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Red Sox Road to Redemption Roundtable Hour 3

Oct 3, 2013|

Mikey Adams, Joe Castiglione, Rob Bradford, and Alex Speier talk more about the Red Sox Road to Redemption as they get ready to face the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 1 of the ALDS on Friday afternoon.

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I'll sex. I was all set for playoff baseball. -- -- the womb saying what is a series start at the and what an -- conversation with David Ortiz recently but yeah yeah in English. Yes. In those -- might only want series. That's right. Yeah that's true to address this -- -- the way you were just get this the -- are -- ago about the ultimatum from the perhaps closure there that you just please what's that you don't concede you know no because you know why that's a special request only be able Franken request quality that's -- and I thought that was gonna kill this penalty minutes sat back with. By the way to show -- I've I've told Dave I just moments is as he's walking out that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I it's my -- I can do the Geico Campbell. I don't Uganda through every night everybody on the radio. But I've I've added you know yes in my whole life -- nice to start doing yes I was about fourteen years -- problem is that between 83 retired and now there has been as much call for yes -- snatches a job as our launch what it. But and I target -- Diaz from Elvis that's -- you know -- have a statue out there about a ball market. Camp wouldn't want Rio Rico but so reliable because. And -- with a walk out there but that's how we're here live at -- -- Jerry remedies. High atop Jerry Remy is looking out behind behind us as a beautiful you'll Fenway Park and does it feel. At this moment Alex spear and rob Bradford and Jokester Leo like. A playoff kind of night just the feeling of the -- and indeed the temperature -- -- so wanna support those that feel like. The fact that the baseball world does have these stoppages in the -- options in that allows you to really kind of zero in on exactly what's going to go on. Series that's in front of view of the teams that are in front -- -- I do think that creates you know some of a real excitement. You know and in the in the targeted excitement that you don't usually get. On you know -- you know this team in Tampa for days this is -- a while and asked Joseph. Obviously you're very -- witnessed here very very prepared for every single game you have a different feeling heading into this playoff game. As a broadcaster a guy who's going to set the scene tomorrow. I think so I think you feel a little bit more around upbeat -- a little bit. More fired up that is normal and I try to get by pepper became the it's not a problem either last year 'cause you're to a recruit -- -- But I think with a playoff game. There was an extra sense of excitement that urgency yet. -- is to be my thirteenth playoff. The year that's pretty girls. He won't always good heading into that 2004 that gave back clinching game. Heading into that game how he's Roger butterflies -- -- they -- it happen. The -- World Series and as -- the whole World Series that you know that this is this is very might very well be the game that you might have the call which actually was the call. Why it was certainly is -- if not a bottle long time and I remember exactly everything I did that Dave my wife was that we have a lot chipped up Mike Shannon's restaurant. Nice with Jeff final so the president all of fame who was I reentered many years ago with bill Madden of the New York Daily News. And you remember opposed those little things that happened. I think that morning we went up in the arch. And that just try to get a clear the mind in knowing what was ahead and then that I do remember. Packing my -- champagne clothing but the fact that after that when I change it a little sad they're running a rubber suited some kind of just the old Gene -- you know we're just -- to the World Series but but we do want a statement DARPA. Knowing where flight home that night you don't want. So but I think -- as the game unfolded you just sort of worried dissolved in the you know what you thought -- gonna win but. With the Red Sox history after that time it never -- Totally certain. That's funny mr. Mike Shannon because he played the first World Series gamers off -- game for 64 can't board Grand Slam yankees' offer adding I. I arthritic right 43 I was the only. Guy in Yankee Stadium standing up with my hands and ears screaming. Eight pure Ecstasy would have to border it's a Grand Slam. And I got a lot of nasty looks and almost a couple of hot dogs sort of be different but the World Series is it's special and other statements in this campaign. Now the champagne comes out like you know all along the way -- Dallas Dallas at least apparently is silly story I saw that a person. Well I did it twice in two games yes I know now. That's that's that's unacceptable I think that that the gap -- they shouldn't that I edited for right now when you win the division series I don't think it's cause for champagne in LCS is that it's hard to tell others -- so and so much uncharted territory right at the earlier certainly bush which isn't silly string celebration which is the ship big celebration but we everywhere you went through such -- run. And are from 2003. Through 2009. Released it yet so many of the high degree count fifteen up. It just became commonplace yet to OK it is Jonathan Papelbon regenerate your your doing things this campaign. Many of the want the other night here and it was different I've I think it was