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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Capitol shooting

Oct 4, 2013|

The headlines of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The lockdown of the Capitol was discussed.

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All right so yesterday afternoon the nation. Watched. As a a woman named are blasting Carrie first name Mary Carey 34 years old. Were shot and killed as she repeatedly tried to power car through security bears at the White House capitol. Yesterday afternoon unbelievably yes probably watches a video of which is crazy. She had -- planned out well -- announced the first get your infinity sports car criminal genius and tried to -- I don't. Don't think you can quite do that now can you just tried to cut right through the White House. Forces things there in place I'll give a look at what those bars across Broadway -- -- which is probably give bush a public watching Lincoln the night before DC Lincoln yeah. A wicked people come and meet with him that he thought maybe I watched I thought well maybe she saw Olympus has fallen -- could be a typical chicken Stew on the -- that no problem taken over the White House now reports -- he -- -- News is reporting this woman shot again with her. One year old in the hearts and postpartum depression. Investigators have found that the woman who led authorities on this chase -- the president Barack Obama was stalking her. He was stalking her ones can be. Fine and -- she was. Same -- bombing -- is trying to get him yesterday. Very strange story now on top of -- those -- like the most severe case of postpartum history thanks. A woman who gently just -- -- here and Smith who drove in the long injury -- -- to around six kids. -- -- Texas. Right to the kids alive kids alive she's dead it's it's. See the car is in the backs in the car far away she's on movies even in the backseat that's almost two seater. A lot of room and a taxi might have been in the passages plucked. It's really her mother said she has no idea why she would be Washington no reason to be. Her boss -- former boss who fires said. She's worked before 2012 which he suffered a fall missed two or three weeks. He said she appeared increasingly stressed after that after unplanned pregnancy. And relatives say she suffered postpartum. Depression today ago. Do you Jerry get a feeder band for YouTube and new -- you can get shot exclamation shouldn't elect these guys. California punk -- bills itself as a sleazy Pontbriand in the world that's what they call themselves particularly. Obviously has released a porn film shot entirely on the front lawn of the west Borough Baptist Church. They do that. All that parishioners. At a town yeah that's definitely like using the be used to sit back and and the whole thing on line. -- very nice lesbian sex scene between -- where they're making -- -- gay couple bought the house next to war right painted a patent and yes talked the entire clip is up there it is a woman. We renewed urgency right here. A top. Take care of herself in front Betsy. West Borough Baptist Church sign in the background. Clearances. AG married dooms the nation. That she she's self. -- it below see also knew that going on other activities yet. Tire porn film shot in the west -- about mr. they're not happy about it they're disgusted -- and as members of the band or just have to spend it's -- members of that yet and it's a date for this lesbians having sex on the WBZ -- grapes that's analysts to. This debate on the center we'd better pictures. Like -- game. -- well they work in the in the audio medium and on the right vision experience and get some video. Did you need more but he wouldn't want -- felt different for different -- and as a substitute. The worst Richardson should start in the -- -- of very good question. -- -- neither well well OEC doesn't perform well that's true slot buster. That's I think he's going to. Predict quick prediction who's going to be the zipper broke him off the bench. Who's going to be the Marty Barrett again -- were. About to. -- to go to break. -- -- reality show Mark Burnett who's the big Israel and others of us billions of autism but yeah he's hard to what's her face an actress tells. You expose some of these pictures on the show that -- that all that much Delta -- mark on it does not Q4 hundred million. Albert's dad and his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark Burnett and Richard Branson are teaming up space race and BC reality show. Two winners are going to win a trip to space. On -- yes two spots to go to outer space and -- the low round. Gravity and think 09 -- -- today and won an enemy. -- go to space -- you yeah -- for a walk about like if you could say right now. In space. On the Ottawa after float around for awhile and -- -- and where else would you do you know what order rollercoaster. It's exciting. To be excitement on a -- at this and there's. Odds are not. Oracle coast is over five minutes space and equipment space -- half hour though eagle from weeks months along. -- -- bring Richard Branson was in charge people ports and one half from commercial air strips with one which he destination apostles. Every time you if you went to the moon and jumped around the calls the idea of going to space. Just look -- well offers -- rather celebrity cruise in and out we give them you know Alex east and space it's a far different. Reality. Yeah that she was on that ship touched by an Angel off. An. Estimated two acts -- back to space. If you look at the window -- the only difference in Lagos cells floating by -- I would have -- -- simulate that you can go public and it's up this IMAX theater and watch gravity being space -- comes out today the reviews again talked about your future believable this is going to win best picture. It's gonna mess over captain Phillips captain Phillips -- militants opened the week from today but the hunt tomorrow night at times sneak -- have -- I -- I would go Phillips as an IMAX theaters do you think you have to climaxed appreciated. But so no gravity the gravity of it after. Like captain Phillips that it was awesome about why -- -- -- I'm X verses CU -- such as Bobby thinks that he's gonna when he would cause of the reviews like in the New York time yes what does Joseph -- have to say that's well well does