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Dino does a Joe Maddon reading

Oct 4, 2013|

the greatness of Joe Maddon as read by John Dennis with a Mozart soundtrack. No really.

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Cue the music this is Tampa Bay times columnist Gary Shelton. Opining. Until met since -- not. Panic and not music to begin. A little night music. So this is his time this. Is his place. He leaned back in his chair and he runs his hands over the side of the space. With a mighty Red Sox are on deck. Madness smiling and cracking jokes leads the major leagues -- punch lines after all this is his moment this is. History. He is by far the best manager of the rays have ever had. You might as well but -- step further. -- is the best pro coach or manager any Tampa Bay team has had in the history of ever. -- like history of in the history of ever. Is better than dungy yes he's better than -- yes he's better -- toward guerrilla. He has maintained excellence for a longer period of time. At this point -- needs to start thinking he pressed to find. Around an impressive pitching staff of the Boston Red Sox and yet detained there hitting he has to find a way to the next round. After all he has Tampa Bay's best. Who else is going to plots the course. Better than -- And rich tapestry that's -- Motorola grew dungy that's it here's the wolf profile parity the doors finally open. The media procession more marches through the silent club surpassed the door. The postponement in your -- -- not yet slowdown. GO PM local time. I'm going to among lycra sought my ticket crap. This is going to get past the compost is wolf writes herein lies the real magic of Joseph Maddon. It's on the walls though. Notes on them as pretty cool John Woods pyramid success. Springsteen album cover. While this street shuffle of course -- more alert that's yeah SE with ordinary for broke right anybody could -- -- -- right an autographed photo from Larry David. The thermometer advertising -- club -- The doctor of letters citation from Lafayette. In the photo of 1917 White Sox manager pants rolled. It's not the -- impressive winds in the corner either. An exquisite chessboard on this desk no it's not -- wants the other captures the Jones team pictures of Kevin Costner Vincent. The -- VA or I should say Vincent Lecavalier and if it. No it's no -- Madd takes heat offered him his -- himself. And that's the way he always is hopeful about tomorrow. The ship's port on his desk deeply anxious. She that we forgot about -- that ever won by the way after we did Madden. Thing. Everywhere just. Took from the audience that your holly yeah yeah -- -- went off yes on -- in the -- pomposity of all it's not all his fault. That is right much that is the media. -- that guests as well she asked apple just -- guy in monitor what you call. Used to pop pops. -- nation that faces supposing right exactly what can be costly pizza place. That the college you put some posters on the wall who drives you 57 Chevy while listening to the Talking Heads. Its people which -- sitting there like. Hung open just laugh and the only like Allen's -- -- things -- -- these guys know what. Everybody calls -- the macho -- he has he plays everybody's like a base -- that is not and he's likable. He's a good manager. And he tries really really hard to sculpt. This image yes which is not. Like any other baseball manager like when I interviewed on an island to and that's and the equipment and now -- performance officer and himself from the bathroom shower room. Buck naked. Sits down you know just hang -- -- that that the boys are like rock and back and forth like that that they get shopper imagery in the middle almost. That that -- that movement any let up a cigarette at the visual -- anyway I love them and I'll deal with them is zero pretense right. And he lets have a cigarette not looking and I'm proud of right stuff. And there's like ashes falls. Their chest and down was. Junk put it. You know that's what you like a guy with you can you feel like -- -- speaking he's comfortable it is -- I wasn't that. But Madden is the opposite the -- -- -- buck naked with -- you know the by the way you want results at acquisition Nadia. McGee averaged assists as a good bottle whenever -- with the yellow. Something that's always choke off a elephant yellow tail yellow tail right yeah yellow yellow tail like the sale -- story -- out alive but right. -- that you never did care political class of yellow -- who's now behind closed doors right he would no difference if that crappy as. But you know -- -- -- -- like a warm Merrick and. It seems a lot of work to be crap but it works it works and what this way he's he is that it. Yeah you know somebody tries to do the same kind of thing an absolutely fails miserably is -- right he -- these applications -- -- -- -- something's not only do you really gets we're still -- that -- -- Smart and yeah yeah. And he's probably really nice like Muslim charity on B dot