different then what we had experience of previous. -- different budget guys have been on the Ortiz is laughable or not many for most Avant. And I hadn't done it for twelve years Edwards arguing about this about comparing it to 67. About the difference is the similarity I guess that's not only the magnitude turnaround but the fact of the year before it would it would reach steps such depths. And in 67 it was a long long period but that's what makes those kind of celebrations even more memorable what you'll have anything before -- tell our responses or worst of the Irish. Yes you know it compares to 67 -- urgency but you what you view you think back and that -- we talk about this Red Sox were -- or -- 789. Bullpen by committee we got away -- closing at 67. In a World Series they started Gary wants clues -- gave six and they had guys like eighteen year old can't read -- in the game. And have a whole stack pitching beyond Laporte and Jose Santiago. Earlier that set up man they really -- have a close I've only had John Wyatt. In my pitch two or three -- but the that haven't. And that's where baseball's really changed the with a pitching roles yeah what what it what I figured it just cover position now lets you comment on this is that. So there was talk about Felix too broad fields abroad is going to be in the bowl. And you could make -- case well he's one of the last guys the ball but right now but how many times have we gone into a playoff series. -- all I have a faceless nameless guy was at the end of the open at -- the roster and -- it -- it's all said and done. This is the guy Derek Lowe is a while now obviously jumps to mind absolutely you know game three of 2004 NBA LT yes he had been relegated been marginalized on the Red Sox. Pitching roster you've ever game -- it perhaps against the angels when the Red Sox had like six different arms coming out of the bullpen. From every different angle you have the Mike Myers is of the world and -- In you know a host of you know timlin and Embry and all these different guys leading them to fall. And -- as the one guy who didn't matter at all the guy who was we were always dismissive of the 25 man on the roster. And yet they needed to extra innings -- disagree with the LG right. Yet that she was going to pitch like fifteen innings if they needed him to. In and said he got to win with one not so demanding that he ends up getting by this are you are well I'll tell -- what these guys created every role they -- -- eventually figured out got a daughter has a senate gallery for retail clothing is a really good set up guy effort to winning states. At and you know sure -- -- Shiite 99 US at all. But so -- is not a great athletes are Red Sox have that the Al yeah. And that we see them play basketball number one time we had a rain delay Yankee Stadium basketball courts behind third base. There's as -- -- power -- go -- play basketball with the kids already don't drink at seven. -- and low lows also are represented throughout representation of what you can get from having a good post season -- which is a lot of money. That's the way you got a guy who had it ERA of over five that yes right when he goes in the post season run. And ends up with this great contract from the Dodgers -- four years 36 million I think -- and we so we've seen this is this a lot to -- body be made in the post season. That's what does the moral of the story. That's one and I think everybody's aware of certainly the Reza by the way you guys know what they're -- across the street here next to the baseball femininity. Have they put it putting in a hotel there or something like if you -- it's that you have been down this way don't wanna I wanna help on how to why don't go this bicycle park you know portable Mike data statues go up. I think that -- I was gonna parked there because he used to be a parking lot right. And all of a sudden it's used to be mcdonalds used to be with -- out shot there at their final scene now is that you sort of Sparky I just outside espionage to Fenway -- that you are would know people -- shed little light out of forming. Does that mean having a hunt for parking meter next I just ask -- that -- walking in here -- -- guys. I invited a man by the they would come out now. By the eight it is very very I -- a good guy -- JD might give to the games. Brilliant and he doesn't pull something on the way here. Right well that's one of the last thing you know that I mean it certainly J. D. Drew in Tampa Bay in 2008. You know that's a kind of unforgettable image the checks going against do they drive right at risk of telling stories out of sorts school J. D. Drew tax would be asked me when the work out west today. So I thought the liberal -- he did that at at the good Texas brother. But yes so -- really one of the -- are you -- and it was won by. Here's what my favorite guy as a player scrawled on the natural bow appeared shortly target a J. D. Drew only as we -- Joseph be a great got a. At about this Joseph we are talking a right fielders that are played in -- part since the -- Evans there era since he kind of set the standard for what -- -- disposed to replace like at Fenway Park and I think most people agrees best and maybe we've got that collectively their receipt. Out there. And the respect he got from all the base runners on so forth that due to his -- but we talk about just getting the job done and -- aspect of a great deal. We had Trot Nixon J. D. Drew what I was describing him to rob Bradford. I said yet technically he was great in -- differently and cut away he runs to the right place to catch the ball he had all those instincts but I don't remember