. Nah they've got to define that now would -- unloaded on how did image of -- that's a PH. Obviously David Ortiz -- significant in March Boston Red Sox. Bench even. Starting rotation. This guy gives. Even even starting rotation oh. While the luxury of this our rotations probably are -- prediction Red Sox in four. I don't think there might prediction that might be even of the world seven game that's tonight is Ursula regularly just looked up and their even but you know if they could. They know if they get really good starts out of their top three they can afford to pro what you said Alex and open to competing. They have the best to the two best lefties the American League and they're going against the team that it's not great against lefties if you're Tampa. And you -- you have reason to believe or if you just trying to be contrary McMahon hand you have reason to believe. 6177797937. -- week and -- backed up one of the patriots in Cincinnati interesting we'll have to Red Sox games Saturday and today Friday. Last night in the bruins' opener will do all that we come back.

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