he like his movies are big stars as a shallow and -- -- and that the budget is just. The budget for him as odious and yet he likes he likes the Indies you know loves the -- America you know he becomes the Boston they -- straddles street yeah well you know he loves Oprah left the -- -- that the -- go to brattle calls -- food middle of the brattle. And Michigan optometrists. Was charged Monday with indecent exposure after allegedly forcing female patient to watch -- master -- That the -- with consequences in consequences and -- basically says and you CDs that you see this which is what she said no problem. -- could she leave the rule and he held that record the Oakland county sheriff's office doctor Robert and the third Oxford township. -- should come as personal office that office you lock the door she suspected something was not write a letter iPhone. What's to -- -- masturbating choosing of record audio the August 13 it. -- injected twice been here. -- -- -- -- Wouldn't that be better. Equipment that's a -- blues hard spot. I don't know what you're right it's sort it seems like a very strange situation excuse me while I witnessed how. Maybe it's me maybe some do it might look to my optometrist has never master page from its. Consulate says. He's out for well. We have seen anyway and overdue and funny -- -- -- -- Knowledge Abdel another man's pleasure Daschle got a lives I Mercedes and a person Beckett picked two of us to say that I bet you write everything that we asked this question you look at it if it doesn't look honestly -- should I tell them think his picture we're like 1982 site I -- right. Three -- an article about it all thanks to delist. -- will be we had his big bottle of -- and you know and and it was a couple of Hilton I don't know what they were perfect day guys John. I continue to convert enough. But it is his face is turning coral. -- -- this is tangerine you face turned into Iranians. They know that's headline that's headlines hello. Gets in trouble again today. -- struggle as a result of him. I don't know that that what we cannot be sure we can mention how we got here every day now is he went a little too far and usually it's -- hands full right. I of course had no problem talking about the imaging guy who was. The clock soccer and -- right. Mitt -- men have had to take a step further gives names -- dollars in the hole number sold social. You apologize. Would Dino does in these -- a deep six the numbers and -- his entire phone. -- apologize for what the guy was big to that meeting held. So Richard I guess discovering a mock us there's an angle to his every can't say his name anymore and can figured out if you want to look WA AF managing director of find -- -- of he I did I say they did not he was a Q would you see how would you rate one workers performed a couple of days ago at the meeting at the new boss sol. And I have two words short obnoxious overbay or pay insufferable. -- You. Have done a really good story I don't have -- but I meant to tell you that you love story tickets in Alabama seeming to -- you that they found. Four people dead in the -- shot to death. Two of them were child porn. The guys. We're awaiting trial so somebody. Like vigilantism father yeah -- took justice in the was only hand I like us you know get the details -- police are looking for the ethnic and what they're not looking very hard -- question about it I'll just ask you didn't want word to describe it. Am I like the -- Use that word obnoxious overbearing yet as -- words I ask me like it anyway those ovals this guy. Got very real trouble not that excited but this guy went I guess allegedly two point HR about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This guy he sure about the I don't know I don't know programs. But there was -- case so why would like nine miles missing. Thank you but that was today's -- he's mad that he thought were a little too harsh on him. -- our personal. -- files we have personal files we do do we and it's got even though for Mike's here. He wants to cover and we can we have a conversation with -- talked to -- a good talk aria yeah four hours I'm sorry I would do Hamlet as usual men hand and doesn't get the job -- -- nose drops the ball Padilla dateline. Double springs Alabama. And others are not it was not -- -- -- Wimbledon on we're gonna tease us and who's going to be the hero. The October here all day. All of these to pick a double -- -- -- 1 man but I -- apartments are among them. And -- -- you know as a homered to get this -- That we use to get ready set the rules are right he can't Pedroia right where you are. Right yeah obvious guys who expect Ortiz -- We've hectic value on 9500. Handle that name of the game and that's why. All right Maria Herrera her let's that was Patrick -- is debuted I think the rule. -- double strings Alabama did the two of four people were found dead in a vehicle in a secluded ruled in northern Alabama. We're facing child pornography and molestation charges in Tennessee. Awesome to I don't know a bad for them now. Public they have -- -- -- it. In the ad court dates. Awaiting them in Tennessee. Authorities say the cart contain the bodies -- -- The areas of sixty miles northwest of a Birmingham the victim's three man and a woman were all from Tennessee. Someone tracked these guys down these more more. Molesters. -- child pornography. Guys just tax -- safe because them out right taxpayer savings trying to do right favor yeah -- -- the other two people probably. Something that it would probably barrels a mile six. Seven cent at 79837. Text like 37937. Mark -- Tampa Bay times in the 8 o'clock hour. Up you were away Red Sox tickets on -- right when we do an 8383030. Ish -- run Red Sox playoff tickets for tomorrow's game. And we'll figure out to. The October hero and it's going to be different just. The seventh player award the unexpected and we stood -- to call Joseph Maddon. And ask them whose refrigerated -- running seat belts and when the call. Evan Longoria and pretend that he's evo Longoria and watch cities cigar and basket they have prince Albert in the can yet and they're gonna call Logan Airport Massport and have them page. Seymour butts or we'll ask for a Amanda hug and kiss. Yeah is good I knew Amanda hug again as always good yeah that's a good one.

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