him diving. And. Stressing out -- it does not show Joseph might point I don't think he had to die by exactly for quite you don't know who died sometimes no matter how much jewelry fairness you do go back -- 3040 years guys and I overall feel is -- the army times -- Dwight Evans that. He didn't die didn't really I don't -- Bobby Dora one point about done about Dustin Pedroia and what of the things that he said was. Love the way he plays defense but kids understood for the life of me why spend so much time in the dirt. Why is he always got together IE excellent of those plays on my my point being -- it over the course a 162 games -- harmony play the outfield. You know one's going to be just out of your reach if you don't dive forward that you -- caught it that's the kind of ballclub and now I don't say it everybody has to come up dirty like Trot Nixon. You know what -- whenever they do but. I just I don't know there's that extra amount of -- Well intensity -- list. Do things and a boy and J. D. Drew and I said this to you Mikey but he was the best I can remember catching balls in the run. It almost to a fault you remember that game at Tampa where he caught the ball he didn't mean to -- and -- territory yes yes and it cost them maybe the game right but the other thing there yeah the other the other thing we talked about was the -- Every -- -- thirty egos are how good it is it is and how does that lined up with Dwight Evans on which you. Hold up it was and so should you well -- like -- with due respect to pick garrido runners don't stop at third base rent you know on a single. The right field from second base and don't stop at -- -- -- David Evans they always -- to third a lot of time limited notes to a Specter are very very accurate yes he has. But it but the strength of Evans to buy reactors you know I mean I like I don't think anybody's gonna argue that. The victory does a better right fielder but he sir I think he's the best since Evans last in right field for the Red Sox and better than drew. Different styles yeah I mean I think that he wasn't Victorino is he might be the most fearless right fielder that I've seen. You know crashing the walls and other American ski of course that'll hurt by -- remember her little bass player in the darkness -- it's that I don't know I wanted to foul. The most the most fearless and it is a little bit unorthodox Shane Victorino but the -- great jump to the ball. He's got a great arm and he's a very very good defender he's -- you better defender than I thought it was. Was now we have Tampa Bay in the in the fold here as far as -- place evident to all -- -- -- -- this year I want to ask each got -- horny guys what is it about Tampa -- -- -- that scares you. And I know we're gonna hear but they're they're starting rotation but I guess maybe beyond that because it's kind of well no they have. Are pretty good top top wide front of the front of the rotation starters what scares you but at Tampa but I mean I don't think you have to go too far beyond that they're. Pitchers absolutely shut down the Red Sox you look at the number of games that they play this year and what I think that -- nine of the more defiant were decided in the in team's last at bats. Ten of them were decided by two runs or less. They're rotation yes it had like a 353 ERA something like that against the Red Sox is here. Already very good. But the actual offensive line that the Red Sox -- against the race was worse. Then the line that the rays put up against the Red Sox starters so they here's all right right to Ali actually that's I mean look we're talking -- barely over the Mendoza line. This is at this irritation that absolutely killed them. I think that we shouldn't look it just -- the Red Sox started winning lately here. Against lefthanded starters and say oh they'll be okay gets more price no they didn't face left handers the caliber of war in price except for the one game where they beat price like to do nothing. If you look at what they did against. A leads they even upper half of the American League left handed pitchers they were terrible okay that 2.0 -- when CRA but it has not always everybody else seeing my chart absolutely -- Or you -- realize are against each other -- does that include other treatments Buchholz wasn't out there because I you know I'm I'm assuming. That during the three months -- he faced Tampa. -- it's as if he does he bring get -- -- of the you look at. The other two guys of the the luster buckles and Lackey. Where Tampa vs Cleveland. That buckles and very very good against the Tampa current Tampa hitters -- -- Lackey was very very good against the current Cleveland hitters. Now Lackey hasn't had that much success against. The episode was ZLX translates but to go back to your original question. I mean I don't know how you could answer anything but what Alex said that you look at the starting pitchers so that's it the -- The two guys that they have going Matt Moore and David Price that more pitched it Fenway Park once this year complete game two hitter. And then David Price -- picks in Fenway Park and time in his career is only given up two runs apple wants. But it -- that the first two guys that you're facing so you can have optimism the reds are surrogate team but. Be aware. You know temporary east. You've got to be aware of Alex -- this kid really knows how to pitch last night he didn't have great stopped. And the Indy -- that somebody didn't give up Iran yeah where we're gonna some tough. Situation as he runners on third that they shut down to Vegas strip there that was English is incredible what he did and the point is that this kid