definitely definitely yes but that's not my mind that if you're the manager of the Red Sox we have to do with every -- -- -- little disaster on every week out we would lap -- up with a split on -- And sadness at what Belichick. -- mad idea should Springsteen going to really get satellite radio in the 57 -- those. Pandora things are what every -- we preacher -- station would be able to a talking head station so there's not there's not Talking Heads. I've -- that's inaccuracy. Anti creating Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated picked up on record saying. Is no such thing the weren't as part listen to a song on serious. But that's really trying to Allen left the talking head just -- -- as though Burris says about his manager. Don't like moves that we are scratching our heads. At times but he has reasons for everything he does. He thinks. He's a thinker and all those things make him who he is -- endear him at times we've just grown to kind of understand each other. And as a manager and as players. Preferential. It works but he also. Has guys that they know I mean it's a small market team that don't have a lot of Manny Ramirez has -- Barry Bonds to deal with he has got and and you know guys get. To be veterans they trade him. Or they they you know like James Shields Garza and they move on so his young guys who are there to be mold it into Talking Heads were pretty good band there so I loved yet but don't you think -- one of those -- but yet we have yet most of pretend you're still in the number -- when they were now open there on the right. -- on the once that you can't get a Psycho killer little Psycho killers. Because I was playing your damn Mozart there in the whole segment and I can't play two songs that -- about the -- ready to move on from the Mozart that was just for the reading. Right yes right yes and no one that you -- -- -- sports analyst and -- Eggs me on my name's David because I'm not wrong ever think about that jumps and Vermont just mad because his heels slot load again. Hey guys do well. Eight accord chill out and I have no payrolls to work whereas Andy and Tom Brady -- -- receivers and Arctic Boston homer. But could you -- but the -- -- so polarity -- that Tom Brady getting so much credit. And it now warning the past couple years to that up until and and retire before how we didn't stop raiding Osama Calumet sort of a top Echelon managers in baseball. Well Tom does have rings. -- if there is no payroll or is likely birds. Over the last few cheap -- not have the except that many kids would like to see -- the pipe into a competitor and a Peyton Manning or other quarterback. They want Manning. Upgrade from Austin calling to Wes Welker. Brady went from west welcome -- yeah. Not CNET and so I don't know what it -- the southeast take us -- I am not bought. The Denver Broncos. Denver Broncos and -- treatment. Cutting paper tigers want. We see this movie before European -- five we've seen this movie before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By and it stayed on the straight up by the to some extent but his point was that it was. What he missed what they've changed the softness he's no longer playing football like he played in Indianapolis in Indianapolis. Was Harrison in. Wing man when. Down the field. Intermediate and deep routes now it's short stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For a fact but you could be compared. Manning's colts time of possession over a couple years. Sources Peyton Manning's time position now it's longer it's such a ludicrous arguments like. I don't I'm not by an acoustic too good. They score too much it's too fast. The defense is out there it's tight so here's a judge pretend nine point 42 by far the best in the NF yet if he's taken in Duncan is laughable he's not what it was last year in Indianapolis -- healthy I'm not buying these at sixteen -- zero X 138. Rating by -- -- and his best defensive player has even come back is to estimate though. On mill has him compact -- If they were scorched so much and so quickly that you might believe them. Look at that this would be Manning's best ever yards per attempt nights of that more that I spent the night because he's been in nine before he threw 49 touchdown pass that arguments put to rest and I bet that just been. Complete by the -- -- an argument is a real cold weather argument man is our last real largest sought last year how many points he put up -- that game. India -- there in the thirties right right -- that that was you know that was on the defense. As much as on me. And yet it was ready Morse. More than any. So there's that yesterday and and Vaughn has -- them back from eighty camp. -- gap out to jump in part for the rest your phone call 6177797937. Again the yak off. Ten seconds or less WEEI live app click and tell us with the -- pose a question about a meeting with Joseph Maddon is so Smart that and fill out in force will be right --

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