should always Boston born by the way and he relishes his David Ortiz batting gloves that are gonna do what it was a bat -- -- Now barrel beach -- -- they liked. I think that their starters there are so good at but over the Red Sox -- -- blessed you gonna I you know I hate it but a lot of people look at the Red Sox starters it's for some reason there's little asterisk next to -- buckles name because he wasn't around. Offer reports -- middle of the season but you know what he he had Cy Young numbers in the beginning of the end. Which you combine it all to what's to over one right when -- -- euphoria RA and yet I. I don't let Longoria beaches that's another pause and try Daniel -- learned that once right. Was addressing how it's -- -- Red -- in no way they're gonna get to you really you really have to look at how these individual pictures relievers do against these individual Tampa hitters. Because that's what's going to be important in my mind that's sort of a place such a matchup game. Frank -- with Franklin morale -- Look what -- so for six with three strikeouts against. Things like that you're gonna have to keep in mind because I think that's why they're keeping eleven pitchers they're gonna be rotate these guys in Intel you can get to coach. All eleven pitchers or how that's our that's unbelievable at this site that seems like 12 ready to me. Earl Weaver used to have eight -- nine. Plus put those big cheers last night dipped ahead nine right. 92 last night the and really if you look at the history of this division series over the last ten years only. Six of the forty teams that have been and it. In the division series have used an eleventh pitcher and -- those here -- they say they're just there is a little insurance policy -- and you automatically put it is or things could have been different. If thought if born could hit a breaking ball for God's sake if you believe how many breaking balls he was strong last night by -- how how old -- I talked to Joseph Michael Morgan they have made this. -- -- who apparently got bigger Dennis breaking ball according bats are valid. It's better -- -- get Joseph mortgage golf tournament on my own -- yeah I -- no don't that you didn't do or not general market not match -- don't have. This I guess I decided. That's the false. That's I don't know the number one student is unbelievable -- yeah he says subject Plimpton doesn't -- -- -- -- -- guy with a fastball like historic -- cope with Charlie after it. But that's it. He's always right to appoint you know. Two by the way Pittsburgh Pirates down -- nine to one of the -- exceeded cardinals cardinals. -- -- -- -- and -- you lead with your team. Not not Saint Louis is worried I don't want -- I -- retirees ask trailing one to nine by buck because I was pretty happy the other night though the pirates actually got something done. For a change I'm sure pirates over America like Johnny Terry do with the first World Series yes I would normally operate -- ten years ago by the way that World Series went eight games. Really -- Red Sox won the last point. Are such -- alas for won't take the series five games to three. And they yet clinched it over to you as -- earlier on it and you know also would love to have a pirates Red Sox -- answer was that John McDonnell. Knew he'd be guaranteed right World Series Teixeira. These already and get three of the hundreds of Cleveland oh yeah. That's your doctor Ellis -- affected deaths and -- those taxable -- -- -- because he's stripping out NASA's somewhere. We're here live from Jerry grammys the rooftop. What does is called the roof. Let's -- the roof right next to Fenway partners sure is right next to Fenway is the park now. Eerily empty and desolate but calm before the storm might it is the cart before the -- tomorrow of the action 3 o'clock at Joseph what do you think of the -- field as it. Plays -- these two game play and I'll listen this is going to be very inches they have members gained two and 1986. ALCS. A Red Sox Syria chopper to go after the -- Kirk McCaskill lost that in the -- and around during that you -- -- I remember that and that is -- can be very devastating had -- it looks like it's gonna be a sunny day the last weather forecast that I -- and you really have to take care great for Carlo with a certain times and -- Unita leader of the about a. We've week the worked a one of the things that worked out last couple days did was give us an idea exactly where we're dealing with the you know outs and I were there it is -- news. It is the first few innings with the the halfway to the -- the right way. That's words to go back but that's all you know effective for a couple innings I believe -- 330 they've by the shadows -- -- the -- right but -- -- it translates to the outfield though -- Jake Peavy was -- media today when he was sagging fly balls. He said it was absolutely horrific. You could see him almost get killed by a couple of me like the 4 o'clock fly ball to 5 o'clock fly ball on the game like tomorrow where it not the written on the initial going but later on as it starts civil down. You're right fielders -- just well what done it went to the when did the new press box come into existence. 8989. OK so this would have been before that the press box and to that of the know the develop play in 1978. If the new press boxes they are. I have no idea brave but that might not seem kind of I think you I think used deep enough of that for that -- you don't want property stabbed -- the what was the the what -- let me -- -- idea of the -- exactly yeah it he just got lucky on where each editorial liberals and liberals and had a held up a second base -- -- I think this son out that far probably isn't as much affected by the the new pressed -- -- it's a good -- this you know I think that it's you look at what they've had to deal with the last couple days and out of office and advanced I don't know what you do with it. But I think it is a fact. Now Tampa Bay course used to playing indoors yeah CR IRS always want catwalk hit that changes the course of that Qaeda stupid cat. That walk up there apologizes at a primitive -- -- your recollection. Which somebody hitting that ball and try to make a play off my. Happily lost the ball error this season. In the world not so much in the -- Lockett did it the talent but it went throw it. And that that help them sparked a rally but there. I don't remember is really losing eighteen that we want more Red Sox lost his artificial turf because they with a wet socks -- the so long -- Jonny -- is the very proudly states that he is the owner of one of two records it will never be broken in baseball history. Utterly don't tell because I can have no hitters but our standard bear -- -- -- that if he blocks them he says the -- -- -- -- -- that he owns the other one which is most hits off the catwalk. Of any player on the catwalk. It's a bizarre stadium and I hate that stated I'm not afraid to say it. As stated is awful. It's always say it -- so I don't know I -- I don't just out of their hands and don't show up in Kansas and -- and edited some of voting no there there tomorrow and I really wasn't likes it. You like Tampa Buick that are absolutely absolutely the only candidate VOR we love Bob working conditions are great. Well I mean that's that's terrific that's all I care if it's indoors at first army is -- -- star witness -- that does Tampa Bay deserved to advance in this scenario here tomorrow starting. With a series the Red Sox. Based on this. They have the worst fans. They don't even have a retail events that go there I think just aborted or -- duke is the people from around and don't care about the team. They're all people from other parts of the world -- -- -- -- -- ready suggests otherwise. Really there aren't they are good okay why I never ever see anyone ever wearing a Tampa Bay shirt. You know you just don't see that if you if you it's the gift of it but to the well I've ever thought I pray -- yeah. Have a good strip -- basically took the ballpark isn't it it's a bad ball market it's in a battle locations for the entire Tampa Bay Area because. It's off to the southwest at Saint Petersburg a lot of people don't -- cross that causeway which is what about. You are six miles or so lottery rabbit. -- I've not only his son bridge -- the causeway from Tampa are you are right right the subject skyway bridge there's another factor from the south Sarasota. People my wanna avoid but there. Yeah it's unfortunate they had a new ballpark -- into a lot better. I think is unfortunate that Major League Baseball plays any regular season games in the state of Florida would almost returning games they have down there and it may have the Marlins and attempt relate ideas bevy have you been to the Marlins are now. It is quite the scene like yeah it is quite the CEO you could swim with sufficient you know while this is by the fifth fitting in in left field is girls dancing on tables you know the nightclub out there to excel there's this DH in our conference stuff statue at center field and actually get to do that I should get down there yeah it you enjoyed that at this Atlanta I don't -- -- our -- stuff. Etc. so -- so let's say what we got we got. Lester and Lackey -- calls and PP in that order. Buckles doesn't care where he pitches but we should all care -- that lackeys had -- 103 well on the three earned run average at home this year. At a 63 record two were false. Yeah absolutely you take there's this puts -- so extreme that you take him into account. They hold up with what he was doing actually in his first couple years with the Red Sox when he was quite a bit better surprisingly at Fenway that he was on the road. The fact that he's a ground ball pitcher certainly. It certainly doesn't doesn't hurt things especially when. You now have this this tiny bit of foul territory. To work with the back I mean it is you know it will be very interesting to see how many have any. Outcomes of games or altered just by how little foul territory there is that one at bat that gets prolonged. In lends itself to like the game winning RBIs should be -- was a play the angels jet with a Jeff Mathis was one of the minority owners' sons. -- the ball out of his glove and playoff game. I I guess of this affair I remember I remember the Josh Paula incident with -- -- the ball you have rolling the ball but -- I -- you are an apple you lost the global hostile offer better information all right rates. Where. -- -- -- information here -- software remains our top running his -- top pick out certain web part an amazing Jokester glioma Alex beer don't forget there's to reason that that there and that's you don't forget that. And ahead -- -- -- his friends as a sugar bear will continue with our Red Sox rounds it was that it was -- program called Red -- Redemption of the road to reject twice every show I do -- -- -- take you know a regular road the Marlboro plays we'll be right back. So I think it's kind of like the road to success happen to come through Boston Fenway Park and so I think a lot of -- guys that are still around from that can identify with that. And I think a lot of the young guys is based on how we react is that the folks that have been there -- feel that. It also speaks of the Boston's I -- have been in there they've just been there all the time and again today. They're gonna continue to be there -- there was an aberration last year but I truly. Felt that we talked about spring training they're going to be very good this year based on the right positions. -- Iraq. -- -- -- I -- and Doug -- series like tell me were pushed the microphone closer MySpace. I -- do like the big -- you know play by play -- him. By the way. Next time somebody gets sick and you have emergency graduate innings. And I mean my god I haven't waited my whole life to do one inning a play by play well we know you're the boss started to. That's a -- of snow that's that's. Always love that you might just wanted you gotta do Dave O'Brien doing and you -- -- me -- -- dog lover say last I had I had the privilege of doing with Joseph I don't know I got to. Can you believe it's I get -- to what was an even and I can't go ahead -- what was in my car. Grand Slam in Tampa -- which who has a great moment for all involved. And this and that the otherwise it was Jason Giambi hitting Grand -- in Cleveland the walk off -- That was a shocking doors. I know I I did a little bit of a study know using you know the volume units and via actual disability is involved in Europe that you believe it's over the years. And you -- -- can you believe it for their Mother's Day miracle was even more grandiose from a decibels perspective. Then when the Red Sox -- on the part of the World Series. And imagine that they were -- measured. Like I'll just give an example of Obama's state miracle was truly a clerk gone by the time their insides are already nothing really nobody I'd have to -- -- to. -- believe it real well that's that's that's. I was amazed that because a B that was just a Julio Lugo thing and I thought well. But that you're right if you have all the time in -- world to prepare for that moment so as opposed to just coming on you. But you're just overwhelmed with the speed and they believe it is vigor of Mother's Day miracle -- type of events that the comeback against Cleveland this year is. Not all of people mention that everyone mentions a lot of different games and moments never in the beards and we understand that. What a moment doubtless. That that when they came back against Cleveland that. How how would you do you believe that you -- The Jacoby l.'s very who is off of it was off of speak. Are Joseph Smith Joseph the sidewinder the a guy that we had one but the they wanna -- Seattle so economic. Is that yes that one with that -- -- startling just didn't it but how many where they down they entered the night or. Four -- five million there was no clue that there which -- now even threatening. And all of those and I Brock COLT game brought -- that something of that game as we said we were talking about -- the broadcast. Everybody on this team. Even the extra locker guys have had moments that had one or two moments right which you say oh I remember the -- inside her home of the Brock -- moment. -- RIS and 67 you remember that norm -- and all. I do the rattling dribble around the -- pinball and I I remember most importantly. I remember the incredible. -- terrible they're going to promo one lesson about that and they say all 1967. Austin Howard with the job he made a great jump caught sweet swept tagged Cadbury and it was a huge moment and -- -- -- -- but. Nobody gives Jose tart a bull who had a Mickey rivers ask arm in right field. Let's give the guy credit he should be even apple all locals were over Austin Powers that are made such a great play that was certificates but at. And yeah his first Major League player ever interviews and nicest guy out there terrible I don't want. -- -- how else our OLE he was the ribbon imagine the Yankees every team that your further decisively you -- and 32 to the Yankees which is retired this right. An -- and Howard of course one of three consecutive MVPs yankees had and their line -- at that -- given time. But horrible port number twelve people forget he could throw -- portable. Probably now could throw better than he ever did during his. The course of his career but. Out of the recent census data every class for that Hillary's 67 keep your title backboard so look at what happened. Think the 67 -- his lyrics we've got that -- what -- now where we go to Jose Talabani terrible we're getting closer to 2013. We are -- ever I have don't think for a second -- attempt a dramatic about it I think -- 75 guys that all caught a ball that you know -- left front -- -- -- -- he -- I don't know there are a lot of the 400 hitters -- now. I'm very clear problem for ten. But you know every lessening the key to this team is they have a lot of that love ability of the 67 Sox because and if you're not show because all of this was. Kind of unexpected right. Absolutely and that's a big part of yup that's -- that's the only real similarity at least 67 at 22 stars all we ask he has about that though. The statue was -- Bailey said. It -- -- many similarities the biggest difference is this team is better because it is better pitching. Right yeah old spent well it end Alex talked to some players about this today and we've talked about the past. It can't be discounted the core group of players that yadier and I think that sometimes that is discount. Yeah we we focus so much on the amount of turnover that occurred on the roster between -- this impact. John -- just today said outlet and -- to do was tremendous because there was this are reaching roster turnover well. You know there was there was significant changes there were significant changes to the roster and obviously the acquisition of Shane Victorino and coach you're Honda. -- game changer is but it's the same time the story of this year's Red Sox. Is the -- is the return to two. Just -- strossen the of the performances of guys like David Ortiz healthy for a full season Clay Buchholz Jon Lester. Healthy and -- healthy in the case of west are all year dominance. Whenever they were on the mound by and large Jacoby Ellsbury once again being a force atop the order. You know this is this is really the story of the return to form of a number of key contributors in the Red Sox stopping at the Dodgers trade. In making the decision we're not going to blow this up any further. Because they go to right but what I what he has to do related back to 667. What was gases yeah. You're like the year before 66 several. I need to 78. The year before. That was his worst era at that point -- -- to 66 were you there there's another common -- theaters -- he -- the -- work -- thing you know they have steroid are as an Arab or I don't novelists they don't -- -- always seen this spring training the picture of George Scott the rubber suit ride the bike. Who's the Hungarian trainer that he had FBI I don't know I can't even ratify yes came back it -- it looked like you completely different person. Guys down like half the package date and it's. Half half half half and he was and you come out -- there rather pathetic feel different and he started off the -- -- -- completely different tests it was a whole new ball they're really -- -- never seeing a player where Europe is showbiz for training. And you have to do a double take you'll recognize them for at first like John -- I only -- we saw a few years back in the late nineties to found out I thought showed up and I don't know Chris Klein's stuff off fought off a well it's a cartoon figures a but Rudy December 10 -- in the -- dog friendly though you're right I turned it. Intermediate you'd integration in terms of getting that's all it's why I write it up as well. Fred Lynn did it to what you're today's seven and I baby and and looked completely different not not so completed you're recognized. That's all that's science only science can do that with but you know I mean it's the kind of thing where. I going back in time who I've said this many times before. It was really a one man show in 67 where he has almost single handedly. Did but he did that for that ball club. And I'm not sure how well they would that a period of current playoff system those 67 Red Sox because effective pitch he was indeed. They didn't have to go -- way as a was there one on the last day of the season that starts Santiago game one against Bob Gibson is that a Laporte. But they -- have a deep pitching staff like this does so the chances of winning game three or four and a unit in a series like that would -- bidders as could. The Red Sox well. Even. But it was breaking down the Red Sox and why they represent a formidable threat Yale DS. He's had Jake Peavy is their number -- starter that this guy was an all star last year right it was a way -- Sayyaf a former Cy Young winner but you know obviously different pitcher that he was that when his career. But nonetheless a guy with pedigree in with the stuff and with ability right now. There was I was somebody sent me -- saint Pete times and I'm. I'm -- right the first line of the ray's story that Joseph Maddon told me -- otherwise he mentioned that yeah you mentioned that today nearly again and red -- day about having you to all the -- president no doubt Julia. Right the right by the dugout as he went who's gonna wish our wish him well 'cause he's a good friend of mine any say we will see what he. He didn't say -- have bragging sort of way -- definitive way and that -- true and I I had a feeling that would happen because. Somehow they found a way on a sports on the they almost lost that are probably a seven nothing lead and hung out to win worked seven to six and and then what went from there but. Well he worked some magic as early as its. Amazing that they've had some downturns every year that they've columnist Ron. Yet he manages to strike the right tone was its team. And whether that's the you know the goofy motivational stuff or whether that's just say we'll be OK well whatever he's doing in the course of the seasons. He manages to to figured out by the end of the year there really is remarkable and starting with when he created the psychology bit yes they could take on anyone in the American League east. He talked about that today how even when they were getting their brains beaten and as a perennial last place doormat. That he was instilling in them this week there are times what people said oh they should basically create a second division. Of like a loser is and what a bad candidates but that now. And we can be the American League east and we compete we can beat the snot out of the Yankees the Red Sox and go to their place in knock them off their little pedestal. It messes since 2008 that they've done they've kept doing it. We're doing -- road to redemption -- -- -- yet that's gonna -- up next and the next segment. It's rob Bradford at Brad -- Twitter is more famous for that actually Alex Alex bitter isn't really -- job dot com geeks but a lot of session. And the immortal Joseph basically known as -- -- lives from remedies of top we'll be right back. Erode it to -- -- -- McChrystal and I did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well. Except for you -- kind nor shall there you have people rickshaw. Around Boston. And that's just not funny the last that's about it right away -- You enjoy your last -- rolls they're good they're well they are predicted just -- 00 a -- -- We don't live up at the LME's. That the where everybody's smiling you -- hungry I don't criticize the booklet but it just that a meeting my paper cup. That's -- -- that slave -- at the same complaint they did I thought I don't know free laughs a little south but they -- to canaries in the coal mine after the eighth. At least there was some that are you know -- -- we're having a good time here other insurance drop off -- al-Qaeda happy smiling people are you I can't wait till tomorrow. Because the of the atmosphere that prevails -- -- -- -- look nicer to get here this is a playoff beard T shirt you know of course -- have appeared long before these guys ever got all that the about it you know all of this adage. -- the beard thing but it's worked out well form you know we had the idiots and 04. At a Jack Daniels. And it suddenly. Jack Daniels is okay but chicken and beer wasn't -- no matter -- of these bearded guys they are they like pirates or whether they're crazy these guys are the -- that I think the pirates were already in the bullpen in the -- so those criteria other parts of the Caribbean. Yes so -- harm Arlington -- hit that low but it nervousness now and it it'll happen between now and tomorrow at 307. That's daytime for -- several sure. Joseph would know it's. Like opening day you know you you get that feeling before opening day event. Yeah -- you know everywhere target above the crowd out based off what the Pittsburgh crowd was how good it's going to be a hot. And I do think that some people it got kind of complacent with -- little -- the playoff games by the crowd's going to be pretty good. You go obviously 123 or -- four years now I think it's going to be pretty -- back to what it was probably 2003. You know part of this whole thing is re -- of the appetite the unexpected part of it I think is has meant a lot of people that. That of west out of this team become very fond of them as a as a group you know group of lemmings. Other Red Sox fans aren't quite even totally on the bandwagon yet for some reason -- -- because they just have a hard time getting over what happened last year at the end of the year before but it's it's happening. It started to happen but you know it's not like we left off at 2007 and it picked it right back up here the fans are in the same state that they're a little different Joseph have you don't. Set to share why I think it's taken them awhile Barack -- this is such a likable growth that I think they really have comer -- have realized that what they have here at. Not necessarily over achievers but there's nobody is really having a career year that the Koji may be but I I do think that it took there while the catch on after what happened the last two years of course you couldn't keep that peak going forever that we had between now. 2003. And and yeah 2009. In movies and stuff like about it you know is it that you just can't sustain that forever so those -- natural drop off the in -- way and I think it's back on the upswing. Speaking of Koji my favorite my favorite story from this year's -- I don't by the way -- six went to -- you really. He looks so small right now you -- instead as -- on the so called the little monster because compared to the original monster he's responsible for his song. Disarm the -- -- -- admit that we can even play that tonight is -- rep of his broadcast a few minutes. From a -- Jerry rat race but coach he's been such a tremendous story. He's got a great -- -- -- -- about that you know he tweets on Twitter did you know -- six for two batters six foot or edit or Ernesto while it's just a story of a block. -- -- blog has so far he's has a -- in Japanese but he has a -- that dates it has over 12100 entries dating back five years. And he constantly is writing unaided has some stuff off the field for instance he -- these great pictures of like having dinner. With Hideki Matsui and in some other cool stuff and then he also has. Has pretty detailed breakdowns of some of his outings Soledad and Japanese settlement historically it's sort of rock. Now Israel that it that I judge -- we all these two -- -- Japanese I don't know what he's saying he can be say it's a really awful well I just send it out there develop the guys here's an interesting and revealing fact about his son about his existence and personality of the US. The report he's my he's start it was because he actually felt a bit marginalized in terms of the attention that's given to prominent Japanese players this guy was a superstar of superstars -- for a long period of time in Japan where with a solemn auto award twice who's really a great starting pitcher. Injuries limited that he sort of falling off. It's so he ended up being a middle reliever he felt like this was a rolled it wasn't given any real significance and so right we already know we're reporting on them so we figured I'm going to report on myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who played with him in Japan. Now what do you make over there it is usually he's 38 ranked thirty years old. Yes so you know a lot of his earning power in his prime would have been over there but the salaries you know not not -- I'm just one -- -- starting pitchers over there and if not the last decade were kind of making -- the five million ish range okay -- made you know not not. I don't think any of them made that thing about it is meant heat heat policy 89 he gets everybody you guys we got to get out of here running the -- -- before we go. Sure rob Bradford Alex spirit joke -- stick Leo libraries thanks guys. Always fun when you might listen to this arm. On yeah. Only the.

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